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  1. Se You There

    I know it would be a real bind and it would a huge personal sacrifice but I will volunteer to move there for twelve months as a club scout. I'll do ruddy out for't club me.  
  2. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    I'll give you the details later, ahem, cough, erm I mean, erm, I'm absolutely disgusted with this thread and the comments that I didn't read and have no idea what was written. Fuming I am.
  3. When will there be an announcement?

  4. When will there be an announcement?

    Depends where we're going.
  5. When will there be an announcement?

    Let's hope it's not both of us.
  6. Scot

    It's a common problem in non league football. I heard that's why the Frickley game was called off.

    Wait a minute. This isn't Love Island. I paid £199 subscription for the next season of Love Island off a bloke at the back of the East Stand called Dodgy Dave (he's a car dealer if you know what I mean, nudge nudge) and he said it had be all cushty.  OI OI.

    I'm no expert but I think the team are going to have to run a bit quicker once the season starts. I mean I've arched nearly all the videos and the players look like they're going at freeze frame pace. It's like a Phil Cool sketch. This is definitely something the new ruddy manager is gonna have to ruddy work on.
  9. Job

    Which if you've witnessed over twenty years of football at The Shay, that's some accolade.
  10. Tobi Sho-Silva Interview

    Hi Sho Silva Scoring Everywhere he goes  He's a Shayman (Or, For The Shaymen) Not sure about the next verse.
  11. Still interviewing today

    What if they do a standard British hotdog roll, but a Swedish vegetarian hotdog that is too big for the bread? Also, do you have to assemble it yourself or does it come prepacked,? I'm ruddy starving now and it's ruddy shut. 
  12. Still interviewing today

    Do they do a veggie option I've stopped eating meat?
  13. Still interviewing today

    They sold hotdogs the last time I went in so that just shows how long it's been. I worked fairly close to IKEA for about 14 long hard years. One of my colleagues who on occasion would give me and another colleague a lift home would call in so he could look around, and buy cheap hotdogs.
  14. Director Resignation

    I'm not Vinny bud. I'm Erik.
  15. Director Resignation