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  1. Barrow

    kosylo goal ruled out again?
  2. Barrow

    nice font colour. what did you say? 
  3. Barrow

    at least odelusi isn't on the bench  
  4. Barrow

    who knows with fullarton
  5. Barrow

    hanson not even on the bench. is he injured?  
  6. Solihull match thread

    Would say about 20
  7. Braintree

    Your jokes are worse than chadders jokes and that's saying something. 
  8. Transfers

    Let's hope any signing is upto a better standard than odelusi. 
  9. No Festive Pitch Wrecking

    Think the pitch gradually goes downhill after it gets verti drained.
  10. Salford

    one sent off for a second yellow 92nd minute and another 97 minutes according to flashscores
  11. Salford

    just seen Harrogate lost again. plenty of bookings in injury time and Harrogate had two sent off. do these suspensions kick in straightaway?
  12. Harrogate Away

    Wearing gloves again today and couldn't get off the pitch fast enough at the end.
  13. Harrogate Away

    you can book tickets online and print them to still make the saving on pay on the day
  14. Sutton United Saturday.

    Sutton did what we didn't  manage to do. They were quick at closing players down.  They were physical and organised. Edwards is powderpuff for his size. Odelusi is all legs and a yard off the pace. Kosylo loses the plot every game. We have defenders  in midfield.  We constantly use one up front. Why couldn't we have put Tomlinson up front with Southall, mekhi on the wing and kosylo on the other wing.
  15. Fullerton must go now

    We played okay until kosy switched sides. All of a sudden Sutton found loads of room down there right hand side. Why switch it in the first place and why not switch it back if it wasn't working?