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    Pitch playable at the mo

    Weather only says light covering of snow tonight. If anything it will be called off for a frozen pitch. 
  3. Eastleigh match thread

    Up 1 place due to Chester and Maidstone now losing  
  4. Dagenham Saturday

    Johnson Duckworth Garner Brown McManus Kossy Hibbs Collins McDonald Tuton Tomlinson  Subs: Nicholson Moyo Denton Wilde Clarke
  5. Relegation 6 Pointer V Orient

    Aaawwwww bless. Hope you sleep okay tonight. You sound really stressed at the moment. I would see a doctor and advise him that you think it might be the end of the world come 20th January at 16.45PM. 
  6. Maidenhead Match Thread

    It's only a trophy game for goodness sake. Hardly going to lose sleep over this. Jeez! The world has ended! Sack Heath! Players didn't look like they cared. Blah blah blah. Move on next Saturday. No doubt if we won't next week it will brilliant and back to promotion chasers. Fickle fans some of you.
  7. Maidenhead Match Thread

    £12 today so on the face of things not bad for 5 goals. Don't like going anymore then fine but you'e not really a true supporter then are You? I have a season ticket and will be using every page because I want to get behind this team.  The ref just spoiled today's game. 2nd half players were scared to tackle because they knew they would get booked with him ref. Move on to next week.  1 new signing is to be confirmed from Grantham? A striker. Thank you and over and out. Hope you sleep well you pathetic supporter.
  8. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Same team. Kossy in for Tomlinson and Hotte on the bench.
  9. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Paul Marsden ref! 
  10. FA Trophy

    Top one is tonight
  11. FA Trophy

    Anyone there? What does it look like the pitch? A swamp?!
  12. Has he been sacked yet?

    Should watch his interview on Shaymen TV from yesterday. Embarrassng to say the least. Shows no commitment at all and puts our media team under too much pressure. He has lost the plot and really is up his own backside. How much more do the fans have to say to make it obvious he is not wanted here anymore.
  13. Eastleigh thread

    Never got booked today
  14. Hartlepool team

    Sums it up. Next in line... please take a ticket
  15. Hartlepool team

    He needs to go. 2-0 within 7 mins. This could be a long night