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  1. Dagenham Today’s game

    Good luck today town  10:30 hours ahead you today on Kangaroo island, will be asleep when the game kicks off  lets get a result, we all know when you are up for it we can get a result  kudos to those who make the journey  hoping for smiles at breakfast  nick 
  2. Dave's interview

    Yet again speaks simple common sense  if we had had him as a chairman years ago we would have stayed in the league  nick  lights blue touch paper and retreats a safe distance
  3. David Brooks

    Interesting article wilder Knill and Aspin all ex town  we have some great people pass through the club ... many slaughtered by those who know it all on this messageboard  
  4. European Super Duper League?

    It’s like a European super league  who are England’s  top four team s man city Liverpool Chelsea Tottenham arsenal Man U  that’s six  if you did this five years ago man city would not be there  ten years ago no Chelsea  how many years back woukd you go when villa ( 1 European cup ) Forrest ( 2 European cups) and then Leeds would be considered as top four  who are our top four clubs changes all the time  hopefully it will never happen  nick   
  5. Today's Game

    We will win 3-1  believe it  nick 
  6. Today's Game

    Boys boys boys Just focus on the game the best starting 11 on the team sheet  if they are turn up and a couple put in name making games for the TV  then the third round beckons  nick 
  7. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

    There is only one chance to win these games  first time only, no replays  so we have to be up in their faces and pushing forward every chance we get and there will not be many  we need Wimbledon to have a bad day and us a good day  And score the only goal in the 80th minute  then we are in the hat for the 3rd round  nick  
  8. Josh Staunton has just tweeted

    If they said nothing would you moan ?  they say some you do moan                 
  9. Josh Staunton has just tweeted

    At least they recognize that it is nit good enough  nick 
  10. Ebbsfleet

    Team picking itself  no injuries or suspension  and it’s showing in the results  think a win is on the cards to day  no I don’t think...I know a win is on the cards 
  11. Ebbsfleet

    A hotel outside Ebbsfleet posh ???   
  12. FC Halifax Town v A.F.C Wimbeldon

    When we win  then they should give vouchers at the following home games to guarantee your ticket for the big game we will have at that first weekend in January  keep telling you will win  nerd to book my flight now for a cheap ticket  
  13. 22 November

    This is the way we should be thinking  positivity results in wins 
  14. You'll Never Walk Alone

    And a period where swearing was not allowed too   
  15. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Then there is the classic  if I had the wings of a sparrow  if I had the arxe of a crow  I would fly over Blackburn tomorrow  and Shxt on the barstewards below  shxt on shxt on  shxt on the barstewards below below  repeated the last three lines a couple of times