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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Of course he wouldn't. Adam Morgan is Messi to the power of Ronaldo, times infinity plus one.

    There's always so much home journalist's bias in those ratings! If it's an unexpected point or win, even the worst displays possible get a good write-up. I remember when we lost at Prescot Shambles' cow field by a single, bobbling goal that trundled into the net off a divot and they gave that 4* too. They've taken it to the limits at Nethermoor though. Little over 1,100 in there and every semi-reasonable view had been taken up. Their official capacity is still meant to be 4,000! They've been talking about building proper terraces behind either net for several years, yet all that's changed since they've entered the Conference is that our end has had an extra kerb built behind it behind which you still see more backs of people's heads than the pitch. Give me Grimsby's away end every day, which had some awful views and has the smell of fish built into the breezeblocks but at least some elevation and a chance to have your voice heard.
  3. Adam Morgan

    Bring back Adam Morning!

    Genuinely the most unwatchable game of the season, complete with everyone jostling for views in freezing temperatures. We didn't feel the wind so much but when you saw how it blew the ball around it's quite amazing we didn't let them through with one of their punts. Was good enough to make short passes sideways on t'deck, but as soon as a punt forward was taken possession was lost. That told for all performances but Hanley particularly seemed to struggle. Perhaps they're more used to it as we only had a slight advantage over them when down to ten men. And even then, a few wonder saves from Super Sam and the post towards the end denied them a winner. They needed that desire and a point serves us better than them. It was woeful and we couldn't answer to it although we attempted a few things to take advantage. In general we were the team putting a bit of pressure on and getting in the box, scuppering a huge number of corners, while they would punt things forward with a marginally better grip on the conditions. If Brown, McManus or anyone else failed to anticipate that long ball in the wind then they'd be through on goal. Great to see Tomlinson finally open up his account for real, and with a delightful chip. As a draw it can be spun into carrying on an unbeaten streak. We can retain confidence and hopefully return to our quality and cohesion at the Shay next week.

    Match on! Cheers Tom, couldn't be having another Townless weekend but your efforts have paid dividends.  UTS

    A light dusting of slushy snow here, but TJAshton is stood outside with a barometer so I'm sat on a deckchair with shades and a knotted hanky on my head.
  7. Big Games On Saturday

    Yep, there have been plenty of times we've gone behind this season with a farcical goal and gone hell-for-leather at the opponent in the second half. It all connected nicely last night and either side made enough attempts to score more. This belief that there are managers out there who limit their scope to 46 points by the end of the season is the sort of bunk on par with, say, not understanding how taking somebody out of the squad works.
  8. Big Games On Saturday

    It may be all we need now in the splendour of recent form, but this squad doesn't (and has never been the one) to play for the odd point here and there. They have the willpower and togetherness to fight every game, with a newer injection of belief and quality. It's been another pretty strange season but once more there's little reason we should be looking to remain above Solihull Motors then stick a fork in it. My pre-season prediction of 12th is still on!

    CORRECT. How did it go at Notts County when the opposite was the case? I spy a trend. All very welcome. It needs to remain. There isn't a manager in this world that I envy, while it's clear Fullarton's done homework with us so far. So once again, our manager's efforts should be rewarded with support.
  10. Dagenham Tuesday.

    All's well that ends well. A game won within 60 seconds thanks to Tomlinson forcing a third own goal of the season and Magic Mike rising so nicely above the crowd. Are there any data for the attempts taken in that game? It very easily could've been 4–3. We rode our luck and the result could've ended up differently. But equally we worked them out nicely and they let a lot of crosses go missing in their box. Felt like we were ruing a lack of Denton as we struggled to score from them, but it worked out eventually. Yeah, so very entertaining. The pros now in the squad inject pace into it amongst their other qualities. Magic Mike has the best feet of our forwards this season. Hanley did some interesting things but didn't receive the ball enough. Dagenham still played their fast game with the killer pass, and Redbridge were no different. It created quite a bit for them, but they were despondent and got tired of it in the second half for us to earn our win. Plenty of mucking in still, going for second balls with Kosylo a bee in their bonnet throughout. That spirit that Fullarton's inherited sure won't go if we remain unbeaten. Must've been hard work to keep up our pace and stay with it after Saturday too. I wonder if the effect of the new signings and Fullarton being full-time means that we have a small minority of this squad training full-time currently? Typical way for us to concede the first goal at home this season. We've had several of those go in and it's pleasing at any time for our response to be rewarded. No bookings other than for Fondop's excessive celebrations!
  11. Woking Thread

    Bloody hell.
  12. Dagenham Tuesday.

    It was a terrible approach to the game. At the time we were scrutinising every fixture for how winnable it was, comparing the difficulty of our run-in to the others, and ours was about average. They'd been whipping boys all season, we really needed a win, and if they didn't win that night they'd be mathematically relegated. So what we did in those circumstances only compounded the abysmal performance.
  13. Summer Recruitment

    Who he? Could he strike up a partnership with Hobbs?
  14. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Kidderminster away under Harvey was the moment at which many of us felt we were going down once again. Harvey often liked to talk about absorbing attacks and surging forward and indeed that got us some results (Altrincham in front of the camera), but the second half consisted of an extreme version of that where we shadowed Harriers as they attacked, then took it off them around the box and blasted it towards their end, only for them to collect it and attack again. Over and over. I think fewer than 150 were there that night for a pivotal game, and to me it was easily on par with Curzon Ashton away last season.
  15. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Completely correct. Whoever we've signed recently and will go on to sign in close season, we'll be putting ourselves in danger if they lack that kind of heart.