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  1. Johnson !!!!!

    Great news.made my day.
  2. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    U wouldn't want to sit down there today the wind and rain blew in there all game.did they treat u for hypothermia after game.  
  3. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    could have stood behind goal. Only £14
  4. Fylde Away

    Great team performance today.all played well.would just like to mention one player who played attacking role,back defending role and put across good deliveries into box.never thought I would ever say this about this player but he had his best game ever for town today.well done Jordan Preston.
  5. Renewed my season ticket
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Will be very interesting to see if Jacob is in the team sat after our injury problems tonite.def will be short of full backs.
  7. Mekhi McLeod

    Brown Clarke and Sam could have a 3 way tie
  8. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    So glad wife made me take her to fuertaventura.wasnt pleased at the time now ecstatic.might not have a manager when I get back with any luck.ah well back to the sun lounger.
  9. Town Vs Aldershot.

    Won't be able to get to the game on Saturday my wife has forced me to take her to fuertaventura. But tell db not to worry he won't be out of pocket I've paid for my season ticket so I will still be making up the numbers.up the town.
  10. Mekhi Mcloed contract

    Came on 2nd half for welling today. 
  11. south stand for tuesday night

    heard from a good source that the south stand might not be open for morecambe game. If we are to get any atmosphere in the ground the south stand is our only option.Ok it might cost a few quid to do this but the reward for winning this tie is I think about £36000.PLus a television payout for live payment guaranteed in the 2nd round.WE need the choir singing in the south stand to urge the players on.So my message to the board think of the bigger picture and OPEN THE SOUTH STAND ON TUESDAY NIGHT>
  12. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Bloody heck we can have our pie and peas and then get from the east stand to the south stand. have we got green team leaders permission.