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  1. Well, this week's been interesting

    Totally agree.Fullarton has to be more adventurous next season though.If he is we could well be in for a promising season...
  2. Well Done To The Lads

    Shows what can be achieved when you add a little bit of quality.If Fullarton can add some gems for next season?We could have a very prosperous season. He needs to be a bit more adventurous in his game plan as well.
  3. Random image of the day

    Think that might have been Paul Bracewell,s 1st game in charge?
  4. 5th April 1999 Halifax Town vs Rochdale

    Is this the game when it all kicked off in the Skircoat Shed?Think about 30 Rochdale paid into the Skircoat & all hell broke loose..
  5. Another Announcement?

    45 minutes.
  6. Season Tickets

    I don't defend him all the time?All I am saying you can get your point across without resorting to personal insults.
  7. Season Tickets

    Why the personal abuse?You are out of order there.I agree he doesn't help himself  at times on here but to resort to comments like that is bang out of order. I know you will get away with it though.As the moderators of this forum do nothing about it!
  8. Solihull Thread

    He was only basing it on previous performances for other clubs& other fans comments.Get off his back for a change.
  9. Barnet (A)

  10. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    Fullarton overcomplicates things a lot of the time.Why change a winning team just because of the opposition?It,s only Ebbsfleet for god's sake..Carry on with the momentum.
  11. Barnet

    Never questioned Maher,s ability to defend he was superb playing centre half against Fylde.Fullarton,s new system has enabled him to do what he does best & defend.
  12. Barnet

    Hope the penny has finally dropped with Fullarton that the best way to win football matches is to be adventurous & attack the opposition.It,s not like he doesn't trust his defence.They will look after themselves Suppose the only downside is all the goalscorers are not contracted to FC Halifax Town. It just shows when you add a bit of quality to your squad what you can achieve.  
  13. Barnet

    This is what can happen when you bring in attack minded players.Fair play to Fullarton for doing this.
  14. Today’s Game Eastleigh

  15. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Best result of the season considering the circumstances.