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    A tough choice this one, shall I get my teeth extracted with a pair of rusty pliers or shall I pour vinegar on an open flesh wound. As Salford don't have a picture of Thatcher up in their boardroom, don't post billboards supporting Theresa May at their ground, and generally don't act like fascist gammons, I think I'm gonna support them. I realise some of you will use these reasons to support Fylde.  The Wembley catering staff will be the big winners today, I hope they've brought a good book to read to ease the boredom.
  2. Notts

    They claimed to be the oldest professional league club. I guess they will still be the oldest professional club, unless Sheffield FC hire a full time tea lady.  And to think their place could be taken by Fylde, who have less at home matches than Notts take to some away matches. That’s the way it’s going, the lines between traditional league club and non-league are getting more and more blurred.      
  3. Brighouse Town

    Will Pontecarlo Collieries go up if they win? It’s all a bit confusing and farcical. Please tell me this is a temporary measure until the restructuring is complete?
  4. Playoffs

    1,560. Wow. That is embarrassing, even with an earlier kick off.
  5. My first ever season ticket bought. I might get to 10 matches and make a profit of £1 depending on shifts. My 5 and 2 year old daughters will also be getting one. I doubt they’ll go to many if any matches, but at least they can say they were season ticket holders at such an early age which makes Dad very proud. One day in the future they will proudly look at me and say “Dad, why on earth did you get my a season ticket to watch that ****?” I think we should get some posters up in Huddersfield, not that anyone will buy one, but give them a taste of their own medicine with their aggressive marketing in Halifax. Perhaps use the space where “Premier League, Premier Town” once stood under the ‘Welcome to Huddersfield’ road signs.  
  6. Fylde Away

    Fylde’s “lap of honour” was one of the funniest things I’ve seen at a match. After the tannoy announcer pleaded with the masses to stay off the pitch at full time several times, barely 20 stayed behind to give them a gentle County Cricket applause after a maiden over. I almost felt sorry for the Fylde players and wanted to clap them from the pitch myself. There is not enough room or support for Blackpool, Preston, Fleetwood and Fylde in the football league. One of Fleetwood or Fylde will go full on Rushden & Diamonds within 5 years, and on today’s evidence it will be Fylde.  As the Boston fans sang “you’re just a pub team with money” Gammon money, from a pro fracking Gammon chairman.
  7. Concord Rangers

    Just when they thought their season was about to take off.    
  8. Title Race Could End Tonight

    Indeed. I had a look at the table recently, they actually won 1 more game than us.  Bonus points for anyone who remembers the opposition for the 2 defeats?
  9. Fylde Arrangements

    You can use the barcode from your phone to gain access without having to print. However, if you were born before 1970 you might find this futuristic technology overwhelming. Big Brother is watching you Vinny old luv. The last time I went was the 3-2 defeat and it was a free-for-all, you could stand, sit and drink wherever you wanted. I assume they’ve tightened things up since then.
  10. Title Race Could End Tonight

    Liverpool could finish 2nd on 97 points and 1 defeat.  And we thought Lancaster City had it bad.
  11. Fylde on the Train

    You should arrive just as Fylde score their fifth then. Wise move. For anyone who wants to see the 12.30 kick off and all Fylde’s goals I recommend the 09.23 from Halifax, with a change at Preston.
  12. Promotion/Play Offs

    I can’t see Solihull winning the title.  Even if they beat Orient they’d have to do it 4-0 or more to make up the goal difference and go above them. I can’t see Orient slipping up at home to Braintree on Saturday. It’s Orient or Salford I reckon. Doom and gloom in Stockport after losing to Chorley, but Chorley have a tricky game at Spennymoor today, I reckon Stockport could still do it with Curzon and Nuneaton to play.    
  13. Shay Hotel?

    “Welcome to the Hotel Paddy Roche, such a lovely place” A commemorative vending machine should stand on the exact spot of his tuck shop.  
  14. Random image of the day

    Jordan Burrow autographed the table he was sat at.
  15. Random image of the day

    It was definitely Stevie Wonder’s first game as kit man. Are we wearing Scunny’s shorts?