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  1. Maidenhead

    The curse of the Lime Green shirts strikes again!
  2. Wedding

    I thought “Palming off” daughter number 2 would have merited a hair cut!  You missed a great win!
  3. Jordan On The Move?

  4. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    The “New Forest Branch of SDS “ will be there via London! 
  5. Boston Thread

    A totally different Liam King , younger and a striker!
  6. Looking forward to Braintree on August 4th and noticed that we have Salford away on August 14th .  Previously there was a scramble for  tickets, but as their capacity is now apparently 5200 , will it be all ticket for away fans? This is important for travel plans for “Long distance “ fans!
  7. coalville saturday

    Flying in from Spain for this match!
  8. Home shirts

    Always late !
  9. Sinnott Anyone?

    http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/945960210?-18679:6337:3 Bad link. It will load eventually! Link from non -league news now.
  10. Preseason is all about fitness and people always panic about a lack of early signings. The truth is players released by Premier Divisiion clubs  trial in the championship eventually reaching National league and below .  Lois Maynard was an example , on trial at Rochdale before signing for us! Too much coverage or rumours about transfers lead to other clubs poaching potential signings .  Well done Jamie Fullarton for keeping your cards close to your chest and hopefully unearthing some “Gems!”
  11. Peniket Alfreton

    I can understand why Macca and Garner would sign for Midlands clubs as they are based in that area. The “Wiseguys” on here who go on about Midlands and Southern based players signing for us live in “Cloud Cuckoo Land!” As an “Escapee” I wouldn’t come back. Unfortunately that leaves us competing with Salford , Fylde and the other “Big Spenders” for Northern based players!
  12. banners

    Turkey are years away from entry. Unfortunately Albania aren’t !
  13. Jordan Sinnott

    Holman mostly Southern based in his career. Southern players won’t move North! Wright played for a couple of “Northern “ teams but is 33 . Hardly young and hungry type of player that Fullarton favours. 
  14. Where is Morgan.

    Sadly I looked on line at the Sligo Team for the last three matches , no Morgan! Injured? Suspended ? Dropped? Up on Beacon Hill? You can tell it is the close season when I study a “Pub League!”
  15. Season ticket and admission prices

    Six games free if you buy one! You all wanted “Full -time” so here is the downside!
  16. Where is Morgan.

    On the subs bench tonight! Pub League away to Dundalk!
  17. Tweedledum and Tweedledee

    https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/chesterfield-fc/ex-salford-city-managers-would-be-interested-in-talking-to-chesterfield-1-9159398 Tweedledum and Tweedledee fancy a go at the Chesterfield job!
  18. Retained List

    Looking at both on “Wiki” they are Southern based one born in Wandsworth ,one  Surbiton . They will turn up in the South!
  19. Retained List

    Miller would be good but Southern based players aren’t going to move North for part-time football .
  20. who do you want as Play off winners

    Conference South Final Hampton and Richmond vs Braintree! We dont want Braintree on a Tuesday night. Come on Hampton?
  21. Following tonight's match online in Wetherspoons waiting for Saturday. Bought a local paper to read about Saturday. Last time I was here they raved about Danny Racchi playing for them! This time.... They see Connor Oliver as "An unmistakable presence in our midfield," Classic !
  22. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    It had to happen ,just for Trev! "Dud brother 1 crosses for Dud brother 2 to score!"
  23. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Already in Torquay ready for Saturday! In Wetherspoons following online. Already seen a "Town shirt"  Come on you blues !
  24. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Never put my first match in! A half time entry , when the gates used to open for free! Used to be lots of kids waiting outside! Think it was a Friday night v Lincoln?1966 Last match Woking away , next two Fylde and Gateshead.  Loved the fact that “Canberra Col” has attended four matches . I would like to bet if one was Wembley. A boyhood/ girlhood unmissable dream for any Town fan!   
  25. I live 268 miles from The Shay , but manage to see over half the Shaymen’s fixtures mostly away. Although amusing contributors , I am amazed that Lanzo and The Norwegian Viking  and one or two more ,make so much comment based on 12 minutes of highlights. I am grateful for your interest in our club , although before taking your opinions and rumours seriously I would like to know which game was the last Full Live Halifax Town match you saw? Only then might  I value your opinion. Also whilst on my “Soap-box”  If you are a “True Town Fan” whoever is in charge, however many times we lose, whatever style of football we play . You are there . You do not boycott your own club. Managers come and go. As a fan you are there permanently FOR EVER!