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  1. Wilder

    When we advertise for (youth) players by mentioning Vardy, Gregs, Roberts and Hogan maybe we should advertise for managers in the future by mentioning the big man’s name. Re-sign, Wilder!
  2. Town Vs Wrexham

    I must see that Gordon Banks save again, as well as Rodney’s clever winner when no-one expected him to take that shot. Two genuine “wow” moments for me.
  3. Today’s game Hartlepool

    To be fair I'd agree with your judgment if so. Can't be having a keeper conceding wild, mid-height crosses AND joining ISIS in the same season.
  4. Disappointing

    Come on now Archie. Can’t believe these impossible-to-please fans who expect us to win more than once a month.
  5. Today’s game Hartlepool

    If so, then it follows that our second half team talks are consistently not up to scratch. Even if he motivates them and changes tactics to whatever degree, he's usually doing less than the dressing room opposite.
  6. Today’s game Hartlepool

    The last hurrah of this game felt to me to be the long cross in the first half that was spilt by the goalkeeper, with the offside being flagged before Duku could get to it. After that, as with so many other games, a Fullarton-shaped plug was lodged into proceedings. We were good initially and the short passing game built up well and created openings as demonstrated with the goal. After the aforementioned offside it barely went past the midfield. Exceedingly dull thereafter, sure it's ironic how many want kick-and-chase back despite absolutely hounding a previous manager who made many successful seasons of it. But despite an acceptable first half, you have to wonder what the point in all this is, when we consistently drop any initiative for at least half of almost every game. Because we're so convincing at treading water we decide we don't bother breaking into a doggy paddle most of the time. 27% win rate this season is the return, becoming 19% since the start of September. Sure Fullarton works hard and "Rome wasn't built in a day", however his footballing ideology ("play as if nobody's watching: sap all spectacle out to reap the most conservative rewards") will be harder for him to (want to) change. So it's more likely he'll tire of trying than put together a team you can look forward to watching each week. And even a player who might be, like Kosylo, ends up playing with clipped wings. For now, thank chuff for Rodney and to a lesser extent Duku, without whom............ 
  7. Shay Hotel?

    Chadders to that. The newer Leyton Orient stand is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in football. I welcome the day that its huge pitch-side facade starts crumbling, which shouldn't be too far away. Not a fan of the hotels on the corners either. I've heard architects refer to their roofs as "Blair hats" because they were so popular in "luxury development" in the New Labour years.
  8. Shay Hotel?

    It goes to show how good the acoustics are that we can still hear "Ayre out!" ricocheting back and forth nearly 30 years on.
  9. Shay Hotel?

    There's the strong sentimental value (what's the name of this forum again), plus the acoustics and "classic" appearance to it and its topography. Also, there's somebody on the Facebook Courier comments suggesting that the Council sells the Shay to the public. Speechless at that one
  10. Cinema at the shay

    I went to the test screening at the Shay but the projector was positioned so badly that I see a little silhouetto of a man.
  11. Shay Hotel?

    Does the Shay’s Wikipedia page still describe that plan to expand the Skircoat to two tiers backing into the road? Would’ve been a brilliant plan if we got 8x the support we do, but a hotel could incorporate that too for sure. I would only hope we somehow preserve some of the pitched roof, or incorporate a smaller newish one. Not the way architecture goes in 2019, but ey...
  12. Alarming

    This is correct. Last home game of the season in '08/09 saw about 900 come through the door vs. Trafford though, which actually was a dead rubber.
  13. Leyton Orient match.

    It's not my expertise, but I do wonder how Aspin steered clear of the permanent injury crisis we've had for the last 3+ years. Under Harvey we had most of our midfielders and defenders out towards the end where you had Hibbs starting in RB for example and a bench made up of inconsistent wingers and no-hopers like Fairhurst and Fazlic. Then it was back to a crisis straightaway under Heath with Wilde and King out, O'Brien in etc, though the complaints I recall about it back then weren't as bad as autumn the next year when we ended up playing four CMs for a few games. We seemed to have a tight ship of players doing it for each other by the end of 2016/17. Then you have similar problems now with substantial long-term injuries, although to Fullarton's credit they've been replaced on a very tight basis and I don't think, Rowley aside, we have a fit player who's been sitting out most games.
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    See you back on here once this week's episode of Victoria's finished, then.