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  1. Salford splashing the cash again

    That's the top and bottom of it is that.
  2. Connor Oliver Returns

    You took the words tight out of my mouth. They are foooked. 
  3. Salford splashing the cash again

    I'm getting worried because there doesn't seem to be another Lancashire town or city non league football team that's being bankrolled to become a football league club on the horizon.
  4. Breakfast with the boss

    It's the likes of Salford City that are to blame for our expensive season tickets and poor concessions. I don't see any other option. Wealthy people are ruining football at all levels 
  5. Breakfast with the boss

    It was DB that ran into your car so not much chance of that.
  6. Where do you EXPECT Town to finish this season.

    I would alongside Maher, then you have someone who can pass from the back. Staunton looks like he'll play centre half.
  7. Where do you EXPECT Town to finish this season.

    We have goals in the team and that is always a big plus. King and Maher holding and Staunton and Brown at centre half and we should be alright.
  8. Breakfast with the boss

    It's more like a coffee morning, a bit like what you'd find at a church or a day centre. Just a shame it's not a bring and buy sale because someone might have e donated a couple of fullbacks.
  9. Breakfast with the boss

    Breakfast with Bruce Springsteen? They could spend that money on a couple of fullbacks.  Gerrit on't deck.
  10. Sponsor’s evening

    Noone should have to witness scenes like this at a football match.
  11. Where do you EXPECT Town to finish this season.

    A tough one to call due to an influx of new players but going on the strength of the forwards we've signed I've chosen 8th to 12th. 
  12. Port Vale thread

    We are The Shaymen. We didn't get where we are today by not panicking at nothing. 
  13. Port Vale thread

    Kossy is contracted. Brown has just signed a new deal and knew we were going full time. These rumours don't make any sense. Unless there have been decent offers which the club have denied, apparently. Another thing would be that Fullarton already knows what Kossy and Browny are about. He's using pre season to mull over these new guys. I'm only assuming and guessing.
  14. Foxtrot 1

    I know what you mean but I wasn't keen on Billy's Heath ploy of not having to listen to it.