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  1. Bohan Dixon.

  2. Signings for next season

    Craig Disley (Grimsby) rumoured to be signing tonight.
  3. Admission prices & ST prices 17/18

    Here we go! 2 hours 43 minutes we start! What do want exactly?
  4. Admission prices & ST prices 17/18

    Not bad to be honest! It's okay comparing to Sutton etc but the size of the stadium and rent etc will be no where near what the Shah rent is. 2 extra games and better quality I would have thought. All in all it isn't bad at all
  5. Salford (H) 3-2-1

    3 - Brown - didn't put a foot wrong all game 2 - Kosylo - can be annoying at times but a game changer today 1 - Johnson - yup. That save.
  6. BPA match thread

    1-0 BPA
  7. Nuneaton (h)

    Well done to 1500 braving that cold today. Absolutely freezing!!!! 
  8. Sinnott, Brown, McManus

    Brown another 3 weeks away Sinnott and Johnson next saturday
  9. Chorley 3-2-1

    Kosylo - 3 Nicholson - 2 Hotte - 1
  10. Stalybridge Admission

    tidy little ground is Stalybridge!
  11. Darlo away all ticket

    350 tickets left on sale put your card in an atm and like magic money comes out. nothing about it has been tinpot in my eyes, maybe I am too easily pleased, too many people seem to think we need to run it like a 5 star hotel, should be glad there is a football club in Halifax.
  12. Telford

    chants of heath out and getting sacked in the morning, a reply of more like half 5... Nasty but true
  13. Telford

    load of rubbish ... Same half second half and my opinion is heath out, run out of options.
  14. Tonight's match

    Lost 5-1 with 318 in attendance  
  15. Eastleigh or Swindon away

    where you going tomorrow???