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  1. Neil young

    Don't really understand why ever joined us. Besides taking temp charge when heath bit the bullet what did he do??? Certainly didn't recruit any fresh talent 
  2. Ebsfleet

    Has Tomlinson left the club 
  3. Heath’s gone!!!

    Hallelujah about 10 games too late
  4. "Shocking at the back, didn't offer anything in attack"

    Heath has only got a few months left on his contract surely to god if we harbour any hopes of staying up db has got to get rid of him. 1 win in 20. totally inept clueless buffoon
  5. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Spot on post my friend
  6. Adam Morgan

    A natural goalscorer never understood why he never got a sniff when you had people like Waring and Tomlinson in front of him who have hardly scored any goals 
  7. Macclesfield.

    Because 2 wins out of 17 games says he should not be here now never mind the end of the season 
  8. Macclesfield.

  9. Macclesfield.

    What does heath do to improve it!!! Makes garner captain
  10. FA Trophy

    Match off
  11. Shaymen TV

    What else do you call a media blackout??
  12. Shaymen TV

    If you are paying for a service that is no longer available would you carry on paying?????
  13. Today game aldershot

    That's what you love about football
  14. Today game aldershot

    Hoping I'm wrong but best I can see is a 5-0 drubbing 
  15. His last game in charge

    Totally agree with TJ now is the time for Heath to go. He cannot be allowed anymore time. No win in 12 does not tell lies