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  1. banners

    The Kalergi Plan' involved one of the Rothschild's though Trev. According to the piece I briefly read. You have to come up with a reason for such a fiendish plan and that is something that we are yet to establish. Why?
  2. banners

    This is a different subject Trev. You've moved onto slavery now. We were discussing your theory that Kalergi and one of the Rothschild's came up with a plan to wipe out white Europeans. Can you explain why they came up with this plan? I can't fathom it out at all. Without Britain there probably wouldn't have been an Israel. Surely that must put the indigenous population of Britain and the other white populations that followed on, in good stead?
  3. banners

    Aye, sponsored by Powergen. Blummin capitalist globalisation again. 
  4. banners

    Thanks for sharing this, I find it quite interesting. Not in the context of what we are discussing, just generally.
  5. banners

    Ok so the elimination of native Europeans is part of Globalisation? Won't whoever becomes the new indigenous population rename our country? Or become British themselves? If so then that doesn't really add up either.  Now, this would tie in with some theories against left wing socialist views or should I say perceived views. However, when you listen to and read some stuff coming I side the labour party, the odd MP and some activists, there seems to be a worrying spate of anti Semitic comments and ultimately feeling from within. I would like to say though that this is a very small minority. So this doesn't add up either Trev. I will ask you one question though and I really do hope you answer it (for no other reason than to clarify what this plan is about and nothing else), why does this plan exist and why do two very powerful men want to eliminate a whole race of people who have been and are their allies?
  6. banners

    Some are fake and there's no getting away from that but the big majority aren't. Syria is a wreck, especially the capital.  Iraq, Baghdad was in a similar state as well. Kurdish people fleeing persecution too. Then there's Gadaffi's legacy too. Out of all those countries, and there's been conflict in Africa too, there are millions of genuine refugee's. I honestly believe that there are groups within groups wherever in the world you go, that will try and control things for their own ends. However, it is a very large jump from that to say that 2 men masterminded a plot to eliminate an entire race of people. I'm far from an expert in Geo politics but as far as I'm aware, Israel doesn't really have any close allies that are predominantly Muslim countries. Israel's main allies are France, UK and the USA. So with that in mind and the fact that many far right wing followers believe Jewish people run the world, why would they eliminate their main allies? I'm trying to stay impartial Trev but these theories just don't add up.
  7. banners

    I read a little bit of what the Kalergi Plan' is/was/isn't/wasn't. So to very briefly summarise, a chap named Kalergi, along with a Rothschild (they do crop up a lot in conspiracy theories) devised a plan to phase out the indigenous European population and replace in with non Europeans. Ok, I see. Why?  This plan was apparently devised pre second world war so there's no animosity there. Europe has been a fairly safe refuge for Jewish people over the last few hundred years so why try and eliminate people who you live alongside peacefully and who you are well integrated with? This theory you hold just doesn't make sense at all, Trev.
  8. World Cup.

    I wonder if anyone has a Rick Holden Premier League sticker from his days at Oldham? 
  9. 10 years ago. Death of a Club

    Ugly scenes at The Shay.
  10. Cliff Moyo

    I resemble that comment.
  11. Piece Hall

    £4 in, not a bad price for all those bands. It cost me that to see the Charlatans at the Warehouse. Brilliant gig though.
  12. Come on Brackley

    Didn't I read that the league pay so.e of he costs? I might be wrong like.
  13. Franny Firth

    RIP Franny Firth.
  14. Piece Hall

    I see Florence and the Machine and James have played at the Civic recently too.  It's so nice to see well known acts practically flocking to Halifax to play. I think Leeds has the best venues in West Yorkshire but Halifax is definitely a close second. Huddersfield and Bradford are nowhere near.
  15. banners

    I was thinking more about the other thing you referred to, the Kalergi Plan. It sounds like some sort of vegan diet, 'go onto the Kalergi Plan' and you could lose 3 stone in 1 month'. You must admit Trev, some of the far right stuff is utter fantasy. Devil worshipping Jewish people and all that crap, oh and the earth is flat, it's just NASA colluding with the CIA and Mossad etc etc. I didn't take much notice in science at school but they kind of explained all that then.