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  1. Jamie Fullarton

    Anyone else find it more than just a coincidence that more interviews with players are appearing on the website now JF has gone as well? 
  2. Fullarton Gone!!

    Of course it is, as is every player signing, but thats how you are judged and for me Bosomworth has to be judged as part of his job? It is his job to get these appointments right. For me he has unnecessarily gambled big time in 2 complete novice managers, who have sold him a dream with Powerpoints and Clinche’s and both have failed in my view, especially when you have 1 leaving with a year left on his contract because he cant work within probably the biggest budget we have had in a long time. 
  3. Farsley

    Why? While he might not of done anything spectacular, he did alright for me, never really gave the ball away so not sure what he had done wrong.  
  4. Farsley

    Missed a penalty on his debut and did nothing else?
  5. Farsley

    Yeah, never stood out for footballing reasons when his played at the shay.
  6. greg young

    My shoulder popped out just reading his name. 
  7. Frickley Game Off

    If by next week some players aren't in through the door at the latest JF should be sent packing and my patience is already running out.  Any longer and we still start terribly and he will go anyway with a squad that will be strangers to each other.  His been given a budget he would of known what it was for a long time and by all accounts its higher than any town manager has recently had so either agree to work to it or walk!
  8. Frickley Game Off

    Sounds like Frickley might of even had a word a few days before warning them this might happen as they have already organised new opposition, do the Frickley directors fancy coming to the Shay they seem more pro active than what we have. 
  9. Frickley Game Off

    Panic stations well and truly underway.  Someone from the club needs to clarify what the hell is going on. 
  10. New players

    Wow had no idea about that rule shows what a sorry state we are in at the moment that as fans we have no idea if we will be able to keep to that rule!  Means 5 players need signing within the next 15 days?
  11. Will the BOD go ?

    They probably have more than 11 players on the books though thats the difference. 
  12. Our Fixtures?

    Whats tonight lottery numbers?
  13. Next New Signing.

    Throw enough Sh*t and some it will stick Gav. 
  14. Home Shirt Sponsors

    Tbf if thats the companies logo, i doubt they would be much negotiation if they didn't want it on the shirt.  Still think its a very nice shirt and il be buying one after saving money on last seasons season ticket. Edit- Unless you mean the Halifax Town Logo haha.
  15. Home Shirt Sponsors

    What i was thinking but they is a clear difference in colour on the collar.