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  1. Random image of the day

    I thought most people had indoor toilets these days?
  2. Retained list for next season

    I suspect partly we have a second goalkeeper to help train the first choice. I know that sounds silly but what would we do without them? The assistant who doubles as the goalie coach would have to dedicate all his time to Sam Johnson. Perhaps the best solution would be to sign an aging keeper as a “goalie coach who can still play if needed”!
  3. Season Tickets

    Same as it's ridiculous to assert that you're "not a real fan" if you don't buy a season ticket, even if you can't attend any games. Poor people can't afford it, and rich people didn't get rich by chucking £200 out at charities like Halifax Town. No one should dictate what other people should spend their hard earned money on - it's their choice.
  4. Retained list for next season

    Shut it Steve 
  5. Another Announcement?

    The media team can be a bit frustrating with their build up to announcements - it's a bit "boy who cried wolf". If a competition to win a season ticket is a 'major announcement' and warrants hours of build-up, where do they go from there when there's actually something important to announce? By the way I think it's a great initiative, and the fact that we do announce these things and try drum up as much interest as possible is also great. They do need to be careful though and perhaps tone some of it down. Wasn't it Leeds who on their social media spent an entire deadline day stringing the fans along that there was going to be a huge announcement, and it ended up being something like "no more transfers coming in" or something utterly crazy when they finally got round to it?
  6. Season Tickets

    All this talk of buying a ticket even if you can't attend any games - I have a huge appreciation for anyone doing it, but not sure I can bring myself to do the same!
  7. Season Tickets

    A fantastic offer by the club.
  8. 18 Clean Sheets

    If we begin to use investment money as a means to pay wages not only do we run the risk of falling foul of financial fair play rules (are there even any at our level?) but we also need to have that investment repeated every year to keep that player/those players, or else either get into financial difficulty trying to fund wages we can't afford, or have to offload the players to go back to living within our means. I agree investment would be welcome - but to use such investment on funding players' wages is not necessarily the way to go.
  9. 18 Clean Sheets

    F*ck me what a tiresome thread to read. JGN1 if you genuinely want people to respond to your posts in a calm way that furthers the debate you need to change your attitude. If you’re not fishing for bait then you do a damn good job of accidentally making it look that way. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain cell that you starting this topic wasn’t really to talk about the defence - it was to try and rile people up as is your continual goal it would seem.  For what it’s worth, yes we have a great defence. Brown and Clarke in particular have been superb, there’s no denying that. However, given we set up every game to play for a 0-0 it is also perhaps not surprising we have such a good defensive record. Yes fans want results but they also want to see at least a modicum of ambition, of attacking intent. Unfortunately it has been very much lacking this season, and needs to change for next.
  10. History

    We had a lot of negatives in the early nineties. You might find some positives from the late nineties 
  11. Random image of the day

    Far better - they'd stuff our current team 9 times out of 10.
  12. Online Courier

    Give it a rest man ffs. "Should be sent in an email to The Courier" do me a cheesy quaver. 
  13. Online Courier

    Not a factor at all in the issues we all have with their website.
  14. On a lighter note.

    He's stilton turn a profit.
  15. Denton

    Christian Lee was cr*p.