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    Is that you Tubbs? We'll have no local women here. This is a local men forum. We have a very odd Norwegian chap who has dreamt about you all his life, and statistics. Also, there are the Non League Paper ratings for each players every Sunday and a Man of the March award. 
  2. Fylde Tuesday

    I'll take a point with all the injuries and suspensions.
  3. Fylde Tuesday

    Time for him to swap them round or put King behind Southwell.
  4. Fylde Tuesday

    I've just woke up, I nodded off. Has anything happened yet? Any score.
  5. Fylde Tuesday

    If only they'd let you into the changing room before the game to her up the players with a motivational team talk.
  6. Fylde Tuesday

    DB will be crying into his half time coffee tonight.
  7. 25/09/1999 Town 5-2 Carlisle

    I can't remember this game at all. I will have been at the game. Oh well.
  8. Fylde Tuesday

    I don't think there will be many over 1300 tonight.  
  9. Fylde Tuesday

    We are up against it tonight but despite this I'm gonna go for a shock 1-0 win for the Shaymen. UTS.
  10. Gateshead prices

    Don't be surprised if you get back from the game tomorrow night and there's a man in a trench coat sat in your dimly lit living room. As you enter he'll look at you and ask what do you know about MI5. 
  11. HRLFC

    15 miles apart.
  12. Hartlepool

    I will be interesting to see what happens but I doubt anyone will touch him. If he wants to continue playing football it will probably happen abroad.
  13. Fylde Tuesday

    Well, I've counted all the players out injured and suspended on the squad list and I get 14 fit players. We obviously need 16 so will we see 2 youth team players or 2 new signings tomorrow?
  14. Bromley Away

    I'm not a big lover of our current formation. O know it worked well when Tomlinson was fit but opponents will find us out through the middle. Two against three is tough when you're good players but when you're average it's even tougher and that brings pressure on the centre halves who aren't the quickest. We have the full backs and when Staunton comes back, the centre halves to play 3 5 2. We put 2 holding mids and King and then we go with Southwell plus one of Edwards Sammi or McLeod.  It won't happen but that's the way I'd like it to go.
  15. HRLFC

    Nice one.