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  1. Director Resignation

    Was talking to a good friend  Stuart Peacocks yesterday and I asked him why he had resigned. Apparently he was always going to resign this year as he is finding being a director restricting the time he has to do other things. He's decided to do it now as board meeting have been come like a Brian Clough team talk" We discussed all the different points of view listened to what everybody had to say and then decided I was right anyway" guess who's Brian Clough.  
  2. Available managers

    Be careful what you wish for look at the record of managers who have come back to any club I think the second time is always abject failure.  Aspin was alright first time but the brains in that partnership was Trevor Storton.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    The most successful managers are statistically defenders its very rare you get a former player who was a forward as a successful manager well English ones anyway. There are some but I can think of far more defender or midfielders. 
  4. That Garforth game

    Journey home a nightmare no doubt they thought late Tuesday quiet night on M62 thats why westbound carriageway down to one lane. Highway agency  not told about hordes of returning Shaymen
  5. Shuddersfield's new kit

    I think the Government should ban gambling from sponsoring sport full stop. It causes too much misery . 
  6. Facts

    Having amused myself reading the hysterics on this board over the last few days I thought I would post a few facts which might affect why some things have happened. First of all the Frickley friendly I know our manager is very thorough in his preparation for any game so I imagine he would check the pitch at Frickley. Given its not the best and there's been no rain for 2 weeks why risk your players on what is effectively uneven concrete. How would he know this, he lives in Ackworth which is the next village to South Elmsall. I know you all want the club to put this out in an official statement but its not very PC to say were not playing you next week because your pitch is crap. As far as signing players is concerned I don't think we realise by how much the hobby clubs have distorted wages in our league and how agents are asking stupid wages. They think because Fylde Harrogate etc will pay these inflated demands everybody else will. We won't its the fastest way to no Halifax Town. Why do you think Michael Duckworth signed a new contact as opposed to his antics last year, he knows he'll get paid on time every month unlike some clubs in our league.  JF will get some of the players he want when they realise 50% of something is better than a 100% of nothing. Another problem is income streams the only ones we have are the corporate income Ben brings in and gate/season ticket receipts. Apart from the hobby clubs several of the other have quite lucrative sources of reliable income, Boreham Wood for example have an arrangement with their local education authority to provide sports facilities They jointly run a large football college with in excess of 2000 students, this brings them in about £400,000 a year. Its also means they see all the potential footballers in the area several student have played for Boreham wood and then gone on to play in the football league. This is top of what they get for hosting Arsenal Ladies. Maidstone , Sutton , Bromley have plastic pitches again about £250,000 each year in additional income.  Add these clubs to the ex football league clubs with gates 2/3 times more than ours you see why we are where we are. Since we returned to the conference in 2013 only one club that wasn't either bankrolled or an ex football league club with better support than us has been promoted or reached the play off final. That was Macclesfield and it was only because the best team in the league that season didn't start playing till October (tranmere) if they'd played all season Macclesfield wouln't have had a payer.   
  7. Missed Out

    Problem we have signing anyone is budget, the National League is the highest league in England with no so called fair play rules. You can basically chuck as much money as you can afford at it. Salford will not be able to spend what they have done so far in League 2 any income will have to be generated by the club itself. They can make losses but the football league have rules to stop clubs buying their way up the league. This is way we have all the hobby clubs in our league its the highest level they can start at with no question asked.
  8. Scout

    This scout thing is a bit of a red herring now a days with every game  certainly down to unibond evostick being filmed it quite possible to look at any player from the comfort of your own living room. If you then see something you go see him in the flesh, the days of endless scouting networks are long gone certainly at clubs at our level.
  9. Buzz Effect

    Hoddie         The Board renegaded on the original CVA for a reason, in 2002 HMRC stopped becoming preferential creditors in any bankruptcy . Before that date they had to be paid in full the same as the football debts are. From 2002 they had to take the same chance as anyone else, as a result they have never agreed to any CVA and would rather the company went under to stop companies trying to put a fast one by repeatedly going into debt and then getting rid of most of it by having a CVA.  To agree a CVA  the holders of 75% of the debt have to agree. If 25% or less of the debt is Tax or National Insurance the other debt holder can force HMRC to accept a CVA.  When the 2002 CVA was arranged this is what happened  the Debt to HMRC was less than 25% Unfortunately in the further debts rung up by the club from 2002 HMRC's share was nearer 40% as a result if the board had paid off the first CVA The £50,000, they would have to pay the further debt in full, HMRC would never have agreed to the 2nd CVA. To get round this they were advised badly as it turned out  if they stopped paying the first CVA this debt would come back into charge. They then worked out HMRC's share of the combined debt would be 25% or less so they could force through a 2nd CVA. What they didn't realise was once the 1st CVA failed HMRC would add 6 years of interest and penalties effectively doubling the amount of tax due 1st CVA. This meant the tax share of both debt combined was over 25% and there was no chance a a CVA. The only way to keep the old club going was to pay the debts that arose from 2002 in full By the way I was a Shareholder of the old club and still have all the figures in a box in the loft and I worked for HMRC for over 40 years. Incidentally from April 2020 HMRC are being reinstated as Preferential Creditors.
  10. Released List

    According one of those football websites I think Edwards has a 2 year contract.
  11. Playoffs

    Oh I forgot Wrexham as well
  12. Playoffs

    First season I watched the Shaymen 1965/66 among our opponents Notts County,, Chesterfield, Stockport ,Torquay And Hartlepool its like being back in the 4th Division. 
  13. Playoffs

    Nick Wrexhams defeat to us really stuffed them if they'd won at the Shay they wouldn't have had to play last night and would have been straight through to the semi final with a home game against last nights winner. 
  14. Rodney

    Graham Alexander will be feeling very pleased with his decision to let us keep Rodney. We gave them a good chance of the title by taking points off Solihull and Orient and today we assured them of 2 or 3 rd place by beating Wrexham. Rodneys goals were a big part of all those results inspired managerial decision letting us keep him.
  15. Shay Hotel?

    Should the Skircoat Stand not be a listed building. It was originally built at Manchester City's Hyde Rd ground circ 1900/10 and was built under the supervision of Archibald Leitch,  When the ground closed in 1923 the roof of the main stand was reinstalled at the Shay Just think with that provinance  it would be worth a fortune on the Antiques Road Show.