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  1. 3rd April 1998: Barnet 2-2 Halifax Town

    Ah...explains it all. Looked a cracking goal to me !!
  2. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    I happened to be in Copley this afternoon. The Church is open and there was a full description of his heroics and even a picture of the man. His name in on the war memorial complete with VC after his name. Worth a detour if you happen to be driving along Wakefield Road.
  3. 3rd April 1998: Barnet 2-2 Halifax Town

    Looked like 3-0 to Town or am I missing something !! Amazing goals
  4. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    970 against Brentford in the old Div 3 around 1974. We have always been a poorly supported club
  5. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    Im going positive...1-1 - Clarke   1278
  6. Fax on Sky

    men against boys 
  7. Fax on Sky

    and getting hammered.... being back Bruce Burton 
  8. Fax on Sky

    and losing if course against Toronto... yes the one in Canada... what a joke ! 
  9. Fax on Sky

    Currently live on Sky Arena... so you can all watch the pitch being steadily destroyed.
  10. Dover Athletic vs Town 16/03/2019

    Passed the Town coach on the M62 around 10 am this morning. Plenty of time to get the travels out of their 1-1 draw for me !!
  11. The pitch

    Surely the fat boys won’t be playing this afternoon !!!! 
  12. Halifax Town v Barnet GAMEDAY! Vlog

    Fantastic blig  and what a honest supporter. We feel your pain ... well maybe not this week ! 
  13. Barnet

    First time for months since l actually looked up the table to see if a play off place is possible ... rather than how many points away from relegation. Now that is a positive!!! 
  14. Barnet

    So another  0-0 then !!  
  15. The game tonight: Maidstone

    lucky sod !!!