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  1. Unanimous

    Just before Neil Aspin and Billy Heath lost their jobs there were still fans wanting them to stay and try turn things round. There hasn't been one fan come on here and defend today's tactics or result, and more importantly, Fullarton as a manager. Now I know that there are still plenty of fans that went to today's game and who post on here, that haven't commented on here yet today but despite that,  I feel that the Shaymen fans opinion on Fullarton is a unanimous one and that opinion is for him to go with immediate effect. Time to let him go DB or you'll have just over 1000 at the next game.
  2. Sack the idiot.

    Oh dear. Ever thought about doing tarot reading?
  3. The best Team for Maidstone

    Brexit again. Yippee. Don't wake ruddy Alf Garnett up FFS.
  4. The best Team for Maidstone

    I'm going to stick my neck out and go for a hard fought draw. 0-0
  5. How many going to Maidstone?

    Shaymen down south may dwell the numbers slightly. I can't see anymore than 50 down there, if that. The travelling down there and taking a day off work etc and then watching boring tripe is bad enough. You then have to pay to do it too. I'm sorry but I won't be investing. I'm out.
  6. Unanimous

    I think he'll be in charge against Havant. If we fail to win in the next two game then I feel that will be it. It could happen sooner but I have a feeling it's not going to. I like to have a think about formations and discuss other fans opinions on which formation they'd adopt and whichplayers they'd pick. However, after Saturday's no change in formation or tactics, because we can actually play on the front foot in that formation, I don't think JF will change it round while he's still at the club.  I think he's just waiting for the push now. He'll still carry on regardless until he does.
  7. Random image of the day

      That was probably my first season as a Shayman. I can remember that kit. 
  8. The right philosophy

    He supports his local cricket team too, by all accounts. 
  9. Competition/announcement on Social media at 7:30

    Well done to the lucky winner because this is definitely a prize that in years to come, you'll look back on and think 'Wow, what a season that was."
  10. Altrincham

    Wear a shirt with all the colours of the rainbow in the match against BPA. It was in support of the current Football V Homophobia campaign and LGBT history month. Well done Altrincjam.
  11. Altrincham

    Not that I'm aware of. The brief bit of press I read about the day was all very positive.
  12. Altrincham

    Long may it continue.
  13. Altrincham

    I'm not sure but I've definitely put my point across and said everything I want to say.
  14. Altrincham

    Read my comments about nature and religion.  There are lots of gay Muslims who are not out in the open for all sorts of reasons but there are a growing number of men and women who are extremely brave and who feel they have the strength to come out and become real trail blazers in their community. Just in the same way that a predominantly white British Christian community have tolerated Muslim people into the British society, of is now time for some in the Muslim community to share that same tolerance with gay members of their community. This will not be achieved easily and it's going to take time. Just like the LGBT rights movement globally. Barriers are being broken down all the time and then once they are we can all try and get on better and the world is a better place. Rome wasn't built in a day Trev. But it will be built. Trust me.
  15. Altrincham

    Teaching what? People are small, medium sized and tall, thin, medium and large sized, female and male, young middle aged and old, bi, gay or straight. Asian, black, Hispanic, white. Some people are able bodied some people aren"t.  Children are being taught the truth and are being allowed to become well rounded and intelligent human beings. The future looks bright when the truth is taught and bigotry is left on the shelf.
  16. Altrincham

    You've asked a question and kind of answered yourself in the same paragraph.  A world where it doesn't matter. A world where your gender or sexuality doesn't matter.  
  17. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    I know that Tommo is still coming back to fitness etc but with what you've said and it's absolutely spot on, surely we should change a defensive player for an attacking player and get at teams more because we are slowly but surely on our way down if we don't.  I was going to say that JF has certainly sorted the defense, but has he? If you play with four centre halves and two full backs then you shouldn't concede many goals. Simples. However, when a.mangwr sorts his defense out, it's not normally to the detriment of other areas ie midfield and especially attack. We should have gone at Aldershot yesterday and put 3 or 4 past them. They are not a good side. We have lost the fundamental idea of what we are trying to achieve, which is win a football match, and we've replaced it with a new one, which is we must not lose, which I have to say we are reasonably good at.  
  18. Altrincham

    There is no agenda Trev other than rights. Football can and always will be a break from the daily grind, something to do on a weekend after a hard weeks graft. Meet your pals, have a few beers, or take your kids to the game etc. All I'm saying and asking for is that a footballer who is gay should be allowed to be who they are without fear of the things I've mentioned above. As you've said above, nobody really cares anymore, apart from an ever decreasing amount of people. A player or players, playing football in a game you're watching, will have no effect on your enjoyment of that game. However, the player could be turning up each week worried that someone knows they are gay and that they ready to out them.  When football finally joins the modern world, it won't have any detrimental effect on your viewing pleasure Trev and it won't alter your break from the daily grind etc. If anything, it might help a gay footballer or footballer with a gay family member who is worried about their relative, to play better. Statistically, over the years, you ha e watched lots of gay footballers play for Halifax Town and FC Halifax Town. You've cheered them on and well done for doing so because their sexuality makes no difference to the kind of person they are or their ability to play football and that's the thing. Live and let live.
  19. Altrincham

    Whether people agree with me or not, gay people are people who are born that way. If someone is offended by a persons homosexuality then it's akin to someone not liking a caterpillar changing  to a butterfly or the changing of the seasons. It's nature. Homosexuality was around a long time before any religion. Why? It's nature. It's natural. Now is the time to acknowledge this and to allow all LGBT people to live without the fear of hatred and violence towards them for being natural. I would also say that the LGBT rights movement  is not an ideology, it's a human rights organisation which exists because of bigotry, hatred and intolerance. Once we live in an open society in which gay LGBT people are seen in exactly the same light in every workplace and every sporting activity and events etc then gay rights will have been achieved. Nature Trev. Not ideology.
  20. Altrincham

    Followers of different religions are sometimes offended by homosexiality. As I said before, religion is a faith or as you put it, an ideology. Homosexiality is from birth. You are born gay. It's biological. I'm getting mixed messages from you Trev. Try and have a sit down and a good think before you post. Otherwise you end up contradicting what you've said.
  21. Altrincham

    They? Do you mean every gay person in the country? Nobody gives a damn if anyone is gay nowadays. Cool. What are we having this discussion for then if you feel that way? Let's encourage gay footballers to come out and not feel the need to hide who they truly are. Sorted.  
  22. Unanimous

    As daft as it sounds, if you can guarantee to win the league or to win promotion through the play offs it's not such a bad thing, financially.  If you can re group, sign a few good lower league players and bring in some experience. That said, you obviously can't guarantee success and with that in mind, mid table obscurity in National North for 5 or 10 years doesn't warrant thinking about. 
  23. Altrincham

    Homosexuality is not an ideology. It is sexuality. You are born that way.
  24. Altrincham

    Well, I'm glad you couldn't care less Mark because that means you're not homophobic and you treat people as they come. Nice one. There are lots of important issues in the world but if you're gay or your done or daughter or relative risk gay and they are being bullied or stigmatised for being gay then it's obviously unnaceptable behaviour and shouldn't be tolerated. The thing with football is that there are no, or hardly any, openly gay footballers worldwide. If football clubs like Alty hold such days and wear kits like the one against BPA, it helps to promote tolerance and bids a platform for professional footballers to come out whilst playing for their clubs. Nearly every workplace in the country will ha e gay men and women working there and the relevant company should hopefully be supportive and understanding when it comes to LGBT rights. Yet, a global industry and world's most popular sport, football, is decades behind the times. So, that's all it is Mark. It's about making sure that men and women who play football can be open about who they are.
  25. Unanimous

    Cheers Steve.