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  1. Barrow

    Any idea of what position / points tally we was on at the time got a feeling it could be scarily close to this season? 
  2. Barrow

    Gap down to 5pts to relegation zone, with Salford up next.  Draws will not keep us in this divison. 
  3. Solihull Replay

    Not the end of the world tonight, sounds like we played well in patches and didnt really deserve to lose, allows us to purely focus on staying in the league.  3pts saturday and tonight is quickly forgotten. 
  4. Kossy equalises

    Has Kossy not come in for a fair bit of flack or have i made that up? 
  5. Kossy equalises

    Just a reminder to people who are quick to dismiss Kossy, the ability this lad has got and is a match winner when his on form.  Yes he has a bit of run of poor form that went with the teams own poor form, but much rather have Kossy on our side then be against him. 
  6. Solihull match thread

    Can i just say Cameron King is the best footballer we have at the club, changed the game and really is a top midfielder that can play the attacking role behind the striker, he made things happened that have been sorely lacking. Berrett also played well given his time out, Maher is not a midfielder so i find it harsh to be too critical of him, but he was shocking today, both him and Staunton are centre halfs and it shows massively when they play in Midfield. 
  7. Solihull match thread

    2-0 down back to the absolute dismal  displays we are getting used to, dont think we have had the ball this half.  Cant continue much longer something major has to happen and JF going is the likely option. Solihull rested 3 of their main players no excuses  
  8. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Joint 2nd lowest number of wins, winning games is what keeps you up, 46 games 46Pts would probably see a team get relegated. 
  9. Salford City (H) Saturday 26th Jan 2019

  10. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    A team who once celebrated like they had won the champions league a few year ago when they escaped with a 0-0 draw in the north, when Jason St Juste put a penalty 3 yards wide of the goal in the 95th minute. 
  11. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    As a football manager.  Im not asking for JF to be shown the door yet, but performances for the last 2 home games and too often on other occasions have been completely unacceptable, i personally dont believe getting rid of a manager is necessarily the answer. You cannot argue that JF was a completely inexperienced and unproven football manager at the time he was appointed, i have said before if this ultimately ends in failure and us deep in a relegation battle again, Bosomworth is at fault and has to take responsibility for taking another expensive gamble that would of fallen so far short again.  
  12. Ebbsfleet keeper

    Nathan Ashmore is a complete bell end 
  13. Braintree

    If you cant expect to beat comfortabely the worst team in the league at home, who can you expect to beat?
  14. Braintree

    Another repeat of last week, 45 mins of utter utter dross.
  15. Two in 20

    Thommo was absoutely knackered and was pretty poor but his done remarkably well to be back playing already, but he would of been my choice  Was obvious a change was needed and as mentioned it could of been anybody,  im sure the reaction of the crowd was it was due to the fact Southwell was coming off rather than Edwards coming on.