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  1. Lucky, lucky Fullerton!

    Heath gets a a bad deal and it’s ridiculus that he does. I’m not saying he didn’t have to go, but getting us up in his first season like he did, he should be at hero status at our club. If it wasn’t for him, we would be in our third season in the blue square north and no where near where we are now. Love him or hate him, he played to his strengths. 
  2. Dan Holman

    Didn’t George Oghani score for 3 clubs in one season against us? 
  3. Dan Holman

    One of a few names that you saw on the opposition team sheet and thought damn it. 
  4. J.F. Please do us a favour....

    As good a players Maher and Staunton are, it worries me when managers play TWO specialist centre backs in a holding midfield role. Does not make for good football. I rate both players and both are capable of playing that role, but not the two together. 
  5. Blame the board

    I think it would have helped if the new manager in the summer managed the fans expectations accordingly. Knowing what our budget was, he should have acknowledged we were really up against it, that our aim was survival and key characteristics of our season would be hard work and organisation. Instead he gave the impression we are going to play positive attacking football? How this was going to be achieved on our budget in this division, god only knows? Maybe if he had been truthful about our position and relayed this to the fans, fans expectations may be more realistic and he may have bought himself a bit more good will. Instead he gave us the impression we didnt need the likes of Denton and the long ball as the new players are going to be full time, much better, with a pressing attacking style of play?????????? This has not been the case. 
  6. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    The fact that the manager has ignored that our only out and out striking option has been Southwell all season is enough for me. It is so obvious. why cannot he see this? Football is a simple game that gets over complicated. 
  7. BOD....sack him

    Which is exactly the point I was trying to make. To be honest, irrespective of styles of play, formations or systems, it is not even a question. We all know this, so why doesn’t our professional manager? 
  8. BOD....sack him

    Disagree. If he was on our books, would you pick him next week? It is not even a question. We are F.C. Halifax town, we have to realise and accept who we are. 
  9. BOD....sack him

    I think fondop’s wage demands were beyond us to be fair, so was out of the manager’s hands. No better or effective than Denton over a full season. 
  10. BOD....sack him

    That is the point I am making!!! With our budget constraints, he should still be our centre forward.  
  11. BOD....sack him

    The manager froze dents out at the back end of last season. Yes, we stayed up but there were still games where dents should have had at least some game time. So it was obvious he did not want dents, indicating a better centre forward and a better style of play was our way forward. I have yet to see both. At our level with our budget constraints, we have to realise who and where we are. In summary, dents should still be our centre forward, however it was our manager’s decision for him not to be. The alternative is what we have now. 
  12. BOD....sack him

    He has signed too many poor players. He would argue budget constraints but you can’t get away with the amount of poor ones he has signed. Traffic light system when signing players? Watched 6 times? His methodology is seriously flawed if that’s the case. At least heath achieved the same result on I assume a lot less budget and look at the stick he got from our fans? 
  13. How many goals will we knock past Havant

    Yet another partial succes. 
  14. Dayle Southwell

    As opposed to Edwards who is excelling at the role? Whether Southwell would struggle or not, he is by far the best option out of everyone we have at the club. 
  15. Dayle Southwell

    Maybe the manager feels Southwell has not got the build for an out and out striker feels he needs the larger, more physical option in Edwards up there. If only he had that type of player already here when he came to the club???!!!!