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  1. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    One it was in two separate announcements, which is just odd just put all the information for discounts on one page. No one wants to jump between two pages. Then even having to put a clarification out about the whole shows it's a cock up. They never mentioned valentines in the first or second post. All the needed to do was explain the offer in one post detailing everything. To add to the fact the offer is discriminatory. Sure they'll be many people who would love to rip this to shreds as it is also discriminatory to male homosexual couples. Or are we just feeling sorry for females as we signed Simon Lenighan earlier on this season? So no I don't think saying its executed badly is a strange thing. 
  2. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Could've been a good idea but badly executed. They make a mess of even the simplest of things.
  3. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    The point of the message was they can charge £5, for everyone it'll still be dross. Been the same for 26 league games. Attendance will be no different Saturday despite the offer. Also the fact the club are in denial we're in a relegation battle, because the manager doesn't look at the table 
  4. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    What's your poor missus done to deserve that?
  5. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    End of the day they can charge what they want, doesn't deflect the fact the football people have been paying to watch week in week out is absolute dross. Left majority of the matches this year wondering why the hell I've paid £20 to watch that dross, when the performance wouldn't have merited a £5 admission fee. I understand the club are trying to make an offer and entice more fans to come, but they don't half make a mess of it. It's not rocket science.
  6. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Its not that difficult though. We make it out like its rocket science, don't know any other club that comes out with the weird stuff we do. 
  7. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Another question for me to add to my list for the meeting with Bosomworth
  8. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Have to say I don't think this offer will make a difference. Our admissions prices are ridiculous and expensive. Just look at the regular prices for anyone under 12 
  9. Message to JF

    Well I don't quite understand your original reply to me then, with the cocky "bravo" at the end
  10. Message to JF

    Can't help someone been terrified by some shouting. If someone is terrified by shouting I'd advise them not to go to a football match. I wouldn't have even said she was terrified to be honest, just more confused Don't try escalate the story, Mr. B found it hilarious and was laughing his head off at the time.
  11. Message to JF

    I witnessed the rant and it was in no way abusive to Mr. B. It was simply a statement saying Mr Fullarton is shite and it's time for him to go. Understandably as well after yesterdays dross yet again. Think you need to get real and get things in perspective, have you seen the form of the last 26 league games? Or don't you look at the table and results like Mr. Fullarton?
  12. Message to JF

    From us  
  13. Injury update

    No I think it is the other hand, he's just shite. His dancing is better than his football
  14. Injury update

    Looks like the secret squirrel service has been leaking information again