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  1. Dagenham Today’s game

    Thought they’d said on the commentary that they’d brought another on. Confirmed on BBC website
  2. Dagenham Today’s game

    Dagenham used 4 substitutes! Surely will get a point deduction
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    In that case perhaps we should have subbed him and kept McLeod on
  4. Ebbsfleet

    And still some people on here want our BOD to throw more money in even if it is unsustainable!
  5. When Tommo Comes Back

    He looked to be limping pretty badly at full time. Not hopeful!
  6. West Riding Cup Game

    They hammered us 4-2 last season!
  7. McCloed

    It took him 10 minutes or so to get his first touch, but thought he looked good after that. Worth a run if King is out injured
  8. Southwell

    I don’t get to many games, but that was my thought yesterday. Perhaps 442 with Edwards alongside him might be better. He needs someone bigger to receive the long balls from Big Sam and nod them down to him. I’m not sure Edwards is that good, but it might be worth a try. We didn’t win many of Sam’s hoofs forward yesterday. On another subject, it was the first time I’ve seen McLeod, but after his first 10 minutes when he didn’t touch the ball, I thought he looked pretty good and could have scored. Ought to be given a chance, especially if King’s injury is bad enough to keep him out.
  9. McCloed

    He was a long time before he touched the ball, but then he had a few good runs and nearly scored one. Worth a try, especially if King’s injury keeps him out. He looked to be really hobbling after the final whistle.
  10. Today's Game

    About to leave the East Riding. Hoping for a Shaymen giant killing
  11. South Stand / East Stand.

    Really? I would have expected them to be in the Skircoat, especially as they are opening the multi-storey car park
  12. West Riding Cup

    I’m sure it’ll be the juniors, and maybe one or two squad players (Rowley the goalie and McLeod) on Monday at Selby in the WRCC. We got a battering there last year! Let’s hope for better this time
  13. Hartlepool United

    As I read the articles, he has left, not been sacked. I haven’t seen anything which suggests he has been sacked. I wondered (just for a minute!) if he’d left and would be announced as our new manager in a few days time!
  14. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    They are, but they get crowds of 5000 regularly, so they have more money to play with. Also I think that they own their own ground and can raise money that way.
  15. Next manger ??

    I would have thought that we wouldn’t see a manger until nearer Christmas!