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  1. Live on TV....

    Watch it on a telly in Halifax
  2. Morecambe

    Is that the 8-28
  3. Best Game you ever saw !!

    It's the only thing I remember about the game
  4. Best Game you ever saw !!

    It's a paper cut
  5. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    No news is good news
  6. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    If that's true ,my wife is a Socialist
  7. Solihull Thread

    Maidenhead had keeper sent off after 36 min when 1 down and no sub keeper
  8. £2 voucher

    How good was it when it was £1 for the kids and many were wearing the colours of the local team they played for,it's no good doing it for 1 game it should be for every game 
  9. Prepare for relegation.

    Or just drop the 4-3-3 which isn't working but he's to stubborn or clueless, and if Stauton is the holding midfielder why do we need another ,the only team to impress me down the Shay are Orient the rest are average or poor 
  10. Bower as manager ????

    Collins wants to play not manage
  11. Fullarton Out ????

    Why post a reply to your son when you could just tell him when watching strictly
  12. Midfielder

    Why travel when there's a club in your own town that's lacking quality
  13. Midfielder

    Didn't have time to get to London after picking kid up from school
  14. Midfielder

    Unless Collins says he's retired then I will believe it but until then he's still available 
  15. Midfielder

    So why doesn't JF get on the phone and ask Collins to train , you said we need bodies