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  1. Barnsley Away 1970

    I was there. Lennard , Chadwick and Atkins childhood heroes ! 
  2. To Go Or Not To Go? That I The Question

    In Wetherspoons waiting for a Mixed Grill. Hopefully not the highlight of my evening !
  3. Bower as manager ????

    Bower has his own business . Wouldn’t want full-time.
  4. Pricing? League Money?

    Couldn’t make Halifax for the replay. Using up a “Free” National Express Journey To Birmingham . Watching Birmingham v Reading. Booked  and printed my “Restricted “ Main stand ticket on-line for £10 ,£5 if you are over 65!  I would rather be at The Shay but the pricing is amazing! How do they do it League Money ? Or what?
  5. Aldershot

    The “New Forest Branch” will be there !  Studying train and “Rail Replacement service!”
  6. JF Open to Question . . . Anytime soon?

    Bournemouth have Max Demin a Russian businessman bankrolling them. 
  7. Maidenhead

    The curse of the Lime Green shirts strikes again!
  8. Wedding

    I thought “Palming off” daughter number 2 would have merited a hair cut!  You missed a great win!
  9. Jordan On The Move?

  10. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    The “New Forest Branch of SDS “ will be there via London! 
  11. Boston Thread

    A totally different Liam King , younger and a striker!
  12. Looking forward to Braintree on August 4th and noticed that we have Salford away on August 14th .  Previously there was a scramble for  tickets, but as their capacity is now apparently 5200 , will it be all ticket for away fans? This is important for travel plans for “Long distance “ fans!
  13. coalville saturday

    Flying in from Spain for this match!
  14. Home shirts

    Always late !
  15. Sinnott Anyone?

    http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/945960210?-18679:6337:3 Bad link. It will load eventually! Link from non -league news now.