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  1. Shaymen TV

    What else do you call a media blackout??
  2. Shaymen TV

    If you are paying for a service that is no longer available would you carry on paying?????
  3. Today game aldershot

    That's what you love about football
  4. Today game aldershot

    Hoping I'm wrong but best I can see is a 5-0 drubbing 
  5. His last game in charge

    Totally agree with TJ now is the time for Heath to go. He cannot be allowed anymore time. No win in 12 does not tell lies
  6. Hartlepool team

    Wouldn't have your season ticket if you paid me £300. Better things to do with my time than watch that dross that Billy deems to be football. DO ONE HEATH NOW
  7. Sutton v Town game thread

    Heath **** off out of our club
  8. Dixon to Stockport

    Dixon scored on his debut tonight
  9. Jordan Sinnott

    And your point is ???????
  10. Dover match thread

    Peniket  and burrows  up front tonight for Gateshead v Kev Roberts Wrexham 
  11. Dover match thread

    Sick of hearing Denton is in team for defensive capabilities it's no wonder we haven't scored in first 3 games with that attitude
  12. Dover match thread

    More chance of platting s#!@$ pal than Denton scoring
  13. BFG

    Totally agree with everything you have said I thought exactly the same before a ball was kicked thus season 
  14. Signings for next season

    I certainly hope so. No disrespect to Tom Denton but he is not going to score many in the conference. Experienced defenders will just drop off him and pick off his aimless flick ons and will certainly beat no one with his searing pace. A very long season ahead if Billy doesn't  unearth another scoring gem 
  15. Crowd

    Touchy touchy little boy. reel him in nice and steady