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  1. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    I never knew that Bournemouth were called and Boscombe too. Cheers Steve.
  2. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    I shout abuse at them when they are working on scaffolding because I get sick and tired of the wolf whistles. 
  3. south stand for tuesday night

    It was more a hopeful estimate, rather than a conservative one.
  4. south stand for tuesday night

    If Morecambe bring 200 then we could be looking at 1700, which is a decent effort.
  5. south stand for tuesday night

    That's probably the best they've ever brought.
  6. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    My comment wasn't aimed at the o/p, rather comments towards SL.
  7. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    My comment wasn't aimed at the o/p, rather comments towards SL.
  8. Ben Tomlinson

    Just a jest on overreactions on here mate, although I do think if he gets his form back straight away then we'll see a huge change in our fortunes.
  9. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    I take it you weren't a Shyaman when Mick Norbury played for us? I wonder if any of our fans would have gone up to him face to face and told them their views on his past. Erm, I doubt it.
  10. Ben Tomlinson

    I'll start the ball rolling, if he's back by Christmas then we'll reach the play offs.
  11. south stand for tuesday night

    I doubt it. It's the first round replay of the FA Cup. Surely they will have to open the South Stand. Does anyone think Morecambe will bring more than 100 fans? 
  12. Johnson press

    I just can't see local papers being around in ten years time and the Courier, despite being bought out, will probably fold in a year or two. Most people get there news online these days and that will obviously continue to grow as the amount of people that buy daily or weekly newspapers decreases 
  13. Dover

    It sounds like the title of a Deaf Leopard song.
  14. Dover

    If we don't win Tuesday will we encounter deaf stress too?
  15. Ebbsfleet’s keeper

    Totally agree and no, not a chance. He wouldn't have come out again.