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  1. Preston

    From a Guiseley fan st work......Jordan plays when he wants and has a high opinion of himself. I spoke to Dayle on many occasions, very nice lad and articulate.  Works hard, makes intelligent runs and can finish. Too good for Northern league. May make it in the league again...Many levels above Fondop in my opinion. Gutted but knew he'd go.
  2. Mark Sertori

    At the time referred to as the manchester mafia
  3. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    Rumoured at the time we couldnt afford the 5k transfer fee southport wanted for andy mutch.  According to wiki, bull and mutch scored 83 goals in one season!
  4. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    I think the other northern semi was preston beating hartlepool
  5. Jim McCalliog

    My shirt and forearm torn on the fence barbs by a copper pulling me down.  Patched up by st johns ambulance and still got the scar.  Nowt were gonna stop me going to the Cats bar to celebrate.
  6. Announcement

    Just change your holiday to July?
  7. Going Full Time

    And what do you want?
  8. Barnet

    Beats our 4 year tenure
  9. Jamie Fullarton

    My debut too.  Think the scorer was Franny Firth.  
  10. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    Follow the Rochdull approach and buying the East stand's functions rather than the ground at least provides a further income stream whilst securing the stadium from dodgy directors.  Small matter of the cost.
  11. Smithy

    He was very professional, put his bodie on the line.
  12. you've got to fly

    So who is on which flight from Manchester tomorrow?  We are on the later 12 o'clock flight
  13. Time to stop the bickering

    Agreed.  Young out.
  14. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Lee Richardson/Billy Barr combo?
  15. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    Yep.  Form an orderly queue