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  1. Rugby

    And obviously you were present to disclaim it. 
  2. Rugby

    Before, during and after.
  3. Rugby

    The pitch is like a pudding it will be f~€led by half time. I’ve had an exchange of views with some of their staff the official line is FU€K the football apparently it’s a rugby pitch and not a football field.   
  4. Today's Game

    Who cares we got a point that luck we’ve had with decisions this season it was a GOAL!
  5. Where's the thread about early pitch inspection?

    As you are well aware we only have it ten minutes before the players come out of the tunnel to start the game. 
  6. Macclesfield.

    Kidderminster for one. Hereford game for two and possibly FC Scum.
  7. Class Ground

    Thinking about it east standers were around then for example ( F@cj me Bodel I’ve seen milk turn faster than you) True. 
  8. Class Ground

    I can vividly remember the pie hut in the corner. Happy days hanging of the floodlights. 
  9. Embarrassing England

    Any body manage to stay awake through that. 
  10. Embarrassing England

    Just turned on the tele I thought it was a glue league home on but that might be unkind to teams at that level. 
  11. Embarrassing England

    Different dimension!
  12. Embarrassing England

    I’m in Ankara watching Iceland beating Turkey 3-0 at the time of posting. Why do England by olay with that much passion. Over paid W⚓️S. 
  13. Embarrassing England

  14. Embarrassing England

    Brown envelopes, look it up in the footballing dictionary it is a shared term for Blatter. 
  15. Today's game guisley

    Just as a side note I watched the game on BT Sport out here in Benidorm but how biased towards Chipchop was the presentation and comentry at one point it was stated that the wings should be used so that WE ( Guisley ) might score. Wankers!