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  1. Foxtrot 1

    What a great 5 a-side team with Brenda as manager/physio
  2. King doesn't look like a holding midfielder to me, but you might have seen something different to think he's a holding midfielder
  3. Team of the World Cup

    Walker is never a centre back and the goals we conceded proves it, 
  4. Signings So Far Part 3

    Kit and Ryk
  5. England v Sweden

    Anywhere but Leeds 
  6. Away kit

    You will be 19 stone at end of season if your plan works
  7. Germany

    Don't mention the VAR
  8. Cameron King

    When Billy signed players from pub league you slated him but when Jamie does it, it's ok
  9. Getting worried

    Go one of DJ Funkys discos and you will get plenty of speed
  10. July 7th

    Think it's our 1st friendly and it could also be England playing in the quarter finals with a 3pm kick off, hope the club uses common sense and make the game a 12-30pm kick off just  incase they do clash
  11. 1998/99 - 20 years on

    Your not ,your just trying to be polite to him for the 1st time in 30 years
  12. 19/05/2018 Halifax Town's Last Stand

    How many are banned from the acca?
  13. Help required

    Fax fans are on the rugby forum
  14. Squad 2018/19

    Like Matt Blackburn