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  1. Sin bin

    Would make more sense for a keeper on the bench to replace the keeper and an outfield player having to go off for ten minutes.
  2. Kosy

    Stead will read offside unlike Edwards. He will know how and when to run into the right space. 
  3. New kit

    In June was mentioned on facebook

    Where's the not fussed option? 
  5. James Hardy

    You forgot the wee man Jamie Paterson 
  6. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    37 years for me
  7. Budgets, misery and silence?

    I read it the same as you steve.
  8. 02/08/2019

    More evening games would suit me. Work too many weekends.
  9. Pitch Renovation

    I think it was requested when it was built but the council said no.
  10. Pitch Renovation

    Think it's to do with the grass roots rotting due to poor drainage but I stand corrected if incorrect.
  11. Pitch Renovation

    Can't ozzy just take off the top surface and mark the mud? They would be right at home on that surface, then carry on with the pitch renovation 
  12. Pitch Renovation

    Away tie will sort any issues unless they get to the semis 
  13. Salford City

    How many games will we have played by new years day? 
  14. Salford City

    We have to wait until next year for a goal? It's going to be a long season. 
  15. Leeds United

    Bit harsh blowing the ref up.