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  1. Bury

    I dont know if/what scrutiny takes place over club's finances by leagues.  Also what clout the leagues can have within company law but minimum inspection of annual accounts is a must and an agreed variance or tolerance against the clubs income before sanctions applied as an early warning.  Not assurances by Chairmen.
  2. Bury

    I wonder how the other promotion challengers from last season feel?  Bury falsely promoted?
  3. Donny Tuesday at home

    Blame the club of course....should have flown down.
  4. Fullarton Gone!!

    Invite Mark Bower if only as a stop gap
  5. Fullarton Gone!!

    Where does it say that?
  6. Donny Tuesday at home

    At the end of the day £199 only gets you 23 matches.  Cup games, friendlies, travel, food and drink should also be included.
  7. Colorizing Old Photos

    Labour isn't working    
  8. Colorizing Old Photos

    All a bit futile given we were at war 13 days later!    
  9. Greg olley

    Oh no!  Who?
  10. Notts County (A)

    Those considering travelling by train to Notts County on 14 Sept might want to be aware Leeds are at Barnsley same day so expect hourly direct service from Leeds to be packed.  Just hope sky select their fixture for tv and move date.
  11. Jordan Preston Signs again

    Another one we've missed out on
  12. Boring

    Wail, wail, i need to know players now wail, wail
  13. New Season Fixtures

    From a West Yorks Police perspective both Hudds& Bradford are at home first weekend, suggests we could be away. But both away boxing day so hopong we are at home.  Trains run NYD so easier to travel.
  14. Fund Raising For The First Team Coach

    As well as the Opposition's insurance who'll only put out a fringe team.
  15. Gus Mafuta

    Id rather he focus on assembling a team rather than appease you