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  1. Boreham Wood

    Might not have a choice, or very little at least, there is a minimum time that you're supposed to play games that have been postponed.
  2. Barrow Away

    This is a competition we should always take seriously, I would love another Wembley appearance. This is the only trophy we have a realistic chance of winning, yes we should be ‘aiming’ to win the league every season, and play offs are always a possibility, but this is our best shot at silverware. Winning the trophy was the only thing that made the relegation season even remotely bareable. 
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    Good, gutsy performance today with 10 men against an in form team. Never a red, and who knows we might have got the win had we had 11 on the field for the full game. I’d have taken a draw before the game so given the circumstances I’m very pleased. Keep up that level of performance and we’ll win more than we lose. 
  4. Dagenham Today’s game

    That’s not even a foul tbh! I can’t believe that was given as a red! Wonder if we’ll appeal the ban... we do seem to have been on the wrong end of a few bad decisions recently - the handball at Ebbsfleet, pen not given vs Wimbledon and the red today to name a few.
  5. Dagenham Today’s game

    Some decent Town pressure first 5 mins with a succession of corners and free kicks. 
  6. Today's Game

    Great first half, should probably have gone in 1 or 2 up instead of 1-0 down. Second half Wimbledon came back into it and we were poor. If Kossy’s shot goes in off the post instead of coming out then it’s a completely different game. im not going to criticise them much because Wimbledon are 2 leagues above us and we’re heavy favourites. Yes they’re near the bottom of L1, but we’re hardly tearing up the league so to say they were there for the taking is a bit rich. Decent cup run, 2nd round, beat a league side for the first time as the new club. We now NEED to find a way of taking that first half performance, and the one from Morecambe, into our league games and sustaining it for 90 minutes.
  7. Today's Game

    Really unlucky to be behind, would have been a comfortable save for Johnson if not for the deflection. Could have scored 2 or 3 too, especially with Kossy hitting the post. Kick on second half and get at least a replay!
  8. Solihull v Blackpool

    Not much between them, Solihull were good and had chances to win it. Much the better team first half, second half Blackpool were better.
  9. Solihull v Blackpool

    Solihull playing very well and could be ahead - scored from a corner but correctly ruled out for offside. Commentators obviously don’t know the offside rule though! Short corner, ball stopped dead and the original corner taker runs into it and crosses it from an offside position, no men on the posts means he was offside. Commentators thinking that because the ball didn’t move forward then it’s not offside!? Well done to the linesman, was right in front of him but very easy to miss if you’re not concentrating.
  10. Hartlepool United

    I was thinking about this after the Ebbsfleet game, I can’t recall us, this season or after he took over last season, coming from behind to win a game at any point. I know we’ve managed a couple of draws but no wins. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  11. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

    Get the players to watch back Wimbledon's game against Haringey, they were very poor in that game and showed some frailties.
  12. Next manger ??

    JF’s great start (and keeping us up last year) has got him credit in the bank. Looking at the league table it’s not a terrible position to be in, but when you look at recent form we are in big trouble.  Dagenham, Sutton, Harrogate x2 with a cup visit to Barrow coming up after Wimbledon. If we get under 6 points and are out of both cups in that run I can see that being the end of the road for him.
  13. Goal line Technology

    I think they said then that it would be used ‘when available’, which would presumably mean when there’s a premier league team playing at home on TV.
  14. We need to be full time to compete, which requires investment. But we also need to do it in a way that is sustainable and good for the club in the long term.
  15. Barrow away in trophy....

    Could be worse, but only just...