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  1. Lack of challenging media

    Agreed - by far the most powerful tool that exists to do this. Though of course only a relatively small percentage of our fan base use these outlets, I would suggest.
  2. Unbelievable Jeff

    That would have made sense...
  3. How many going to Maidstone?

    Wow just seen Maidstone are 10 points worse off than us yet have the same amount of wins and scored more goals. You could argue that means we’ve been unlucky not to turn draws into wins - however some would say that’s an overly positive viewpoint...
  4. Unbelievable Jeff

    I cling to the same hope. Don’t get me wrong I’d love us to win tonight and start to turn the corner - but how many times can we keep saying that?
  5. Boycott

    I believe JF deserves great credit for making a 500 mile round trip, all in the name of his job.
  6. Lack of challenging media

    How much do people think the lack of a media outlet who are prepared to and have the resources to challenge the club is impacting on the current situation? I think the effect is quite large - where are the articles/interviews questioning our performances? Questioning the manager on whether he feels his job is at stake, what he's going to do to turn it round. Questioning the board on whether the manager's job is at risk, whether they truly believe the move to a full time model has gone well, etc. The demise of the courier has had an effect in more ways than one I believe - I know they were hardly well known for investigative journalism but if you were following the club's media channels at the moment you'd think we were plodding along nicely and everything was coming up roses. There's no solution to this, it is what it is. I just think it's a real shame - it leaves only the fans as an outlet to hold the club to account, which works to a degree but doesn't provide an 'independent', credible (well, as credible as the courier ever was...) viewpoint.
  7. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    Something about water, horses and drinking comes to mind.
  8. Unanimous

    No doubt we have called the manager in for one last ditch make or break PowerPoint presentation - if all the slide transitions (including the funny little noises with every click) go well he continues for another week. If he presses for the next slide and one of the 4 boxes is already showing ahead of its time, then it’s curtains I’m afraid. Behind the scenes DB has someone working on a top secret project to decide whether to allow presentations in the 2016 version of PowerPoint, or to stick with the tried and tested Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003.
  9. Donny v Palace

    Thought I recognised him but couldn’t make the connection!
  10. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    And did the discount afforded to ladies who did "get them out" increase the attendance or not?
  11. Off the Radar

    It's a sad state of affairs if we now care about the West Riding Cup. Have things got that bad?
  12. Ask Away................

    I agree with you in relation to those that said they would attend but did not. Personally, I was invited however do not live close to Halifax so it was always a non-starter. In hindsight I should have emailed Tony Allan to confirm I wasn't able to attend and thank them for the invite however I didn't, instead assuming that they would figure anyone who didn't reply couldn't make it. In truth I assumed the invite had gone to a larger number of posters in which case they wouldn't be bothered to know about those that couldn't attend!
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    A poor do if people said they would attend and then didn't.
  14. Halifax announce £175 season ticket

    Perhaps we can arrange an annual pre-season friendly with our namesakes? I'd definitely be reaching out if I was DB, they could use our history and clout to help them establish themselves.