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  1. One of the favourites to go down

    Also, when I see the word defense I think of Oliver North. 
  2. One of the favourites to go down

    For some teams yes it is! 
  3. 75 Years on

    Boys, show some class please. Have your debate elsewhere and not on a thread that is about respecting the ultimate sacrifice. 
  4. 75 Years on

    Start another thread, you miss the point
  5. 75 Years on

    Agree, some posts you just respect. 
  6. Signs

    Just like Morgan
  7. Kosy

    Easy to see and love his talent, he is a game changer at this level of football on his day. Frustrating to endure his regular dips in form, which have existed whether the team is doing well or playing like blind men on mogadon. And so sadly, the worst temper we have seen on the pitch at the Shay in years and that includes all of those diving, penalty seeking, red card inducing, snide southerners who have littered the Conference since year dot. I come away from his time at the shay feeling his negatives cancel out his positives. He isn't a young lad, 26 now, I hope somebody can coach the bad points out of him, will be interesting to see if that happens at WestCoastHobbyist utd mark 2. If they do, would he make it in the league above?   
  8. Club shop

    we would make millions from it
  9. Borehamwood

    Agreed, won't make the trip to hobbyland any more appealing though!!  Perhaps if they combined their core fans they could half fill one end??
  10. Salford City

    I do wonder what they would have done with Alexander had they not won today. 
  11. Thinking Back - Thanks

    I thought it was that one too, I remember Bob Latchford played in that game.  I think Jonny answered this further up, Mimms played in the Huddersfield friendly that we lost 3-0. 
  12. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Did he not have one appearance in a friendly or cup game or something? 
  13. Playoffs

    So it's Pretend Team From the West Midlands 0 Another Hobbyist Club Near Blackpool 1. I bet football league can't wait. 
  14. Players who will leave ??

    No, I would look at Harry Winters
  15. Areas you'd improve for Next season??