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  1. Weather watch

    It was a joke...clearly too subtle for some!! I will extend the invite to the Pliny Harris comedy club meetings for a full induction. First guest set from Chadders.
  2. Weather watch

    Where are you coming from?
  3. Ebbsfleet game....

    *The rugby club should be politely escorted back to Thrum Hall car park and made to run into lampposts for training.
  4. How Many

    Nick - have you ever noticed when paying for e.g. car insurance, they give you an option of say £1000 up front, or £1,150 paid in monthly instalments? So apart from the fact that the club wouldn't get the money up front, they might not even get all the money full stop, we are effectively lending people money, and would be the first club to ever engage in such a scheme (which tells you something) - good idea! I tip my hat to you in trying to think up ideas to engage the fans and build the attendance, but this one just isn't it I'm afraid.
  5. Shay Pitch

    I think if we moved the pitch to southern spain we'd have a much better chance of getting matches on. At ~£30 a pop per seat on Ryanair surely we can have the whole thing moved over for under £10k?
  6. Fylde...

    Has he actually been recalled? Or is this a "their fans want him back" situation. Mind you he can't have long to run on his loan anyway, can he?
  7. How Many

    Sorry Nick you are mis-understanding direct debits. They can be cancelled any time by instructing your bank, hence they do not provide certainty of income. You are also assuming that money received now is worth as much as money received in 12 months’ time - again, it is not.
  8. Colwyn Bay

    Disagree with regionalising the national league - would be a step backwards in my opinion.
  9. Kids tonight

    Sounds brilliant - well done the club.
  10. Barnet (A)

    When will we ever have had the best budget at this level of football? I suspect never - therefore if we are to use it as an excuse for mediocrity then we may as well not bother. Can't disagree it makes it harder, but it doesn't make it impossible.
  11. Barnet (A)

    Just watched highlights of both the Barnet games. The two new forwards have made a monumental difference to the team - as has playing both Hardy and Ferry in midfield together. We look a different side with some genuine pace and attacking threat up front. Not to be too glass half-empty, but my worry would be what happens when the loanees go back? Not one to worry about yet, but highlights the recruitment that is needed up front and proves that with the right forward players, we can indeed score more goals and look a more complete outfit.
  12. How Many

    Not sure what point you’re making here - they still can’t take it all out before the season starts, which is the whole point in having money up front.
  13. How Many

    If we spread the payments over 12 months we are saying you don’t finish paying for your season ticket until...3 months after the season has finished. I understand the wanting to offer spread payments suggestion but would say the best we can do is to spread them over summer - which I believe we already do. The reason ST holders get a cheaper price per game is because of the upfront commitment - you can’t expect the club to offer season tickets at a cheaper rate than paying on the gate and then expect the pay on the gate folk to pay it off quicker than the ST folk!
  14. Theft

    Should have taken the T as well 
  15. Random image of the day

    Works for me 
  16. The pitch

    Nothing particularly unsafe about rolling round in the mud!
  17. New Home Kit 19/20

    Looks great!
  18. Barnet

    Oh it's the THIRD Tuesday - now you tell me. Must be why I've been getting so few likes lately.
  19. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    If i was a chairman and the manager said "I don't look at the league table" I'd sack him on the spot for gross negligence, in ignoring one of the fundamental aspects of his job and the whole reason he is employed - to finish as high up the table as possible.
  20. Barnet

    I can't remember a single person on this messageboard ever calling Heath the messiah - quite the opposite in fact.  Oh and just to be clear - when other people's posts continually get more likes than yours, it probably means more people like what they say compared to you. I know that's a tough concept to get your head around...
  21. Meeting with Mr B

    So what we are saying is that when you factor in Bubba's 30% cut the quotes start to get too expensive 
  22. Barnet

    How did you reach that conclusion from reading that? 
  23. Money

    I think the point was could we afford to sign them permanently due to their wages demands.
  24. Barnet

    Can’t imagine for one second that there is a rule that says “this is how many loanees you can have in the squad but only 4 can be on the pitch at any one time”. The rule would be at a squad level, not on the pitch. Imagine refs having to ask who’s on loan so they can work out whether a team is breaking the rules or not with each sub they make?
  25. Barnet

    Great win - new signings up front seem to have made a world of difference already. Top stuff that’s sees us 11 points clear of the drop zone - surely enough.