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  1. Salford City

    I hope the ****ers implode.  Best of two evils them going up.  Unfortunately and unlike Fylde I believe Salford are sustainable but the combined 11000 population of Kirkham and Wesham will be unsustainable if/when Fylde's Chairman becomes bored or jumps ship.
  2. Playoffs

    No ****in brackley bring it on
  3. Playoffs

    Their tenure in non league will be temporary.  They'll sort themselves out and eventually get promoted.  In the meantime I'm looking forward to playing them.  Nottingham a great city to visit, a big crowd/occasion and certainly more enticing than Boreham bloody wood.
  4. Playoffs

    And only a tenner to get in!
  5. Sheff Utd....

    He'll be shopping in Waitrose now wishing it was Harrods!  Done a great job and not forgetting ex Shaymen Alan Knill who has been alongside Wilder the last 10 years or so.
  6. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Chris Clarke Driving Instructor
  7. Andy Stafford slept in
  8. WarleyShayman has bought one thats if he can be bothered
  9. Shaymen0 has bought one but too shy to post
  10. Leyton Orient match.

    All smiles on the 19.57 grand central.  A good number of town fans.  Credit to Orient fans applauding Clarke at the end of the game including his speech in their supporters bar.  MoM for me Staunton but all round gritty heroic performsnce  
  11. Kit's bought one but refused to update this thread
  12. Accounts

    Financially its a nightmare division is the Conference.  All the overheads of a league club with a comparable pittance of the tv deal handouts league 2 clubs receive.  At least we should get a better rebalance of North/South clubs next season to improve gates and reduce travel.
  13. Leyton Orient

    Its a Walthamstow wobble for us.
  14. DB's Interview In't Courier

    When asked what happens if the club doesn't sell the required number of season-tickets,  Bosomworth said this doesnt impact on our playing budget.  We're saying this is what we're trying to build off the field.