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  1. Lenighan

    Erm because he is crap 
  2. Warrington on Saturday

    Odelusi was abysmal and yet you would drop edwards
  3. Warrington on Saturday

    Who would you drop?
  4. Warrington on Saturday

    You would throw Adam Morgan straight in to this team. 
  5. Flea

    You can't miss flea. Sure Ben bottomley can point you in the right direction. Sort it out like a man not like a school kid on here.
  6. Flea

    ever heard of either approaching flea to sort your argument or using the private message feature?
  7. Flea

    could have sworn it's a football forum but yet again it's used to have a go at someone and bring politics into it.
  8. Flea

    was there really any need to have the thread in the first place?
  9. Flea

    a bit like being stabbed in the back. no need for this type of thread. get it locked
  10. Loyalty vouchers

    Was told the club shop was to be started weeks ago but dithering Dave can't agree on things with the council. He is also saying he will lose money.
  11. Predict the time and player to be Red Carded today.

    Johnson 41st minute
  12. Weather-Match

    you balancing with your zimmer frame old chap? 
  13. Weather-Match

    garden is wet and had a bit of rain but can't see it being off
  14. Nike

    From prison 
  15. Nike

    Bronson would sort out the midfield