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  1. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    Much classier than the American one fingered salute. 
  2. south stand for tuesday night

    Play it behind closed doors. Save a fortune on stewarding. 
  3. Dover

    Cheaper than not having him? Dover aside, JF shuffles his pack more rarely than Rabbi so do we have a need for a superfluous midfielder? 
  4. Morecambe

    Didn't Guardiola put Sterling in the middle as he wasn't clever enough on the wing?
  5. Johnson press

    It says it all when I get my football news from and my local news from 50 shades!
  6. Dover

    It is! Odelusi is more like Odeloser! No wonder Fullervit didn't play him. 
  7. Johnson press

    Not to mention Kid's Stuff. They had a daily circulation of tens of thousands in those days. The internet is amazing although the print media and high street traders, amongst others, would disagree. 
  8. Johnson press

    Trouble is that on a mobile it's virtually unreadable! Pop ups, log in prompts, slow to load...
  9. Dover

    Or Dexy's Midnight Runners for that matter. 
  10. Gareth Seddon's new ad

    Is this a cheese shop? .... Well that's this sketch knackered!
  11. Only if we had a striker

    Agree but I'd say luck and good judgement. 
  12. On to Morecambe

    Great result. Brilliant turn out from the Town fans. I had a feeling Edwards would come on and bag one. Sadly it was not to be. 
  13. On to Morecambe

    Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day! 
  14. Downtime

    I thought all the negative energy had broke the board Ghostbusters 2 style! 
  15. Morecambe

    Albert Einstein is often misquoted as saying 'Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.' Whoever did come up with the quote, they had a point. Which is the most we've got in a game since last summer.