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  1. Need our support now more than ever

    Well let’s help them do their bit through encouragement:) 
  2. Board

    Money is not always the answer  Stockport orient York Hartlepool Torquay Darlington how many more clubs do you want to list  it’s all about bringing in the right players on smart contracts  and in short we did not do that nick    
  3. We now at games to be that 12 th man  the season post Mortem  can take place then  now we just need to pull together and pull the players across the line  nick   
  4. Ebsfleet

    So far tuton contribution is to get booked  need more from him than that 
  5. Ebsfleet

    Comments on twitter say Denton unfairly booked 
  6. Ebsfleet

    Half time 1-0  lets get the team talk right and come out at the right tempo   
  7. Ebsfleet

    Well we are 1-0 up and tuton  on  So he can show what he can do  and town can push on for a win 
  8. Ebsfleet

    After the performance at Wrexham how coujd you have made a change  the same team has to start  nick 
  9. Rugby

    Because some buy a ticket and then can’t make it  likewise other who have bought a ticket are less likely to cry off if the change their mind 
  10. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Perhaps until the end of the season and then we will see 
  11. Today's Game

    Will be interesting to see if there are any manager candidates in the crowd come to reccy the team ahead of an interview   
  12. Today's Game

    Agreed players need to turn up too  and we know when they do they can beat anybody 
  13. Today's Game

    Agreed players need to turn up too  and we know when they do they can beat anybody 
  14. Today's Game

    Can’t ever remember getting a result at Wrexham  so hoping today will be the day  nick 
  15. Accrington

    How about giving them shirts at a home game  or collect five home stamps in a card and get a free football shirt  Nick