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  1. Tobi Sho-Silva Interview

    I feel like there's something we could get in around the Hi-Ho song the 7 Dwarves sing in Snow White...
  2. Scot

    Enjoyed reading his posts and would be interested to hear his thoughts on JF’s departure. Can’t imagine he’ll stick around much though
  3. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Clarke does have a certain draw being local and someone who already knows and loves the club. Experience is a concern though, I'm wary that he will have a poor run at some point, which is inevitable, and not be able to recover from it. I would be much more comfortable with him as an assistant manager to someone who already has the experience.
  4. Frickley Game Off

    Whilst not being able to raise a team seems like an obvious choice on the face of it, when you think a little more it is surprising. Surely we’d be able to have some trialists that we’re looking at, and we have a youth squad too that we could use to fill spaces on the bench for a friendly?  Whatever the reason is the club need to come out and tell us what’s going on.
  5. Frickley Away

    Called off. No reason given...
  6. England v USA

    Thing is I thought that it was used reasonably well in the World Cup last summer. Since then it seems to have gone rapidly downhill and nobody seems to know why or what exactly they're supposed to be doing with it. I feel at the moment that whenever the ref is called over to the screen then they are going to go with the decision of those in the control room, almost for fear of disagreeing/looking stupid. I think it needs to be as it is in rugby where it's the on field official that calls for the review and essentially says "I think this is what happened, if you can conclusively prove I'm wrong I'll reverse the decision"
  7. England v USA

    Another Ellen White goal ruled out via VAR in the 3rd place match -_-judged to be handball, yes it hit her arm but there wasn’t anything she could have done about it, tousling with the defender and a natural movement so that alone for me wouldn’t be enough to rule it out. For my money it also hit the defender’s arm at the same time so how come no penalty in that case...?
  8. OMG....sign a player...

    I hear there's a lad at Man United called Pogba who's unhappy an wants out. If JF doesn't sign him I shall be tearing up my season ticket and demanding a refund!
  9. England v USA

    I agree with you a lot here: in theory I am in favour of VAR, and it will always have an introductory period where there are kinks to work out. It needs to be used for absolute howlers, like the ‘hand of god’ incident, the kung fu kick in the 2010 World Cup final, things like that. Offsides again I think it’s worth checking as you are either onside or not, there shouldn’t be any debate and it can quickly be checked with a video in under 30 seconds. With things like the penalty decision last night, whilst it was the correct decision in the end it wasn’t a ‘clear and obvious’ error. If it takes more than a minute to make a decision either way then you can’t argue the original call was ‘clear and obvious’ - that suggests it is something you’d be able to see with 2-3 replays max. Spending 5 minutes checking for a foul, even in a World Cup semi final, kills the flow and excitement of the game, especially if the crowd in the ground aren’t really told of what is going on. In cricket both the footage the 3rd umpire is watching and his commentary to the on field umpire are shown to those in the ground which really helps both the spectators and the players understand the decision that is being made.
  10. England v USA

    The offside rule has always specified any player - or part of a player that could be used to score a goal - being beyond the penultimate opposition player. So a boot, head, knee could be offside but not if it’s only their arm sticking out in front. Of course when it’s such a marginal call like this you look at it and think ‘does it really matter’ and the answer is probably not, she isn’t gaining a specific advantage. But the moment you say something like ‘a clear distance’ it introduces subjectivity into the equation rather than being black and white like it is now (or about as much as it can be).
  11. England v USA

    They need to stop the clock whenever they go to a VAR decision to avoid situations like this tbh. Could easily end up with 10-15 mins added each game.
  12. England v USA

    Can’t argue that it wasn’t offside though - that’s a matter of fact, and she was, ever so slightly. VAR pen now... missed
  13. England v USA

    2-1 down going into the last 20 mins, very close game and we should be back in it. Equaliser just ruled out for offside via VAR, only half a boot off but I have to say it was the correct decision. Frustrating but I hope we can come back and win this!
  14. New Season Fixtures

    Wouldn’t surprise me tbh. Away to Torquay on a Saturday in August is preferable to a cold midweek game in December/January.
  15. New Season Fixtures

    Released on Wednesday. Predictions for first/last/xmas games? No doubt we’ll be opening the season away somewhere down south again for about the 100th year running...  Start at Yeovil away, finish away at Boreham Wood and a festive double against Solihull