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  1. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    How come you know so much about pub football bore off? 
  2. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    He may be allergic to prawns?
  3. Town Vs Wrexham

    Yes of course I am delighted about our performances, I am really stupid too, which is what you are suggesting I think.  I must be, I have supported Halifax Town for over 40 years. I do wonder what I am actually waiting for. My extreme stupidity tells me that we have some things right and some things wrong, you and I certainly differ on that point of having a bit of balance about our view.We quite possibly have the spine of a team to build on. A combination of cash and bad luck hasn't done us many favours on bridging the gap this year but we could have course just suggest that JF is just a complete cock who knows less about football than some of our local amoebas.  On a pure maths front, I recognise that most teams don't win leagues, trophies or plays offs but often those that do tend to have the largest amount of (relative) resources at their disposal.  The premier league, home of the armchair pundit, is testament to this.  Man City aren't about heart or class, they are about a rich man flooding money into a big club.  Chelsea, a lesser club than MCFC, dominated on the same basis but are fading.  I really think DB should take a long hard look at himself and spend every penny he has to get us to the brink of league one. That said, there is a chance that might not be sustainable, but who cares? i am glad when we win and support the team by supporting the team. I am despondent when we lose but still support the team by supporting the team. Again, this is where I think we might differ. I am glad that you pay to watch us and hope you continue to do so. I am glad you can say what you think and I am glad I can too.  It amuses me that even when you are wrong you aren't. Again, this is another aspect where we perhaps differ. 
  4. Bye Bye Kosy

    Good luck to the lad wherever he lands. On his day he wins games, a couple of leagues down he would be unplayable in most games, a league up and he wouldn't be played in most games.  
  5. Town Vs Wrexham

    Don't deny us your tactical appraisal, we wait all week for this.
  6. Town Vs Wrexham

    i wonder if you are interested at a job at Bradford City, they need pulling out of hole next year and you could be just the sort of expert they are seeking.
  7. Disappointing

    I remember the days when we were just like Brazil... It began with a B anyway.  It might have been Barnet, Stan Flashman era. So the things I have learnt so far this season include 1. Any nobned can park the bus, its not big and its not clever to have a tight defence. 2. We should have signed anybody at anytime, regardless of pedigree because it would have fixed everything (particularly Mike Fish from Mossley). 3. We should consider going bust so that we can compete more, can't believe the board haven't spotted this gem. 4. King will never play for this club again. 5. Bradford City are quite probably worse than us but cost a lot more. 6. When we did sign anybody they were crap before they arrived. More to the point, why the hell did we sign them and why the hell did we let them transform our depleted front line and keep us up?  We should have just played that famous 1-1-8  formation the minute we stopped scoring goals and then we wouldn't have had to rely on crap loan players. 7. There are only 3 points between 18th and 12th place, ooops sorry, that's a fact, shouldn't have included that one. 8. I am never going to watch this team play again whilst Fullarton/Fullerten is manager, this is what any true fan should do. 9. The fact that Altrincham came out and could possibly be gay seemed to upset a lot of strongly hetrosexual people who started sentences with, 'people are free to do what they want but...'  I never understand that one. 10. Scot is in no way related to JF and doesn't post statements on his behalf.    
  8. Salford

    Was to do with ground covered whilst wearing a GPS I believe. 
  9. THE big game at the weekend

    Who is this proper manager the article refers to MJ???? 
  10. Leyton Orient match.

    I think because we play on the break we get more from an open game than we do from a war of attrition.  Teams who need to win and are used to winning are more likely to be exposed by a quick, counter attacking game. 
  11. Agent Fees

    How much? 
  12. 5th April 1999 Halifax Town vs Rochdale

    No mention of a radio
  13. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Connected is another Shay link to World War 2 gallantry.
  14. Season 19/20 players

  15. Finbob-Trifle

    It was a team that kept us up and the manager ran it. Trifle was a part of that. However, MFT's trajectory tells a story. Had he stayed he would have very quickly become a target of the boo boys, just like every other striker.