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  1. 10th Dec 1988 Alty 0-3 Town (FAC)

    Frank appears at the 12:49 mark.
  2. Collins

    Welcome to the Shay, Shaun Tuton!
  3. Barrow Away

    Of course we made money from the Trophy when we won it  The infamous "breaking even" gripe from D-Buz was on the back of paying off two managers following on from a significant drop in crowds from playing crap football.
  4. Dagenham Today’s game

    The game seemed low on talking points, given the National League highlights saw fit to include one clip of the ball being dinked from side to side of the touchline several times before going out for a throw-in?
  5. Dagenham Today’s game

    Yeah, it's not like I want him back and he didn't start off on a wrong foot, but it's painful to read over and over again that some hard working but frustrating managers we've had are somehow evil 
  6. Dagenham Today’s game

    Aye, imagine if every time a Fullarton side went behind, a small section of wreckers would chant "Fullarton out!" at him, and if we attempted an attack during an otherwise poor game they'd start "Fullarton out!" again to hinder their own team, and if he came up to applaud fans at the end (if he did such a thing), that the wreckers would chant "Fullarton out!" back at him and then cry themselves to sleep if they ever got a reaction from it? Honestly, the only reason Fullarton hasn't achieved that so far is because his surname is three syllables long which classifies it as an epic, Homeric poem to the sort of wreckers who'd be so vocal and vituperative towards him. I appreciate you weren't there of course, but it was grim to listen to that I hope we never hear the likes again, even if our next manager is absolutely dire and named something easy and digestible for his tormentors, "Ug" for example.
  7. Dagenham Today’s game

    If you wouldn't "like" a post berating Fullarton over four swivel-eyed paragraphs and speaking sense for one paragraph, then I'd be as respectful about others who've put a lot of sweat into this club.
  8. Dagenham Today’s game

    Come off it, you're only making yourself look daft. Enjoy your night.
  9. Dagenham Today’s game

    Embarrassing vitriol towards someone who got serious dedication from his players week after week even when quality was absent, the former being desperately lacking from this side half the time. His achievements at Furby were hard to replicate anywhere else for the club's stature, and it sez it all about the stability he oversaw, that since his departure they're on course for a third subsequent bottom finish with a current goal difference of -35. The passage of time is making most realise that, and don't let him fulfilling his remit a year early with a promotion that is irremovable from our history books get in the way of griping towards a duo I found as pleasant as they could be under their working conditions. Once again it seems to come down to snobbery. A manager climbing up the leagues coming from a smaller club is a humiliation many can't take, even though his own past players are willing to drop leagues to share a dressing room. In the meantime, only a manager descending the leagues to find a level at which he's competent is credited with doing his best. Sad that Scot, having spent dozens and dozens of posts defending his friend from untoward insults, sees fit to "like" such a petulant post as this.
  10. Dagenham Today’s game

    Sound point. Much more to do, but we've averted disaster.
  11. Downloaded that Queen movie the other night

    Fairly good film, but the picture quality really wasn't great. Think someone must have filmed it in the cinema because I see a little silhouetto of a man.
  12. Shaywomen

    Ironic coming from the biggest radgie on here.
  13. Michael Collins situation

    Sounds a good idea. Bradford City themselves have had all their footballing decisions signed off or overruled by their chairman this season, and nothing bad's happening over there.
  14. FA Cup

    A band I got into off the back of seeing the cover to Some Fool's Mess deep in the racks    Edit: the B-side to it is worth playing if you prefer a more traditional disposal too, May the Earth Open Here.
  15. Guiseley

    Do Metallica fans have the derring-do to break Nethermoor's tightly-stewarded max capacity?