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  1. Grant Holt

    one that got away !!! 
  2. Fat Sportsmen

    l have to admit l was initially shocked to see Halifax on the BBC this afternoon having tuned in at the end of the 1st half. l did enjoy the 2nd half and was cheering on my home town team... well we-always want to beat teams from Bratfut regardless of the competition don’t we ? Well done Fax but no chance in the next round !! 
  3. I was far too young to go but I think you are correct.
  4. New kit

    Being an old fashioned type why can't we stick with the same kit for at least more than 1 year at least 3 seasons unless we changed leagues of course !! 

    Wilder Out
  6. First game for me was against Bishop Auckland in the was packed and a friendly policeman lifted me over the turnstyles to stop me getting crushed as I was only a little  lad. Of course having not paid in I was 2s better off  which was a small fortune in 1967.  I thought we were gong to win the FA cup after that match. 1st full season was 68/69 and what a year that was !  First away game was Bradford City on Boxing Day the following year. We lost 2-1 with Jeff Lee getting sent off.
  7. 1st May 1999 Halifax Town vs Scarborough

    Why did Chris Tate seem to always play so well against us....and totally enept for us !!!   
  8. Sheff Utd....

    l thought this forum would be full of the achievements of Chris Wilder and Sheff Utd promotion. Absolutely amazing to take a team of mainly league 1 players into the Prem. Makes you realise what a great manager he is and what he achieved at the Shay. 
  9. Bolton Game Called Off

    Would be very happy to see FC Bolton Wanderers in the National next season.... along with Notts and Stockport County  
  10. Title Race Could End Tonight

    We did receive quite a large wedge from City in the early 70`s  (£12K ?) for a certain Freddie Hill (of the "he`s here his there he`s every effing where, Freddie Hill Freddie Hill"). Isnt the Skircoat shed also ex City`s... City for the title for me!
  11. 3rd April 1998: Barnet 2-2 Halifax Town

    Ah...explains it all. Looked a cracking goal to me !!
  12. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    I happened to be in Copley this afternoon. The Church is open and there was a full description of his heroics and even a picture of the man. His name in on the war memorial complete with VC after his name. Worth a detour if you happen to be driving along Wakefield Road.
  13. 3rd April 1998: Barnet 2-2 Halifax Town

    Looked like 3-0 to Town or am I missing something !! Amazing goals
  14. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    970 against Brentford in the old Div 3 around 1974. We have always been a poorly supported club
  15. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    Im going positive...1-1 - Clarke   1278