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  1. Michael Collins

    Yes Collins gets it for me.
  2. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Superb last half hour won us the game. Collins pure class. Hanley superb. Maher very steady. Ducky getting stronger with more game time. We do seem to playing with a bit more zip and pace. Let's hope the standard is now set and we can kick on from here! 
  3. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    Ebbsfleet only needed their fourth gear to beat us. That second half was inept. None existent marking. Basic poor defending. Achres from your man.  If you lack quality at the level you are playing, you need energy, togetherness, fight and spirit. Those are free no matter what level of player you are. Fans see that from their team and a small element of satisfaction can be gained from a defeat. Heaths team was built on this. That second half performance was void of anything. I don't care who the new manager is as long as he is in charge for Tuesday! 
  4. Appointment urgently needed

    Manager/no manager? I believe our players are consistently playing 30% below the performance levels they are capable of in terms of effort, desire, application and quality, (apart from Collins). As footballers you need to be able to perform at your level consistently, every now and again play above it and the odd time below it. These players are playing below their capabilities and have done for a long time now. Week in, week out, they are under performing.  Heath/no Heath, it shouldn't matter. This group need to look at themselves or they will all be conference north or lower next season. 
  5. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    I agree ash. Yes, of course the manager has an influence, however the quality of players we can get in is largely budget driven. A new manager comes in. Some players will leave, some players will come in. Some may be better, some maybe worse. At the end of the day, with all the changes in personnel ahead, if the budget remains the same, the quality of our team will be the same or very similar to the one Heath left. We are F.C. Halifax town, with a budget of whatever it is. Our fans expectations have to reflect this.
  6. Dagenham Saturday

    In terms of attributes, Denton’s and the other front 3 should compliment each other. 
  7. Neil Ross

    I remember the alfreton one chadders. Then didn’t they put 6 past us? 
  8. Away kit 2018/19

    Never knew about the ‘Burnley’ kit, 1950-52???!!!
  9. Tuton is back!

    Perfect type of striker to play off dents. 
  10. Macclesfield Away

    Macc were a decent side, their movement was very good and probably just deserved the 3 points although both goals had an element of luck anout them. However we played very well, were very organised and created chances against them. Definite can take heart that we can beat them at home on Monday. 
  11. Chester

    Yes i agree. Collins just oozed class. Didn’t give the ball away once. Always available. Received the ball in tight situations. Doesn’t run much, doesn’t need to. Great positioning. Know how. Controls. Organises. Looks like a great signing and hopefully will be the glue that holds the team together for the remainder of the season. 
  12. Chester

    We’ve had worse first halves. 
  13. Today game aldershot

    Congrats to afc Halifax who called the win today. I however have retired from thinking I know anything about competitive association football. Congrats to the team today. Say what you like about our manager, he is a fighter. 
  14. Sheff Utd

    Would probably take brooks back? 
  15. Heath In

    Yes it’s a bad run but we are 8 points above relegation. Teams are usually dead n buried after a run like this, but we are far from it. Every team in the league will have a bad run in a season. Let’s give the manager a bit of credit for getting us up, back him, hopefully get a couple of signings in, get Riley, duckworth & kozy fit and the squad should be looking a lot stronger from January. My god, with a fully fit squad (which the manager hasnt really had) we may even play better football!!  I’m not saying he is perfect but I think it’s a case of be careful what you wish for if you want him to go.