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  1. Macclesfield match.

    We need another striker ASAP. I'd like to give Kossy a go there when he comes back.
  2. Macclesfield match.

    If fit, I would go with -                                                                Johnson                         Garner                                 Brown                           Wilde MacDonald                     Oliver                                    Collins                        MacManus                                                                Hobbs                                         Denton                                 Morgan    
  3. Time to bite the bullet

    Macclesfield will go full time. TV money makes the difference in the league.
  4. Time to bite the bullet

    Wrong. Macclesfield and Guiseley prove that theory wrong.)
  5. Injuries: Bad luck or bad preparation

    As far as Riley is concerned, yes. Maybe my post above relates to Duckworth. However, I think bad luck plays a big part in it.
  6. Injuries: Bad luck or bad preparation

    Two of the major injuries are to players that came in from other clubs, one of them part way through the season. Both players previously trained full time. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  7. Today game aldershot

    Fair point. I have a feeling in my water though that we might just make them. Tough ask now like but you never know.
  8. Today game aldershot

    We don't have to worry about that mate. I'm not being arrogant but we have too much in this squad to fall into the bottom four. We just need to get them fit and then we will be fine.
  9. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    In a nutshell. Out of the two I think I prefer the best of the part time. For now that is.
  10. FA TROPHY v Macc

    I liked his early work, Swap Shop and Cheggers Plays Pop,, and his appearance in Extras was funny.  They say they cone in three's so I wonder who will be next?
  11. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    Sometimes but not all the time. If we go full time there's a good chance we will lose some of the good players we have and then we will have to pay the new players more money.
  12. Breaking news

    Aye let's get at them and attack from the off. Let Collins sit and get Hobbs to run at them. Give  Morgan a kick up the arse before the game and tell him not to sulk and away we go.
  13. Breaking news

    He might be cup tied.
  14. FA TROPHY v Macc

    I doubt it he's passed away.
  15. FA TROPHY v Macc

    Yes, they're £1-50 each.