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    People used to constantly question Aspin even when we were winning.
  2. Draw for the Big Semifinal H2H King of National League 2017/18

    I've not been this excited about something since I found a packet of biscuits in the cupboard that I'd forgotten about. They were Nice as well.
  3. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Definitely gone to Specsavers.
  4. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Though shall not comment on a game if you were not there. The eleventh commandment. Amen.
  5. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Would the opening the Skircoat for home fans make any difference to our home attendances? It creates a better noise for the fans that sing.
  6. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    I only see bits and bats myself these days but I like to come on here because it keeps me in the loop and I enjoy reading different fans views on how things are going and some of the funny posts. Not too keen on the constant arguing over the same topics but apart from that it's ok. I do have opinions but they are based on the little bit I see now and the bit of common sense I have. Being a loyal fan and going to every game does give you a better position to comment on the game or how we are playing but sometimes some fans don't understand the game as well as others. I'm not saying this about you Haldo because I don't know you.

    Get a win Saturday and we are sorted. It's his job now to take the pressure off the players and get them focused on the job in hand.

    I was thinking last night that I wouldn't be surprised to see Billy Heath take over at Guiseley next season.

    Didn't he get a 2 game ban?
  10. Team Vs Solihull

    Johnson Duckworth Brown Maher MacManus Hobbs Thomson Collins Tomlinson Kosylo Faulty Towers.
  11. Town Vs Solihull 24/03/2018

    Town 2 Solihull 0 Kosylo Duckworth 1753

    If Billy was in charge they would have probably all gone against us. The only luck he had was bad.
  13. Accrington Stanley.

    DB is the perfect chairman for us if we get to the FL. You need someone to keep a close eye on expenditure and live within your means.
  14. Where has Flea gone?

    He's joined Simple Minds?

    Another point another game unbeaten and by the sounds of it we played well below our usual standards. So when you take all that into consideration, as well as the conditions, it's not a bad day really. Fullerton will have learned a bit more about his players today and what he needs to work on ready for Saturday.  We are practically safe now.