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  1. How to..... Play football

    Watford aside, Wolves won't be happy about today's outcome. 
  2. Leeds

    Despite your pejorative nom de plume referencing the manager of the year. Guessing you're being ironic.  
  3. How to..... Play football

    I'll wager their fans and owners would swap the lot for the Champions League. 
  4. Leeds

    The etymological derivation of scum comes from the Old English 'scūm' meaning 'foam'. Wilder B wins. 
  5. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    My grandad was in the same regiment during WWII. As he had an academic background, he was given a desk job back in India whilst his pals got to face the Japanese in Burma. He was all for staying in India after the war but the events in 1947 put paid to that notion. Because of all this, I'm here today supporting The Shaymen.  Huge respect for the efforts of our brave men and women during WWII. 
  6. How to..... Play football

    If Salford are accused of financial doping then this is an overdose! Liverpool aside, they are leagues above the rest of the division. They are, however, fabulous to watch. 
  7. Fan Brazilian here

    The Count and Dave. Although the latter's family call him Rodders. Either way, he's no plonker! 
  8. Fan Brazilian here

    I call him Dave also. At least Jose sympathises with us. 
  9. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    Picked a bit of a stinker for your first match (and username!). My first game was 23rd of August 1986 - Halifax 1 Aldershot 0. 
  10. Pitch Renovation 
  11. Pitch Renovation

    Thought they were saving that for the sequel? 
  12. Pitch Renovation

    Wonder how many people were at The Shay for the screening of Bohemian Rhapsody. It was pretty noisy. 
  13. Tranmere Rovers.

    Yes, he looks ridiculous. A man of that position should not be in that position. 
  14. 5 min Season review video

    Glad it's not just me who has never seen it. Same goes for Game of Thrones. 
  15. Pitch Renovation

    Then watch Better Call Saul. That should see you through to next season.