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  1. Summer Recruitment

    I would definitely keep Josh. Been unlucky with injuries but a very good player for us. Some good coaching and an injury free run he could be paying in the league in a couple of seasons.
  2. Points watch

    After Guiseley

    I think we’ll beat Solihull. We’re full of confidence being unbeaten in 4 with 2 wins and 2 draws. Solihull has a great spell December/January ish and have pulled themselves within reach of safety (like us 2 years ago) but their recent form has been poor - 3 draws and a defeat in the last 4. We should be ok in that, but I also think Solihull will stay up.

    So it was  Twitter not showing things in chronological order confuses me sometimes...

    Guiseley have said the pitch is playable on Twitter this morning
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Denton can be a useful player. Let's not forget that he was a pivotal part of our best for of the season that saw us (very briefly) at the top of the table. I think he will be involved on Saturday, get some good crosses into the box and I'd back him to put one away.
  7. Dagenham Tuesday.

    15 points off the play offs with 27 still available. If we go on an exceptional run and have luck with other results we could still just about make it, the optimist in me can't help but hope. (ps I'm not Darrren Kelly)
  8. Points watch

    After the win vs Dagenham we're up 2 places to 15th. If we beat Guiseley on Saturday (which we should, wether permitting) we will be on equal points to our total of 48 from 2 seasons ago with 8 games still to play. 1 more win should see us safe.
  9. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Against the run of play by the sounds of it. That's 2 games in a row that we've conceded a goal via a big deflection.
  10. Saturdays Highlights

    Shaymen TV highlights are up, I watched them yesterday. But it's always good to watch them again 
  11. Summer Recruitment

    I would probably look at keeping Denton, as he is a useful player to have available. He wouldn't be in the 1st team week in, week out but can be a good player to bring on off the bench at times. Whether he'd want to be like that is another matter; he's 28 so approaching the end of his career so might be happy to stay, on the other hand he might still feel that he can play 90 mins every week and prefer to go somewhere else. I would have thought he will end up going to whichever club Heath is at next season. Overall though, I agree with that core squad, and a few choice additions. I was suitably impressed by the 3 new players yesterday as well as the lad on loan from Guiseley.
  12. Dagenham Tuesday.

    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Burton, having lived very near there for 5/6 years. What they achieved getting into the Championship is nothing short of incredible. True, they got a load of money from the Man United cup tie all those years ago, but money doesn't mean you'll instantly get promoted. They still had to work hard and then spent a lot of time languishing at the bottom of L2 and narrowly avoiding relegation before things just clicked for them. They are still a relatively small club in a small-ish area, with quite a few 'big' clubs nearby with Derby, Nottingham Forest, County to a lesser extent, and Leicester, Birmingham, Stoke, Wolves, all around an hour away at most. If we can aim to emulate them and what they did football wise I think we'll do ok.
  13. Woking Thread

    I would never will my team to lose, no matter who the manager is and the form we’re in. I would always be willing the manager to turn things around and get us out of the mess. The flaw in your argument is that you were willing Heath to lose even in September when we were in great form and sitting in the play offs. Heath did what he was employed to do last season and get us out of the Conference North, and started this season well but, for reasons we’ve been through already, things fell away and I can’t really argue with the decision to sack him. Fullarton looks on paper a good appointment and is so far doing great, albeit only with 2 games in charge. I do think that, despite his flaws, Heath was a better manager than many gave him credit for and will be back in management soon; I wouldn’t be surprised to see him next season at one of the clubs who get relegated from this league. Let’s not forget that it was his first season at this level so it was completely new territory for him. I think in a few years time he will be able to establish himself as a good manager in this league, though hopefully Fullarton will have taken us into the Football League by then.
  14. Guiseley Away

    No, their max points total is currently 55, so still some way off being mathematically relegated. Realistically though, they're already gone.
  15. Points watch

    And the Woking win