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  1. Colorizing Old Photos

    The floodlights shown in the photograph are the ones in question. They were later replaced and first played under in a friendly v Liverpool. (circa 1970) South were winning until Shankly arrived late at the ground to a chorus of "Shankly Shankly what's the score ?" He unleashed Alun Evans ,who promptly scored 4 ! Happy days spent watching there. My heart was ripped out when they folded.        
  2. Colorizing Old Photos

    The best of the lot was John Aldridge.
  3. Colorizing Old Photos

    Yes...That's when Jimmy Case was good !!
  4. Colorizing Old Photos

    The club was fire bombed out of existence...some say insurance fraud ,I wouldn't know. The ground was built on and is now the Park Way travel hub. All is not lost though. They are now an amateur club playing at Otterspool (North field).
  5. Colorizing Old Photos

    No it's from the away game at the old defunct Holly Park ground in Garston Liverpool.
  6. Colorizing Old Photos

    Here is an image for fans of a certain age from 1964. A great action shot ! I used to follow South in my youth but now the Shaymen. Was anybody at this game ?
  7. 5 min Season review video

    The video sound track would be good on a match day. Does anyone recognise it ? 
  8. Random image of the day

    Dennis was my boss at Nestle (Mackintosh's, Halifax) .A Great bloke .I was so sorry to hear of his passing. RIP.  
  9. 2 adult (and took up the offer of 4 under 12s for the grandkids)
  10. Kids tonight

    My grandson went. I await his reaction when I see him again next week but he was very excited to be going. Well done Town.
  11. King

    On the subject of Public Relations here is the Michael Crawford classic (starring Mr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6UJgS5bKlQ  
  12. Mj85

    What a desperately sad situation for you and fellow supporters of Nuneaton.  
  13. Fan names

    From the poem.. ignore good advice at your peril. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44654/the-wreck-of-the-hesperus
  14. Barrow crowd

    You'll be sat at home listening to Edith Piaf no doubt ?