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  1. Now Is The Time To Go

    oh the days before hygene ratings...
  2. Now Is The Time To Go

    i think I got it wrong, it was the Beefeater in my case!
  3. Now Is The Time To Go

    Nothing providing you avoid the Acca, Paradise and Beefeater
  4. 900

    Hanson is a young player who is very much still learning am not sure I would read too much into the situation, there may be really simple logical reasons for giving the lad a break. The purely defensive outcome is not negative. 
  5. Maidstone highlights

    Strange reffing decisions, some decent efforts from us, unlucky not to have bagged at least a brace. Thanks for posting the link. 
  6. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Balanced post, prepare to be lambasted! Simple fact, there really isn't an easy long term answer for this club. Sacking this manager or that one hasn't changed much about football in Halifax since 1911.  I am not sure there is a right answer, fail if you keep him, fail if you don't. I do note that the same people opt for sacking time and again, often well in advance.  I kind of think that type should support another sort of club because their lack of supporting stamina doesn't match Halifax Town.   On the next advert for a manager perhaps we should be up front and say 'Come to Halifax and get Lynched'.   
  7. Sack the idiot.

    Don't give up your day job
  8. Altrincham

    I think the Chairman of Halifax Town would be the bigger of the two jobs, you perhaps switch it around and do the Dr Evil role in a moonlighting capacity. 
  9. Altrincham

    As you know everything from formations right through to the complete history of the world, and are always right, I imagine you are spot on.  
  10. Altrincham

    I heard EDL at Chesterfield but not much else, fairly embarrassing to be fair. 
  11. Altrincham

    Native British people, if ever the use of a phrase defined you Trev.... By the way, Eric seems to be outing you here??? 
  12. Next 4 games

    Lose Saturday and JF is gone. 
  13. Match offer for Aldershot

    So, out of interest, how quickly should a club sack a manager as a general rule?
  14. Match offer for Aldershot

    quite right, pointless offering anything anything.
  15. The usual band of idiots

    There wasn't a facial hair between them. Utter nobs with a naff line in EDL chanting. The police and stewards were watching them the whole game and acted quickly to quash it before it turned even stupider.