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  1. Away prices

    Horrific stuff. Roll on £10 minimum wage!
  2. Glastonbury

    I'd presume the same thing happens at Glastonbury. Flares are officially banned, the festival has been policed more than ever for offensive items given recent atrocities, searches will have been made at the gates, but out of hundreds of thousands of punters a few will sneak them through. I mean, feativals are never quite successful when they perform drug searches too are they?
  3. What's going on?

    Oh lay off him Steve, he's only been watching us two seasons.
  4. What's going on?

    I think the "Where's Freddy?" close season took the biscuit with its lack of news. Was that 2012 or 2013? Nowt wrong with what we've done so far. We've been looking at a tweak in the team rather than an overhaul, and a few signings coming in at the start of the month is usual praxis.
  5. Golf Day

    Harry Stead's profile picture on their website is... interesting...
  6. Golf Day

    That's because it's a classic and stylish medium hatchback that combines good fuel economy with high performance.
  7. Golf Day

    I'm embarrassed by this bunker mentality. Bosomworth isn't the bogey man. You've teed up a serious row here.
  8. Golf Day

    Typical of Mr V to chip in and drive a wedge between those at our club. I've flagged his post in the hope it goes down a hole somewhere.
  9. Welsh Premier League

  10. Season tickets. & signings.

    I don't think Heath has been looking at an overhaul of players. Didn't he claim he only wanted one or two added?
  11. V9 Academy

    Late to this, but absolutely spot on.
  12. Heath in the NLP

    Let's hope it doesn't go tits up.
  13. Heath in the NLP

    Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but there's a nice "Good, Bad & Ugly" interview with Billy Heath in today's Non-League Paper. It charts a lot of his career, which I think has been widely, widely under-reported. How many of us knew he took Bridlington through three promotions at the start of his managerial career?
  14. Signings for next season

    I heard we're currently agreeing terms with a top creative midfielder from the Persian Gulf Pro League called Amar Pullinyalegh.
  15. Jordan Sinnot

    Well, Chesterfield are incredibly poor at the moment, and they previously signed Gardner...