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  1. Civic Pride

    The Victorian Craft Beer Cafe (where Ricci and Capone's used to be on Powell Street) have started giving free pie and peas away for town fans on Saturdays when there's a home game as well. Good little initiatives like this should be well received by town fans!
  2. Dagenham match thread

    Where can I find the live commentary?
  3. Kevin Roberts

    I'd like us to go for Michael Nottingham from Salford. He was fantastic against us last season and scored double figures so would suit a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2. Just not sure we'd be able to lure him away from full time and I'm guessing he'll be on a fair wack now! 
  4. Make The South Stand Great Again

    I'm working all day today so if you PM me your email address I'll send the file over to you tomorrow morning in its full resolution. Was working on it with Pliny but that seemed to come to a standstill... I'll do a couple of different versions and see what people think. Personally I agree that it'd look best without any text and as big as possible. Definitely an iconic image of the FCHT era, what a day that was! 
  5. continuation of word association