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  1. Relegation form

    Details of injuries might not be disclosed to keep opposition teams guessing our line up.   What is frustrating is finding out x months later a player then needs an operation.
  2. Maidenhead

    ....and a Doctor
  3. DB interview in't Worrier

    272 to Havant t'other week.  I wouldnt be surprised if they brought a four figure following
  4. SOS Moderators

    A lot of tripe in your statement.  I counted seven.
  5. HRLFC

    The only way it will change is if wigan are ever at risk of failure.
  6. 4th Sept 1998 Halifax vs Hartlepool (Full Match)

    And in the aftermath of that game we found a bugle and a stray trainer in the away end.   Wasnt it sky who subsidised the hartlepool coaches?  
  7. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    And Scotland.  A downwatd step in his career
  8. Not Excited.

    Many of the same people saying they had no interest in the world cup...who then spent june watching the world cup.  Fickle we are
  9. Transfer News ???

    We probably agreed a figure to write off his contract and no risk of anyone else signing the waste of space.
  10. Salford splashing the cash again

    Man Utd's old Cliffe training ground is at the bottom of the hill from where Salford currently play.  Think United still use it for Junior teams but could be where Salford eventually relocate to?
  11. New Signings

    Clean windows courtesy of stanley's chamois?
  12. Germany

    Ausschieden Deutschland 
  13. Preston

    From a Guiseley fan st work......Jordan plays when he wants and has a high opinion of himself. I spoke to Dayle on many occasions, very nice lad and articulate.  Works hard, makes intelligent runs and can finish. Too good for Northern league. May make it in the league again...Many levels above Fondop in my opinion. Gutted but knew he'd go.
  14. Mark Sertori

    At the time referred to as the manchester mafia
  15. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    Rumoured at the time we couldnt afford the 5k transfer fee southport wanted for andy mutch.  According to wiki, bull and mutch scored 83 goals in one season!