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  1. Shirtd

    Don't have the loud mouth whinging size  they ran out of those very quickly at the shay shop   can be seen in the east stand at all home game  they don't say say shaymen till you die  they say  bloody rubbish town   
  2. I feel very positive going into the season  Seem to have brought in some decent signings  maybe no stars, but last season not a single town players made the divisional team so no worries  seems like we have good solid options to start with and better still will have a strong bench with variety to mix things up a decent start and with growing confidence I could really see us doing well  yes as always pre  season optimism but I do think we have the right to be this year nick 
  3. Carlisle match

    Dumb question are both macmanus and Wilde both left footed  or could Wilde make the switch in to right back  nick 
  4. Carlisle match

    And a very strong bench 
  5. Jake Hibbs

    May be king will play a role this season if in kings case it's about not being able to make the long away journeys due to other commitments then Heath can't build him into his every game plan so he then becomes a supporting playing, but obviously Heath would rather have a fully committed player  for Hibbs Heath obviously thinks he is not good enough and that is a managers call  nick 
  6. Rochdale

    To me apart from the signings it's the players like Morgan kosylo and MacD who will define the season  all three have the potential to move to a higher level or fail and just become non league journeymen  if they show that potential then we will have a great season  all three have some pace skill and an ability to turn a match, everything that people saying we need if all three come in this year then we will make the play-offs  nick   
  7. Ben Tomlinson

    Read the Gainsborough away thread  
  8. town win trophy

    Which war, the first or the boer war ;)!
  9. Carlisle & Rochdale friendly prices

    Some times you guys need to do the maths  if we sell a 1000 adult season tickets at 250 pounds each  after deducting VAT that gives the club 200,000 pounds  about 25 percent of what we need to balance the books  that means we need to raise money everyday we can  and that is about a pound here and two pounds there every chance we get  and if we are seriously to consistently challenge for promotion we need to be budgeting over a million a year  so yes if feels at times like we are being taken for a ride  but 800 000 pounds a year divided by oursupport base is over 400 pounds a supporter  nick   
  10. Reading the messageboard it would seem that some believe this team will get us relegated  so how does the current squad compare to the one that almost survived  my sense that its better  certainly better defensively, there I believe we very strong  midfield about the same  attack well if Morgan and kosylo play to their potential significantly better  so to me this is a better team, squad  still hoping for a couple of midfielders to make us outsiders for  a play off place but I don't fear relegation  nick   
  11. Billy's Balti

    A great opportunity a year in to hear what he says and thinks  when the messageboard is full of moans about no news then here is a great chance to hear it from the horses mouth  nick 
  12. What's going on?

    They could have done a pitch webcam  so we could watch the grass grow   
  13. Away prices   are some clubs having a laugh Orient 24 quid  you have to be joking  nick 
  14. I fear next season.

    My one positive is yfst at the moment in the aqua Morgan has to play 
  15. I fear next season.

    Struggle with King bring transfer listed and mono being signed  not sure I can see through the logic here