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  1. Today game aldershot

    Congrats to afc Halifax who called the win today. I however have retired from thinking I know anything about competitive association football. Congrats to the team today. Say what you like about our manager, he is a fighter. 
  2. Sheff Utd

    Would probably take brooks back? 
  3. Heath In

    Yes it’s a bad run but we are 8 points above relegation. Teams are usually dead n buried after a run like this, but we are far from it. Every team in the league will have a bad run in a season. Let’s give the manager a bit of credit for getting us up, back him, hopefully get a couple of signings in, get Riley, duckworth & kozy fit and the squad should be looking a lot stronger from January. My god, with a fully fit squad (which the manager hasnt really had) we may even play better football!!  I’m not saying he is perfect but I think it’s a case of be careful what you wish for if you want him to go. 
  4. New Signing

    Yes good luck to Lynch. He has been a top player for us and excellent at what he does. Not spectacular but every team at every level needs a lynch type player. Would be good enough for us at this level absolutely no doubt, but obviously wants more regular football and we've got a fee. 
  5. Wrexham game thread

    Really can't believe people knocking this squad and Heath with the achievements to date. With our budget, who on earth would come in and do any better? Every player gives his all, we are organised and pretty hard to score against. The big boys of this league will not relish playing us. Yes of course there could be improvements in quality, but that's what money buys you. Pound for pound, our team is punching and I for one am enjoying the season. No need for any major changes apart from a couple of squad additions. 
  6. Wrexham game thread

    If their 3 had been booked for the first challenge he would not have been booked and sent off for the second challenge when he was booked. (If that makes sense) 
  7. Bromley Thread

    Absolutely outstanding today. There's been some performances this season but to win like that with ten men has to be up there. Kozy dents hotte the star men with the rest not far behind! effort and quality all over the park. Cannot ask for any more than that. 
  8. Gateshead today

    Good performance and we more than matched them and dealt with everything they threw at us, which was not much to be fair. I thought we were the better side and apart from russ penn I wouldn't take any of their players over ours.  Two wonder strikes from kozy and Morgan in the first half that both hit the woodwork could have won it for us. But with 25 mins left and down to ten men away from home,  it's about not losing from then on and they never really troubled us. Well done boys, good all round performance! 
  9. Gateshead today

    Set off early. A1(m) around j47-48 and alternative routes a nightmare!
  10. £40 million vardy ? Wow

    Didn't the fleetwood chairman confirm we would get something when he nearly went to arsenal last summer? 
  11. £40 million vardy ? Wow

    That will do nicely! 
  12. Today's game guisley

    I do agree that he needs to improve consistency in those areas too. Make or break season for him really
  13. Today's game guisley

    Macdonald does a lot of unseen unspectacular defensive work for the team and enables the team to keep its shape. 
  14. How will BH set up against Barrow?

    I disagree with elements of team selection on Saturday, as we all do. But this is modern football. It isn't about picking your first eleven every game, first elevens don't exist any more. Rightly or wrongly, im sure the team was picked with 4 tough games in 10 days, including 2 tough away games on the trot in mind. Saying that, it's gonna be a tough season, whoever in the squad plays. 
  15. I Owe An Apology

    He doesn't read anything on social media or forums.