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  1. Wrexham game thread

    Denton definately offside
  2. Don't worry Roy there is a team with a worse record

    Soŕry no Doncaster  game was season before 89/90. The most remarkable game 90/91 was Walsall  at home 2 down after 10 minutes then goalie carried off. Tommy Graham  want in goal. Then won the game 5 2 hatrick from Norris  and 2 from Ian  jurreyeff
  3. Today's Daily mail has article  about our 1990 goaless drought.
  4. Garner

    Can't  have been foul and abusive language garner had no time to speak. Also from where ref  was he couldn't see what part of garners arm touched their player. He gave the red based on bromley players reaction.
  5. Ex Players

    The £150000 for Chris Tate was a myth probably less than £100000 Scarborough chairman asked Brown to exagerate the fee as he then thought he would get less flack for selling him
  6. Dagenham match thread

    Look at the table 3 defeats to the top 3 teams. A win today and we would have been top
  7. Dagenham match thread

    No its not 4 wins they drew at Wrexham  Last tuesday
  8. Orient Away

    My only trip to orient was first away game of 69/70 season we lost 1 0 game very memorable for incident after game involving  town fans a dozen arsenal skinheads and a raspberry ripple don't  ask.
  9. £40 million vardy ? Wow

    Our sell clause is 30%  of what ever Fleetwood get so 40 million at 20% is 8 million 30% of 8 million is 2.4 million less what we've  already had say about 400,000 so we all know what that leaves
  10. Supporters club

    Biggest problem in calderdale is finding enough flat land you can afford
  11. Supporters club

    Actually we had a 99 year lease granted in 1923 never owned the ground ever. The 999 year lease came in in the early 80's when Sam Rourke complained he couldn't  take the club forward unless the lease was extended.
  12. Solihull game

    Funny  I bought last week's non league by mistake as well there were loads of them hadn't  been there earlier in the week
  13. Dover match thread

    Last night their fullback had kosylo in his pocket it wasn't  until McDonald came we had any real threat. Denton played well despite a referee you gave him nothing. 
  14. Dover match thread

    I've  watched every game this season and to be honest I  enjoyed the second half tonight. The fixtures have been very unkind to us both Aldershot  and Dover will be in the mix at the end of the season.dont know what people expect I  am confident we will stay up.
  15. Season Tickets

    Surely all we havr to do is show our season ticket book for the last 2 games no need for a ticket.