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  1. Edwards

    How do you know this? are you on the board of directors?
  2. V.A.R

    Yep, spot on ...and speaking of commentators has anyone else noticed this over used term now..              ‘Game management’  gets on my nerves when they keep mentioning it, sounds very American to me
  3. Half Time Entertainment

    Let’s hope the entertainment isn’t just exclusive to half time next season  maybe a dance troop? a chance for Shaytrev and Chadders to dust off them flares
  4. V.A.R

    I’m pro VAR just needs to get faster, the fact that it helps iron out errors and missed fouls has got to be a good thing, and it’s still open to debate and opinion as the viewers decision could still differ from VAR officials  The big thing for me at the moment and as a previous poster has pointed out is the new interpretation of hand ball ball to hand has always been common sense, however it now seems everything is given!!! how footballers are expected to jump and challenge for the ball and not raise their arms is beyond me, and beyond a joke
  5. Sexism In Football

    Talking of sexism, it works both ways I’ve not noticed any males reffing or running the lines, seems quite discriminating if you ask me.
  6. Buzz Effect

    Well said  unfortunately the TJ’s of this World think they are playing Championship manager and would gladly spend more than what’s coming in which would in turn lead to the club folding again.  
  7. Halifax Gala..

    That’s good erm....what’s on it!? seem to remember a ‘fax’ banner on there at some point....
  8. One of the favourites to go down

    I wouldn’t worry about odds checker, tinpot they still have Gateshead in 9th.... usual cash cows aka Solihull and Fylde will be up there but other than that I can see it been an open league next season
  9. 19/20 player rumours

    I’m probably one of quite a few fans that are saving their money before buying a season ticket, seeing if we sign the likes of Rodney and Hardy before purchasing  however Im guessing it’s a double edged sword in that if fans like me don’t purchase their season tickets then the budget may not permit signing such players  The thought of starting with Edwards up front gives me nightmares to be honest
  10. Season Tickets.

    I would have returned to sender
  11. Challenge cup

    Well done fax The gulf in class between Super league and Championship means you will probably get hammered, more upsets in football which makes it a more interesting game Have a championship team ever made the final?
  12. Josh Macdonald

    Let’s hope he does add goals, pre injury this is what let him down however everything else about his game was first class and I reckon with certain tweeks this lad could be football league! (please JF get it right like you did with Tomlinson....) potential is there Good luck Josh
  13. Signs

    Will he be ready for the start of next season? hope so! Big season for him
  14. Kosy

    Think it had gone a bit stale for Kossy to be honest, and a new challenge will do him good, so I wish him well Don’t think our overall negative defensive tactics played to his strength last season  either... this lead to frustration and ill discipline, which he definitely needs to sort out hopefully JF has learnt from this season tactics wise and gets his new signings right
  15. Gateshead

    So what’s the point of a Nine point deduction to a club that’s been kicked out of the national league anyway!? hillarious FA at it again feel sorry for the fans, as always