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  1. North Ferriby

    A shame for them, never seem to have recovered after we took Heath from them. Feel sorry for the fans, such a small debt and when you see how much other clubs get away with makes it seem so unfair. £7,000 in debt, most premier league players make more than that in less than a day.
  2. Barnet (A)

    Decent point, coming from behind, 6 unbeaten, up to 14th. Dover away on Saturday, they drew with Boreham Wood tonight, winnable game.  And we can still win the title! Just... 
  3. Barnet (A)

    Come on Town! Draw away from home would be ok, but a win would be fantastic!
  4. Barnet (A)

    Fonguck it. Come on town, we tore these lot apart a week ago. Let’s get back into it.
  5. Barnet (A)

    This would be a huge mistake to make, and a very avoidable one.  I can't believe that a club that takes so much care in details like we do can have done something as stupid as this.
  6. New Home Kit 19/20

    No, they have been much better of recent seasons, credit where it's due.
  7. New Home Kit 19/20

    Bloomin lovely that. Announced nice and early, get it on sale before the season ends! Makes a change from previous years when we wouldn’t know what the strip was like until they walked out first game of the season...
  8. The pitch

    Is JF supposed to be able to control the weather now as well? The club have nothing to do with this other than getting the message out as quickly as possible about the postponement. The ref is the only one who can make the call, the only way you could pin it on us is if you had all the staff out there with a hose drowning the pitch in water...
  9. latest offer

    Does it matter why the club have done the offer? Great that they have, and good value.
  10. Barnet

    What a game, a convincing Shaymen win and all is right with the world, at least for a few hours.
  11. Barnet

    And now a penalty saved by Johnson!
  12. Barnet

    3-0 and goals for both the new lads! When was the last time we scored 2 goals in a game, never mind 3? 
  13. Barnet

    2 goals in a game??? What is going on JF?
  14. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    The 'X games without a win' stat sounds worse than it was imo, an awful lot of draws in that run and a few games we were unlucky not to win. The overall standard of this league is lower than it's been in a good few years, Aspin's play off team would have torn it apart!
  15. Barnet

    Come on Town! With our defensive record you'd be pretty confident of us seeing this out. Would be nice to get a second though...