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  1. Town end just after the equaliser

    After watching that you have to ask why that atmosphere isn't repeated at the shay. Where are all the singer's for home matches?
  2. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    What year was Dan Gardner?
  3. This seasons shirt

    Is that why they use a player called the refrigerator? He comes on weighing about 40 stone in weight. 
  4. This seasons shirt

    Different colour by all accounts 
  5. Tonight's Bod meeting

    Who will play left back now Hanley is gone?
  6. Tonight's Bod meeting

    Brown confirmed as captain
  7. I'm worried about our defence

    It's worrying that we defend every corner with everyone back. Always thought Harvey had the best idea of leaving 3 up to catch teams on the break and draw defenders out of our box.
  8. Fax

    Think I read somewhere a while ago that rent increases more with success. The rugby can't afford to go up 
  9. Boston Thread

    Duckworth deffo back and 5 or 6 to be announced after 1st of august
  10. Another Golf day

    That would be par for the course
  11. Brighouse Town Match Details

    Can you knock a wall down to put bigger gates in place? 
  12. New Signings

    Have we supplied accommodation for these players. It's a big commute to training
  13. Moussa Diarra

    Not a signing but decided to leave barrow after being offered a contract
  14. Moussa Diarra

    Not seen him play for barrow but those that have did you rate him? 6ft 6 centre half.
  15. 3,000 season tickets

    That's sitting on the fence by not being sure. Get off it and say you don't agree old chap