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  1. Stockport

    They were forever losing the ball down the hillside. Grew up in shelf myself. Was asked if I wanted to train with shelf but never took them up on there offer 

    The only gripe I have is how late they set off. Too often you end up clock watching wondering if you will make kick off.
  3. MACCA

    Alwa0ys thought testimonial games were after 10 years?
  4. Connor Oliver

    His shooting and free kicks were woeful
  5. Connor Oliver

    Can't remember one sliding tackle from him or any dirty kit. Bottled tackles.
  6. Tranmere thread

    1st goal we messed around with the ball at the back. Get rid of the bloody thing.
  7. Tranmere at Home

    I had to test how alert you are at your age 
  8. Tranmere at Home

    look through the wrong end of a telescope and you won't need wide angle lenses 
  9. Tranmere at Home

    You might need thicker lenses old chap 
  10. Tranmere at Home

    Personally I would prefer to see the ground full 
  11. Heath to Chester

    Heath brought players to the shay on higher wages. Would chester be able to afford them?
  12. Heath to Chester

    Can chester afford players like Denton and wilde?
  13. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Full strength team v Tranmere then give the younger ones a run out.
  14. Sutton thread

    Forget about the hoof. Last night was everyone working as a unit. Last ditch tackles when needed and effort all over the pitch. When Sutton decided to play dirty we gave as good back.
  15. The Pitch

    So what about the pitch?