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  1. Trendyfax

    Hebden Bridge is the "Let's Move To..." in the Grauniad this weekend, great week for the area in one paper at least. Now to match it with some good news in the sport section!
  2. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    Morescum were in financial trouble a season or two back if the local rag is to be believed, and that's with a pie stall that sells the Football League's best pies! I thought they tended to hover over the 2,000 mark for gates, but I suppose a few bad seasons may have taken their toll.
  3. Trendyfax

    Just imagine the plaudits if that 2,000 seater crèche had been built.
  4. Appointment Made!!

    For 2.30 at the dentists?
  5. New manager...What if...

    Him and Darren Peacock. TS has recently been done for drink driving and racial abuse. He's serving a 20 month driving ban so doubt he'll be able to do the commute. Although managing us could count towards his community service. I think they started quite well with City though.
  6. Away kit 2018/19

    I've still got mine despite Mrs Mouse pleading with me to get rid. I wore it to an away game game at Morecambe, and was asked the (presumably rhetorical) question "what the f**k is that?" by one of the locals as I got off a bus.
  7. Tony Abbott

    Thought @swifty62 brought it to this board's attention and got dogs abuse off some rather than the thanks he should have received?
  8. Should we be winning on Saturday,

    I very much doubt you will have the desired effect