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  1. Mark Ellis

    I stand corrected and apologise for my error 
  2. Bratfud City

    agree with shaysyke.  those that caused problems at Nuneaton and park avenue and also after home matches have not done the club any favours. we were not blameless at park avenue by any means as some might suggest.
  3. Mark Ellis

    sent down for sexual abuse. played for us between 90-92.
  4. Ben Tomlinson

    Tomlinson may not be league standard but a very good conference level player.  hope we get the best out of him.
  5. Jake Hibbs

    thought with king it was the amount of travel that comes with this league that he can't commit to?
  6. Gainsborough (a)

    Not expecting promotion this season. We do need to be competitive though. 
  7. Gainsborough (a)

    Not yet seen the new players yet so can't comment on that. Heath though is known to play with the same tactics which can be boring as hell to watch.
  8. Gainsborough (a)

    Everyone will differ over Denton. To me he is a cart horse who can head a ball but chase nothing on the deck. Yes he can defend in the air but what use is that if it stops us breaking away from corners when we have to hold the ball up waiting for him to get forward? Refs give teams countless free kicks when his elbows catch players and how often does he fly into a tackle? He will be found out in this league.
  9. Gainsborough (a)

    didn't we try signing Tomlinson before but his wage demands were too high?
  10. Signings for next season

    what about him? 
  11. The latest ?.

    are the 600+ including kids season tickets?  as I remember last year the figure released was for adult and paid season tickets for the younger ones but not those that get free tickets.
  12. billys balty night

    wouldn't mind seeing Charles play as a striker in a 4-4-2
  13. billys balty night

    it's not always about yardage covered in a game. the shay has a big pitch where the ball can be sprayed around and played to feet. lump it long then you are going to get players charging around like headless chickens. let the ball do the work and less energy used.
  14. billys balty night

    fitness also needs a lot of work this season. too many times we looked dead on our feet in the second half last season.
  15. Signings for next season

    you can't help but feel that billy is struggling with finding players beyond ferriby. I remember jacobs had players he wanted in his little black book. I think billys list is probably on a piece of scrap paper.