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  1. Adam Cheshire wimped out

    My thoughts entirely, will be cancelling my subscription.  Heath was all drivel, defending Hone and sucking through his teeth. 
  2. Stalyvegas

    If what SP is saying is true, why take Morgan off before Peniket today then?
  3. Stalyvegas

    Bye Bye Billy
  4. Stalyvegas

    I'm not there, but can someone explain to me why we take a guy off who has scored 4 in the last 2 games?
  5. Jordon Burrow

    Good to see he is over his injury
  6. Daggers Away

    Just watched the BBC highlights.  The miss by Liam King was very Ashley Stottesque. 
  7. Jamie Vardy

    Read the iBook on the train from Winnipeg to Toronto. Wasn't the best read, I would even go as far as saying it was a little disappointing. Maybe I expected a little too much 
  8. Next Round FA Cup

    Loved the game against Harrogate in the cup when we won 4-0.  The chant "are you Railway in disguise" was hilarious
  9. Macmillan Events 2013

    I am interested in doing the 10K. Inbox the details etc