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  1. Dave's interview

    I am stunned to see that Heli is behaving in such a way, complete opposite of his pitch side manner. 
  2. F.A.O.real ale fans .....

    Shame, nice bloke, I hope he is ok
  3. F.A.O.real ale fans .....

    Is Brian Byles still advising on Southern shay related drinkers? 
  4. Does anyone know.....

    I thught th Stamford game was :  Hagerty F., Hagerty R., Tomkins, Noble, Carrick, Dobson, Crapper, Dewhurst, MacIntyre, Treadmore, Davitt  
  5. I wish it was that simple. Same issue has existed since I started watching in the late 70s. We used to be a rugby town, now we are just a Town who doesn't watch anything beyond Sky. 
  6. Solihull v Blackpool

    Plucky non league team with no fans and a full time squad..... 
  7. Next manger ??

    I get that, same for the less visible servants too, many of whom do it for free.  As a fan he made me cringe multiple times, I wasn't alone in that.  I doubt he was ever the difference between success and failure. If I owned the club I might offer the job to you or Trev or Pliny etc. I kinda think you sorts would do it with a bit more class. 
  8. Next manger ??

    Somewhere between a cheery hanger on and a bloke who places bets and does the sandwich run!  I have spent time, not just the odd conversation, with quite a few professional sportsmen and the common themes are as you would expect, focus, determination, ability. Maintaining form is both the challenge and the source of fear, leading to massive insecurity. They do need that person who is capable of blowing smoke up their @rse whatever the weather. This is probably where the kitman really comes in. 
  9. Next manger ??

    You love the club, so do I, so does he, the difference is that you and I pay to get in and have to stay this side of the fence. I know fans are split on the question of our former kitman and the value he brought, a balanced view is healthy. I know many legends at this club, most will go unnoticed. 
  10. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    Chorley, top atmosphere. Garforth for drama. 
  11. Next manger ??

    Still, serious question, what is the scope of a kitman's duties.?
  12. Next manger ??

    Legend or bellend? 
  13. Simple, debt is deadly for a club like ours. We can only afford speculative part time. Our proper first 11 can compete but our budget will never equal depth.  Blame the board or blame the town, your choice. 
  14. Next manger ??

    I admire your expertise... Why do way pay people to do that? 
  15. Next manger ??

    Seems the spurned kitmen of Halifax have descended on the forum at the same time. That's interesting.  Serious question and one for those who actually know, what does the duties of a kit man actually involve? Am seriously interested.