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  1. Jamie Fullerton

    too Bloody true   
  2. Jamie Fullerton

    A thread full of speculation, selective reading of other articles and finally opinions trying to dress up as fact ...  a good typical messageboard thread    
  3. Kossy's goal vs Salford

    Excellent  good enough for the premiership 
  4. Salford Match thread

    Twitter quote on the new boy from courier Tom  Been pretty solid. Good physical presence. Sat alongside Maher in front of the back four and hasn't really let Salford play through Town too much.
  5. Salford Match thread

    Agreed  this is and always was going to be a test  Let’s give leninghan a chance seems to me we did give macca a chance and the rest is history just seems odd to start with him 
  6. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Well eddies mate  has anybody guessed it 
  7. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Well lee ashforth s so close to both clubs  it makes some sense  And havjng worked with him through the summer maybe can speak to his current character       
  8. attendances

    The article   Bournemouth, with the smallest ground capacity in the Premier League of just 11,450 and who intend to build a bigger stadium, had a turnover of almost £136.5m in 2016-17, with £5.2m from tickets. That is less than 4p in every £1 of its income for the season.    
  9. attendances

    Wigan when in the premiership considered having free season tickets and even match days free admission as the gate receipts were such a small percentage of their revenue.  Thats the point in the premiership the gate receipt for many clubs is less than 20 percent of their revenue  for us it’s about 50 percent  nick   
  10. Salford Match thread

    Hoping for a win, feel with have the players , confidence and desire to win regardless of how salford are playing  find it odd that some of our supporters are still questioning our preseason and at the same time stating that Salfords poor start is just team gelling  if we had been one point now many would be calling for heads, seems we are more generous to salford than our own club  town to win 1-0 with our away following being that 12 man  born to be happy... will be cheering all the way   nick 
  11. attendances

    Great to hear  but I am superstitious when it comes to Halifax as I am sure many others on here are and therefore  have their Saturday rituals   but if you go and and we lose tomorrow it might just mean you are a bad luck omen anyway just enjoy the game tomorrow and on Saturday and all the others  wish I was there  nick   
  13. attendances

    Second home game last season under 1500, with out a good season then the crowds will be more or less the same as last season  lower prices does not increase gates  same as raising prices  does not shrink gate  it’s the quality of the football on show that counts  nick