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  1. Dover match thread

    Won everything? What game was you at? At Kosylo puts effort in and tries. What on earth is Denton doing? No doubt he will be first name on teamsheet on Saturday!
  2. Dover match thread

    How on earth Denton stayed on for the full 90 minutes is beyond me. We seem to have a plan a but when we need something different nothing happens. Interview with Billy Heath will be the classic "we put the effort in" and "we had a good spell in the second half" and "we need to start taking chances" blah blah blah. Whoever had a go at Tomlinson at the end of game was very uncalled for! The lad hasn't even played a minute tonight!
  3. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    How about supporting the club, team and manager instead of sagging them off in a vote! Pathetic 
  4. Aldershot thread

    Far better teams? You must have done well to travel to all the games yesterday and see what they was like.
  5. Message for Bosomworth

    Like a school child seriously. Win the next 4 games and you will be singing his praises.
  6. Aldershot thread

    1 game played... 
  7. Message for Bosomworth

    You only have a squad of 16. Would you be saying the same if he had left hotte and Clarke out? Don't think so. You just have something against ex NFU players which haven't played for then since over 1 year ago. Just get over it man.
  8. Aldershot thread

    Thought Tomlinson was putting a good shift in today! Can't believe people are saying we are in a relegation battle already! What if Man Utd lose on opening day, does that mean there in a relegation battle? Jeez! Wish some people on here would get a grip with them self. We was out done by a decent well organised Aldershot side and a ref that was clueless. It wasn't for need of trying today! The effort was there just didn't have the finishing touch which will come game by game. Calm down!!!
  9. Message for Bosomworth

    Here we go again! Get a life man
  10. Michael Duckworth

    Hasn't been given a squad number by fleetwood. Get ready for the announcement at 2pm tomorrow 
  11. Michael Duckworth

    Just having a quick read up Started as an attacker, can also play midfield but is best known as an attacking right back.
  12. Shirtd

    You seem to like aiming sarcastic tweets to the media team on Twitter and blasting off on here. They have told you email in and ask. Why didn't you order online and let postman pat deliver it for you.
  13. Bohan Dixon.

  14. Signings for next season

    Craig Disley (Grimsby) rumoured to be signing tonight.
  15. Admission prices & ST prices 17/18

    Here we go! 2 hours 43 minutes we start! What do want exactly?