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  1. Orient at Home

    Totally disagree, he defends space well but let's the ball and game pass him by way too easily. We are missing someone with a bit of bite in midfield who can break up play and control the ball.
  2. Goal of the season August 2018

    Much better with the camera angles.  Surely will aid JF with his post match analysis after games as well.
  3. Salford Match thread

    Must be blind. Didn't get right to his man once, let them wander across the back four time and again. 
  4. Well the rumours START

    If we get a decent chunk from a vardy move I'd like to see us invest in training facilities in Halifax that can be used at other times if the day/ night to generate income from local league sides and the public. 
  5. Announcement

  6. Rugby

    Sure I read was to do with reducing banking fees for banking cash..   Yeah just found it... https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/50825/changes-to-match-day-ticketing-system
  7. Bromley

    Cheers. Wasn't suggesting anything just asking
  8. Bromley

    Was hibbs injured to be replaced by hotte at half time?
  9. Tuton is back!

    http://fchalifaxtown.com/news/new-signing-shaymen-2/ On loan, a bold move given how he left us?
  10. Hartlepool team

    Heath trying to win this - moyo coming on
  11. George Waring

    Looked decent, offered a bit of pace as well as height. As for pot shot Morgan...
  12. Robbo

    Just how I remember him, he was more suited to the basketball court but we had some great laughs on them cold sunday evenings. Thoughts are with his family at this time and with robbo and quinny.