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  1. Jack Earing

    There are 3 videos - 1 from 2018, and 2 from 2016. All from junior football. Not sure we should base too much on them 
  2. Next New Signing.

    Strikers is the big one for us. We started to get better pretty much only because we finally got a genuine threat up front. We didn’t play any differently, and with cr*p strikers up front we’ll just end up playing the same threaten-less dirge we served up for most of last season. The rest are nice to haves tbh - up front is what will make or break our season.
  3. Michael Collins

    The point of the thread will be announced in 24 hours. Initially incorrectly, followed by an immediate correction. 
  4. Michael Collins

    Well the Michael Collins selling gig tickets that comes up on my Facebook certainly isn't the one that played for us!
  5. Next New Signing.

    Or frankly just announce it, without a build up. Or maybe I'm old fashioned.
  6. Michael Collins

    Sure that's the same Michael Collins...?
  7. Jack Earing

    Who knows whether he'll be any good - just the type of signing we ought to expect (in the main), and here's hoping. Worthy of the big build up on social media? No - feel sorry for the guy if he turns out to be a bit part player, or worse, given the build up. Centre mid was definitely where we needed strengthening, so let's hope we've found a gem.

    What is it with this recent trend to have two managers? Are we missing out by not pairing JF with some else, perhaps less dour and Scottish to provide a contrasting view?
  9. New Season

    Chadders in out of the loop shocker!
  10. Missed Out

    Why all this fuss over who Dover and Bromley have signed? Who have they signed?
  11. The club tweets about lack of signings

    How do you know that? They may be, they may not. None of us have a clue.
  12. The club tweets about lack of signings

    I do agree - but I never remember having that buzz this early, before we've even returned to training. Maybe that means we've always been cr*p at this, so I'm used to it.
  13. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Just got off the phone with DB. I specifically told him to sign some men. He said there’s no need to panic because the season doesn’t start until August, but I made it quite clear that if he doesn’t have a squad of 20 by this Saturday he can’t expect to sell any more season tickets. Watch this space.
  14. Walk out music

    Is it? Didn’t know that.
  15. V.A.R

    Totally different set of circumstances in cricket to football. Don’t see how a team could have VAR reviews in that way - players are constantly appealing for something (it’s a natural reaction) so at what point do they stop and have 10 seconds to decide if they wish to review?
  16. Walk out music

    Walk out song, really not bothered but maybe the funeral march would be appropriate for most of our performances? Getting rid of the goal music would be my genuine suggestion on that front, it’s embarrassing. 
  17. Buzz Effect

  18. Walk out music

    Sounds like you already have a list of 5 tunes to send in then?
  19. Buzz Effect

    Can we arrange a few "for old times' sake" meetings in the Victoria Theatre or Jumpin Jaks where TJ can attend and throw £250 in the bin for a worthless piece of paper? Might bring him up to speed.
  20. Half Time Entertainment

    Anyone else remember Hot Ice?
  21. V.A.R

    Fair points well made.
  22. Half Time Entertainment

    Mixenden Crusaders wasn't it? Or is this a rival group? Some sort of dance/music-off between the two would be some sight - I'd buy my season ticket on the spot were that to be confirmed.
  23. V.A.R

    It's a tough one. Can't really argue with a system that stops errors like Lampard v Germany, that one against Man Utd when Roy Carroll messed up, from happening. The issue is in having a system that can stop those errors, the temptation is to try and iron out every single little potential error, which is nonsense, not good to watch, and frankly impossible, as people still disagree with some decisions even after VAR has got involved.
  24. Buzz Effect

    Well, that's that then. I think you missed the point of my comment but there you go.