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  1. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    I honestly agree with you, that has to be part of it. As soon as anyone cites the last eighteen months of football as a reason Heath's rubbish, any sympathy I had for them and their argument flies away. We were promoted last season, and you literally can't do better than that. There are plenty of clubs that sink into a league where their support is amongst the largest, who stay there for a while longer than a season.  And Heath hasn't done owt at this level... because he's been at this level for less than five months, under a club with no significant financial clout. That's all. All of which have been characterised by some very special people who've hounded him non-stop. Few managers see any success while there's been a faction who victimise them and all their efforts non-stop. To Heath's credit he's one of the better few. These people have said it all along, and whenever bad form comes along they're delighted because it means the majority are apparently waking up to what they said all along. It's the same as starting to complain about the cold in April, and waking up this morning going "See? Snow! I was right all along!" What we do know is that with full backing, Heath has taken his former club into this league to be one of the all-time smallest outfits to have featured at this level. It's that managerial ambition that the board would've seen in him. Now let's imagine what he can do with us when given time and backing (it'd be a first), so we can pull through this pedestrian example of bad form, watch the injury crisis blow over and see what's learnt. Few middling Conference sides have seen success by starting over at the slightest shock, otherwise Southport would be in the football league by now. Slow transitions and building on what you've got work a charm, as Macclesfield, Aldershot, Sutton and Dover are currently showing.
  2. Richard Marshall

    That's like mentioning that he never scored in the 1975/76 DDR-Oberliga season: we released him when we were still in the Evo-Stik! Keep up Statto 
  3. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Classic thread this, an innocent thread starting with highlights from a breakthrough game I'd largely forgotten about, derailed by one of the golden handful, descending into 30+ posts of "**** you, you ****, how dare you insult people, I'd never insult you, you wanker".
  4. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  5. Time to bite the bullet

    The problem is the "paid the same" bit. Players with work on the side will want their old wages covered in a full-time contract.
  6. Puzzle Hall

    That's right! The bid was confirmed as accepted the other day. I'm taking the official announcement as saying that we're no longer being pushed around for it to be raised out of our pockets. The upper aim of £350k has been set to satisfy not only the bid (which I'm assuming is circa the original target), but the huge renovations that would be required (carefully counted, costed, surveyed and researched by all means), plus a big fat contingency for when these things start costing even more. Tidbits of course have been raised by the very spirited fundraisers we've seen several times over this year, and it's great of the likes of Arden Road and Hollins Mill next door to help out one of their own. It's wonderful to think that somewhere down the line we'll all be in there once again with good beer and company, hopefully a better place than ever. All lines up for a rewarding experience for an irreplaceable venue! First though I think I'll be there with a few others in some PPE...
  7. A League of their Own

  8. New Manager or New Forward?

    I've told Mrs Cowley to hurry up and that a few on are getting anxious.
  9. U19's 2017/18

    A short Steve Nichol interview, where he discusses finding that crucial pathway between yoof football and the first team:
  10. New Manager or New Forward?

    The bloke who brags that he celebrates and laughs when Town concede/lose won't be renewing his season ticket if Heath stays? Excuse me while I clutch my pearls.
  11. Michael Collins

    It sounds like the changing direction of his career made it fall to us quite nicely on this one. Heartening to see amongst dozens of targets we've failed to secure. Hopefully he'll continue to impress in front of the home crowd these next two weeks.
  12. What about the game

    Cheers Flea, breath of fresh air to have your match reports back.
  13. Today game aldershot

    Apparently I'm a pipsqueak but Ted Lee's still too scared to make himself known to me, no idea what that makes him if everyone else is a "pink pussy hat ponce" 
  14. Today game aldershot

    It's funny how he made that flouncy post the other week about putting all of Halifax to rights, and that any retort to him is "water off a duck's back", but as soon as somebody mentions his name on a match thread he puts his trip abroad on hold to have another cry on here.
  15. Heath In

    Today's certainly being one of the stranger ones I've seen pre-3pm, but everyone who counts is happy tonight.