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  1. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Game of the tournament so far for me. A petty Argentinian side that haven't been bedded in properly or motivated, versus one that showed aggression, clinical finishing, economical movement, flair, passion and a drilled defence that shut out the supply to one of the world's finest players. That first goal was a miraculous gift, the sort of pot shot Hobbs would take at the South Stand net at half-time. The Croats looked to be grinding it out after then, seeming to be slower but still showing their smarts. Their second goal came after what seemed to be a lower gear attack, with Modric picking out the spot beautifully when you thought they'd only pass it back into danger.. After that they finally seemed to be enjoying it along with the static Argentinian defence, and Rakitic standing still while taking the third goal was nuts. Nearly as good a feeling as an England win. To think Argentina may not make it past the group stages now is quite incredible given their group, but the extra helping of cream was seeing Maradona cry on telly 
  2. Chester

    Even if you could rest assured of interest from a very wealthy fan owner, I'm not sure if I fancy that recession/recovery model of pushing the club along. That difference in money should "only" change them from being a water-treading Conference North team to a playoff challenging one for now, while along with their debts they have other things waiting for a patch up, for example their VIP suites in the opposite touchline stand are all condemned.
  3. Getting worried

    Some people have no loyalty these days.
  4. Vitriolic Comments

    Grim to read the above about our kit man last season. People really suck at times.
  5. Vitriolic Comments

    Can you remember who it was?
  6. Connor Thomson

    Yet to bed into senior football, and will have to do it as quickly as possible given Gateshead's current standing. Good luck Connor.
  7. Vitriolic Comments

    Agreed that nothing is done on here to take on the obvious trolling problem.
  8. Michael Collins

    Wow, great opportunity for him. He'd be a fool not to, it's just a shame for us.
  9. Denmark v Peru

    Yeah, I'd also side with the argument that VAR only adds a sophisticated level to the uncertainties of the game. Maradona's hand wouldn't've stood, nor that Lampard goal would've been chalked off, but largely these things do balance out while football is no spectator sport without flow. The article puts it very well. I go in heavily against VAR because I simply want the game to be watchable and thrilling, while one spectator on the terraces is worth 100,000 in the lounge or pub.
  10. Pre season

    £12 adults for the pre-season games, with an all-4-for-£40 option (£35 for coffin-/soap-dodgers). Good to see initiatives are still going on with admission pricing, I guess...
  11. Signings so far?.

    Yeah, second spread on Graham Alexander I can remember. Fascinating man and I feel only tripping over their own momentum will slow down their mad pace into the football league with what they're getting in. Ground is now a mini-arena from when I passed last week with new permit holder signs on every surrounding Kersal road. Reckon we'll continue our good and exciting form against them but these particular "plucky underdogs" are gonna continue to be "plucky".
  12. Tacos For Tea I Think

    A German joke is not a laughing matter.
  13. Tacos For Tea I Think

    Phenomenal stuff. Germany are the one side whose constant success I find impossible to begrudge but Mexico were one of my two sweepstake sides, have a tough time of it and feature players who have indifferent seasons for West Ham. If our games against the top sides of the Conference next year look like that then it's no trouble, and Mexico now "only" have Sweden and South Korea to worry about. Nervous to watch and a real giant killing.
  14. Denmark v Peru

    That's exactly why it'll stay. It's where the money is. Newcastle fans travelled three hundred and whatever miles down to Brighton to see that goal only for a foul to be debated in the build-up: so what? The emotions and experiences on the game must be reduced to what Rufus, hiding away in his mum's basement in Kettering, can quantify on his Excel spreadsheet.
  15. Signings so far?.

    Looked through today's Non-League Paper and once again, we're more than completely ignored despite our squad overhaul hotting up. I'm not sure if we contact the NLP to make our own publicity there, but shirley not. I know they like rolling out of their beds in the Wimbledon area to largely cover clubs in the surrounding south-east, but they never gave Heath credit when the opportunity came, and it seems that similarly the excitement over Fullarton, who seems to be putting in extensive yards to assemble a good value professional team, is yet to be greeted into the non-league fold. Personally I'm happy with this as it makes us more likely to surprise. Fullarton appears to have a wide network of people in the game with which he's amicable, and a few of those may well make names for themselves soon.