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  1. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    So the answer is to stick with a clueless heath and still drop? Personally I think we are better off taking the chance on a new manager who can't do any worse but could do better.
  2. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    all clubs below the level he is at now.  he is out of his depth.
  3. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    ERIK No win in the next 2 and its new manager time. Team selection coupled with the performances are just baffling. Sorry Billy lad but you are teetering on the brink. Can't see you coming back from this   If you can't see him coming back from this, why give him another two games?
  4. Hartlepool team

    no surprise heath blaming the ref
  5. Hartlepool team

    well done heath you nearly got a draw second half 
  6. Hartlepool team

    136 travelled. how many bridges do they pass coming home?
  7. Hartlepool team

    denton goal was ruled out for offside
  8. Hartlepool team

    can see it now in the courier. we didn't lose the second half, I can't ask for more from the lads. they all put in the graft but we came up just too short.
  9. Hartlepool team

    bet there are still some that can't see that whistler
  10. Hartlepool team

    with all this wind behind us let's hope we don't follow through or we are all in the sh*t 
  11. Hartlepool team

    thought it was Clarke for middleton?
  12. Hartlepool team

    i'll have it 
  13. Hartlepool team

    fair enough bubba but he should be gone after tonight
  14. Hartlepool team

    out of sight before half time 
  15. Hartlepool team

    remember the fans turning on the players at Harrogate railway. could this be the night for a repeat?