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  1. You've diverted youre continued criticism of the board to the manager.  As long as you can moan you're happy you tedious ****
  2. Vinnyweknuts as ever tediously eager to siese on any opportunity to have a go at the club.  
  3. What to do Today

    Ever the optimist
  4. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    Annie Sugden?
  5. Paul Hendrie

    Oh i see
  6. Paul Hendrie

    Really? Why?
  7. Braintree

    Thats what ive backed.  I was hoping Scot would have made a prediction as he did in the reverse fixture.  Followed his prediction which came up trumps.
  8. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    Dont think that's Conrad.  I think its one of Eddie's mates.  This is the game where a number of the group in the top right were stopped on the thinking they were climbing into the ground.....they were trying to get out!  Resulted from a poor start to a 5 3 defeat.
  9. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    ....unhealthily bordering the Radio Ron smell zone.
  10. Striker available?

    No.  We'd lose out on our sell on fee.
  11. Match Magazine - 19th Dec 1987

    A good number of them eventually moved for decent money.  As I remember: Rick Holden £150k - Watford Lee Richardson £175k - Watford Wayne Allison £250k  -Watford Dave Robinson £100k - Peterborough Mick Galloway £60k - Hearts Phil Brown £30k - Bolton Neil Matthews £40k - Stockport Got a feeling Thornber, Martin, Matthews may have also been sold for modest amounts
  12. Boycott Barrow

    **** all if you stay at home and decide putting your head in a vat of sulphuric acid is less painful than visiting barrow.
  13. Staunton Red

    Rubbish. There were at least 10 of us in the family stand not counted in that figure.  So about 100 all told
  14. F.A.O.real ale fans .....

    So themanwhowasntthere, was there!
  15. Ebbsfleet

    Why the board?