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  1. Absolutely Choked

    Right back scores a worldy freekick on 5 mins. For the remaining 85 mins, Sterling lingard Ali Kane and rashford were not able to create and execute a single chance against Croatia (who I do not regard as one of the top sides in the world). That is why we lost, cos the players are not good enough. Not cos of bad referee decisions, best player injured or a hard draw. However, the aforementioned players are the best we have. Just not good enough. No recriminations. Simple.
  2. Stockport Match Thread

    This is a brand new team. It will take time to gel. There may be pain before we see things improve. This is a long term project. As fans we do need to be patient. I for one admit that I judge new players too quickly and it’s a mistake I make every year! Think we need to be a bit more patient and support our new manager and I’m sure we will have a good season!! 
  3. If we've learnt anything

    Honda on now.......He’s got a really good engine. 
  4. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Yes. Couldn’t believe the knowledge he had about our existing players! He rated a lot of them too. However some of them have fallen victim to the part time full time transition. Ability wise, I get the impression he would have kept more 
  5. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Very impressed with our manager tonight.  He hasn’t just come across these players we are signing, he has known about them for years, compiling reports and developing databases on players at various levels. Very in depth insight into player recruitment, with at least 6 reports on a player in addition to his knowledge and experience with working with the player. Nobody there tonight could fail to be impressed. Yes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we are in a transitional period. I for one am very positive about the growth of our club with this manager. 
  6. Germany

    You have to feel sorry for those ‘plucky’ Germans. 
  7. England v Hamlet

    We’ve had worse World Cup performances 
  8. Argentina vs. Croatia

    You have to feel sorry for those “plucky” Argentinians!
  9. Good Luck England

    With the ref being Colombian, if there were any justice, we should be able to appoint James hamouzi to ref their game today. 
  10. Niall Maher

     I liked the way Maher effortlessly went through games making minimal mistakes. Comfortable in possession, keeps it simple. Sign of a good player. Sometimes un-noticed really, nothing spectacular, just quietly goes about doing his job. Not bothered about any other JF’s signings, Maher is the only want I wanted. (Obviously Graham apart). 
  11. Ben Tomlinson

    Offers experience and plays in a number of positions. Good attitude and work rate. Just think needs to offer a bit more quality to be a starter, however an ok signing as a squad player and I’d say just about earned his deal. 
  12. M F T

    If he is our main striker I would be very worried. Yes, possibly could improve but it would be a massive gamble. First season full time, surely there are better within our budget. If we can get an experienced striker in as well, then maybe worth a punt. 
  13. AFC Halifax new kit

    Top kit guys! Should be the New away kit! 
  14. Mike Fondop-Talom

    Don't want to state the obvious, but it's all down to budget isn't it. If we are able to sign at least one quality/experienced striker as well as mft and mft is relatively cheap, then ok. If we are spending a large part of our budget on him and 'hanging our hat' on him as our main striking option, then I hope there would be better options out there within our price range. 
  15. Nathan Hotte

    I’m referring to the fact that in my opinion, there are names on there that are very lucky to have been offered contracts.