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  1. Bosomworth

    Well they are not stepping forward at the moment  so I  see that bosomworth stepping down as being bad for the club  nobody is now or will then step forward  so seriously the supporters better be ready to step up ... otherwise you can forget moaning about lack of ambition and prepare to return to the bad old days of stumbling from crisis meeting to crisis meeting and less than reputable directors running the club into the ground 
  2. Bosomworth

    At some stage bosomworth will leave I suspect it will be in two seasons time  he has always said he would leave the club debt free and I take him at his word there  This is a great chance for all those who have been continuously critical of the BOD and telling everyone how they would do it to step up and take-over  and if you have not got the money which you constantly keep telling him to throw at the club.. then get together with the other know it alls and form a supporters consortium and take-over  you should get a lot of support from the others to help make it work ... of course I will wait to see who your big money signings are before committing to a season ticket  
  3. Darlington

    Always believe the winning becomes a habit  but so does drawing ... last season ... and losing  so let’s make preseason a winning mentality and yes there are lot of example where it not true  nick 
  4. Kingsley James.

    Was considered by many to be a good signing .. the sort who inspired people to buy season tickets  just the sort of signing many are calling for now.. before they will buy a season ticket    
  5. Darlington

    It should have been played at Darlington 400 crowd tops at Shay ,If that is the best we can do for home friendly games then  just play them all away from home. full of praise for the club ??
  6. Darlington

    Some of you can’t seem to say a single good thing about the club 
  7. Walk out music

    Thinking people forget that the goal music is to wake up the old fogeys in the east stand who have fallen asleep 
  8. Walk out music

    Has he thought the best one on twitter was Kashmir, instrumental version Led Zeppelin 
  9. Walk out music

    Great initiative  as usual instead of trying to get on board  people are twitter jokey suggestions  be careful of what we ask for 
  10. Edwards

    Remember the administration after we were relegated from the league CVA in place  manager Chris wilder appointed.. two or three weeks to the start of the season not one player signed  wilder had open trial for players with no clubs and he built a team that finished mid table  the object of pre season is to bring in a few players on trials some will get contract Clarke .. some don’t  while I woukd like two or three decent signings or long term loans.. relaxed about about some players coming through pre season trials 
  11. Edwards

  12. Edwards

    See posting on the squad thread   
  13. Squad 2019/20

    So you were right all along  Edwards gone for a fee...amazin
  14. Penalties

    Always think if goal keepers stand longer and not dive early they would save more.. so many penalties go right down the middle 
  15. Half Time Entertainment

    Let’s hope the football is good enough not to need half time entertainment