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  1. Promotion/Play Offs

    Leyton Orient are two points clear with only a couple of games to go. I really do hope they finish top and return back to Football League. Proper football club are Orient. After the league winners there's obviously the play off games. Who do you fancy to win them and who do you want to win them? I want Salford just so we can get them out of the way. No more rediculius money signings and player wages. Well, some will still be silly but not as bad as Salford's.
  2. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We have achieved safety in our first season as a semi full time club.  I honestly don't know what to expect out of the next two games. We normally play well against good opposition although it's the last two games of the season. I do expect Kossy to put a shift in and maybe even score. He will be playing against two teams that could potentially sign him, if he plays well against them. Just read the chap from't Couriers report from today's game and he gave Cameron King as his man of the match. I can't remember whose post or may e even posts that said King had a poor game.  
  3. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    Lots of Kahn's in Bradford. Quite a few successful businessmen. I might be wrong but isn't Mumtaz owned by a Kahn? There is also a Kahn that owns a luxury car business with a showroom in Leeds and I suspect Bradford too. The type of place a young and wealthy footballer, with not a lot of taste, might purchase a new sports car or Bentley. 
  4. Promotion/Play Offs

    I can't see them bringing any more than 1000. Probably some where between 500 to 1000.
  5. Having a party!

    It's comments like his that make trawling through pathetic arguements worthwhile.
  6. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Well,  Graham Mitchel has just knocked it out for a corner and Mark Jules is coming back to defend.
  7. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We'd be in the play offs. Let's see how Salford get on in the play offs. If they go up he might find himself surplus to requirements because I'm sure they'll sign a top end League One striker on £5k a week. Or, with a bit of luck, they keep him and loan him out for a seasons development with a National North team who will pretty much guarantee him first team football every week. If that's the case then it might be a 50/50 split on his wages or possibly even better in our favour. The trouble is that if they were to go up, you'd have the likes of Chesterfield and Fylde enquiring about his services too. Also, if he likes it at The Shay it might have a bearing on where he ends up next season. We live in hope 
  8. Today’s game Hartlepool

    In an end of season contest with nothing to play for in terms of promotion or relegation. I think some fans have a bit of a crap life and they like to take it out on the players. Maybe some aren't getting on with their partners or life just hasn't turned out the way they'd hoped.  Get it on't ruddy deck.
  9. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We need two new left backs. If we can't afford two then we definitely need a new first choice left back. Maybe Sellers as cover.
  10. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Dave strikes again. I hope JF and DB are doing everything they can to try and sign him for next season.  Get in.
  11. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    I know about the information above but Oxford University scientists have done new research which revealed DNA matches with Iberian fishermen. This goes back 6000 years and pre dates the migration to northern Europe. There's a piece in the Independent online.
  12. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    The Celts originally came from Spain.
  13. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    The Spencer family originally come from France, after the Norman conquest. Not sure about Hewitt?
  14. Season Tickets

    Definitely more people now you've mentioned it. DB is like Scrooge on Christmas morning. I wonder if Born to Moan has dressed up as the ghost of Christmas future and promised him promotion if he sells season tickets cheaper?
  15. Random image of the day

    That's right. Coasting (pardon the pun) at 1-0 half time. Come out the second half and wrap it up. I couldn't believe what came next. Shocking. I can remember a couple of Whitby fans at the bottom of the Skircoat and me and my mate warned them to get out of the way at the final whistle. Sure enough, the Town hoolies ran across the pitch at the Whitby fans. I wonder if that's why we take 10000 to there place when we play them?
  16. Salford

    He should have glued himself to one of the opposition players when he played for us. He might have won a tackle.  
  17. Shay Hotel?

    I feel sorry for the trees. Some of them will be old too. I like trees. I'm not sure I'm in favour to be honest. Once I see an artist's impression of what it would look like I might change my mind but if you were staying there on a Saturday and you've just been to Piece Hall, and then you've returned to the hotel for a rest before you get changed for dinner some where, would you want to hear a chorus of boo's ringing out when you're trying to relax? You've just had a nice relaxing shower and then "get it on't ruddy deck" rings out. They should let Lenny Henry stay there. That would knock the smile off his face. The end.
  18. Matchday Supper

    Do you want chilli sauce?
  19. Matchday Supper

    Aye, I've seen a set to or two outside there over the years. Their burgers were nice at one time.
  20. Cinema at the shay

    I was gonna go but the weather put me off. Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening.
  21. Salford

    I doubt we'll try and sign Nicky Butt on loan but this will probably make him a more attractive proposition. Only joking. Shame about Paul Scholars.
  22. Retained list for next season

    More cards than the Queen on both her birthdays.
  23. Another Announcement?

    He is on this forum but don't be fooled by his username. His username is Kit.
  24. Season Tickets

    You are still a fan the same as you've always been a fan. I'm sure if you had more brass you'd buy one. It's a great offer and I hope as many fans buy them as possible. As long as they can afford to.
  25. Season Tickets

    Sorry to hear you live in Luton mate. Thoughts and prayers are with you.