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  1. Are you watching ***** ***** ?

    First of all I am glad Billy Heath has gone, but I will say thank you to him for getting out of National North.  We have spent a total of 3 seasons in that league and on every occasion the football has been awful. Its an awful league very difficult to get out of and you certainly don't do it by playing football. Heath was the right man to get us out and he did what he was asked. He was given a fair chance to manage at National level but after the other teams worked out his limited tactics we were stuffed. The board did the right thing appointing him I can't think of anyone else who would have got us up last on the budget available, perhaps their only mistake was not removing him a few weeks earlier.  So thank you Billy Heath and best of luck in the future.
  2. Leyton Orient (H)

    Collins wasn't injured Saturday taken off because ref threatened to send him off next time he fouled anybody
  3. Welcome back shaun

    Never had over 8000 against Newport and I go back to 1966
  4. Macclesfield.

      i went to macc on boxing day and arrived 15 minutes after the ko despite setting off at 12.45 there were 20 miles of standing traffic on the West bound M62  I wonder how many town fans turned back realising there was no chance of getting there.  We only arrived at 3.15 by leaving 62 at Windy Hill at cutting through Oldham.
  5. Halifax Town 3-1 Yeovil Town

    Yes I took my girlfriend too now my wife of 20 years. Only match I've ever been to with a packet of dried cannelloni tubes in my possession (don't ask).
  6. Barrow

    Our main threat in this game was meant to Denton. This was totally nullified after twenty minutes not by Barrow but by the referee every header that  tom went for he was penalised by the ref they can't all have been fouls.  After that when it was obvious any header he won would be a foul whats the point.
  7. Eastleigh thread

    Johnson was not fouled the corner was a fluke and was going in, when Johnson caught the ball it was actually already over the line. The only way he could have kept it out was if he'd been nearer the touchline and if even with his height it would have still gone over his head.  Thought we put in a good shoe yesterday manager substitution spot on HEATH IN.
  8. Eastleigh thread

    When you go down to 10 men you always take off a striker, in injury time Dents headed clear from a Eastleigh corner for that alone it showed exactly why Billy made the correct substitution.
  9. Heath Must Go

    Why stop watching, you support the team don't you that means thick and thin and yes in the 52 years I,ve been a Shayman a lot of thin if I had the attitude of most of you on here I,d have jumped off North Bridge in 1978 or 1993 or 2002 probably at the end of a lot of seasons.   Why do I go well just occasionally and more so with the new club you have days well you,ll never forget. Home to Rochdale 1969 Doncaster away 1988 winning the Conference 1998. With new club 4 promotions and a trip to Wembley and thats in just 9 seasons. Billy Heath isn't a bad manager and he isn't clueless like some people think on here, he's not the best manager we've ever had  nor the worst, This season he's been unlucky with injuries and it will turn round. Last season we had 9 games without a win and we got promoted  have opinions by all means but some of the garbage put on here well is just not fair especially when all a lot of you have seen is a few selected highlights
  10. Harry Middleton

    I used to go to school with our ex chairman Bob Walker.  He got lucky and sold his business for about 2 million making him a millionaire , this was 2001.  He was was then persuaded to put money into Halifax town, 12 months later he was £650,000 pound lighter and he had successfully got us relegated back to the conference, My point is the fastest way to become an ex millionaire is the invest in a football club 
  11. Town merchandise

    I was the first customer bought a polo shirt yesterday lunchtime. Its great being able to actually try things on in front of mirrors. Hope the whole thing will be a succes they had both home and away shirts both the new Polo shirt scarves hats and some training tops. Jimmy the guy on menswear was very enthusiatsic about it. Harveys are charging town nothing for the shop and taking nothing from the sale. Good support from a local firm. We bought lunch there and wife bought a top so it certainly paid off for them.
  12. Class Ground

    Think it would be about 1965/66. Speedway started that season but by 68/69 season that small stand had been extended
  13. Wrexham game thread

    Denton definately offside
  14. Don't worry Roy there is a team with a worse record

    Soŕry no Doncaster  game was season before 89/90. The most remarkable game 90/91 was Walsall  at home 2 down after 10 minutes then goalie carried off. Tommy Graham  want in goal. Then won the game 5 2 hatrick from Norris  and 2 from Ian  jurreyeff
  15. Today's Daily mail has article  about our 1990 goaless drought.