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  1. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    I was at that one, I cant watch it again!
  2. August 2nd

    I like the absence of debt though.
  3. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    Yes after 40 years of following I too only go when I look foward to a game or a season. I just keep wishing we would stop being generally sh1t.
  4. Alex purver

    I bet she thought the same about you
  5. Odds For The New Season

    First season syndrome might catch them out. Martin Allen doesnt feel like a good match for them to be honest. 
  6. Mark Roberts

    apart from last season of course!
  7. Lower league player biogs

    Is there not a film in the works?
  8. Lower league player biogs

    How is it panning out at your end realistic? Decent pre season?
  9. Boreham Wood agent issues

    So let me get this right, pretend club funded by rich chairmain moan about unacceptable behaviour in football......remind me the extent of their 'loans' again. 
  10. Matty Pearson

    Football needs hard workhorses capable of a thunderbastard, will eat lightweight southern posers with gloves on for breakfast. I bet he is already cock of Luton Town FC. Remind me what happened to Harry Beautyman.....
  11. Jake Hibbs

    Big hearts count more than cash, remember Macclesfield?
  12. Want to play for the fans team?

    I always wonder if Jemmo gets a royalty for inventing that game.
  13. Now what macc.

    Will they last a season up there??
  14. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    I remember watching them at yhe Shay one Saturday, perhaps around the time they had won their league? A few there that day for an U19 game, what a crop of players that was, simply stunning.
  15. Denton

    Wonder what Macc's budget was last season. Smaller than most probably? It's not just about the size of the wallet.