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  1. Up Beacon Hill with no manager to blame

    Being not local that had passed me by. Edited the title accordingly
  2. Lets blame Denton or the board. Bring back Delaney!!
  3. Danny Clarke

    The concept is of momentum with limited quality. Momentum and heart are worth a lot at this level. It can turn games. Forget formations and playmakers, this is Halifax, it's all about whether heads are up or down.
  4. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Not one for Trev I fear
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Yes, over a 40 year period in my case!!
  6. More time

  7. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Mills record speaks for itself.  Did you go today?
  8. Short Neil Young interview

    I think the Braford just feel a bit silly so they are trying to placate their fans
  9. Wrexham.

    Agree, some of the payers are not up to it!
  10. Wrexham.

    We will lose and many will blame the caretaker rather than the gulf in budgets. 
  11. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    Or just Kit?
  12. Ian Helliwell

    I wrote to George Kirby, along with schoolmates, to try and steer him on team selection. He wrote back and thanked us for our support but explained he ran the team. Very polite. Nice man (seriously) although am sure will tell us the opposite...
  13. Ian Helliwell

    Is that what they call a pattern of behaviour!
  14. New Manager info

    If only that happened in years gone by! 
  15. Game off

    At least the 6 Daggenham fans will get the chance to sample a decent pint and chips cooked in beef dripping.  That on its own would be worth leaving the shoddy fringes of London for any day of the week.