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  1. 22nd February 2016 - NLP TOTW

    I have no animosity towards Harvey  he was neither a saviour or a fool, we had a great run under him but we failed to strengthen in January and paid the price at the end of the season when our patched up side failed to keep us up  still gave me the best footballing day of my life a trip to Wembley and us lifting a national trophy  nick   
  2. 22nd February 2016 - NLP TOTW

    Always felt under Harvey that the senior players were running the team with Harvey more guiding and less managing  nick 
  3. 900

    The season we got relegated is because we had not defence and with injuries the last few games we had no recognised centre half  this season our defence will keep us up  nick   
  4. 900

    Would like to see Maher in his natural centre back position before he is judged when he joined last season that’s where he played and everybody said how good he was  this season he has played an in natryrsl role  plus in his centre back role he is one for the future  nick
  5. 900

    The bafflement with Hanson  while on loan he was our most consistent player, and one of the few with true potential... he loan spell finished we all worry how he is going to be replaced we then sign him, everybody happy and dunce signing he has not started a game and is usually not even on the bench Why???  And not a single statement from the club To add to the bafflement  nick 
  6. Maidstone highlights

    Three penalty calls seen them given elsewhere, so amazed not to get one  but thats the way it’s been for months, but you have just got to keep going  nick 
  7. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    To me Maher is a decent player .. he is just in the wrong position  we have four good centre backs at the club, for two positions, hence the problem  nick   
  8. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Looking a fleas end of game clip on Facebook says it all  the senior players, brown etc are what will get us over the line and keep us safe  I would sack him now and install brown and the senior players to lead us to the end of the season  and use the time to get a manager for the close season  I don’t want a panick appointment now I want a proper search for the right guy and not just a pick from those who don’t have a job  nick 
  9. The game tonight: Maidstone

    I believe we will stay up  but he still needs to go 
  10. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Hope he goes  but we won a game and that is what we need first 
  11. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Never like stats  we always make a mockery of stats 
  12. How many going to Maidstone?

    Hope those that make the trip have something to cheer  safe journey to all  nick 
  13. Given up wondering If we can win again  now wondering if we can ever score again  no prodiction .....just hope  nick 
  14. He’s Gone!

      keep checking to see if he has gone  seems no announcement that he is hear for the next two games at least  still hoping we will turn it around  but feel the duo are not the right people to take us forward  perhaps an old hand along side might work but if he has lost the dressing room then it’s time to go 
  15. The right philosophy

    Should be true of all society