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  1. Maidstone highlights

    Stunning movement from Kosylo for that goal. I could bottle that moment up. Four players around him, and he somehow gets his through ball past a fifth, not touching a single Maidstone foot along the way. Edwards the more obvious option, but it works. Eventually, things work out for him. Man that's cheered me up.
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    I'm on a vow of silence for now. Well done, and phew.
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

  4. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Thing is, that should be a decent line-up.
  5. Unbelievable Jeff

    What a load of rubbish Hoddie. We beat Dover too.
  6. Altrincham

    It's almost like he's a pointless troll with issues that a football fans' forum alone can't treat. 
  7. Altrincham

    Anyone else remember when Shay "I don't care about gays and will prove how little I care by making 50 posts demeaning them" trev called someone a "faggot" on here?
  8. Altrincham

    Typical neo-nazi resorting to personal insults. Sad!
  9. Altrincham

    What a relief that a neutral former National Front candidate is telling us what is and isn't ideological. Now and as always, get out of our club.
  10. The right philosophy

    Good for Scholes, too. From all that I've heard, the financial doping at Salford aside, he's a decent and down-to-earth person who hasn't abandoned his roots despite once being one of the greatest midfielders in the world.
  11. Altrincham

    I see how fully mad you are and that's the problem. A sad indictment that you're ever out in public.
  12. Altrincham

    Get ****ed Teddy, you're the one who's pissed himself for attention over the colour of a football kit.
  13. Altrincham

    As soon as Erik made the original post I could hear Shaytrog's knuckles being dragged over to his Maltese keyboard from miles off. Gahhh! Why are the gays doing this Beryl? We've all moved on! I don't care anymore! I definitely don't care! In fact, it's those Muslims what care! Which I don't! Why don't we persecute them instead? They're more homophobic than me! Which I'm not! And I didn't hear any bigoted chanting at Chesterfield because there wasn't any! There were no Muslims at that game to be bigoted anyway! Because non-Muslims aren't! Beryl? Did I tell you how little I care about what the gays do provided they don't shove it down our throats? I don't care anyway! Typical Muslims! Gahhh!
  14. Now Is The Time To Go

  15. Where did it all go wrong?

    You know, maybe we'll win at Maidstone and he'll get a double-page spread in next Saturday's Yorkshire Post where he explains to the sports editor that he's a humble little patio heater in a world of rainbow suspenders. We've had that cycle of events before.