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  1. Gilly stood for election

    I think May will have a coalition with the DWP before long (signing on.)
  2. Drench signs

  3. Pre Season Friendlies

  4. 17/18 Squad

    Emlyn's left Liverpool as well.
  5. Jordan Sinnot

    Or Jeremy Corbyn. Both equally as blessed when it comes to figures. Is there an election on today? Forgot all about it.
  6. Season Tickets

    Sounds like a new Channel 5 series - Kerry Katona talks to seagulls. I might watch it if she promises not to sing.
  7. Signings for next season

    South Korean u21 international Shibden Park rumoured to be signing.
  8. Rumour mill

    I think it probably would. Big sigh of relief for them if they stay up because they'd struggle to get back up next season. Be good for our coffers if they stay up as well.
  9. Hibbs and King.

    Aye, in Billy We Trust. If he can bring in a couple like Lynch and Sinnott again I'll be happy.
  10. Hibbs and King.

    We should be looking at bringing 3 or 4 midfielders in now that Sinnott's on his way. We are threadbare atm.
  11. David Bosomwoths Signed Tie

    Funniest thing I've read on here for a while. If your bid is successful, will you wear it on the golf day Vinny?
  12. Jordan Sinnot

    From what I can remember Maynard used to play quite a few balls over the top for Greggs. We seemed to lose the creative spark when Gardner moved on. Macca linked up well with Greggs on the left but yes there was quite a lot of long ball. If only we could sign another Greggs who had just about all you need in a striker at this level.
  13. Jordan Sinnot

    I don't know if you read Padraig Armond's interview in the NLP? He described the National Conference as just that. Maybe that's where we went wrong before trying to play football?
  14. David Bosomwoths Signed Tie

    It wasn't years of misery that's for sure. I think this could start a huge bidding war between Bubba, Mr V and Vinny. You could be looking at a few grand TrueBlue.
  15. Jordan Sinnot

    I was just thinking that Jordan is another player to resurrect his career and move onto bigger things at The Shay. This will stand us in good stead when trying to sign other up and coming players.