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  1. Well the rumours START

    If we get a decent chunk from a vardy move I'd like to see us invest in training facilities in Halifax that can be used at other times if the day/ night to generate income from local league sides and the public. 
  2. Announcement

  3. Rugby

    Sure I read was to do with reducing banking fees for banking cash..   Yeah just found it... https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/50825/changes-to-match-day-ticketing-system
  4. Bromley

    Cheers. Wasn't suggesting anything just asking
  5. Bromley

    Was hibbs injured to be replaced by hotte at half time?
  6. Tuton is back!

    http://fchalifaxtown.com/news/new-signing-shaymen-2/ On loan, a bold move given how he left us?
  7. Hartlepool team

    Heath trying to win this - moyo coming on
  8. George Waring

    Looked decent, offered a bit of pace as well as height. As for pot shot Morgan...
  9. After seeing this on the fax website, if the rain doesn't stop could our game be in doubt? "The club did everything we could to try and ensure that the Reserve Game with Wigan was played at our home ground this Sunday; this final decision was not under our control, as we do not own the stadium. We do agree with many of our supporters comments although we also appreciate that it has been a very wet September and the drainage hasn't performed as well as expected, it was a difficult call and one which was not ours to make.    " https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/50247/club-statement-reserves-fixture
  10. Flash Sale

    Seeing the discount would help draw people in imo.  Sale on again Saturday.
  11. Dover match thread

    Based on fleas 200k investment model, for me id of liked to have seen that invested in a multi use training ground that can make it's own income and repay the investment (bought in fcht name meaning we have an asset, and showing the directors long term ambitions by committing to the investment)
  12. Rochdale

    How strong was the Rochdale XI? See the other squad beat Chorley 4 nil.
  13. Robbo

    Just how I remember him, he was more suited to the basketball court but we had some great laughs on them cold sunday evenings. Thoughts are with his family at this time and with robbo and quinny.