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  1. Selby

    So who was masterminding the downfall of Aldershot at the training session?  
  2. Selby

    From the FA , dates are not specified, it's the number of games played.  So depending on Trophy results looks like being the end of February.  
  3. Barrow

    I believe it's after 23 league matches in the National League which we have now played but on Saturday we hadn't   
  4. Tranmere team

    Play time, Monday morning, behind the bike shed.....sort it out there once and for all. 
  5. UEFA Nations League

    I think it works out that England will be in League B soon  
  6. UEFA Nations League

    http://www.skysports.com/share/11076124 Well that seems straightforward.
  7. Embarrassing England

    Sadly no but if given the choice to watch the Wales match in Cardiff with a full house of truly passionate fans ( and no bloody fan "band" audible) even with a defeat, or go to a soulless half filled Wembley ( with an band the only noise to be heard) to watch England bore the opposition into defeat, I would chose Cardiff every time. Irrespective of the perceived quality of the football ( if it's quality we seek we would not be Shaymen) the experience was infinitely better.  But it given the actual choice I wouldn't go to any international match , and the top 6 in the premier leagues can disappear off into their European league just as soon as they want to and leave the rest, the majority, of true fans to experience a much more competitive fairer league system with out them.      
  8. Embarrassing England

    More passion in the singing of the Welsh anthem than the whole of England's qualification games
  9. Embarrassing England

    Adverts were OK. 
  10. Boreham Wood Thread

    Yes https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GrassMaster   see link to main installations.   
  11. Boreham Wood Thread

    It's a hybrid Desso type pitch   https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/633260/Arsene-Wenger-Arsenal-Boreham-Wood-Carl-Jenkinson-Mathieu-Debuchy-sportgalleries/amp  
  12. Youth team

    Nice to see they got their cup campaign off to a good start tonight.  4-1 vs Abbey Hey. 
  13. Mark Sampson

    World's gone mad. 
  14. £40 million vardy ? Wow

    So over the next 5 years he is only going to earn £30 million. My heart bleeds for him have to struggle by on that just so he can play football in a position he likes playing in.  
  15. Team for tomorrow

    Most have made miraculous recoveries it would seem.