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  1. Crowds at home

    Do you genuinely think people go on our website and read the articles to decide whether to go to the game or not?? If they’re already on the website chances are they are already coming to the game...
  2. Crowds at home

    We are in 11th - what exactly is your expectation? Is being full time in a league where what, 22 out of 24 teams are full time (bit of a guess but can't be far off) supposed to guarantee you playoffs? Which, by the way, is where we have been for most of the season so far? Appreciate we are on a poor run of form atm but not sure what your expectations are?
  3. Gateshead prices

    Sounds like poor planning to schedule in a new-born alongside our first season back in the football league?
  4. HRLFC

    Google maps tells me that would be 20.4 miles at best. Perhaps 15 miles is as the crow flies? Or Erik's microlight. Either one.
  5. Relegation form

    I think one of my favourite TV appearances of ours was on the Football League programme on ITV a number of years ago when they used to feature one team each week for all the players to try register their fastest shot - all well and good, apart from we did ours on Savile Park with no nets in the goals and as such every time someone had a go the ball ended up half way down the moor 
  6. Gozie Ugwu

    On the Chesterfield forum their fans are all saying they'd rather have Denton than Ugwu. Make of that what you will!
  7. Relegation form

    Can I just point out, that even if you were correct, and it was 5 from 12. That would be a return of 41.67% points wise. With 138 available over the course of a season, a continued return of 41.67% would bring in 57 points (rounding down). In each of the last 3 seasons, that figure would have more than kept a team up - indeed, it's more than we got last season when we finished lower mid table. So not only is your stat wrong, as has been pointed out by others - even if correct, it would be nonsense. As you were.
  8. Wrexham Match Thread

    Assumed this comment was going to be sarcasm but pleasantly surprised to see they are actually are sensible and objective! Makes a nice change!
  9. 3rd September 2011 Town 3-1 Workington

    Goalkeeping of the highest quality!
  10. Loan signings

    Well the original post was “top 5 loan deals you can remember” so...yes? Not saying the guy isn’t quality he obviously is, but at us he was still very young with a lot to learn (and a lot of muscle to build!) I agree CJ was decent but personally wouldn’t class him close to the likes of Bastians, Parnaby etc.
  11. Sutton United

    Certainly dropped him at Bromley - we proceeded to play absolutely cack and when we brought him on he was actually our best player.
  12. I'm Bored

    Or indeed his Spanish cousin, José Publico.
  13. I'm Bored

    I think the technical term for him is d*ckhead. Used to quite like the guy and his different approach - now it's just tedious. Thankfully I don't particularly follow Premier League football these days and haven't for a few seasons, so I can avoid most of the nonsense!
  14. Gateshead Game

    There's a blast from the past! Wow he sure would have been entertaining on this board with some of the folk we have on now.
  15. Loan signings

    Will have to disagree with you there - I distinctly remember him being absolutely cack at us! Two examples that stick in the mind - standing behind his wall at the North stand end against Accrington in the last minute and allowing Gary Roberts to just pass the ball into the empty net, drawing us the game 2-2, and somehow fumbling a tame shot at the South stand end in the freezing goal against Northwich Victoria, straight to them, losing us the game 1-0.