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  1. Tranmere today

    Yep, bread and circuses!
  2. Tranmere today

    With that in mind, can we permit Billy Heath to play the most hideously effective hoofball imaginable and hire out a bear driving a little motor car around the pitch perimeter for our entertainment fill?
  3. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    TV money but that's about it. Hopefully they'll get a couple thousand home fans for it, you never know. It'll be an unceremonious way to probably crash out of the Cup but at least it's at home for them. Would expect them to be aiming for the playoffs on their crowds too, although South Shields and Scarborough alone make it a challenging league. We'll see how Comical gets on, but I'm sure he won't be coming up with many wild excuses now he's actually pulling his own weight!
  4. Tranmere today

    We're all labouring this point so I may as well join in. Compare adult admission at the Shay to other ways of getting two hours worth of leisure: Cinema ticket: £10 Magazine: £4 Brew pub meal/pint deal: £8 Takeaway and pint: £10 Two course restaurant meal and drink: £20 Televised football at the pub w/ three pints: £10.50 Two CDs: £18 Ah, go on then... Bradford ice rink!: £6 It's more on par with one of the big theme parks for the rate you're paying. And yeah, that was for zero entertainment in the second half apart from their free kick, and yeah, asking for your money back there is daft because if all clubs actually did that, then you'd be seeing 1/5 of them refunding vexed fans every Saturday. And yeah, we'll all be back next week. If you're on minimum wage looking after yourself with no dependents, then you've probably spent more than half your wage after rent and tax anyway. Most people in that situation will be. Then there's your phone, food, TV/internet, transport and power and you're down to a few £20s for the unexpected, before even thinking about putting any of that towards the football. Your job might be in care, catering, retail and the pay ceiling's not too high. Training, apprenticeships and further education exist if you can make the commitment, not always straightforward. None of this pay or education makes you any better a person either way. Sign some men Aspin.
  5. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Hyde's directors will be rubbing their hands at a home draw against MK Donalds and the chance to cash in on all six of their away supporters.
  6. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Kelly's Hyde are in the bag but we're not. Genuinely humiliating.
  7. No new signings ?.

    There's someone to the right of me at the Shay who's forever screaming "RUBBISH MACDONALD" just before Macdonald makes a good move. 
  8. Boreham Wood Thread

    Ultimately, we've hit bad form due to losing our winning line-up over the last four games, and have had a bit of hard lines during that time too, as we could've beat either Wrexham or Morning Wood. Torquay is a great chance to get back to winning ways, but will take a lot of effort still to pick things up. Then we can think about Tranmere away, which will be a whole new challenge against a team that might just be getting their season on track.
  9. Tranmere today

    All a case of chalk and cheese really, because we know that Morgan's a brilliant finisher and capable of much more than tap-ins here and there, but still suffers from having an incomplete game despite his potential. You won't get him consistently playing to the whistle, going for the second ball, zipping back and forth to pester defenders, or giving it to a man in a better position. Denton's extremely busy, great at placing himself, a consistent goalscorer with a powerful shot, generous and fully aware of his physical attributes. But he'll never be fast, sometimes has a 50p head and isn't too clinical. Both are brilliant to have but my impression is that Denton is always trying to maximise his potential, while Morgan's unaware and possibly even reluctant to use his, which would make him much more than non-league. Hopefully he can develop with us. It'll be his best chance.
  10. Tranmere today

    Come on mate, that's hardly fair.
  11. Neil Aspin

    My mind's absolutely fried, steve lumb. Going to the Shea today made matters worse.
  12. Neil Aspin

    Yeah, dreck really in that second half. Four CMs on the bench after Charles, that's not bad substituting, it's simply not having the options left. Since the resulting formation was flatter than a lemonade that's been left out for a week before being run over by a bus, it's clear that we need to up our search for medium-to-long-term players in place of Hobbs and King: a CB preferably who can also work on the right, and any sort of overtly attacking player, a bonus if he can take free kicks. Felt like having one man up front today, only Tomlinson doing the yards. An opposition side with Jennings, Cook and Norwood must surely get the goals in at some point, but our defence was leaking throughout the first half and no, that wasn't all Moyo's fault as the blame goes. Bummer to be out of the FA Cup in the first round, which in our 10th season since reforming is a first, but at least we'll have summat resembling a full squad for our league game next week albeit without a balanced bench.
  13. No new signings ?.

    Christ, why did I read this thread and how can I get back all the brain cells I've lost?
  14. On this day 11th October

    Remain? But I voted LEAVE!
  15. On this day 11th October

    We need to throw some match threads that end up becoming ranty, months-long autopsies into that forum if this is the case.