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  1. Coalville

    I think the funkster has to pay a large fee per piece of punctuation used, so only uses it on very special occasions.
  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    It's like they're playing a game of Football Manager.
  3. Coalville

    Couldn't agree more. Club just can't win with some people - damned if they do, damned if they don't, and anything in between? Also damned.
  4. Breakfast with the boss

    Sounds good to me.
  5. Breakfast with the boss

    Sounds like a good idea, for anyone able to make it.
  6. Salford splashing the cash again

    Yet another fecking idiot who had "an excellent job with Biffa". Everyone has a bloody excellent job don't they, all cleverclogs these footballers.
  7. 12th. Could be we finish there having been in the hunt for the playoffs, could be we finish there having dallied with relegation all season.
  8. Port Vale thread

    Mark Roberts was absolute cack when he was on loan at us many years ago. What's the verdict, any better now?
  9. Home shirts

    I will use my legal right of no comment, your honour.
  10. Home shirts

    Consignia should deliver it shortly.
  11. Bolton stands

    Aren't they on strike because Fiat workers are on strike because Juventus signed Ronaldo, which they only did because French air traffic control are striking over the lack of freshly baked baguettes available between the hours of 13:00 and 14:00 on a Tuesday?
  12. Diarra from Barrow

    If so maybe he brings his own armband, therefore saving the club vital money?
  13. Absolutely Choked

    Nope, course it isn't. Duh.
  14. Absolutely Choked

    Or India, Bangladesh...
  15. Signings So Far Part 3

    26 - joint lowest in the tournament (with France and Nigeria).