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  1. Lee Gregory

    A Gregory and Vardy thread turn up every transfer window.
  2. Barrow

    I didn't know when it was Hoddie. I've only read about it recently.
  3. 1998/99 Card Collection

  4. 1998/99 Card Collection

    He could have probably played without arms he was that good.
  5. Barrow

    Very sad pal. I don't know what goes through some of their heads I really don't. We will all have a bit of banter from time to time but some on here take it way too far. Then you get someone like Steve Lanzarote who wouldn't harm a fly and whose one of the decent posters and they get a 3 point warning. It just isnt right IMO.
  6. Barrow

    Cheers TJ.
  7. Barrow

  8. Moderators.

    I don't know if any other posters are experiencing the same problem but I keep having text sticking in my comment TS box after I have posted. Also, previous quotes and text sometimes appear too. This doesn't happen on every thread, but it's happening more often.
  9. Barrow

      I didnt know that Combat 18 were around so long ago. I only ever heard of them in the 90's but they probably were though. I got talking to a doorman in Leeds when I first moved over and he was on the door at a bar called Mook. He told me that Mook used to be called The Whip and it was a neo nazi hang out back in the 70's and 80's. He said that when The Whip closed down, they found some very scary stuff upstairs in the living quarters. Oil paintings of black people being hanged over in the US, back in the early 20th century. There were some real scary stuff there according to the doorman I spoke to. It sounds like the ones you saw were regulars there.  
  10. Barrow

        Combat 18, DJ. They are neo Nazi's. Real hardcore racists. If it was Whitehall Road not far from Elland Road it might have been the Dragon at Wortley. How long ago was it DJ?
  11. Barrow

    It wasn't the 3 Legs by any chance?
  12. Barrow

    I have  about 3 posters that I don't like and they don't like me. They constantly post comments towards me and I don't reply. What I do is put them on my ignore list. This way other posters do t have to read through point tless arguements which they enjoy and I don't. I simply ignore their comments. Once ignored it stops them trolling me. Simple.
  13. Sorry To Be So Repetitive

    I thought it was just my phone.
  14. Barrow

    So that's your perceived reason again. But even when it's been pointed out that's not the case you still use it as a reason. Maybe, in future you should stop and as I've said before, you represent the club and you should try and remember that. A different kettle of fish when you get in for now't and don' t have  to pay £20 a game and probably get free tickets for away games? Makes a big difference 
  15. Barrow

    Jokes are jokes. Simple as that. What you dont know is what else is going on behind some of these comments and if you did then you probably wouldn't comment.