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  1. Matty Brown

    If Chesterfield have put an offer in and it’s accepted, I think he will go and I don’t blame him. a club 3 times the size of ours, with potential of promotion and probably a nice pay packet. When you talk about captains and leaders he’s right up there. Puts his heart and soul on the line and after 2/3 seasons injury free, he’s really proving what a class act he is.
  2. Random image of the day

    I don’t remember George looking like that?
  3. Bolton

    I believe we did have a points deduction for entering administration before that when Chris Wilder was here
  4. Abbie McManus

    Never forget her trapping a ball in front of the east stand from 50 yards like a bag of cement! Didn’t know who she was until then!
  5. Clarke

    Superb news! Well done JF on getting Sam and Clarke signed up so quickly!
  6. Kevin Roberts

    Deverdiks and left back would be decent
  7. Lee Gregory

    Fantastic player with an attitude you sadly don’t see enough of these days. Kids should be aspiring to people like this rather than the Pogbas of this world. An honest lad who gets his head down and gives you his all. There are players who have come through the doors at the Shay with maybe the same skill and technique as Lee but they’ll never get anywhere near the Championship because they don’t have the right attitude. I handed him the AFC ‘Shay man of the year award’ before he left and had a good chat with him. He knew and I knew he was going on to bigger and better things but what a top top lad. Good luck in your next move.
  8. 737 tickets sold in what? 2 weeks? I’d hope to see that well into 4 figures by the start of the season. great take up!
  9. Bury B Saturday 4th May 2019 (A)

    Available can drive
  10. Matty Brown

    He’s becoming one of the all time greats in my eyes 
  11. Most Improved

    How has it improved us? We finished in exactly the same spot we did last year as a part time team? And that’s with half a season with Billy Heath at the helm! The so called pub manager by some on here
  12. Fylde Away

    The team needs building around Johnson, Brown, Clarke and King. If Rodney could be kept on that would be a massive coup. Duckworth and Hanson are capable at Right back and if Josh MacDonald is anything like he was he will be like a new signing.  Hopefully the manager has seen that powderpuff, fancy dans from Football League academy’s don’t always cut it at this level and a bit of Strength and Guile are enough. As dross as a lot of games have been this season it isn’t a major clear out you need and if half the draws were wins you are pretty much in the play offs.
  13. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    How many did Tom Denton score this season? The guy who was pied odd immediately!
  14. Wilder

    He’s probably been one of the best managers in his league every season he’s managed. Never blessed with a big budget and constantly over achieving! Couldn’t think of a manager that would deserve promotion more.
  15. Town Vs Wrexham

    If they bring 1300 we could well be outnumbered! i can see the North stand being needed for overspill today. At least it gives a nothing game for us a bit more excitement.