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  1. resignations

    To much common sense there ...bubba out  
  2. Bromley Thread

    He gets some criticism for his play but was applauded off  compare that to the abuse many on here gave Denton and I am not talking criticism I mean abuse  that thankfully has now stopped and people have woken up to that denton give his all and really that at this level is all we. An ask for  having said that Denton is more than a player who gives his all   and judging by his Twitter he seems to be able to ride out the critics with a smile 
  3. Bromley Thread

    Just watched flea TV , thanks  goals of pure simplicity but class  running at the defender then shooting or inch perfect cross  defences cant double team Kosylo and Denton  this is promotion stuff  nick

    It's not like that  it like saying those who live in Calderdale get charged a different price from those who don't  and FA have rules about that home fans are charged the same as away fans     

    Just don't  like the principal of one price for some fans and one price for another   
  6. Sheet music of the Dagenham Girls Pipers

    But do you have to quote the whole thread

    Understatement as they must have been  bloody brilliant   

    Not when subscribe here in Norway  theconly option it gives is 9:99 dollars 

    I know it is, but as I said I won't pay $9.99 but so are the  players interviews but they are on the website too , Heath is not  nick 

    I hope he gets the fact that at the moment we'll at least the Heath out chats are in jest only    perhaps the chant should be  Heath out..standing  note no heath interview on the website following the orient game ,,,boycott?  Dont subscribe to the highlights section due to it being $9.99  nick   
  11. Points watch

    Not really  being a long time town fan means your a realist  when we were two up last night and with not to long to go  my first instinct is to think that we have a chance of a draw    
  12. Can't be bothered to the stats  well in reality I don't know how too  but if you look at any league table after ten games and the end of season table you will very little change  most clubs are within two or three places at the end of season as they were after ten games  there  is usually one club with a big move up and one club with a big drop the rest don't change that much  so come town let's do it  Heath out... to proven the numpties wrong   nick 
  13. Points watch

    Yes but it's not just a 50 point target Heath will have  its fifty points as soon as possible big difference   
  14. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Just had to read the thread again  apart from the girls bickering again what a great read  great to see a hoddie post  that if nothing else shows what a result that was against orient  nick 
  15. How can we improve on this fantastic start?

    Perhaps my pre season prediction , early thread does nit seem as daft now as some thought  yes there is still a lot that could go wrong but we have shown we can do it      Posted 1 August ·  1. Denton Morgan Tomlinson and kosylo all to score more than 10 goals each  we really have great attacking options  2. We will have one of the meanest defences in terms of goals conceded, one of the best five  3. Top five position and promotion through the play offs  4. Make the 4th round of the FA cup  5 and now I am stretching the west riding cup     looking forward to a great season shaymen til we die  keep the faith  nick                Quote   Edit