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  1. Hartlepool

    Agree totally ruined that game today by the referee. Kosylo clearly won the ball & Brown god knows what he got send off for? Seen some arrogant tossers down the Shay over the years but that Liam Noble beats them all. Another defeat yes No way did the team deserve that today...
  2. Hartlepool

  3. Hartlepool

    Never known it so quiet on here before a game.It,s a massive game for us,beat them we go above em. Let's hope last week was a blip & we can get the 3 points.
  4. Maidstone

    He looks better than what is currently there.
  5. Maidstone

    Staunton now back in training.Agree crying out for another midfielder though.
  6. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    Midfield is very weak at the minute.Need Tomlinson back asap as well.
  7. Relegation form

    If Fullarton deems Berrett & Lenighan good footballers?We have a problem. Sorry to say this but Hibbs was better than the pair of them. Good managers bounce back after a mauling.We will see if JF can do it on Saturday?
  8. Maidenhead

    Or was it because they knew how to exploit our weaknesses?
  9. Maidenhead

    Totally agree.Brilliant against Maidstone.Then dropped!!
  10. Maidenhead

    3 draws in a row are very acceptable considering the opposition we have played.
  11. Tom Denton

    We defend corners well enough without Denton.
  12. Orient at Home

    No updates on Staunton?
  13. Orient at Home

    Sadly miss.Here in baking hot Greece..
  14. Matty Brown reaches 100 apps

    Best centre back in this league 
  15. Blast from the past - Terry Mac

    Went on his stag do around Halifax.Around mid nineties I think..Top bloke..