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  1. Connor Thomson

    It'll only result in a cut down of cheating if they have the guts to give out the cards and penalties for it and are consistent. We might see 2 red cards and 5 pens a game, but players will quickly learn to stop doing it.  There should be retrospective action for faking an 'injury' too - Pepe's reaction to being tapped on the shoulder yesterday was disgusting and embarrassing.
  2. Getting worried

    Whether it's practical or not isn't relevant, he's under contract for the next year so won't be leaving on a free as some people seem to think. If he leaves we should get something for him as he is under contract. Anyway, he might have agreed to sign the new FT contract after all...
  3. Getting worried

    If Kossy has a part time contract with us it doesn't matter what the rest of the squad's contracts are as long as he turns up at the times stated in his contract.  Where I work there are some people who work full time and some people who work part time, looking at it from a business perspective rather than a footballing one then this would be exactly the same scenario.
  4. Getting worried

    I'm not worried at all, the start of the season is still a good 2 months away... Plenty of time yet. If we still don't have a squad a week before opening day then  I might get a bit concerned.
  5. Good Luck England

    Why are you so determined to not enjoy yourself? Who cares if it's not going to last, take the highs when you can. God knows we have few enough of them.
  6. Good Luck England

    Pretty sure they care about losing any match, judging by the reactions coming from those camps about the results. I know it's going to be tough, but this is the most optimistic I've been about an England side in a long, long time.
  7. Good Luck England

    I genuinely think we’ve got a decent chance of reaching the semis, with Germany and Brazil having dropped it means we’re unlikely to face them in the quarter final if Mexico and Switzerland can take advantage. On the evidence of how Germany and Brazil played in their openers I wouldn’t be scared facing them either tbh.
  8. Good Luck England

    The first 30 mins of that game was some of the best football I’ve seen so far in the tournament, and the best by an England team for a very long time. It’s not an exaggeration to say we could have had 3 or 4 in that time. The equaliser knocked us back a bit, and Alli was carrying a niggle by the looks of things - he started brilliantly but I’m surprised he wasn’t subbed at HT.  Second half they sat very deep and it was tough to break them down, to their credit. But we should have had 2 or 3 penalties for sure. Young was really the only one who I was particularly disappointed with; I’d swap him for Rose, and maybe Alli for Loftus-Cheek depending on fitness. Panama will probably sit deep, same as Tunisia, so not the most suited to Vardy’s style of play. I would be starting him against Belgium though, you’d expect that to be a much more open game with more space for him to exploit. Overall I’m happy with the performance, and in certain that England teams of he last 15 years would have struggled to get that second goal to win the game. Roll on the rest of the tournament!
  9. Good Luck England

    Yeah, most of those against people like San Marino and Luxembourg. How many of his goals were against the ‘big’ teams in the ‘big’ matches? He was a good player for Man Utd, but it didn’t work for him in an England shirt. An odd thing to say about our record goal scorer, I know. But I’m certain Kane will eclipse that record given half the chance.
  10. Good Luck England

    Come on! Deserved to win, just... all over them first half hour, Tunisia were good and solid and stopped us playing after they equalised. Should have had 2 penalties based on the one they were given but we got there in the end. Kane has more World Cup goals in one game than Rooney in his entire career.
  11. Good Luck England

    Totally dominant most of that half, should have had 4 or 5... penalty was harsh but I can see why it was given, but why wasn’t the foul on Kane given!? Vardy on second half to score a hat trick.
  12. Good Luck England

    Kane rugby tackled to the ground and no penalty... looked worse than the one given against us, Pickford unlucky not to save that one.
  13. Germany v Mexico

    Switzerland drawing with Brazil throws that group wide open too
  14. Tacos For Tea I Think

    First time since ‘82 they’ve lost the first game of a tournament though. There’s starting slow and then starting awful
  15. Germany v Mexico

    Spain the only team in World Cup history to lose their first game and win the tournament.