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  1. Matt Crooks

    Didn’t look up for it at all when at us - was it his first experience of full men’s football?
  2. Mekhi Mcloed

    Absolutely. I think we can all agree though that he either needs to play or be got rid of. In a small squad we can't afford to carry anyone who isn't up to it (whether because he's cr*p or the manager doesn't like him, doesn't really matter).
  3. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Why don't we all just save some time and effort and play it behind closed doors? The added benefit being none of the players will have to hear any nasty words and can utilise the perfect mix of attitude and application resulting in the appropriate level of bounce in their step.
  4. Best 11

    Southwell was complete tosh in that "just behind the striker role" - not suited to it in the slightest.
  5. Braintree

    The apathy of our support and the dwindling numbers should be the thing that worries the board the most of all things at the moment.
  6. Braintree

    Excellent post.
  7. Braintree

    How does Hanson signing permanently make us more likely to win games? Great signing, but he’s still the same player...
  8. Ebbsfleet keeper

    Is that Nathan Ashmore? Was a complete wazzock when I went to watch us at Ebbsfleet, absolute tool.
  9. Braintree

    Hang that a good thing? Can’t quite work out what positive we ought to be taking from having one shot in 90 mins at home against bottom.
  10. Braintree

    The Alex Ferguson thing must be the most overused bloody comment in the history of football. It infers that by keeping a manager rather than sacking him he will definitely turn into a brilliant one.
  11. Main site

    Then he would be a very important man, because he would be running a business.
  12. Non league referees

    But I thought half our team was on £300 per week minus petrol money and expenses? 
  13. Town Vs Braintree

    Apologies - I didn't mean to get anyone excited and I certainly didn't mean to make Chadders consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of investment all over again.
  14. Who Would Be A Referee?

    Ah, I didn't know that, thanks. Barely even worth your time then depending on the actual mileage incurred...!
  15. Town Vs Braintree

    Would say Johnson is a decent keeper for this level, but he doesn’t appear to be improving and I think were we ever to try mount a serious promotion push we would need to replace him.
  16. Who Would Be A Referee?

    Can claim an extra 10p per mile for first 10,000 miles in a year off HMRC.
  17. Main site

    You’re bloomin’ back already.
  18. Main site

    Hang on, I think I read that one on JF's pre-match tactics board the other day...
  19. Main site

    At the risk of repeating is not like other businesses. Sport is not like other businesses. No one 'supports' Currys, McDonalds, etc. etc. etc. For the record I don't think any personal abuse is acceptable in football or any walk of life - but chanting sack the manager, telling a player he is sh*t, etc. - frankly nothing wrong with that. As Hoddie says, they choose to be in football, they know that comes with pressure, fans and criticism. I sure as hell don't feel sorry for them, plenty of other jobs out there if they don't like it.
  20. Quigley signs!

    He’s also been described as three different heights in the three different articles I’ve read so far. We could be getting a slow fat midget for all we know.
  21. Main site

    That's how football works...? Stop bleedin' comparing it to 'normal' jobs. Yes that would annoy me, but equally I don't have 1,500 people turning up every day to watch me. Ffs.
  22. Quigley signs!

    I tell you what, he better be bloody good. I hope he is and he certainly sounds the part, but anyone would think we'd signed fat Ronaldo in his prime with some of the reactions on here! Fingers crossed he's what we need, and that he can either play up top on his own, or is used in a 4-4-2.
  23. Over used football phrases

    I would have actually preferred to watch a dead sheep most of the time.
  24. Mj85

    Get bloody Needham off.
  25. Over used football phrases

    "Stand up and be counted" was his favourite phrase, if I remember correctly.