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  1. Dover match thread

    I think Billy must try him there again because something will have to give up front. Do you think he might be a decent partner for Morgan, given time?
  2. Dover match thread

    It's a very bitter, sweet, bitter feeling being a Shayman.
  3. Dover match thread

    Plenty of other clubs nearby, Bradford, Oldham, Bury, Rochdale etc. Lets get someone at the club to a few reserve/youth team games and see who is out there. We might unearth a another gem.
  4. Dover match thread

    To be honest I thought that Tomlinson might be the man to play alongside him but from what I gather he's no where near what he was. With the current squad I really can't see him fitting in unless he plays just behind the front 2. You can't play him up top on his own and him and Denton aren't really suited. It's a quandary and I hope Billy will find the answer. For me the only solution is the loan market. Lets ring Chris Wilder up and ask him if he's got a nippy young striker who can read flick on's or who can partner Morgan. Maybe Fleetwood have someone like that. Maybe, maybe not but these are cheap possible solutions to our current problem. If we find someone like this then you are looking at the top half of the table, especially with our defence and keeper.
  5. Dover match thread

    I don't think anyone has ever questioned his ability, more his attitude last season. Heath and Carroll have both said he's looked good in pre season and that he's come back after the summer a lot sharper. It's just a matter of finding the right system to play him in and get the ball to him where it hurts the opposition. The guy is a natural finisher but it's no good sticking him up front if the ball is in the air. He needs it playing through the middle and a striker that can hold the ball up, take on a defender and play the ball into the area or pull it back. He needs a foil like Gary Brook and Geoff Horsfield. IMO.
  6. Solihull Moors vs Town 19/08/2017

    Solihull 0 Town 2 Denton x 2 1000
  7. Dover match thread

    I was over the moon when Town scored last night and absolutely gutted when Dover scored. It sounded like we gave it a real go against another good side and almost got a point. Pleased for Denton because it will give him a real boost. It's looking like we could do with  2 players - someone to either partner Denton or Morgan (if the striker can play alongside both then happy days) and a creative midfielder (a Dan Gardner type of player - I know we won't find anyone that good but you know what I mean.) I'm still not down beat about this season and I feel Billy will get it right, but he'll have to bring some new players in and by the end of the season you might only see about 7 of the current starting line up at the start of a game. Keep going Billy and the lads and hard lines for last night.
  8. Still time

    I went on the "sensible" coach. I think it picked us up from where the old bus station was. You'd think we'd just won the champions league on the way back.
  9. Dover notes

    Just our luck. Maybe he can be a decoy for Denton at set pieces (scraping the barrel a bit.) It's funny I was thinking to myself the other day that we have a big squad and then a few injuries come along it makes you think again.
  10. Dover notes

    4 3 1 2. Keep Macdonald on the bench just in case we switch to 4 3 3. I feel we still need that 3 in the midfield. With Hotte and Lynch it gives the defence cover but Oliver can pick the ball up and put a few passes together. Dixon can support the front two and he also gives us more height. It's about time we scored from a corner or a free kick with the amount of height we have. Here's hoping tonight's the night.
  11. Dover notes

                                                               Johnson Macca/Hibbs                 Brown                           Garner                     Wilde                               Hotte                    Oliver               Lynch                                                            Dixon                                          Denton                        Morgan Nicholson Hibbs Tomlinson Macdonald King Down't bare bones.  
  12. Guisley game.

    We just need a really lucky, scruffy ricochet goal and then the confidence will come and the chances will follow (I'd even settle for an own goal atm.
  13. Dover notes

    God almighty!! Swap Macca for Duckworth, stick Dixon further forward and put Hotte holding. Looks like Hibbs or King might get on the bench tonight.
  14. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    It's nice as a starter but not as a main.
  15. Dover notes

                                                       Johnson Duckworth                  Brown                       Garner                 Wilde                      Oliver                     Dixon              Lynch                                                   Kosylo                                   Denton                       Morgan