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  1. Managers contracts

    Disagree with those comments. Jim Vince came in because he was a good manager at that level and had got Witton into the play offs a few years running. His problem was bringing Jemmo in as assistant who then had his own personal agenda for the top job. Aspin - had got Harrogate (before the big money) into the North playoffs 3 years on the spin, the year he left, they were nowhere near. He is and will be for a while the best manager in FCHTs existence and probably in the top 5 in the last 100 years Kelly - first gamble! Harvey - experienced head who turned the ship after comical Kelly. We weren’t relegated because of Aspin or Harvey, they contributed of course but Kelly was the big cause there. Heath - experience manager at conference North, did his job in one go and then struggled towards the end of his reign. Would we have gone down with him in charge? Who knows but I’m sure he will be back at conference level before too long. There does seem to be a pattern though from the boards appointments, when it goes wrong, do something different. We seem to swap between old experienced heads and new inexperienced managers.
  2. Fullarton Out ????

    You don’t lose the plot, you lose personell, you have injury problems, you try things that perhaps don’t work, you run out of luck. We never got hammered with him in charge and you always felt you may get something from a game.
  3. Fullarton Out ????

    How many years is it since he passed away? We were promoted at least once after his death, got to a play off semi final, signed a stack load of pleyers who went on to play football league. A spin doesn’t get the credit he deserves, Vale are a shambles behind the scenes and he has steadied the ship.  Its only now that people are starting to realise how good Chris Wilder is as a manager and what Miracles he worked at our club. Maybe in a few years time after many more failed managers will people wake up and realise that actually, he was a fantastic manager for us.
  4. Fullarton Out ????

    Give over! He’s been gone a few years and 4 managers later, nobody has come close to getting us anywhere near the play offs, let alone 90 minutes from a play off final. He brought the likes of Vardy, Gregory, Hogan, Brookes, Pearson, Roberts through the club, the likes of which we may never see again in such a short space of time. If it doesn’t work out for him at Vale, he will get another club. And he will never manage lower than the level we are ever at.
  5. Brighouse Town's Ground up for sale?

    Has always been a risk as it was owned by Blakeboroughs.  I think it would make perfect sense for the club to purchase this
  6. Michael Collins

    Correct and if he hadn't taken the job he would have probably lost his job with the academy anyway.
  7. Michael Collins

    Fullerton knew the situation Mike was in and publicly said at the end of last season that of things didn't work out for him at City the door would be open for him. Seems he's gone back on that.
  8. The Answer

    Clubs of our size need to become community clubs. Affordable football that gives the people of the town an identity, to make them feel like they are part of something too. fan events, themed away days, bringing old players back into the pitch to wave to the crowd to do the draw all at the cost of a free meal, half time entertainment in the form of a crossbar challenge, now we are full time getting into schools giving away free tickets, fixtures in every shop in town. There are so many opportunities that are so easy to do to help with fan engagement that just aren't being utilised. The first thing I'd be doing is getting in to town and asking the town folk what they'd like to see and why people don't go. Money, lack of interest, crap football? Who knows until they ask.
  9. Fans

    It was published recently that 80% of premier league clubs would make a profit even if nobody turned up to games!
  10. Crowds at home

    If Wrexham are in with a shout of the title they'll bring triple that on bank holiday Monday!
  11. Crowds at home

    Between 1000 and 1100 tonight.
  12. Fans

    I'll be at the Shay tomorrow for Town v Fylde, it's £20. Next week I'm going to Bradford v Sunderland, it's £20!
  13. Hartlepool

    Where is the referee looking out of interest when the incident occurs? If it's him that have the decision then he would have blown straight away and not let us break half way up the pitch before calling it back.
  14. Mekhi McLeod

    No idea why he hasn't featured or why king was dropped.