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  1. Leeds United

    If a player has a genuine and serious injury then play should be stopped, whether that is the ball being kicked out by the player's team, the opposing team or the ref blowing up. However, how can you tell if a . player is feigning injury? I think that the ball should be kicked out by the injured player's teammates - how often do you see a player 'go down', his team still have the ball and play on, they lose the ball and then complain that their opponents don't kick the ball out. If you don't kick the ball out yourselves when you have the opportunity you can't expect the opposition to do so for you.
  2. Sheff Utd....

    Congratulations to him, undoubtedly one of the best managers we’ve had at The Shay in the modern era
  3. Bolton Game Called Off

    Bolton’s Championship game today has been called off with the Bolton players refusing to play as they haven’t been paid since February. Fair enough to the players for not accepting it - I wouldn’t turn up to work either if I hadn’t been paid for 2 months. It’s the fans I feel sorry for though, always the ones losing out in this situation.
  4. Top 7 vs. Bottom 7

    The most frustrating thing about this season is that, as bad as it’s been at times, we’re not all that far from challenging in the top 10/play offs. We were within minutes of beating Champions Orient twice this season - those extra 4 points would have had us finish 12th. A few choice additions and we could do well next season. Rodney would be at the top of my shopping list.
  5. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    If you want an OAP discount then pay on the gate. You’ll have paid enough for a season ticket in 12 games...
  6. Town Vs Wrexham

    I don’t think we’re too far off a top 10 challenge tbh. If we can get Duku and Rodney signed for next season, keep hold of our best, clear out a couple and make some choice signings we’ll do ok
  7. City v Spurs

    I don't think it was a handball. You look at the position his hand/arm is in and it's in close to his body. The only way he could have avoided it is by having his arm in an unnatural position.  Add to that the fact that it's inconclusive whether it even hit his arm anyway...
  8. City v Spurs

    Incredible game. Probably the best game I’ve witnessed since Spain v Portugal in the World Cup. VAR had a considerable impact on the game, but I think it was used well overall. Yes there are kinks to work out, but we are getting more correct decisions. As a neutral watching the game I found the suspense when waiting for decision added to the spectacle, rather than making it less enjoyable. I do think they should stop the clock on VAR decisions though, or it’s just more time lost in the game as they won’t add on 10 mins of stoppage time each game.
  9. Leyton Orient match.

    Good result on balance, though it's disappointing to have let a 2 goal lead slip, I'd have taken 2 all before the game.  Also, we could reasonably have done the double on Orient this season - all 3 of the goals they've scored against us have been in about the 5th minute of injury time!
  10. Leyton Orient

    Anyone but Salford. Hopefully they’ll do what FGR did and spend a good 5 or 6 years failing to get out of this league.
  11. Season Tickets

    If I could afford it then I’m sure that I would. I agree with Nick, though, there are other ways to support the club like a Shaymen player subscription, buying kit, sponsoring a player...
  12. Salford again.

    Fair enough, I guess it’s just the PL where it’s a fine, and do the likes of City/United/Chelsea really care about that?  The counter argument to limiting spending is that it will make us less competitive in Europe (like we were dominant anyway), so for it to really have an effect it would need to be consistently enforced by UEFA rather than the individual FAs for each country I guess.  Saying that any loss, no matter how small, will result in a points deduction is pretty harsh, but clubs would quickly sort their act out, and something needs to be done to limit the spending, for the benefit of everyone.
  13. Salford again.

    That’s absolutely crazy. Financial fair play anyone? Needs to be some sort of penalty for this sort or spending, and not just a fine like they have in the FL - a points deduction/relegation is the only way it will get clubs to stop spending beyond their means. Currently in the FL you’re allowed to lose ‘x million’ a year to comply, but that’s still a loss; the only way to make football clubs be self-sustainable is for FFP to say you have to make a profit. With actual sanctions clubs would very quickly stop spending beyond their means - if they’ve lost £5m then an extra few quid in a fine is going to mean nothing to them.
  14. Season Tickets

    Great pricing on tickets, I would expect to see a much bigger uptake. If I was still living locally I would be getting one for sure, as it is I rarely manage more than a couple of home games a season (and I don’t think £100 per game is particularly good value). I think season tickets should always be relatively cheap, that’s how you get people hooked on the club. If they already have the ticket then they’re more likely to come down, if they come down regularly it becomes a habit and they’ll stick around.
  15. Duku and Rodney

    100% agree; we only need a few choice signings in the summer, though that is easier said than done.  We have the 4th best defensive record in the league, and I'd say with a bit more attacking threat that could get even better as we would be able to dominate games a bit more further up the pitch and therefore put the defence under less pressure.