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  1. Bromley Away

    Yes they were wingbacks, very different to full backs. Also meant that Berrett and lenighan were outnumbered 3 on 2 in the middle of the park, against 3x good players. 
  2. This seasons squad

    I agree and as fans we need a little reminder from time to time where we are as a club. It’s easy to say we need this that and other but our budget is what it is, probably spent on the current squad. Mid table in our first full season would be progress. 
  3. Maidenhead

    No dramas. We are a mid table side that has over achieved at the beginning of the season. It was bound to even out eventually. Onto next week!! 
  4. No 16 Today

    Yes I agree with that too. I think as fans all our expectations are too high! I am also guilty of judging players too soon. A mistake I make year in year out no matter how hard I try not to. 
  5. No 16 Today

    Lenighan played ok today, some nice touches. Could we get better in there? Yes. Is Maher a better option in there? Yes. But based on lenighan’s performance he certainly does not deserve a thread insinuating he was very poor or highlighting him as our worst player. 
  6. Michael Collins

    He would improve us massively and is just what this team needs. 
  7. Gateshead Game

    Looking at the fylde game yesterday I think the majority of players in this league are much of a muchness. We played ok yesterday and just did enough to win the game. Job done! Players are still finding their feet and I think the football will improve. I don’t know what some fans expect? JF seems to have the organisation and tactical awareness to get the best out of his team and long may it continue! 
  8. Jamie Fullerton

    Could we now be skint or/and could this be JF’s message to the board saying that this is now the level of player he can bring in unless backed? 
  9. Response to Simon Lenighan?

    From a footballing point of view alone, he would have had to improved immensely since he was here last, to be anything like up to the standard we need. His track record since he was with us last doesn’t suggest this. Let’s hope he comes good and this does not end up a very disappointing signing in a very important, much needed position on the pitch. Jesus Christ, out: Collins (I know this couldn’t be helped) in: lenighan??? It’s like England replacing Kane with Shaun Tutton. 
  10. Salford Match thread

    This is a bizarre signing based on football reasons alone, but a more bizarre decision to start him tonight in view of king’s good performance on Saturday. Unless king is injured of course? Surely he must have improved since the last time he wore a town shirt. 
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    I heard this rumour earlier today and I couldn’t believe it!!!!
  12. Salford splashing the cash again

    They need to stop ‘penny pinching’ and pay players what they are worth for this league. 
  13. Braintree Thread

    Brilliant news!! Well made up!! Will be celebrating that win tonight! Well done to all!! 
  14. Duckworth

    Very true. I am guilty of judging players too quickly, however this season more than any I think we all need to show a bit more patience. From where the squad is now, there me even be a bit of pain ahead before things settle down and improvements are seen on the pitch. 
  15. Alex purver

    He impressed me in the middle of the park when he played against us at the shay last year.