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  1. Moderators.

    Only happens to me when I move from wifi to 4G and vice versa. 
  2. Solihull match thread

    We were definitely second best first half and lucky to be on level terms at the break. Preston and Quigley had shockers today. The King substitution was the game changer. Kosylo finally started playing and we created a host of chances. Edwards needs to stay onside more! 
  3. Man City v Burton

    Wonder what the aggregate score will be? Could have been worse...0-13 against Stockport for example! 
  4. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    One of life's great mysteries is that nightclubs come and go in our town yet The Acapulco remains. 
  5. Reduced prices

    Yes, I think I'll definitely be going thanks to this initiative. 
  6. Braintree

    Superglue on the seats? 
  7. Braintree

    Imagine us miserable lot on this forum tonight if Town mess this one up.
  8. Quigley signs!

    I think they have some pacy fans, running away from the place until the Oyston family finally leave. 
  9. Quigley signs!

    Talking to a Blackpool fan, his assessment is that Quigley is very slow but should be good enough at our level. A barbed compliment at best. Time will tell. 
  10. Time Wasting in football.

    If refs actively employed the six second rule then there would be no problems. The South Stand could play a part by chanting 'One Mississippi, two Mississippi...'. 
  11. Time Wasting in football.

    No, me neither. I think their keeper was lethargic due to inactivity. He sure woke up after letting a goal in, including his ridiculous drop kick over the East Stand. 
  12. Harrogate NYD

    Not an enjoyable game to watch (how many times have I thought that this season?!). We took too many touches when near their goal and barely tested their keeper. Harrogate looked like they were playing two children in midfield, albeit skillful ones. Kosylo played the first half like he had been out on the lash the night before. Our back four did well yet again. Don't know what made their keeper kick the matchball over the East Stand as the final whistle went. Did anybody find it? 
  13. Harrogate NYD

    Yes, this uncharacteristic wave of positively is making me discombobulated. 
  14. Keep this one quiet.

    Does Phil the Brown know his name is now a verb? 
  15. Matty Brown

    Great to see he's avoided injury so far this year. At this rate he's a strong contender for player of the season.