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  1. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Cup is normally won by a team that starts slowly 
  2. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Suddenly England might not be this tournaments under achievers  nick 
  3. Getting worried

    we seem to be losing players almost a quick as we have signed them  we don’t even yet have a team Let a lone most of a squad  worried we will be let just signing up what’s left to fill up numbers  let’s hope for a few more signings this week  just hoping Jamie does have a plan  nick 
  4. Good Luck England

    Want them to go well, just don’t think will but would loved to be proved wrong  so good luck tonight boys 
  5. Just Keeps Getting Better

    Not worried about England as I have zero expectations  but it just shows there are no easy games  nick 
  6. Josh MacDonald

    Frustrating as a player  when he takes on players is good  just far to often he is invisible not making a run not providing an outlet  nick 
  7. Signings so far?.

    It would imply Players have offers from us or they would have left  but they are trying for better contracts elsewhere before deciding  if they get a better offer they are gone if they don’t then they will sign with us assuming we have not signed someone else in the mean time  nick 
  8. Club Secretary

    So when was it better run in fan perspective  is that when they kept having meetings in various parts of the town and asking fir more money  or buying a brick etc  nick 
  9. Club Secretary

    Wow some of you guys watch too many episodes of X files  and that everything is on conspiracy  people leave for many reasons and it’s not the clubs role to go into explaining people PRIVATE motives  nothing wrong with club being penny pinching, we don’t have much money so we need to look after each penny And that why we are in a decent financial state    wish th the guy well and hope we get a good replacement  the fact the club is being well run makes that more likely  get it through your skulls our club is being run better now than it ever has been and the professionalism of mike and whoever follows will be a big part of that  nick 
  10. Scott Garner

    Happy to have sponsored his kit the last two seasons  was a man mountain first season, but picked up an injury or two last season  but early on in the season when garner and brown were at there best we got to second and how games was it with out concerding 6?  Was it  showed he was good at this level  also felt he was a good senior player helped those around him and popped up for the occasional important goal  so good luck and thanks for the memory definitely one of the better signings  He always had a smile 
  11. Scott Garner

    Obviously not read the official site And Jamie’s comment  all was revealed !!! 
  12. Scott Garner

    Isn’t that what we are looking for, exceptions.  players who we think can improve and go on to better things taking us with them. We are not looking for journeymen at any level.  We are not likely to get a star proven player at our level or above to come to us, get real  
  13. Still waiting

    Must check the board more than 10 times a day just waiting but not patiently for any news  all we are saying is give us some news  nick 
  14. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Yes but I hope they die trying 
  15. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Normally support any team from this island against anybody else just lost faith in the players who failed to where the shirt with pride for far long