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  1. Halifax Gala..

    To quote the eminent Terence of Chadwick himself, “wow, just wow”. If they hadn’t even bought when we did £200 STs under Heath then we really are doing well as that spells out 350 or so newcomers already. Should more than make up for those lost because of last season’s dross.
  2. AGM Cup

    Never heard such praise heaped on Guildford before.
  3. AGM Cup

    Agreed with all that. I know it sounds a bit tinpot to downsize in some ways, but we’re already a league below Forest Green and Salford chuffing City so we have little to lose!
  4. Justin Edinburgh

    What a sickening thing to happen. The best team I saw last season. Well done to him.
  5. AGM Cup

    I’m big into my north/south separation thing now. Sorry SDS types and possibly mj85. Put it this way, does anyone believe going to Borehamwood over Spennymoor is owt other than a waste of fuel?
  6. AGM Cup

    We’ve gone back to the good old days today, as Gateshead have been demoted to the Conference North in the league’s Annual General Meeting, giving a reprieve to Aldershot. Not fond of either as places to go, but sad to see matters off the field taking hold again.
  7. Challenge cup

    Just type “Not arsed” into this box and submit a reply. It takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and feels ace.
  8. 75 Years on

    I’m sat in a sports bar in Moscow, watching a dreadful ending to a promising game. Yesterday I took a tour around the Jewish History Museum in the north of the town, and absorbed the sacrifices and losses of another country against the Nazis and their fascist accomplices. One survivor had been accosted by the Red Army under suspicion of being a German spy. Just as he was being tied up for execution, he cried out, “Why would you think I’m a spy? I’m Jewish!” ”Prove it,” replied the soldier, “And recite your prayers.” So the prosecuted man recited out his psalms in fluent Hebrew, and the soldier lowered his gun and cried for them, “Brother, I am Jewish too!” We must keep their subsequent treatment in mind after the Reichstag was taken, especially subsequent purges, terrors and their treatment as refugees in most countries as being so hostile, that most everywhere turned a blind eye. That places like Salford are such a haven for British Jewry should never be disparaged or taken for granted, as they have almost entirely abandoned whole countries elsewhere. Stories of people eating leaves, drinking from puddles or living in attic cupboards under different names are hard to fully comprehend, but all is not well across the world today either. I’ve seen of the hell wrought by the puppet Ustaše state in the Balkans too. Once Mussolini’s men took these countries, little children were taken and deemed unworthy of life, stripped, shaven, and left in piles to die in cellars, drenched in cyanide, the dead amongst the dying. It feels like there’s enough devastation worldwide that wherever you are, history is enough for us all to shout “never again”.
  9. Shaun Tuton

    Not arsed.
  10. York City

    I see a stadium far from the amenities people use before or after a game, seemingly without any standing terraces, and a big ugly complex tacked onto it built for specific extra earnings that these clubs likely ditch after a few years. All for a top entrance fee that exceeds away tickets in the top tier of English football.  Sure it’s quality for sedate fans with cars and benefactors, but these places are all that’s being built now for all but the top clubs, and they take so much joy and atmosphere out of the game.
  11. Darlington

    If I were chairman of FC Halifax Town I would simply spend more than all the other chairmen.
  12. Jamie’s at the Wheel

    I think your son has been getting the same ideas as some of those in the South Stand who make the third/fourth lines go “We’ve got Hanson and big Marty Brown/We’re the famous Halifax Town”.  I’m unsure where a lot of the tunes originate, but recently found out another they like to do is based on an Italo-disco tune (We’re loyal supporters and we’re Shaymen through and through/Allez allez allez...):
  13. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    NYD at home easily. Means you can simply crawl out of bed in the afternoon and get to the game.
  14. How to..... Play football

    I had that feeling and asked a friend from Gorton the other week. He said it straight that the title was a better achievement, even given last year and the success of this campaign. I think it’s the marathon nature of it that proves their worth and the fact more Mancunians are on the scene to witness it.
  15. How to..... Play football

    Truly a masterclass in how to spend blood money.