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  1. Cliff Moyo

    At a decent level, right back is a lot harder then Sunday league when you usually chuck the crappest player there.
  2. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    It's a very confusing situation. At the time new clubs were not permitted to play in FA competitions for 3 years. Chester didn't play in the FA cup for 3 years. We played in it in 2008. That would suggest a continuation of the new club
  3. World Cup.

    Vardy scores against all the big teams. Kane doesn't.  If Vardy played for one of the big 5 he would start every game.
  4. Piece Hall

    I'm sorry but the Piece Hall is a place of culture, style and sophistication. It is not the place for drunken yobs getting pissed up, throwing lager around and urinating anywhere they want while watching football. They can stay in The Salvation for me.
  5. Southport

    Kevin Davies or Nicky Law
  6. Shameful

    I totally agree Hoddie but it might simply be a case of those who look after the website being on holiday. It is after all, run by voulenteers.
  7. Shameful

    I totally agree Hoddie but it might simply be a case of those who look after the website being on holiday. It is after all, run by voulenteers.
  8. Matchday programme

    I think we should keep them. I've been to a few games at the Shay when they have sold out.
  9. Shameful

    Maybe Kelly and those who are looking after the website are taking some well earned time off? if a decision has been made by someone that it shouldn't be on there then heads must roll.
  10. George Mulhall.

    RIP Sir George! The club should be trying to arrange a friendly with Sunderland at the Shay in memory, and I agree the first game of the season, some of the conference heroes should be there and the front cover of the programme should just be George with his arms aloft! The finest manager to grace the Shay, a true gent to boot who even came to the AFC Halifax presentation night a few years ago. Forget this old club/new club that seems to see anything prior to 2008 forgotten about, the club and board need to recognise this in the biggest possible way.
  11. Neil Redfearn

    I think he woul have been our manager for the first season in the conference but his wage demands were too high. Then we appointed Mr Christopher Wilder!
  12. Going Up Coming Down

    Remember it well! They had about one section open of the away end with the rest covered in tarpaulins. Every 10 minutes a new section had to be uncovered for the travelling shay army and the Blackpool fans were applauding us! 
  13. Neil Redfearn

    Am I the only one who thought he didn't do that badly here when he was caretaker? Sadly the damage was done by Alan Little that season.
  14. Macca - final call?

    And to think this forum was in meltdown when we signed him with people refusing to watch us if he was involved. That wasn't helped by his poor start at centre back but Aspin swapped him and Danny Lowe around and the rest is history! Been a 100% man for 8 years and stuck with the team when they were relegated. Scored one of the most memorable goals in the full history of Halifax Town and now has a great connection with the fans. Never mind taking your flag to Maidstone flea, it should be up at every town game from now on.  
  15. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Neither was Jordon Sinnott. I think Kosy has a lot to learn, at times he's brilliant to watch, at times he's so frustrating. He still has time to develop and I'm sure he'd love a crack at doing it full time.