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  1. Danny Clarke

    Mistaken identity I don't like prawns 
  2. Danny Clarke

    More like he was going through the door at the top of the East stand for his end of match prawn sarnie at the same time as me. Only difference being I exited the stand at the main entrance 
  3. Danny Clarke

    Think you might call it approaching him after the match 
  4. Danny Clarke

    Spoke to Mr b yesterday. He didn't discuss anything about a new manager but did say how poor tuton has been and expected a lot more from him.
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    It does smack of bosomworth only acted on sacking heath after the fans turned on Mr b. 
  6. Rugby

    It was done in two stages so maybe the first stage was linked to sponsoring the stands?
  7. Rugby

    Pretty sure the money invested was through a grant that DB did the spade work to get the funds. Could be wrong but not sure he dug in his own pocket.
  8. New manager...What if...

    For a minute I thought it could be Tony Abbott. Premier experience as a coc*. International experience from sitting on a bench in the rugby world cup match at the shay. Wasn't sure of his badges but has management experience and based in the south. 
  9. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Some of our fans would love it if he joined them for a drink 
  10. Rugby

    Friends of someone who sponsors them
  11. Jason Gilchrist

    if he has that much hunger he would turn into a fat lad playing the wrong code 
  12. Rugby

    certainly not helped by some rugby fans banging on about lets churn the pitch up when we play Sheffield. this I should point out was on facebook and not a fans forum.
  13. distraction

    Kaiser chiefs have played in front of a small audience. They used to do surprise concerts at leeds uni I think. 
  14. Ian Helliwell

    seem to remember wilder could throw a few strops but heath took it to another level.
  15. Points To Stay Up

    Didn't someone once put up something about points totals in chart form? Each game it was updated to show points needed. Think it was for the title though.