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  1. Matty Browns Interview

    Surely a golf hole would suffice for Chesh? Out of all this pre season chaos may come a half decent season. Champions by Pancake Day.  
  2. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    Assistant ref got injured tonight so he had to replace him. I said "Hi Sho Silva lining"
  3. Fullarton Gone!!

    Amen. There's a big difference between being able to keep a business in the black and actually running a football club. Our BOD are good at one of those, hopeless at the other. For what it's worth I'd prefer Roger Moore over Ronnie Moore. Keith Hill would be perfect, but there's no way he'd put up with Mr B, one has ambition the other doesn't. But, we don't know how lucky we are apparently.
  4. Frickley Game Off

    This is just a saga now Dave. Is Dave there?
  5. Prediction.

    Prediction.   The greatest Steel Pulse song ever.
  6. Will the BOD go ?

    Not while there’s a round of golf to play.  Like I’ve said a million times before, we’re waiting for all the chaff to be left over to sign on for peanuts. It happens every season.  Cue the abuse from the usual suspects telling us everything is hunky dory in Bosomworthland.  11 years without a club shop.    
  7. Glastonbury

    My highlight was Tim Burgess from The Charlatans haircut and dungarees combo. To be fair to Tame Impala the sound system was appalling, they’ve done some really good stuff but even I thought they sounded sh!te tonight. Sound engineer OUT. Glasto is a bit of a joke now, it used to be genuinely alternative and left field, now it’s just middle class people trying to be zen. As for Embrace, they make Cliff Richard sound like Motörhead. You can’t get much more middle of the road indie than them.
  8. MBI & Northern Powerhouse Developments

    So what you’re all saying is, I might as well have a picture of Robert Maxwell on the front of my recently purchased sale home shirt?
  9. The club tweets about lack of signings

    In a word, no. But a fantastic story all the same. I’m a big fan of the Chemie boys, for obvious political reasons, but it comes to something when you want their slightly right wing rivals to rise up against the scheisse of Red Bull. P.s those statues would have put 5 passed our Conference team of 96-97.
  10. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Remember when you used to line up in the school yard and the teachers would take it in turns to choose a player for their team? The kids that were chosen last, that's who Halifax Town sign. All the chaff that's left over when the other teams have spent their money. I hope to be proven wrong but I'm not holding my breath.   
  11. V.A.R

    Correct, I've said this from day 1. France's penalty retaken last night after she missed the original, because the goalie moved a yard forward off her line.  Rules is rules blah blah blah but if we're gonna get so OCD about every minor transgression then we may as well pack it in now, it is killing games stone dead. But, as long as there is some chairman somewhere saying "that decision will cost our club 'x' amount of money" we will be stuck with this charade. Football did OK in it's first hundred and odd years of existence without it.
  12. Justin Edinburgh

    Absolutely heartbreaking tragic news. RIP.
  13. Challenge cup

    A very rare 0-0 against the Codheads I seem to remember? 4-3 in the replay?  
  14. Frickley

    Can’t we collar East Stirling for a match whilst they’re down here? I might actually go to that one. Come on JF, it’s time for a Scottish friendly revival.   

    A tough choice this one, shall I get my teeth extracted with a pair of rusty pliers or shall I pour vinegar on an open flesh wound. As Salford don't have a picture of Thatcher up in their boardroom, don't post billboards supporting Theresa May at their ground, and generally don't act like fascist gammons, I think I'm gonna support them. I realise some of you will use these reasons to support Fylde.  The Wembley catering staff will be the big winners today, I hope they've brought a good book to read to ease the boredom.