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  1. resignations

    They also had a date booked for a game in July which was set in Feb to play South Wales but then chose hull fc away when it was too late for fcht to be able to sort out a home pre season friendly.
  2. resignations

    They tried to play a reserve game last weekend and wanted to play another before today's Featherstone game. Are you going to say this is incorrect florimo and what about them training on the pitch on Friday?
  3. resignations

    Didnt mark Moore want them out last season?
  4. resignations

    The latest thing to surface is the rugby club telling fans not to buy food and drink at the ground. 
  5. resignations

    Would imagine the Keighley rumour is more likely down to them trying to squeeze more out of the council again.  Yet again they will have thrown there teddy after not being allowed to play a reserve game at the shay.
  6. resignations

    Steele will no longer be on the board.
  7. resignations

    two of our friends from the rubbish code have resigned. our good friend mr steele and mr riley.  wonder what is going on behind the scenes?
  8. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    I bet you witnessed it being filled old timer 
  9. Tomorrows Game - Weather

    clay under the pitch is still a problem.  it's a shame this couldn't be sorted before new drainage was put in place
  10. The western front

    What we don't want is complacency setting in. Get good results in our next two to three games and we are set for a decent season. Lose our next two to three and we could be in a battle. The league is far too tight at the moment.
  11. Yesterday

    Wasn't there Saturday but if it's the same lot as last season they book there own transport.
  12. Dagenham match thread

    Photo of the pitch on fb. It could be off.
  13. Dan Maguire

    Anything to do with a fall out after the torquay away game where ainge chose to catch a train back instead of coming back with the team?
  14. Weather

    Not a drop of rain in cala d'or 
  15. Halifax v St Helens

    You are barred from ever posting on here again