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  1. City v Spurs

    Enjoyable game, even the VAR made it interesting 
  2. Well, this week's been interesting

      Its hard to find that mid table mediocrity in this league, with 4 down and top 7 it seems most have something to play for.... been quite a few seasons since we have had a none event, with half a dozen games to go.... as others have said, probably explains why all is quiet on here
  3. Retained list for next season

    Could the above be translated into JF out?!  
  4. Injury Update

    Lots of reasons why the NHS waiting list is so long.... best not turn this into another toxic thread though!!! 
  5. South Stand yesterday

    Fullarton is at the wheel, let’s not get beat but play draws for real blind pressure and tactics keeps the players busy his post match interviews send the fans quite dizzy
  6. Online Courier

    English translation please at least the courier website is easy to read
  7. Top of the league

    Depends, he might want to leave either way... Makes you wonder if and when he does leave it will be to a club higher or lower league
  8. Just Looking Forward To

    Got my deal for £17 a month for two years through talk talk (normally £34) threatened to leave and worked a treat! All Sky sports and BT sports Got to agree with Nick, nothing like watching the game live at the Shay commentary that annoys me the most on TV and their biased opinions Always thought with technology today that they should be a turn off commentary option whilst leaving crowd noise etc on...

    The blind faith shown in our darkest hour always lead me to believe that Scot was JF!
  10. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    ... day after yesterday
  11. League cup final

    Ah yes, thank you
  12. League cup final

    Last time I had seen such disrespect was for Man City a few years ago, wasn’t it Mancini as manager and a player refusing to come on as a sub?  Disgusting player behaviour, and he’s not even that good a keeper!
  13. The game tonight: Maidstone

    No I don’t, but I would rather we won tonight than lost I am also in the out camp, like most  I really did think we had the makings of a decent manager when appointed but I’ve been massively underwhelmed by the negative tactics
  14. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Yeah, you’re right Hoodie I wish we had of lost now as zero points are better than three 
  15. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Bit silly