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  1. Shay Pitch

    At least a state of the art pop-up sprinkler system was installed. It's like putting a swimming pool on The Titanic!
  2. Dover game

    Sorry, the correct answer is 'buoyancy aids'. 
  3. Dover game

    I'm not saying the Shay pitch is waterlogged but when he arrived at the ground the other day he was carrying a pair of _______________ . 
  4. Random image of the day

    The persistent precipitation coupled with today's result means Town remain in the brown stuff. 
  5. Dover game

    Hopefully his replacement. 
  6. Dover game

    My garden backs onto Hebble Brook and it's nowhere near as high as Boxing Day 2015...
  7. Dover game

    Respect to all fans who make the long journey. Hope it's worth it! 
  8. Shay Pitch

    You make some good points but a reasoned debate usually avoids emotive language such as 'squatters' and 'cronies'. 
  9. is a broad church. How dull would it be if we all agreed with each other all of the time. 
  10. Shay Pitch

    A completed Shay annexe would provide an ideal wind break. It's so unsightly! 
  11. Kids tonight

    No, only 9. Never mind. It looked good. 
  12. Shay Pitch

    Don't think the rugby will see an 150k investment a priority. Wonder if the football club can apply for a grant. The council also need to invest in this considering the thousands of visitors from around the country our stadium attracts. Last thing we want is a repeat of us playing our home games at Spotland or whatever it's called these days. 
  13. Kids tonight

    What a great idea!  I'm sorry me and my boy didn't know about it. 
  14. Online/radio commentaries

  15. Colwyn Bay

    Maybe we should follow suit. Less travel time compared to the grounds of many of our southern based opponents plus the opportunity to play in Europe. Nice holiday destinations too.