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  1. Coalville ???? Macca!!!!!!

    I expected him to rock up at Nuneaton. But good luck to the lad, he has to do what works for him. I know several pro cricketers, they all started playing young and in the season they are absent, in the close season the are abroad for three months. Its a lifestyle not a job, same for footballers, nice to see him put life first. 
  2. Playoff final

    Could have only been one of three people who threw it then!!
  3. who do you want as Play off winners

    It summed it up yesterday when there were 50 or so fans celebrating with them at the end. Another club propped up by a hobbyist. Watching that game yesterday and seeing who won the title, this league is as weak as it has been for some time.  The pretend southern teams make Barnet look big, there is a message in there about their longevity.
  4. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Its easy to see why Kevin Keegan looked up to him!  
  5. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    He has skill but needs to be more consistent and sort his anger management out. It's really no accident that at this stage in his career that this is the highest level he has played at.  I think his likely use higher up the leagues, and possibly at this level if we are totally honest, is as an impact sub playing against tired legs. Good luck to him whatever he decides.     
  6. Today’s non league paper

    Shitehouse not whitehouse perhaps?
  7. Breaking news imminent

    We will be travelling to away games on horseback
  8. Sat crowd

    Did they have basin cuts and cagoules on?
  9. Heath to Chester

    Did you read the post?
  10. Heath to Chester

    That's only speculation, as are most conversations about playing budgests in the non league where simplified accoints tell you nothing.   A real comparison would be interesting, not just for the sake of Heath but generally. I imagine Weaver has burnt a ton of money year on year that dwarfs most. Similarly it would be interesting to see what it cost Macc this year versus the others.  Back to Chester on the cash topic, I saw a interview with Bignot just before he left and he said half of his team were playing for nothing because there wasnt any money left in the playing budget. Unless there is a major change there I expect many potential managers would run a mile.
  11. Heath to Chester

    Give us the facts then Geoff Maltby!
  12. Heath to Chester

    Budget or not he has repeat success at that level. How much do Harrogate spend? What did it cost Salford last season? What's the bufget at York and Stockport?  Big spenders at every level,  they don't all come off. I bet Hartlepool have one of the biggest budgets in this league...
  13. Heath to Chester

    On every front York seems like the obvious fit. Local, stuck, more fans than most, history, but skint. Will get you out of thar league and not much else.
  14. Modern Football

    Now you see how lucky we are, we really have nothing to complain about compared to this bunch
  15. up from the north

    I really don't like Weaver so Harrogate have to stay down. If Salford do it then within 3 or 4 months they will be looking for a new manager(s), the two thugs won't last 2 minutes in the national, they are just a couple of low grade Billy Heaths. York need to go out of business before they achieve anything. Brackley?? The southern guisely, pointless outside of a village league, a year or two of getting battered before they disappear. Also, how long before Macc get relegated back down to the GM Vauxhall Vanarama Daf League? Will they last longer than two seasons?