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  1. Long Throw competition 1970

    Well kit who were the four   
  2. Long Throw competition 1970

    Not me and yes some of those relegation escapes were enjoyable  I always find it strange how often the supporters unite to lift a team out of relegation positions  yet squabble when we are chasing a play off birth  Nick 
  3. Long Throw competition 1970

    Let be honest three decent good season  promotion from the fourth Div stabilisatinh year in the third then 3rd in third three good years and lot or survival in between  some individual good events man city etc  but the best day of my 50 years as a town fan was one day and Wembley and seeing us win  don’t care what cup it was never thought in my life I would go to Wembley and see town play and win  we will have more promotions and relegations before I leave this earth  but maybe never another day at Wembley  nick 
  4. Long Throw competition 1970

    The only the bbc could do it that way 
  5. Interesting comments from heath

    grammar police   a part of it   being a true Yorkshire man I don’t pretend that English is my first language  nick
  6. Interesting comments from heath

    See the photo from the Harvey merchandise evening  see a happy group of lads and Hibbs seem apart of it  think we will see him getting a chance soon  if we do it say a lot of good about both manager and player nick 
  7.   “I thought Hibbsy (Jake Hibbs) was outstanding from start to finish.” He said. “He made some really good choices and his quality was really good. He had bags of energy, even in the last five or six minutes, he was first class.” Heath added   may not a closed door from him then  Nick   
  8. Yep I could have written worst  but choose fickle 
  9. Thought with the various heath threads  like heath v aspin  we should discus whether we have the best fans in the world , 30 percent of who go to Tranmere  or the most fickle, our Love and hate of heath and Denton and so many others  then there was wilder doing pretty good since he left us, and boy did some want  him to leave  aspin doing ok at port vale  yep a lot glad to see the back of him  interesting both managers now at clubs they love  Do we have any player who would love to comeback to us as a manager .. struggling to think of one  yep we have both fans the best and most fickle  think that is why we are a conference side and not a Div 1 side  nick     
  10. Embarrassing England

    If town played England eahatvwould be the score 0-0  then again they would be clueless against Denton  so 1-0    
  11. Embarrassing England

    Hope I can go on holiday next summer to somewhere with no outside links so I don't have to watch England be humiliated  Scotland might be crap but at least they try    
  12. Can anyone help please?

    Where both do you can swap through the game and that way you count as two away supporters 
  13. Last season yes  hit rock bottom, Heath out boo boys rampant  but some how we pulled ourselves together as a team and went on to promotion and are continuing in this season  seem to remember many years back,  think it was December 1996? in our first conference spell we played stalybridge Celtic at  home in front of a crowd of 507  or something like that  think that was our lowest league game attendance the club was dying the town had lost interest the ground was a shithole it was only a matter of time until last rights would be called  then along come mulhall horsfield and the rest and the next season we won promotion back into the league  well if my beer addled mind has got this right  then this season following last seasons stalybridge nadir history will repeat and we will be promoted back into the league If my mind has played tricks sorry will come back in and delete this thread  in the mean time I will open another bottle and smile   nick still keeping the faith 
  14. Next season

    And why should we not get to the third  dont subscribe to this premiership championship stuff  and halifax is in west riding of yorkshire    nick 
  15. resignations

    To much common sense there ...bubba out