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  1. Season Tickets

    Wouldn’t get to excited about the scarf, it will probably be a plain unbranded blue & white bar type 
  2. Another Announcement?

    What do you have to do, to win the season ticket 
  3. Season Tickets

    Great saving for a couple attending, any thoughts on the gate price on match day  £10.00 or more
  4. Harrys Heroes. The full English

    No it’s definitely not kossy
  5. 13/02/1999 Halifax Town vs Southend United

    Hi, anyone no the guy in the Fan File
  6. Mick Kennedy

    Is the Gentleman on the right, Mr Vinyl, Sowerby Bridge record shop man
  7. Meeting with DB

    We’re all together, as the season started, we’re as that gone 
  8. Offers

    As there is no benefit to season ticket holders, can this voucher be passed on to other home fans, who do not process a season ticket 
  9. Breakfast with the boss

    Do yo think, that the club will put on a breakfast morning for the fans who have purchased a season ticket, for them to collect and have breakfast 
  10. Home shirts

    Is the sleeve sponsor, on the replica shirt 
  11. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Hi, I cannot be at the curry event, and I know this is not a question to be answered by Jamie, but if Louisa is there , could this be asked  why cannot season ticket holders , have a discount at the club shop 
  12. Season tickets

    Can you please tell me , who would draw £680 from there bank account in may , for 2 adult season tickets, and not receive them until August, surely a discounted price for buying early would be an plus factor ,, 
  13. Season Ticket prices.

    hi , not  a regular poster  , but I would hope for the coming season with this price increase we  would have the whole south stand open,,,and transfer between stands,,, any thoughts,,  the cut off plastic in the south stand is ridiculous..