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  1. Heath in the NLP

    Interestingly linked with Lincoln before Cowell brothers
  2. 20 years ago....

    The Peterborough game when Mick  Buxton broke his leg was 14 dec1968. It was freezing and match was abandoned at half time. First game when we got promoted was Aug 98 and it was really warm down their in the 80 s. It was a lot cooler up herethat day my son had his parka on and felt a complete fool
  3. Promotion

    None of the loan players at huddersfield will be there next season . Well done that they've  gone up . Bet it's never done again minus goal difference win play offs without scoring a goal the they scored was own goal. Also only 3 play off finals finished 0 0 after extra time and all then won by huddersfield  in penalty shootouts
  4. Jordan Sinnot

    The Fulham game was the most incredible  atmosphere I've  ever known in 52 years of going down the Shay. Town losing 1 0 and half the team carrying injuries. Then suddenly the crowd realised they could win and I'm  sure the roar of the crowd forced the ball in the net for the 2 1 win
  5. Jordan Sinnot

    If you look at the season the bad patch around christmas when everybody wanted Heath out coincided with the period when Sinnot was out after being synically taken out in the Eastliegh game.
  6. Favourite home and away game

    Most complete performance of the season was FC United away. They didn't have a shot on target and managed 1 corner in 90 minutes.
  7. Ticketing Farce

    Talking to my mate last who is a priority season ticket holder at bfd city they have 1200 of these first dibs on tickets for away games. Doesn't  Think he'll  get ticket for Fleetwood though as city have been given 700  no rules in EFL  about minimum ticket allocation for play off games. Perhaps 600 isn't  that bad.
  8. Playoff Semi Final opponents.

    Wasn't stockport traditionally in Cheshire 
  9. shaymen player

    Watching both the Harrogate and Curzon highlights become blurred part way through is this my computer or does it happen to other people. Also why show all the shaking hand and sponsors in the highlights I've paid to see the football  
  10. Curzon (H)

    Richard Peniket brilliant today never stopped running and made some nice touches . Well done Richard 
  11. Who says Heath doesn't listen to the fans?

    With the dry weather recently and the oafs playing rugby on it the Shay pitch is actually quite unven not as bad as sum but not flat
  12. If only

    This league were in is different the previous 2 seasons in Conference North were awful the football dire I think this season in patches has been better. Would Harvey have done better who knows he certainly wouldn't have had access to proven succesfull Conference North players that Heath has. To say we'd have won the league by ten points is to be honest living in La La land.  Whoever was in charge we would still have paid the same wages and therefore had the same level of players.  
  13. Heath bottled it!!!

    This forum amazes me don't  think half the people on here have ever been to a football match. Yesterday we played the top of the league Billy  Heath set us as best he could Moyo played because both his normal no 7s were injured Hone came on because a midfielder was injured and the only person to replace him is actually playing centre half. You have a centre half on the bench and a player at centre half you can move to midfield what would you do. Heath did nothing wrong yesterday, remember we are a confrence north side with conference north players Barcelona. 
  14. Today's match flyead

    Why split up a defensive partnership that's working. Well one of the midfielder gets injured so what do you do, common sense says move the midfielder playing at centre back in to yes midfield  and send on your centre back who was on the bench. Why because you do not have a replacement midfield  player on the  bench. Can't  blame Billy  for this one just unlucky today.
  15. Harrogate away

    You have show your season ticket to pick them up. So presumably no season ticket no tickets