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  1. Staunton Red

    Rubbish. There were at least 10 of us in the family stand not counted in that figure.  So about 100 all told
  2. F.A.O.real ale fans .....

    So themanwhowasntthere, was there!
  3. Ebbsfleet

    Why the board?  
  4. Ebbsfleet

    Sat on a train heading back from the game and must agree with a lot of above comments.  Absolute lack of everything today.  A motionless **** on the sidelines and a lack of talent on the pitch.  Everything is ****.
  5. Scarf

    Is it Brian Crowther in the photo?
  6. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Just peas then for our resident vegan Eddie
  7. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Maimed for life but i wont make a song and dance about it 
  8. Morecambe

    Transpennine from Huddersfield will get you to Lancaster
  9. Matty Brown

    Has anyone told Brown he's injured?
  10. Comedy capers from our stewards.  All it needs is Pluta and Lennie to don their old flourescent bibs and all would be sorted.
  11. Aspin

    Any connection with genesis is sackable
  12. Fan names

    My username and picture is based on Iggy Navarro's character Shakehands in Alan Bleasdale's early 80s scouse drama Boys from the Blackstuff.  In the final episode, George's last ride, the final 20 minutes is a brilliantly chaotic pub scene featuring shakehands crushing folks' hands then ordering them a pint of bitter.  The pub featured was the Green man, Vauxhall road, Liverpool.  I left it too late to have a pint there as i went a few years ago when it was boarded up.  Since youtube footage shows it being demolished for new flats.  Footage in the episode also shows a silted up Albert dock and the old Tate and Lyle factory being demolished.  The area is where Evertons new ground is proposed.
  13. It’s the system stupid

    Campaign all we want.  Our payments are non-mandatory charitable hand me downs from the Premier league so be grateful.   
  14. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Yes on transpennine express.  Also Engineering works halifax/bradford area
  15. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Direct from Paddington