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  1. Has he been sacked yet?

    Should watch his interview on Shaymen TV from yesterday. Embarrassng to say the least. Shows no commitment at all and puts our media team under too much pressure. He has lost the plot and really is up his own backside. How much more do the fans have to say to make it obvious he is not wanted here anymore.
  2. Eastleigh thread

    Never got booked today
  3. Hartlepool team

    Sums it up. Next in line... please take a ticket
  4. Hartlepool team

    He needs to go. 2-0 within 7 mins. This could be a long night
  5. What’s the score ?

    He needs to win both in my eyes or he is gone and we will never get out of this hole.
  6. Sutton v Town game thread

    He has to go before Tuesday. 10 games now with 1 win. 8 goals in 10. It is beyond a joke now. He has to go.
  7. Sutton v Town game thread

    I give up.
  8. 2 minutes silence

    It happened before the silence had even started.
  9. 2 minutes silence

    The fact you are nit picking at that quality of audio shows you were not remembering the fallen. The whole point of the silence.
  10. Bottom Line

    Here we go again. Another thread. Just add to the previous 100000000 threads we have about the above.
  11. 2 minutes silence

    Thought the last post and the poem was quite touching. You should have been silent during that which was surely 2 minutes. No matter what happened today we should have all shown respect wheher you are black blue or yellow. It means so much to us all. Just respect what day it was instead of moaning.
  12. The Shay

    Been used next Thursday for "Our Stars" event for Calderdale Council. Would guess the bar will be open. This has previously been held at Victoria Theatre.
  13. Ossett on saturday

    Clean sheet though! 
  14. Ossett on saturday

    We have hit the bar! Is the only update I can fine! Which bar I am not sure about? 
  15. Town merchandise

    Interesting interview on fcht twitter with the manager of Harvey's. It will also be there as long the fans support and use it! In a way it is like a club shop available in the town centre!