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  1. Unanimous

    Really? This is FC Halifax town we are talking about... 14 stages of interviewing over 6 weeks of PowerPoint presentations to ensure we get a quality manager in such as Daz Kelly for the last game of the season Has the board ever really got it right manager wise? Definitely with Aspin in the early years but otherwise I would say No whilst on the Aspin topic, I have a feeling Mr B wouldn’t re-hire someone he has sacked...  
  2. Forthcoming week

    The last time they won wasn’t against us was it? 
  3. Away kit

    Great idea by the board and the link with the old club, spot on no.2 design please
  4. Message to JF

    Could we not have a fundraiser regarding this?
  5. Off the Radar

    Not sure what that means to be honest, is it cryptic? anyway with our first choice strikers on show against Ossett I think we would have struggled to score stood in the stands yesterday freezing my nuts off and embarrassed with the football on offer, Chesterfield looked pretty hopeless and we actually looked worse!!!
  6. Chesterfield Tickets

    Just booked mine Hard work! As I went to pay through World pay, it would redirect me back to the main Chesterfield site with an error A bit worried I might be somehow paying multiple times, I decided to ring up their ticket office. A cheerful lady helped me book without problems, and suggested it may be displaying error because of online server demand and multiple bookings  I did inform her this is Halifax town we are speaking of.... Both laughed, and she wished me a good day tomorrow UTS ....hopefully 400+ of us there
  7. Matty Brown Interview

    I agree, he should pay me to listen to him
  8. Salford City (H)

    Talking of admission fees, I shall be travelling down to the Chesterfield match and an overnighter which I’m looking forward to ...anyway, looked at their pricing structure and found around a dozen different prices for different parts of the stadium on their site 
  9. Ask Away................

    That’s fraudulent Kelly, but he’s definitely a contender for 2nd worse  Good on you for travelling all that way
  10. Josh Macdonald in physio

    I can’t ever remember the club sticking with a player for so long whilst injured.... Think he’s a class player who will hopefully reach his full potential with the thorough coaching from JF
  11. Sorry To Be So Repetitive

    too repetitive Archie lad, too repetitive Archie lad
  12. Discounted tickets - Barrow

    It will hardly be the end of the World if we lose, as statistically that’s the norm then we can look forward to reading the happy clapper posters on here about what a great team we are!!!
  13. Barrow

    With the amount of games that Erik attends, I would like to think that he is the fountain of knowledge that Fullarton is after!? 
  14. Messi

    Well why not superGeoffsnumber1 Johngrantsnumber1
  15. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Seems to be a common theme on here, these days   some of the multiple posters with expert opinions that can’t attend a game even at £12 when they live within a few miles of the Shay...   I totally get you awaydays