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  1. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    The manager will bring these with him. I would imagine it's discussed at the interview stage.
  2. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Not sure he is at that stage yet but would work well under someone like Peter Jackson, a blend of old and new ideas and the man that gave him his debut.
  3. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    It's opinions, I actually think he would have kept us up, you don't. That's what the forums for.
  4. The Cox is out.....

    I'd love it if Heath went there, turned them around and kept them up with a last minute winner that sent us down! I'd love to see the meltdown on here while me and the other Heath lovers all have a cuddle
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    So something Billy Heath could have done? 
  6. New manager...What if...

    Many ex premier league stars have their badges and are looking to get in to management. Sadly the budgets they request are way out of the league of most teams in our division unless the club stops living within its means. Slightly different but Look at Paul Cox who some wanted here. He's gone to Guiseley, turned them full time, brought a new squad in and they are going down!
  7. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    His sacking was yes but the torrent of abuse he had from day 1 and the fact some will give him absolutely no credit for anything he did or ever did before he came here is what I'm getting at.
  8. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    So any good players, Heath didn't sign. All the **** ones Heath signed. We didn't get promoted. Call me a Heath lover all you want, I call it as it is, I criticised when he got things wrong but I also see the limitations of managing FC Halifax Town. I also understand the restraints football clubs like ours work under. Some of you thing we can just go and cherry pick any player we want. We are probably a victim of our own success. Before Jamie Vardy there are plenty of players a couple of leagues below we could take a punt on. Nowadays it's clubs that can offer more than us that are now fishing in those leagues. Whoever the next manger is will have his work cut out. Wilder and Aspin got plenty of stick and are now managing in the football league. Heaths work was cut out from day 1 due to several supporters having a chip on their shoulder because he came from North Ferriby, a so called village team. I hope the new manager gets time to adopt his style of play but don't expect much to change, The conference is a slog to get out of.
  9. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    I'd say Johnson, Duckworth, Collins, Riley are all good additions this season and the majority of his Ferriby signings helped win promotion last season. 
  10. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Until we get some more investment in that side your exactly right. Expecting win after win with a lower end budget with a part time team in a full time league is stupid. Doesn't mean we can't punch above our weight though but it will probably be every 1 in 5 seasons at best no matter who the manager is.
  11. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Most managers have a style of play they know and trust. It's not being stubborn just because they won't play the way you might want them to. Wilder had his way, Aspin had his way, Kelly had his way. The next manager will have his and when it doesn't quite work he will be stubborn too!
  12. Wrexham.

    This squad has a heart for a battle. Some players in the team 2 years ago didn't. Great point and hopefully something to build on now once the new gaffer is confirmed.
  13. Heath to Gainsborough?

    I don't believe we were in the relegation zone last time I looked. Some people have a real hatred for Billy Heath and I have no idea why. If you can't see that he won promotion on not the biggest budget and who knows if he would have kept us up? Maybe he would maybe he wouldn't but people just couldn't to put the knife in. The Adam Morgan love in. He had plenty of chances and did not take them. 5 previous managers have binned him off before Billy did. Then the discipline. Did Billy tell his players to go out and get sent off? no! George Mulhall had the biggest nutter going in Kevin Hulme and he was a hero! I can't remember any of the current squad chasing an opposition player onto the team coach. Hes gone, after the run we've been on and in the modern game he had to go after the Orient game. we move forward but some people won't credit anything he did and it's embarrassing it really is.
  14. Proposed winter break.

    And first thing they do is jet them off on a tour of the Far East or America!
  15. Proposed winter break.

    Could work for us then! The Christmas fixtures are usually the ones people look forward to most. I see the Spanish teams are using their winter break wisely by jetting off on 12 hour flights to play in meaningless friendlies!