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  1. Gateshead

    There is no prize money in this league  nine point deduction is the standard punishment for going into administration 
  2. Parallel universe

    Do believe a club can be own by  the supporters  but the club has to work financially with whatever the supporter can raise, gate money will not do it alone. Gate money sponsorships “gifts of money” anything but i do believe supporters would put more into a club they own and have a say in its running.   
  3. Parallel universe

    Stand corrected but I do believe that model can work  one big difference I still think is Europe most of the grounds are financed through government:taxes and owned by the municipality  but I will wait to be corrected again  
  4. Parallel universe

    And don’t forget the Real and Barcelona get about 90 percent of the TV money in Spain ... Not exactly sharing it around
  5. Kosy

    So agree  we are negotiating for Jon stead apparently  total rubbish being talked all over the messageboards of all clubs 
  6. Kosy

    And yet did little to put himself in the shop window  can’t imagine clubs lining up to sign him..  sure he will land somewhere if not with us .. but it won’t be a step up !! 
  7. My first full season too  god what a one to start with .. the only time we have had a league promotion.. thought that was going to be the norm ..  starting with the best the club has ever done ... long down hill since then with a few high moments  nick     

    Heath out option will do 
  9. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    Chesterfield or Stockport at home on Boxing Day now that would be a big pay day  a 4000 plus crowd  nick 
  10. James Hardy

    But one year on and being young you hope improvement   
  11. James Hardy

    all the speculation on players on this message always seems to end with ..they are likely to  go to wrexham or chesterfield  which means they are going to be running with squads about 40 strong  
  12. How to..... Play football

    I agree   
  13. Notts County Article

    Even more than posting personal pictures ??? 
  14. Who cares ...

    Apparently there is a big rugby league game tonight  no idea who is playing or what it’s about  can’t even be bothered to look on the bbc website  not even sure why I am posting this   
  15. Fan Brazilian here

    I am sure city fans were bored..  i always find town winning 6-0 tough to take  wilder out !!!