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  1. John Askey

    We won't win football matches till we start scoring goals.None of this current set up looks like they have a goal in them at the moment.
  2. Lock in

    Not Bury fans? Strange that it was Bury fans who were posting about it yesterday.
  3. Admission Prices.

    For Morecambe. Adults. £15. OAP over 65 £12. Under 18 £5. Under 12 £1. Why not just leave the price the same as the Warrington game?
  4. Moyo

    Yet you praise Lenighan!
  5. Lock in

    They were Man City & Bury fans.They have been gloating on Social Media that they gave the Town fans a kicking.
  6. On to Morecambe

    What the hell does he see in Odelusi?  
  7. On to Morecambe

    It's a freebie really for Fullarton today.Not expected to win.Dover next Saturday far more important.If a miracle happens & we do win today.Will the £36000 be invested back into the playing squad?
  8. Harvey's

    Who cares if he is a nice guy He can be a right miserable b****** for me.As long as he gets wins for the side.Which at the moment looks a million miles away.
  9. Lenighan leaving Town.

    When things are good there is nothing to complain about.Fact of life.
  10. Biggest away followings at the Shay

    Think they got promoted that year.
  11. Biggest away followings at the Shay

    Stockport County brought loads last game of the season.Around 1988/89.
  12. Poodles first win

    Fair point.
  13. Downtime

    Don't worry.He knows what the problem is!
  14. Poodles first win

    Bradford City are not winning football matches.There crowds are tumbling like mad Football is an entertainment business.Fans want entertaining.
  15. Poodles first win

    Fact of life teams perform badly & half heartedly fans stop going.My work also stops me attending some games.Supporting my family comes before any football club.