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  1. Alarming

    Last game of the season, bank holiday Monday. Is say 2500 at least. Wrexham took 400 to Barnet last weekend. Favourable results on Friday and they may still be in with a shout of the title.
  2. I’ll be buying one and I’ve never had one. Also and u12s
  3. Leyton Orient match.

    Throwing a bit of money at it doesn’t guarantee success! Look at our best 2 seasons since being relegated from the football league, the year Chris Wilder got us into the play offs and the year Neil Aspin got us into the play offs. In Wilders year he had a small nucleus of a squad with a couple of loanees to strengthen. We went pretty much the full season with no injuries and won tight games 2-1, 1-0 etc. Things just went our way. The only time they didn’t is when we picked up 2 key injuries in defence in the final and had square pegs in round holes and decent Hereford with Guy Ipoua on the bench. In Aspins year you had the same, a lot more talent I’d argue as most of them are now in the football league but apart from Gregory breaking his hand twice, we didn’t have many injuries. We just looked nackered in the semi and Cambridge had more resource to throw at it by starting a fresh Sam Yorke Money won’t buy you success, you need a decent amount of luck too but it certainly might help.
  4. Season Tickets

    Fantastic from the board! We don’t have a backer and Premier League income like Huddersfield to afford to give them away and Bradford will make a huge loss this season. But It’s a fantastic offer from the club especially for those who can’t make every game like me. I’ll be buying one and getting one for my nephew and I’ve not had one for years because I’d simply miss too many games to justify it. the board deserve massive credit for this. The year after Wembley we sold plenty at a good price, the football on offer this season and the large price increase has killed that. Hopefully this will kick start it again and a few good results will soon get a good atmosphere around the ground again.
  5. Finbob-Trifle

    What kind of ‘ovation’ would someone like Denton get if he got subbed off at the Shay? Today’s was embarrassing! I doubt Denton would get anything and he did far more for the club than Fondop-Talom did
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    When Preston came on last night it reminded me of how bad our strike force has been most of the season. Wrong options, no pace, ball not holding, that’s the reason we are where we are. Preston, Odelusi, Edwards just aren’t good enough for this level
  7. Random image of the day

    Gary Jones, Jamie Wood, Steve Kerrigan
  8. Random image of the day

    What’s that green stuff the ball is on?
  9. Colwyn Bay

    I think that needs to be looked into going forward with a league 2 north and league 2 south. 1 up automatically to league 1 and a play off winner from each league with 4 still relegated from league 1. The conf north and south then feed in to their regional league.
  10. The pitch

    That’s the pitch f****d for the season!
  11. Money

    Stockport have also been a 2nd, 3rd division side for the majority of the last quarter century. If we were top of the league playing good football there would be 3k in each week at least
  12. Barnet

    Defence is solid and we have one of the best records in the league. Our issue has always been the powderpuff attack. They simply aren’t good enough and that’s resulted in uninspiring performances. Not every signing a manager makes will work and most of his haven’t, Clarke is superb and him and Brown will head and kick anything that comes their way. If you’d have put Lee Gregory and Dan Gardner in this team we’d be near the play offs. The manager has identified our weakness and strengthened. The lacklustre 0-0 draws are now turning into wins. we could all see our attack was non existent but it isn’t always easy to just go out there and grab yourself a 20 goal a season man!

    Our attendances have nothing to do with HRLFC, it’s not the fact there is Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds within 20 minutes of us and within and hour you have Man City and Man United. Rugby fans will watch Rugby, Football fans will watch Football and of you want to know which is more popular, have a look at a list of the top 10 attendances at the Shay in the past decade.
  14. Finnaces

    Changing the 1 thing that is actually saving us from the drop at the moment would be ludicrous.
  15. Finnaces

    I wouldn’t want any of our players having the added task of trying to manage the team as well at this vital stage.