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  1. is this for real ?

    The Rainford rat fans stand.
  2. gone full time

    Strange to go full time during the season. You would have thought it would have been after this season.
  3. Leicester City

    I can't see him going back after the fiasco with his son and then his own sacking.  However, he would be my first choice of manager if I was them. Burnley manager would be mad to leave to go to Leicester in my opinion.
  4. Town v Torquay Utd

    Town 2 Torquay 0 Morgan Brown 1597
  5. More good to news.....

    Very good news. We can probably get away with not signing another centre half now.
  6. Tranmere today

    It would have been a win if Dents and Kossy played. If we'd scored the penalty we would have won the game IMO. Very poor draw in the next round though and I doubt either us or Tranmere would have beaten Posh away.
  7. No new signings ?.

    None of us see what goes on in training. Best players don't always have the best attitudes. This is the same at every club. I have wondered many times in the past why certain players were on the bench and this was probably the reason.
  8. No new signings ?.

    Riley has a wealth of experience and has been really unlucky. Technically, Johnson was signed by Heath. I know he had already been on loan a few times etc. There's also Tomlinson who could stake a claim for a starting spot after this Saturday.  Oliver could come good yet. The players Heath signed would have made a difference if it wasn't for injury.
  9. Civic Pride

    I've only ever been in once and that was about 20 years ago and it was absolutely dreadful. Is it still going?  
  10. Team for Tranmere

    Maybe cup tied as well.
  11. Team for Tranmere

    Looks about right.
  12. No new signings ?.

    You can't help injuries. 
  13. No new signings ?.

    Riley, Duckworth and Johnson. 3 very good signings there.
  14. Civic Pride

    Trev's harris with FC on one cheek and HT on the other, with a Beacon Hill back drop?
  15. Tranmere Website

    Yes, they were always friendly encounters. Hence the chapter in Away Days by Kevin Sampson. It wasn't just Tranmere fans that used to turn up at their games, you had Liverpool and Everton hooligans as well.