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  1. Dayle Southwell

    Interesting article in Courier says he came here because our manger was so thorough is his presentation of the club. Even had videos of some of Southwells goals and told him how he could improve his finishing
  2. Help required

    Put the guy out of misery, according both our official histories the crowd on that day was 7,123 although I would point out they were both written by the same person.  We've were Halifax Town AFC from 1911 to May 2008. If you want a straight answer in future please address us as Shaymen or Town fans to call us Fax fans is a real insult to most people who post here.
  3. Come on Brackley

    What an advert for the game at our level compared to the dross on offer yesterday in the FA Cup final
  4. OAPs and Season Tickets

    On another heading I wrote I was considering not renewing my season ticket well on reflection I think I was a bit hasty in my post. I do go corporate once a year so I suppose the net increase in the cost of a season ticket is only £45 and we are going full time. However what does annoy me is the treatment of over 65's  the pay on the gate price assuming they are still a concession as they were last season Is £17 this means their pay on the gate price for 23 games is £391 a season ticket would give them 3 free games as opposed to 6 for someone under 65. Have the club thought of this or do pensioners with season tickets pay more relative to the pay on the gate prices. There is a way round this at little or no cost to the club. , anyone who produces evidence that they are 65 or over when they pick their season ticket up could be given a second voucher for a corporate day. This would be £45 roughly equal to the extra three games,as no would would go corporate on their own someone extra would go with them and pay £55. as the extra cost for going corporate is say   £8 for the meal and £3 for a programme The club would actually make money. If they are concerned this would restriction the number of corporate days available they could restrict the 2nd voucher to less popular games.
  5. Season Ticket prices.

    My gripe is why penalise the over 65's 
  6. Season Ticket prices.

    I have bought a season ticket since at least 1997 but this price is a step too far. I am 66 so I'll actually get 3 free games.  i would have been prepared to pay up to £300 but I think this an own goal. I go to the games with my 2 sons 2 grandsons and 2 friends non of us think its worth renewing. Be lucky to sell  500
  7. Poor Chesterfield

                        Remember a game at Chesterfield Nov 1968 we lost 2-0. After the game our coach was just setting off when 2 of the Chesterfield yoof chucked a couple of bricks at the coach and then ran round the corner. Coach belonged to Sheards coaches and the owner himself Jim Sheard was driving. Jim was a big bloke and I mean big . What the yoof didn't notice was Jim get off the coach walk casualy up behind them and then lay them both out. We all thought it was most amusing. Also remember  going there a couple of seasons later we had a chartered train, walking back to the station my mate and I were confronted by about 10 Chesterfield Ultras blocking our path, expecting to get a kicking we were saved by Denim Dennis (It was actually leather Dennis in those days) and his boys who proceeded to give the Chesterfields lot what we were expecting to get. Happy days                              
  8. Tranmere thread

    Yesterday we were beaten by the best team I've seen this season yesterday was their sixth straight win, add in the  fact we had 2 centre backs average age 19 with what 15 conference games between them, and what were they up against the best striker pairing in the conference that I've seen for a long while. What do people on this message board expect young players learn by experience. Once Macca went to centre back it looked a lot better but by then the game was lost.  Yesterday was no disgrace they were better than us on the day the league table doesn't lie. 
  9. Advice required

    Is it not the first chairmen to achieve success (promotion) for the club Alan Madden circ 1969
  10. Today's matches

    Watched Sutton and Bromley yesterday to be honest Sutton were as bad as we were at Fylde Friday. Also as a bonus Sutton Captain got a straight red so 3 game ban assuming it doesn't get overturned. Ref was awful failed to send Sutton goalie off when he brought down Bromley player even though he had no chance of getting the ball. Then disallowed Bromley goal when guy was 5 yds onside and the liner hadn't flagged. Then he sent of Sutton Captain for a non existent stamp.  Even the BT commentators said how bad the standard of refereing was in the National League. What  I'm trying to say is Sutton are very beatable.
  11. Fylde Experience On and Off the Pitch

    Last year my Grandson bought burger and chips he asked for onions on his burger and was promptly charged an extra 50p  yes 50p for onions. That club are a complete rip off but I suppose they have to pay Rowe's wages somehow.
  12. Chester's woes

    So Shay Trev how do you know what I said is not true are you one of the directors or is that  you shout down anyone who doesn't agree with you. It may or may not be true all I know is it was told to me by a friend not a town fan by the way who regularly sees one of our directors
  13. Chester's woes

    Apparently Heath new his own limitations and didn't want to manage in the Conference part of the reason he left North  Ferriby.. Our chairman had to do a lot of persauding to get him to commit to the Conference if he got us promoted.    As I have said before thank you Billy Heath for getting us back up I hope one of the several  so called big clubs in Conference North realise what you are good at and employ you next season.
  14. Chester's woes

    The Wimbledon thing is a bit of a red herring. Yes they are a fan owned club but according to my mate whose brother is a Wimbledon season ticket holder some of the fans have very deep pockets which tide then over when there are troughs in the income stream.
  15. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    For everyone information.                                     Our games home and away are filmed by our own media team headed by Kelly and supported by students from Huddersfield University these are the source of all the highlites on shaymen tv and when its a home game BT sport. The away team usually film it as well.  When we are away the Bt footage will be from the home teams media team.  The students are all doing media study courses at Huddersfield university . I know this because my mate who sits with me at the Shay is their tutor at the University. Its worked this way since the new club was formed 10 years ago.  If you look at the footage you will often find the coverage gets better as the season goes on as they get more experienced in operating the camera.