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  1. Dover match thread

    Why because his opinion differs from yours?
  2. Dover notes

    Why not put Hotte at right back?
  3. Guisley game.

    We have 2 strikers.Who are sat on the bench all the time.How can they score. Morgan got 21 minutes yesterday in midfield.
  4. Come on Town

    Morgan came on yesterday to supposedly partner Denton.He more or less played in centre midfield.What good is that?It's like Heath is trying to humilate him..
  5. Come on Town

    If you think persevering with Denton up front on his own us the answer.Then you are the deluded one  Goals will not come playing that system.
  6. Relegation watch

    Why has that badly bloke got a team promoted out of this league?
  7. Chester FC - our next opponents

    How can anybody read his flick ons,There is nobody within 30 or 40 yards of him.He has to be able to hold the ball up better & wait for someone to support him.We should have got a proven striker in over the close season.  
  8. Come on Town

    Not McDonald's fault passes to him went out of play nearly every time.As for Dixon he was really good 1st half then sadly faded badly 2nd half.McManus should never have been asked to play in that position.  As for Denton he was average at best.
  9. Chester FC - our next opponents

    More mobile as well.Hotte is one of those players that does his job. Yet you hardly notice him.
  10. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Agree.Morgan came on today & was more or less in midfield far too deep for a striker.We are basically playing one man up front.It needs to change.
  11. Come on Town

    Think Chester will be in a relegation scrap personally. 
  12. Relegation watch

    Even the best have a mistake in them.Saved us from a hiding Tuesday & a last minute defeat today.
  13. Chester FC - our next opponents

    If you don't score.You don't win.Pure & simple
  14. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Looks a very good defender.Dare I say it.Better than that bloke who left for Wrexham.
  15. Chester FC - our next opponents

    I ask again.How many goals has Tom Denton scored in the last 30 odd games? That Akintunde caused out back line more trouble in 20 mins than Denton did in 94 minutes.Pace & movement is the answer for me.Yes Denton can head a ball & can be a nuisance.If we are to persist with him.Then you have to play to them strengths. Not aimless balls that are no where near him. Tuesday night why not give Morgan & Tomlinson a try?Nothing to lose.