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  1. Collins

    Didn't kick a ball before he signed for use but was our best player and who said he had retired,he got offered the Bradford job , it was a shame we didn't act quickly enough at the end of last season and make him player/coach
  2. Collins

    He won't need paying when he gets paid his 2 year contract from Bradford,and the money we got from the Hartlepool fans today will pay for it
  3. 11/09/1990 Rotherham 2-3 Town

    Great day
  4. The Thinking Mans David Coleman

    Like your jokes
  5. Player on trial

  6. 3 hours of my life...

    Not your barber
  7. Braintree Thread

    Jim Vince did but the results weren't always great
  8. 5/4 Braintree win

    Is it you are in a better state than your other drinking partners at 11pm 
  9. Man vs Machine

    Just shows the quality of Wrighty using both feet,the players of today darent or wont try to use their weaker foot 
  10. David Bosomworths Interview Online

    Is the supporters trust still going and if so how many members does it have
  11. Adam Cheshire

    Or a legends t-shirt
  12. Adam Cheshire

    Don't think he's got big feet he still shops in mothercare
  13. Adam Cheshire

    What have you heard
  14. Coalville thread

    Thought he had good game against port vale
  15. Adam Cheshire

    Hope he still comes to Shay, I've ordered a booster seat for him and think he could get away with a under 12 season ticket