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  1. Available managers

    I think fans need to be posted around all service stations just in case they deal with interviews there. 
  2. Scot

    Scot Thanks Flea ... don’t take too many breaks from this forum ... you’re one of the best posters on here and know your stuff  All the best to you and yours. Bloody hell its a good job fleas picture isn't on the forum. His head wouldn't fit after that comment. 
  3. Josh On The Way Back

    Wasn't aware you needed any pace at all sitting on a fence all day 
  4. The Pitch

    apparently quite a few supporters have emailed the council playing hell over the amount spent on the pitch and to get it sorted properly.
  5. Pitch now Foocked

    The pitch is not rooting properly hence why specialists are getting brought in. It's done on a budget and has only had 5 weeks and a few days to grow from zero grass.
  6. Bussomworth speaks or squeaks?

    Pack in the political crap. There is a much more Important discussion to be had about what's going on at our club. Will bosomworth set the record straight with the fans. Now is not the time to dither. .
  7. Our Fixtures?

    That's going to be a huge explosion 
  8. Get Bobby ham to drop it off. He lives in north Yorkshire. 
  9. Jack Earing

    Wasn't lenighan highly regarded at Leeds? 
  10. Boring

    The problem with season tickets is that most will have gone to regular supporters who have purchased one for the first time. What was needed was outsiders purchasing tickets for the first time. 
  11. Bosomworth

    It needs investors to come in with the intention of bosomworth stepping down. As long as bosomworth makes all the decisions we are not going anywhere but national and north.
  12. Bosomworth

    Is bosomworth ready to bail out? Comments on here after the meetings he held with fans suggest he is starting to think that way and now he has used the comment in his courier interview. He has again stated all bills would be paid if he bailed out. I have no doubt that if bosomworth bails out then peacock and ham would follow suit. 
  13. The club tweets about lack of signings

    If everyone who has bought a season ticket purchased another one bringing it to £16 per game they would still be saving £4 per game on last season's entry price. This would bring us to 1200 season tickets and dithering Dave would then be happy. Ok maybe not 
  14. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Bosomworth mentions a need for investment yet refuses to put any of his own money in. I'm afraid we are still shopping at netto. Any investor would still have to leave final decisions to dithering Dave who likes complete control of everything..
  15. Surely there will be an influx of sales now Edwards has gone?