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  1. James Hardy

    I’m sure he was their stand out player against us at their place last season. Looks a good signing. 
  2. Away kit

    Call me a traditionalist, but I always like the away shirt to be a different colour to the home shirt??? 
  3. Salford at home today

    Very good team performance today, just fell short of getting over the line and getting the win. Every player put in a shift, no complaints.  Many could have been mom today, but special mention to berrett who has been superb since only just being back from relatively serious injury.  With all players available and performances like this, goals and results will come and we will be safe. Let’s build from here and back our manager. Yes, it’s not been an amazing season but there is definitely something there with this manager. Let’s build on that and get some positivity going!! That other thread Fullerton in/out. Ridiculous imo. 
  4. Hanson signs!

    It also gets Southwell up top with Quigley with Staunton or Maher able to step into a back 3. 
  5. Hanson signs!

    Defo think we have the squad for a 352, obv with Hansen right wing back. Surely worth considering. 
  6. Time Wasting in football.

    If a team is winning and blatantly time wasting, the injury time accrued should be ‘chalked off’ if the other team ends up winning on 90 mins. 
  7. Jacob Hanson

    I may be wrong, but I think right back is where Maher has played most of his career. 
  8. Fullerton must go now

    Yes good points! My expectations for the season was for the club not being involved in a relegation battle, which I thought would be good progress, but it looks like we have fallen short on that. Just shows the ridiculous slating heath got for a similar run, on I presume a lot less budget. I’m trying to be positive in that we are not getting hammered and are staying in most games and competing, so hopefully all is not lost. I know it is very frustrating but a couple of new players could click something into place? Let’s hope!!
  9. Fullerton must go now

    Great point! And one off miracles do occur with a combination of factors. Look at Leicester City winning the league. But these scenarios aren’t the norm.  The point I’m making is the playing budget is the main factor in quality of squad. Yes, good coaching and tactics can bridge gaps, but only marginally (unless that one off miracle occurs). 
  10. Fullerton must go now

    You can only play better quality football with better quality players. These players cost money that we haven’t got. So we are stuck with the quality of player we can afford. We may have no option to stick with the lower leagues as our budget dictates. Yes it’s a crap scenario and rubbish football. Yes it’s frustrating. But this is us. This is who we are until that magic wand is waved and our budget improves. I’m just saying changing the manager is not going to make much difference unless our budget improves or a miracle happens. Right or wrong, the manager will be putting teams out to get a result, with  style of play way down the priority list. If he tries to play more expansive with this squad, in this league, I believe results would be even worse. 
  11. Fullerton must go now

    I’m not saying he should go or stay. All I am saying there is no magic wand. Only very small gains can be made by the points you have raised. The main factor is quality of player we can afford on our budget. A new manager comes in, players leave players join. Some marginally better, some worse. The end result is the same, within  a couple of points here and there. All I am saying is as fans we need to realise who and where we are.
  12. Fullerton must go now

    There is no magic wand. Same budget, different manager = same type of performance and similar results. We are who we are. Our budget is what it is. 
  13. An actual midfielder!

    Wave after wave of attacks. 
  14. An actual midfielder!

    Apparently he is good in the channels. 
  15. Today's Game

    Southwell needs help and support, not replacing.