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  1. Pre Season Friendlies

    That's a nice birthday present
  2. Martin Riley

    This is supposed to be about our football team.can we please stop this politics bulls hit appearing on here. DON'T WE HAVE ANYBODY THAT OVERSEES THIS FORUM THAT CAN CLOSE THIS THREAD.TOTALLY PI $$ED OFF WITH IT. AMEN.    
  3. Sam Johnson

    Sam we love you please please sign for us. Don't forget Wembley and winning play off final.hope to see you soon down at the shay.
  4. Need him for last autograph  on last year's shirt.
  5. Piegate

    Mentioning Mr Bingley. When I was very young watching my beloved shaymen early season game I soon worked out who ate all the pies. He had the biggest waistline ever seen on a professional footballer.  
  6. Sporting Bromsgrove

    Glad they won 2-0 still no excuse for the d head responsible 
  7. Big couple of weeks for the Rugby Club.

    Shouldn't  u be somewhere else now  
  8. Final Reminder

    to be perfectly correct should be ole.ole.ole.ole. halifax.halifax. gospel according to megaphone man.
  9. ashton game

    What is car parking like.is there any?
  10. Worcester 3-2-1

    3 roberts 2 josh 1 hibbs
  11. First of all not discussing any of the antics that went on in yesterdays nuneaton game as enough already said. What was good yesterday was the support and the singing and the encouragement it must give the team. We outsang their supporters and must have embarrassed them that as the home side they should have been calling the tune(both on and off the field) I bet they wished they had support like ours. We will upset teams this year by taking 3 points off them and out singing them. That is all we need to do BUT we need to restrain some of our enthusiasm.I think the lads will know what i mean. I do not want to lose our vocal support as it does help the team when things arent working out and destroys the opposition when they are trying to get back into a game. My final words to the singing and dancing fans is calm the enthusiasm a bit (im sure you know what i mean)carry on the singing and the support of the team and the rest of the supporters would respect you even more.  
  12. would expect the answer to be yes.but i didnt see him.would have thought an appearance on the pitch at half time might have been appropriate as it was supposed to be his testimonial game.??????