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  1. Preston

    went to watch guiseley v gateshead last season (for no other reason but to watch ex shaymen).jordan preston playing for gateshead ex guiseley and i was very impressed with him.played left side took on players  and put good balls in to penalty box. think he should be alright for us.signings so far look good for attacking football.
  2. Nathan Hotte

    Is that the last of the NF connection or have I missed somebody out  
  3. Playoff final

    I know we miss out on a big gate pay out with Tranmere winning but I am over the moon that boring wood will be with us next season

    Steve parkin the money man.so as long as he is there should not go spiralling down.one spiral is ok.
  5. Ebsfleet

    Oh oh is that rain I see  
  6. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Torquay Twitter saying done deal with nicholson
  7. New Signing

    Hibbs took corners Tues night all looked good.
  8. Has Billy boy lost the dressing room?

    Why have a go at Morgan tonite.not the worst player on the field.the only 2 shots we had on goal brought 2 brill saves from their keeper.both from Morgan. Some of his ball control and passes were the only complete passes by any of our team tonite.I'm sure he gets frustrated by some of the cr p around him.not our worst player by any stretch of imagination.
  9. Garner

    so has the club appealed or not.get it sorted one way or the other.
  10. Garner

    well thats it then im sure there is an elbow attached to garners arm.