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  1. How to..... Play football

    Vincent Kompany has joined Anderlecht next season. He'll be a big loss for them.
  2. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    3 losses into wins and 3 draws into wins and we wish have been up there. It just shows how tight things were and what a poor league we are in. Nothing to fear in this league. I hope JF can sign a couple of decent forwards and let's get at it from the off.
  3. FA Trophy Final

    Cheers mate. What was the attendance? It didn't show the crowd on the result page I looked at.
  4. FA Trophy Final

    Orient are denied a league and cup double as Fylde won the trophy 1-0, Danny Rowe the scorer. To the Shaymen that watched the game, was it a good game? Did Hardy play etc etc.
  5. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Yes, some good points raised. It is a shame that the event has been affected by a trajedy and by other sillier moments. I hope that the event can, over time, get back to normal and fans and all the staff from the club can have a good laugh and a knees up. Talking of which, the footage from the Conference winning season was great. Who's up side your head, Say who's upside your head. Before everyone gets on the floor and sways from side to side I'm  off to the land of nod. Night.
  6. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    We were knocked out in the replay against Kettering in the 87/88 season. It was a night game. We drew the away game on the Saturday 1-1 and we took a great following down there. Then, our luck against non league teams in the cup continues and we list the replay. We would have been away to Charlton if memory serves me reyt.
  7. Who cares ...

    I agree and I really hope they reach Super League, and we win promotion to the Football League. What a season that would be.
  8. Who cares ...

    I echo your sentiments mate. I used to follow both club's but the last rugby match I watched was back in 2009.  Now that Grix is in charge I really fancy hem to do something this season.
  9. Leeds

    That's him banned for life then.
  10. Who cares ...

    Just checked and I think it was Bradford 14 Halifax 21. At first I thought I'd got the date wrong for the Challenge Cup game. I didn't realise they played each book there in the league just before.
  11. How to..... Play football

    Definitely not rich Vs poor. Rediculously rich Vs rich is nearer the mark.
  12. How to..... Play football

    A good point raised. Who do we think has been THE best team since the formation of the Premier League? The Arsenal invincible's for me.
  13. Fan Brazilian here

    Things like who the manager is, youth policy, development and good old value for money all play a big part. If it was just down to money then Salford should and would have won our league.
  14. Notts County Article

    £35m has shocked me. I'm amazed at that figure. Football is in big trouble.
  15. Fan Brazilian here

    The nearest Town have come to it was when we as we're in the glue leagues and thumped teams by 6 or 7.  Football is much better if you have a more even contest. Makes it much more interesting. I noticed a headline the other day that said City might be disqualified from the Champions League.  I'm not sure if it's to do with the amount they've spent?