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  1. Lack of challenging media

    Adam Cheshire hasn't been to the Shay since he asked a challenging question to JF, he went to a sportsmanship dinner as a guest of Stuart Peacock, I saw him at Liversage v Eccleshill game and he still keeps up to date with what's going on
  2. Casey Dennis Murthick

    How kids can do this and get away with it,get Shaymen Leeds branch to sort it out
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

    We set up for 0-0 so it looks like that's all we do in training
  4. Unbelievable Jeff

    His answer will be,Nowt wrong with defence 
  5. How many going to Maidstone?

    Don't know how you poor pensioners can afford it
  6. Sack the idiot.

    Shaytrev will have a spare room for you and if not I bet he's willing to give up his bed for yourself
  7. Sack the idiot.

    So why was Hanson dropped,we miss his forward runs which Duckworth doesn't give us and when playing teams that are below us we need to put them on the back foot
  8. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    If only you was there to see our direct free kick, if that came from full time training lets go back to part time
  9. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    Courier said we had 1 on target,9 off target and 6 corners,Aldershot had 2 on target,9 off target and 4 corners,the courier gave Sellars as m.o.m and think sponsors gave it Clarke,
  10. Where did it all go wrong?

    Agree but why didn't he offer Collins and Denton full time contracts, Collins came in and showed what he could do and Denton does a job and if not starting gives you something different from the bench 
  11. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    We would have to get rid of JF for this to happen
  12. Forthcoming week

    No easy games and full throttle,
  13. Flea AWOL

    Isn't allowed to watch football anymore, he's in the bottom 2 on his gps at tescos and if doesn't up his game he will be transferred to the Brighouse store,
  14. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Sounds like game plan was a 0-0 draw
  15. Mick Kennedy

    Great player