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  1. Easiest job in the world.....

    I look for the silver lining in a cloud  some here are only looking for clouds on a sunny day   nick 
  2. Fan names

    What’s behind your name  mine is my name but others use cryptic names  what blood rush went through your grey cells when you picked your name 
  3. Brainwave

    I used to take the bar beer clothes made a bed cover as a student   
  4. Brainwave

    Red card my man  Wembley had 10,000 because people like who can attend once or twice a year, brought the whole family to Wembley  nothing to do entrance fee do really you believe if we charged 10 quid we would get double the crowd and 100 pound a season ticket we would sell 2000 season tickets  wake up man you have to pay fans 10 quid to get 2000 regularly then the moan on here would be that is not enough, not even minimum wage  
  5. Nike

    Any trial would be in the US so if he was found guilty they will sentence him to be a Supreme Court judge for the rest of his life 
  6. Great to see Salford top of the League!

    Do you believe there are investors knocking at our door  i dont believe there has ever been and likely to be  I am sure DB would welcome genuine interest from any serious investor  nick 
  7. Kosylo

    Check the courier post match interview with Fullarton  it says Kosylo has received an additional two match ban exactly as stated in flea’s post 
  8. Maidenhead

    Like the look of this team  town to win   
  9. Maidenhead

    Drawing away at Sutton and wrexham is a point gained for us and two points lost for them   draw at home to oreint is two points lost for us and a point gamed for them   so in short we damaged two of our contenders and were damaged by one so I think a positive return fir us  but like most I want to see a win on Saturday  hope a week of training will bring the team together and some players who were injured back into the squad  but one thing is for sure we will be set up on Saturday to go for a win  can’t ask the manager for more than that  nick 
  10. Old match videos

    Love looking at the video clips of old matches  but it does hurt as it shows how dismal our  existence has been compared to  those clubs Rotherham  used to be a regular game but not much chance of being in the same league again in my life time  always wonder why we failed but other similar sized clubs had better years  nick 
  11. Relegation form

    Then I take that back  but you do sound negative not realistic  supporteref town for 50 years I know what crap is like  no i won’t be at maidenhead at 500 quid a round trip I can only make a couple of games a year    
  12. Edwards - 'I nearly do everything'

    If players did everything they would not be in level five  nick 
  13. Happy squad?

    Yes brave chap and a good bunch of lads around him   
  14. Relegation form

    The are some real dumb posts post on here from some real prats  they just want the club to fail so they can say told you so  In life there are those types and in the end the law of stats says the will get it right once in a while not because they are smart insightful but just because ****  happens some times awaydays and redcard are two such people I wish they did not post on here it’s not because they are occasionally negative it’s because they always are  nick    
  15. Orient at Home

    See the skircoat is opening for visiting fans  hope Maher get on  assume Tomlinson still injured  Hoping we will surprise everybody to day and come out as comfortable winners  Nick