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  1. The game tonight: Maidstone

    How good is our defence! If they weren’t we would have been relegated at Christmas!
  2. Unanimous

    It was always a worry of mine going to the full time model. In terms of attracting good players we were one of the biggest draws for part time players. In the full time pond we are bottom of the list and apart from Clarke, King and glimpses from Berret recently, the players Fullerton has brought in are simply not good enough. The better players are the ones his predecessors brought in. The defence and keeper are solid but the fact we haven’t scored since the new year is why we are where we are. I also think tactics are to blame. Heath got more out of Kossy but we do miss a fully fit Tomlinson and Josh McDondald. Fullerton didn’t bring them in either!
  3. Unanimous

    If he has been sacked, i wouldn’t be surprised If Aspin or someone else haven’t already been contacted to see the season out and keep us up. Play with pride and courage and avoid the drop!
  4. Unanimous

    When did Aspin not pls Browny? Didn’t he struggle with injuries that year?
  5. Where did it all go wrong?

    Preseason I had my doubts. His new ‘full time’ players looked weak and not ready for competitive football. The back line looked good, as did King. The season starts and we win 5 in a row. We didn’t play great and most goals were from set pieces. People got giddy but the performances weren’t great. Roll on 6 months and here we are today. The defence and ‘keeper would get you in the top 5 in this division. Sadly those in front of them are powderpuff footballers who simply aren’t good enough. I’m never one to sack a manager without reason but what I saw today was worse than any other manager has served up. Billy Heath and Neil Aspin did exactly what the said on the tin, they weren’t pretty but you were guaranteed effort and they didn’t pretend to be anything else. This chancer promised us how great his contacts list was and how good the football would be. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000s of names on your list or you raid your ex club for half the players, if they aren’t good enough then it’s going to cost you.
  6. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Great servant of the football club!
  7. Quigley

    MacDonald is technically the best footballer at the club and he’s been injured 12 months. This lightweight thing is a myth. When he first joined maybe but he glides last people for fun, delivers good balls and has countless assists. If he can get back fit and in the form he was before injury I have no doubts he will play in the football league.
  8. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    What is the cost to the club to put on a game at the Shay? and what harm would it be to make a game like this pay what you want and advertise the hell out of it?
  9. Braintree

    The back 4 and keeper would probably be somewhere near winning this league if they had anything in front of them
  10. Aspin getting the sack?

    We were 90 minutes from Wembley and a play off final to the football league. We weren’t even the biggest spenders in the North and many weren’t far behind us. The likes of Pearson, Gregory, Vardy, Roberts, Bolton etc all moving on to play for England, and the football league. A lot of players progressing to play full time football. The best player at the club at the moment was brought by him and the biggest asset if he gets fit was brought in by him.
  11. Aspin getting the sack?

    I said it at the time and I’ll say it again, it will take a hell of a long time to get better than him at the Shay. We’ve had 4 since and nobody anywhere near what he achieved. Not just results but how the club was run from a footballing perspective as a whole.
  12. Salford

    8000 at the Racecourse today. their last away game of the season is at the Shay on bank holiday Monday. We could well be out numbered at least 4 to 1!
  13. Sutton United Saturday.

    Aspin, Harvey and Heath were all managers that knew their limitations and didn’t pretend to be something they weren’t. You got exactly what is said on the tin. People like Kelly and Fullarton come in giving it the big guns. His long list of contacts and his extensive list of potential signings is all well and good but if they aren’t good enough it’s a pointless list. None of the signings are good enough, the better players this season are the ones his predecessors have signed. thanks Jamie but it’s time to go.
  14. Barrow FA Trophy

    Not as good as the Cardiff 15 in the petrol strike!
  15. Barrow FA Trophy

    Billy Heath got stick for not giving youth a chance and being very narrow minded in bringing in his ‘Ferriby Boys’. Fullerton won’t even put one on the bench when we can name 2 fit outfield players.