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  1. Sure to score against us next season’ 
  2. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    My original point was I can’t navigate the poll on here , it keeps going round in circles! PLEASE can someone put a poll on here or on Shaymen Stats etc? Once heard on the grapevine the Board preferred Away On Boxing Day. What do the fans think ?
  3. Maybe someone more “Tech Savvy” could do me a fans poll asking whether we would prefer to be at home or Away On Boxing Day? I have tried and failed to set one up! We haven’t been at home On Boxing Day since when?
  4. £9 For Over 60’s

    No not at The Shay but at Hartlepool!  Cue lots of discussion, it might liven up on here !
  5. Well Done To The Lads

    I am loving this “Positive thread!”  Saturday was a really good game to watch! Definitely well worth our battles to get there with parts of the Central Line closed. The away fans got behind the team and it was great to see some “Returning away fans!” Browny and The boys always applaud us at the end.  Keep it up!  
  6. Poodles in for £10

    The fans from other clubs who have seen one “Live match” at The Shay yesterday are probably one up on lots of posters on here ! With people “Boycotting “ their own club or living abroad and rarely or never seeing more than “Highlights!” It makes a lot of their comments “Dodgy” I have said it before and I will repeat . Halifax Town are my team For Life!  They win I am there , 20+ times a year. They lose , the same . Whoever the board are, whoever the manager is hopefully I will be there long after they are gone. Being a “Town fan “ is a lifelong commitment. You do not boycott your own club! 
  7. Eastleigh Away Tickets

    £8 for over 60 if bought in advance! A bargain. Much cheaper than The Shay.

    Bournemouth have a rich Russian Max Demin pumping money in. The ground only holds 12,500 but with Premier League and TV Money teams don’t need to rely on gate money.
  9. Today’s game: Havant

    If it is 0-0 at half time , Scot go in and tell them to “Attack! Attack Attack! 
  10. How many going to Maidstone?

    The “New Forest Branch” will be there.  Drinks before to quell the nerves!
  11. Hanson signs!

    Well done everyone. Definitely one for now, and the future.
  12. Quigley signs!

    Great News. On loan until the season ends!
  13. I Don't Want To Tempt Fate

    Free bus pass and Winter Fuel allowance now moving up with the female pension age! Currently 66, ending up at 68!
  14. I Don't Want To Tempt Fate

    A bit old at 33! Doesn’t fit in with our “Young And hungry “ policy! His record looks like a one season wonder! Remember Steve Kerrigan Or Keith Brierley!   
  15. Barnsley Away 1970

    I was there. Lennard , Chadwick and Atkins childhood heroes !