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  1. Tranmere today

  2. Tranmere today

  3. Tranmere Website

    A lot worse teams than Tranmere came for the trouble..
  4. No new signings ?.

    One player in.One player out. That tells me there is no spare money. Dixon has gone weeks ago & no replacement brought in.Before you start babbling on.Don't tell me there are no players out there who could do a job for this club.
  5. No new signings ?.

    Don't think we have a pot to piss in!Heath has said no signings coming in.
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    What's wrong with playing it on the floor?
  7. Boreham Wood Thread

    Load of rubbish. Denton has held his own this season.Nothing spectacular just steady.Irreplaceable he certainly isn't. 
  8. Boreham wood

  9. Boreham wood

    Thought King couldn't make it to away games?If King is back in the fold. It looks like no one coming in.
  10. On this day 5th October

    Vernon Allatt.
  11. On this day 5th October

    Yes great player.The 2 he scored at the old Baseball Ground were brilliant goals. Had the 1000 Town fans in hysteria.Shame we lost 5_2 I think.
  12. Wrexham game thread

    Dentons best work last night was his defending.Also think it is time for MacDonald to be dropped & Tomlinson given a start.
  13. Wrexham game thread

    What's Neil Young doing?
  14. Wrexham game thread

    Like I said. We are 2 players short of really going for this league.Heath is doing a fantastic job at the minute. Another centre half & a midfielder needed.Tomlinson looks like he has discovered his form if a few years ago.He was great when he came on last night. How you can moan is beyond me.Third of the season gone & we are 4 points off the top.
  15. Garner

    Maybe for Danny Hattersley.