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  1. Lenighan signing

    I remember the same uproar when a certain Scott McManus signed for us. Why have the club signed him, I'm not going if he's playing etc and the rest as they say is history. However for football reasons it's such a strange signing. He should have come off 15 minutes before he actually did last night and shouldn't start on Saturday.
  2. Salford Match thread

    We will need to be on form. They have players with moments of quality and a point to prove. Keep it tight and nick a goal hopefully
  3. Salford away.....

    Plenty of interest in this. People going who haven't even been to the shay yet. Expect at least 600
  4. Braintree Thread

    Games at Braintree are awful, playing them is awful. The most boring, negatively set up team we've played. Always are. Glad it's out of the way.  I want us to be that nightly horrible side with a bit of flair. 2 experienced brute centre halves will help with that.
  5. Braintree Thread

    Direct brand of football? Bloody rubbish Fullerton! Bring back Heath! In all seriousness a great start to the season. Horrible place to go is Braintree and games against them are never a spectacle. 2 home games now to ensure we gain a little momentum before the Sal£ord match
  6. Leyton Orient (H) 6th Sptember 2018

    Available F
  7. Fax

    I don't get what's so marvellous about their achievement. They've probably finished higher than 2 teams they shouldn't have. Well done! We do that every season!
  8. Fullarton Out!

    Very uninspiring pre season. Half of them still trialists. They may well be signing on but haven't yet and the seasons starts in 6 days! 2 wins against Brighouse and Coalville, the games I saw we looked like a team of strangers. How this will miraculously change in 6 days time I have no idea but I will reserve judgement. It's the worst pre season I've know us have and even though it doesn't matter to an extent, it usually does indicate how the seasons will pan out at least for the first 6 months.
  9. 340

    I agree. Higher prices, an uninspiring pre season. Defeat to Braintree could see a very low crowd against Barrow. The pre season schedule for fans this year was totally uninspiring. 2 lower league teams at home for a start! I do wonder why we don't play Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield etc (well I do, Mr B won't pay a few grand for some police officers) it's short sightedness. Those games would get a few thousand in the ground, potential new fans and also fans of those bigger clubs might think you know what? When I don't go to my clubs game or its international week I might pop down to the shay. i see QPR played Berlin this weekend and they brought a few thousand over. Why don't we approach our twin town Aachen for example for a friendly next season. Advertised in the courier, the right publicity and well priced could well get some new fans in. Never mind, I look forward to missing the home friendlies against York and Scarborough next season.
  10. HBOS (H) 31st July 2018

  11. Stevenage (A) Saturday 4th August OFF