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  1. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Actually Born to Moan Saturday was a great example of exciting football and how to beat a team who have better players than you. It works just look at Leicester City they won the Premiership 2015/16 playing the same way as we played saturday alibeit with betters player but there again the opposition they had was just a bit better as well.
  2. Mekhi McLeod

    Why would they go back after tomorrow arrived beginning of March so should be here until after Saturday hopefully longer.
  3. Solihull Thread

    Both Rodney and Duku are contracted at their clubs for next season I just hope we can keep them till the end of the season rather than the month there supposed to be here for.  By the way just seen the sending off Tim Flowers is on a different planet if he thinks that was a yellow perhaps it would be in cage fighting deffo red worse than Berrits against Havant  and that was a red card.
  4. Solihull Thread

    Sometimes comment on this site really annoy me. Why can't people just enjoy the game for what it was a most enjoyable win. They go down to ten so its automatically assumed we should win the game easily and be camped in their penalty area. Well two things spring to mind first of he was sent off right on half time and their manager had time then to adjust his tactics to take into account our man advantage. Secondly they are second in the league for reason there a good side, just because we've got  a man more it doesn't  mean we will walk all over them. Our tactics in the second half were spot on let them wear themselves out trying to batter our defence their options were limited because our numerical advantage. When they did try to even it up by putting a forward on and taking a defender off we immediately pounced and scored the second goal. Our manager played a blinder today as well as the team.
  5. My apologies Guido it was Nick getting confused in my old age
  6. What Sheffield Wednesday are doing is arranging finance for their fans to buy a season ticket. This is not what Guido suggested he wants a reduced price season ticket payment spread over 12 months for for the same cost as someone paying up front.  No interest or arrangement fee. For town to arrange something like this with a finance company is a non starter based on our potential season ticket sales, Sheffield Wednesday probably sell about 20,000  most we'd ever get rid of would be 1000
  7. North Ferriby

    Think we paid BFG about £700
  8. How Many

    No Macam Blue their paid for 44 weeks .  The current models for Footballer pay are Part time their paid for 39 weeks Hybrid full time what we are doing and most of the National League that describe themselves as full time 44 weeks. Full time football league and a few in our league 52 weeks. The chairman told me that last week at the meeting last Wednesday. Thats why we had to make special arrangements with Big Sam because he came from a full time club.
  9. How Many

    Nick you really don't get this do you.  Your asking the club to not only to give you a reduction on the price of your football but also to lend you the money to obtain the reduction. This is a business not a credit union. If you buy anything on what is effectively rental purchase you pay more than you would by paying cash.  If the club were to go down the road you ask they are effectively lending the fans  £140,000 were not a bank. If you want longer to pay paying by credit card gives you an extra couple of months to pay, I know I pay in full just before the season starts and by looking at the statement dates on my credit card I usually end up paying for it in October.    By the way according to the Chairman our full time contacts pay players over 44 in line with most of the other National League clubs                     b
  10. Barnet (A)

    Offered to us on loan at £1800 a week now permanent at Dagenham at £3400 per week and there gates are worse than ours. 
  11. Barnet (A)

    All the players mentioned above were part time yes they developed into full time footballers but after they had proved themselves at a part time club playing in the 5th tier. This season were playing a different ball game were sort of full time. Problem is a good part time player has a big risk to take give his job come and play for us possibly for less money than he's on with his full time job and part time football wage. Then you have footballers at League clubs their on full time contracts 52 weeks a year. Our full time model only pays for 44 weeks so they have a 6 week gap again not that attractive.    Sam Johnson came, as I understand we made some arrangement with him for the missing six weeks. That leaves clubs at our level trouble is there all down south it takes a lot for a player to move to the other end of the country for a years contact on what we pay. What were trying to do is sign young players who will take a risk with us and hopefully progress  I think we have already 2/3 of those in McDonald King and Hanson some will work some won't. Its not a coincidence that the two experienced professionals we have over 30 both come from Halifax and wanted to get back to their home town.
  12. Barnet (A)

    It is finance Scot, since we got promoted back to the Conference 6 seasons ago only 2 sides have been promoted with a similar budget to ours Barnet 2015 and Macclesfield 2019 one's already been relegated and the other I expect to come down this season.  All the others have either been ex league clubs with at least three times our regular support or hobby clubs ie Forest Green. Cheltenham also went up using there million pound parachute payment. If they hadn't have gone up that season they were stuffed.  
  13. Barnet (A)

    Actually we never got the parachute payment in 2002, it was only £50,000 and either the Football League withheld it or it went straight to the administrator. I know there were discussions for years afterwards as to how we could get our hands on it but we never did. 
  14. How Many

    Nick you can cancel a direct debit just like you can stop paying cash. Tell your bank to stop letting payments be taken and they will. You do not have to get permission from the person taking the direct debit. The club has to have some advantage for giving you a reduced rate of entry and that is they get a full seasons money up front. What your wanting is get a reduced price and then ask them to loan you the money over a year interest free to pay for the reduced rate season ticket. Money is tight enough down there as it is without them giving interest free loans to their supporters as well.
  15. How Many

    How can you pay over 12 months might as well pay on the gate. You buy your ticket say May pay the instalments up to Start of season whats to stop you not making anymore payments. Turnstile operators would have to check every season ticket serial number to make sure your still making your payments.