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  1. Fullarton Out ????

    Yes let's sack a manager, always gets us success. We should be pissing this league. 
  2. Darren Kelly

    I know we would like think that, but it's his living and he is doing OK. Thankfully, he won't ever come back here in a working capacity.  Real reason he isn't going to FCUM is that they don't have a decent player in the squad and there isn't any spare cash. Whoever goes there at the minute is likely to fail. 
  3. Darren Kelly

    Hard to care to be fair. Bottom line though, he knows more about football than we do.
  4. Manager gone.

    Say that again, totally over achieved under him. Delusions of grandeur. 
  5. JF Open to Question . . . Anytime soon?

    Ambition isn't free, debt isn't acceptable and this town has no appetite for football. So what do we do next? 
  6. Route One Show this week

    It would make sense, the devil is busy with Man City, Chelsea, Forest Green, Fleetwood, Salford, Fylde etc etc etc
  7. Non league Day

    Well it looks like it might be! 
  8. Maidstone

    Brian's trust strikes again! 
  9. Is it time to sack the green away kit

    could we have a similar thread on stud length and boot weight
  10. Harrogate Town

    Attendances are decent for them but feel a long way off what could sustain a competitive team at this level or the next one up.  That said, they do fill a gap in the football market to exploit.  Would the ground be up to league standard? Obviously the pitch would have to go. 
  11. Harrogate Town

    How do we think it's going to pan out for them this year?  One of the two pretend clubs in the North and one where the dad owns it and the son manages it, which always feels like the father is just indulging his lad.  Still not built a decent following and of course one of those clubs who have opted for the cursed, game ruining plastic pitch. I never expected them to be leading the pack at any stage this year.  How do we think it will pan out?  My instinct says they will fall away quite early, but that could be more my hope possibly because of not wanting another hobbyist club to succeed.  
  12. DB interview in't Worrier

    Another year without debt..... You can take the comment as being major or minor, I opt for the latter. Quite seriously, what do people want from a chairman and board?  We know the fan engagement could be better, but financially, what's the problem?      
  13. Adam Morgan - Next big thing

    I do wish Morgan could break the cycle of not being able to settle and perform consistently. I expect there is much more to it than we are aware of.  Interesting that at the same time goes back to Curzon, Denton lands a move to Chesterfield. Says a lot about attitude v ability. 
  14. It’s quiet on here

    A lot of time is normally spent by our resident experts trying to demonstrate they have more footballing nouse than the manager.  Under Fullarton they seem less eager to assert this.  
  15. Old match videos

    I think Rochdale are more of a comparison for us.  i think, were we in their position we would actually be getting a bigger following.  Our two big chances were our last return to the league and the Wilder era. Both were scuppered by incompetence off the field.