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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    That’s a huge loss for us, he was such an important part of our early good form
  2. Points Watch

    Updated after Maidenhaed, now 9th
  3. Music

    We’ve actually got a song that was written about this football club, I can’t understand why we’ve never used that!? Alternatively, maybe because it’s associated with my earliest memories of going to the Shay, I always enjoyed the theme from Rocky https://youtu.be/DhlPAj38rHc
  4. Harrogate Town

    I think they’ll do similar to what we did in 2013/14 - I don’t think they’ll win it, but I think they’ll be in no danger of relegation and will be flirting with the play offs a lot of the season. Of course they may do what we did last season, we were 2nd at this stage, then fell away drastically. I’d give them a top 10 finish tbh.
  5. Tom Denton

    13th October, I think?
  6. Orient at Home

    And the needs of the club/team are the most important. How much of an effect does it really have on your life, though? If you know that a player will be back in x amount of weeks is drastically different to if you don't know until they next appear on the team sheet? Yeas it would be nice to know, but at the end of the day if it gives us a slight advantage over opposition as they're not able to plan as well then I don't really care.
  7. Points Watch

    I agree, Conference National is too far for him at the moment, but how do you know if someone can make the step up if you don’t give them the chance? Also, how terrible would we look as a club if we sacked a manager who had just got us promoted? JF is a much better manager and what we need, but I don’t think Heath is as terrible as some make out.
  8. Points Watch

    A good point, but it's still interesting to compare to how we're improving.  The Heath situation is bizarre, because throughout his whole tenure people were calling for him to be sacked, when we were in the play offs all season in the North, straight after we'd won the final, when we were sitting in 2nd last season... Play offs would have been unexpected last season, so I'm not surprised we fell away from that position, but it's more the nature of it that was worrying at the time.
  9. Points Watch

    Updated after Orient. By a funny coincidence, we played Orient on our 10th game last season too, a 3-0 win away. We have the same number of points as we did this time last season but are 3 places lower in the table.  This was our peak position last season, before a swift drop; this season it's our lowest place so far and the first time JF has 'fallen behind' Heath, so to speak.  Hopefully the only time this will happen this season.
  10. Relegation form

    Heath had us 2nd after 10 games, not good enough JF 
  11. Relegation form

    But in those 3 games we’ve also taken 6 points off our direct rivals. Not a fantastic haul, but given 2 away games not terrible. 5 would be good, but 3 not terrible. over the last 10 games we’ve got he 5th best form in the league, carry that on for another 10 I’ll be happy.
  12. Orient at Home

    On the other hand, if he’d left the attacking players on Orient could have overloaded us in the box and got the goal they did, and maybe a second to win it. It’s a fine line, and this time it didn’t quite work out for us.  I think in isolation this is a decent result, but especially frustrating given that we were leading into injury time. We’ve had 3 tough games against 3 play off contenders and come out of it unbeaten. Yes, we’d have got a point more with a win, a defeat and a draw but with 3 draws we’ve taken 6 points off our rivals. I’ve not done any serious calculations, but this could well have left us better off in the table. To be 5th after 10 games is fantastic, more than I expected, and we’ve got an easier run of games (on paper) coming up which should see us build on that good start.
  13. If you have ten mins to kill

    Some reet lovely football played for some of those goals. Denton looks a world beater.
  14. Manager of the Month - Jamie Fullarton

    Well done Jamie, long may it continue!
  15. Wrexham highlights

    Great quality highlights. Yes the attacker is using the defender to aid his jump a little, but you see that so often and it only gets punished 1 time in 100, and it's always the attacking team that gets punished, so that's a little frustrating. What's interesting is that there's barely any appeals from the Wrexham players.