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  1. Barrow Thread

    Barrow fans sounding abit like footballing snobs which is strange consisdering they escpaed relegation by the skin of their teeth last season. They did try play out on the back even with the Gk and try exploit the fact our attacking wing players are abit higher, but the fact is they simply were not good enough at it, anytime their defence or their No. 4  got put under any pressure the ball soon ended up out of play for our throw in, had a few shots off target but didnt really threaten until a 10-15 min spell in the 2nd half when they was trying to equalise. Good win, but as said we need to get better but think we will.
  2. Leyton Orient (H) 6th Sptember 2018

    Available & food please.
  3. Kosy

    Have Noticed Kosy has removed all the links and advertising to his website for his coaching school and his other job from his Twitter.  Tried to negotiate different terms in enable him go full- time?   
  4. I'm worried about our defence

    Really frustrates me does that, even if we defend the corner well and head it out of the box, just goes into a area where the opposition can recycle the ball and get a cross in under no pressure or challenge as the defence is trying to get out.   Think it was the Sutton game at home where they had about 3 corners on the bounce after we had initally defended the 1st & 2nd but just kept picking the ball up and eventually equalised with their 3rd corner, baffling as it just puts us under more pressure keep 1/2 players up and the other side will always keep men back to pick them up.
  5. Barnsley (H) 11th August 2018

  6. Man vs Machine

    cheers mate.
  7. Coalville thread

    I was there at Maidstone and it obvious that was his last game in a town shirt so he had a send off as such there anyway.  Also guessing the reason behind the shirts is that it what just another excuse for DB to extract every bit of money he could from it, charging £15 for a basic shirt, rather than it being anything about showing apperication for Macca. 
  8. HBOS (H) 31st July 2018

  9. Dayle Southwell

    Besides them always not liking us very much and tried to drum up some sort of rivalry in previous years.  They do seem to have very quickly forgotten they were the worst team in the division last season. 
  10. Ambition at last!

    Sad state of affairs if people who want to support their  local team in Non league football  are getting priced out of it dont you think?
  11. Bury B (H) Saturday 21st April 2018

  12. Watford (H) Saturday 14th April 2018

  13. Wrexham (H) Saturday 7th April 2018 cancelled

    Available & food please. 

    As so happens often in football.  Guiseley may have slightly edged it saturday, but the terrible pitch in horrible conditions was definitely a leveller for them.  I think the league table shows clearly who is the better side. 
  15. Blackpool (A) Friday 30th March

    Available- will probably make my own way there.