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  1. Released List

    According one of those football websites I think Edwards has a 2 year contract.
  2. Playoffs

    Oh I forgot Wrexham as well
  3. Playoffs

    First season I watched the Shaymen 1965/66 among our opponents Notts County,, Chesterfield, Stockport ,Torquay And Hartlepool its like being back in the 4th Division. 
  4. Playoffs

    Nick Wrexhams defeat to us really stuffed them if they'd won at the Shay they wouldn't have had to play last night and would have been straight through to the semi final with a home game against last nights winner. 
  5. Rodney

    Graham Alexander will be feeling very pleased with his decision to let us keep Rodney. We gave them a good chance of the title by taking points off Solihull and Orient and today we assured them of 2 or 3 rd place by beating Wrexham. Rodneys goals were a big part of all those results inspired managerial decision letting us keep him.
  6. Shay Hotel?

    Should the Skircoat Stand not be a listed building. It was originally built at Manchester City's Hyde Rd ground circ 1900/10 and was built under the supervision of Archibald Leitch,  When the ground closed in 1923 the roof of the main stand was reinstalled at the Shay Just think with that provinance  it would be worth a fortune on the Antiques Road Show. 
  7. Season Tickets

    3 of the season tickets were buying are for people who have not had a season ticket before.
  8. Season Tickets

    This season typical Saturday match 7 of us go 6 adults and 1 juvenile  3 of us have season tickets 2 adult and 1 junvenile . With the offer for next season we will be buying 6 adult and 1 juvenile season tickets.  Also 2 possibly 3 adults generally don't go to night matches usually through work/cost as they will have season tickets they will now be more likely to go to night games as well.   This is a win win situation well done the board
  9. Maidenhead today

    Just seen the close up footage of Maidenheads penalty my niece would have been proud to have claimed Fondop Taloms dive as one of her own and she's in the UK Olympic diving team.
  10. Finbob-Trifle

    Got them a penalty though
  11. Desire

    Agree last chance if some people on here had watched the stuff served up in the late 70's 80's and early 90's this board would explode with the vitriol they would spout. Fortunately for the teams and managers we had then it was limited to the odd letter in the Courier or in Billy Ayres case some half hearted chant of Ayre out.   I go to the Shay to support my team yes sometimes it good over the last 50 years it most likely been bad but hey its my club the one I support  and will continue to do so while I'm able. I just wish some posters on here would think what they say if you wouldn't say it to someone face to face then what gives the right to say it on here in most case anonymously. 
  12. Maidenhead today

    Went today and yes it was poor in fact awful but most games at this stage of the season are the same unless you have something to play for which we havn't. Maidenhead are not clear of relegation hence the slightly more desire from them although don't think it was a penalty.  
  13. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Actually Born to Moan Saturday was a great example of exciting football and how to beat a team who have better players than you. It works just look at Leicester City they won the Premiership 2015/16 playing the same way as we played saturday alibeit with betters player but there again the opposition they had was just a bit better as well.
  14. Mekhi McLeod

    Why would they go back after tomorrow arrived beginning of March so should be here until after Saturday hopefully longer.
  15. Solihull Thread

    Both Rodney and Duku are contracted at their clubs for next season I just hope we can keep them till the end of the season rather than the month there supposed to be here for.  By the way just seen the sending off Tim Flowers is on a different planet if he thinks that was a yellow perhaps it would be in cage fighting deffo red worse than Berrits against Havant  and that was a red card.