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  1. Season Tickets

    The books are easier To balance if we all chip-in 
  2. Season Tickets

    Just think supporters whether they can get to a game or not should be prepared to throw something in the club bucket  whether it’s a £1 a month to the supporters club or some distant supporters clubbing together to buy and share a season ticket, or sponsor a players Kit  we each should try to do something..  nick 
  3. Alarming

    Where teams finish in the playoffs is critical  you want to finish second or third to give home advantage and best chance of reaching the play off final So that  game will be important to Wrexham   
  4. Alarming

    Happy to be challenged  my statement was over the conditionality of some .. I will only buy a season ticket if I like who we sign..  with the deal they are offering now everybody should be trying to buy a ticket..  the second point is some of our best players were unheard of players when we bought them and some of our worst were names who took the money but failed to perform  thereby making a season ticket conditional on who we sign is not sensible  buying g a season ticket should be about value and belief in supporting the club  nick 
  5. Alarming

    The one I can find, of town v clitheroe hardly 3000, in fact 1,932 for the match that sealed our promotion from unibond hardly a dead rubber either  so which game are you talking about JMC?   
  6. Alarming

  7. Alarming

    yes the BOd got the pricing wrong last year gate prices and more importantly season tickets  they have put that right but it will take take time to revisit the damage ..  as to comments “will see who they sign before I decided whether to buy a season ticket” clearly not supporters and in the end people who think they know what talking about when they don’t  like we know how players will do when we sign them, signing Gregory or vardy did make anybody rush out and buy a ticket ...  just get off you bum and buy a ticket  attendance is what I would expect end of season dead rubber... 
  8. Bromley match thread

    Drawing and Kossy booked  normal service resumed  
  9. £9 For Over 60’s

    They season ticket price is good for all  wonder what burn to moan thinks  nick 
  10. A true footballer

    Would not normally post something like this in here and not a Liverpool fan  but compared to many in today’s game this man was a true club footballer  Former Liverpool captain Tommy Smith, who helped the club to domestic and European success in the 1960s and 1970s, has died aged 74. Known as the "Anfield Iron", Smith had an 18-year career at Anfield, during which he won four league titles. they really don’t make them like this any more and died too young  nick   
  11. Leyton Orient match.

    Orient come back to win 3-2 against Eastleigh  shows what a good result we got 
  12. Injury Update

    Often the doctor wait for the swelling and inflammation to go before the operate  nick 
  13. Obscure Day Jobs.

    We have had a lot of players who pretended to be footballers  nick 
  14. Well Done To The Lads

    All supporters want to see is a team giving it all  we can all accept poor performance and losses... even relegation if we know the guys on the pitch gave 100 percent effort  that’s the sense that has been missing at times this season... dire games where some players are giving it all .. some were not  nick