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  1. My New FA Cup

    Keep it as it is except take the 4th place champions league spot and give it to the winners of the FA Cup, get the magic back,.
  2. U19’s Season 2018/19

    Pinpoint Terry my son.....on a dime
  3. Warrington on Saturday

    3-0 easy victory on Saturday - think it will be tough but we will shine though to a 1st round away game against AFC Wimbledon
  4. U19’s Season 2018/19

    It isn't just this level of football - all saturday and sunday local teams now adopt this approach from the old kick and rush style years ago - some of the younger lads playing local league are fantastic at playing it out from the back....i still prefer to hoof it to the 6ft striker - less running involved 
  5. ACV

    I agree - the ACV allowed very loud public scrutiny which overwise wouldn't have happened - within 24 hours enough stink was kicked off to get plenty of people talking. Well done Bubba for getting this renewed. P.s - can we get one out on Wembley please - that deal would have been a disaster - not a single quid would have gone to grassroots.  
  6. Flea

    AS Halifax Towns fan surely we all vote for the monster raving looney party? 
  7. Spain v England

    Derek Hall scored to relegate us....not an equalizer in Mid October against a side that effectively told him he wasnt good enough only recently prospective please
  8. Spain v England

    I couldn't give two hoots if he celebrated or not - can you really blame the guy? told he isnt worthy enough of this fabulous attacking free flowing goal scoring football team FC Halifax Town....probably nailed another pin in JFs coffin...karmas a bitch
  9. ACV

    Tony Abbott dislikes this
  10. Chesterfield BT highlights

    Give over, never a foul in a month of sundays - he was stronger thats it
  11. Fan names

    Mine was completely random - no thought whats so ever
  12. Brainwave

    Excellent idea - crest on one side - fixtures on the other
  13. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Warrington Town away
  14. Stephen Darby

    Recently married to Steph Houghton as well, England Womens captain. very sad news
  15. Maidenhead

    Think we will get a point tomorrow and then win the next 2 home games