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  1. Connor Thomson

    Then we’ll get people like Alan Shearer complaining that the ref is ruining the game by giving too many penalties and cards!  After one game the other day I heard some of them saying that ‘if he gives that, then there would be 8 or 9 penalties per game’. So be it. If they are fouls and there are 8 or 9 per game, then let’s have them.
  2. Shaun Rowley

    Comment from a Shrewsbury supporting friend: Good young keeper with potential. Third keeper last year after coming from youth. Should do well although I’ve only seen him play once.
  3. Winter Break

    Thought it was only the 5th round that was going to change
  4. Season tickets

    I spoke to a long term York City season ticket holder yesterday who is not buying one - yet! Apparently they do a part season one in October or November. He’s going to wait and see how they are doing, before forking out and committing to a ST.
  5. No News Website

    Prefer Highland Park myself!
  6. Tom Nicholson signs for?

    Garner is on contract with us. If he’s gone, we should have a fee.
  7. DB interview

    There never was a backpass rule. I assume that you mean “once the backpass rule was created”. That is what stopped the backpass 
  8. DB interview

    “It isn’t Football League full-time in terms of 52 weeks. But it is full-time and it has a major impact for the club.”  Doesn’t that imply that in non-league, 52 weeks isn’t the norm? Unless people know otherwise, we might be the same as most other clubs at our level. The important thing is that it’s more than we had before, so we should be able to improve the standard over a part time set up
  9. Barrows and Khan

    I thought the same after the WRCC game at Selby
  10. Poodles

    Pleased for them. They did what they needed to do
  11. Where is Morgan.

    Didn’t Tony Flower and Les Massie play together? If not they couldn’t have been far apart.
  12. MACCA

    Pre-season testimonial against either FCUM or whichever team signs him? Alternatively next seasons team v a team made up from his teammates over the last eight years?
  13. Josh Wilde

    Article about Wilde leaving on the National League website. He says "It's hard for me with my job as a family support worker to train in the days, I just want to thank everyone for how they have been with me." Seems to confirm either full time or at least moving away from just a couple of evenings.
  14. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

    The first time I saw Town in Tangerine and Sky Blue was at Chesterfield, when I was a kid with my Grandad. I was confused. We stood with other people wearing blue and white scarves and bobble hats, and a team came out in blue and white, but it wasn’t Town. I didn’t really understand why these other people weren’t Town fans! Sorted it out in the end. In answer to the question, yes I would like to see it back as a change kit. It would be very appropriate to me, with the Spirites coming down into our league. I also still have a tangerine and sky blue scarf somewhere!
  15. The Shay

    I really don’t get this hatred of other local teams. I would always support any Yorkshire team (and possibly even Burnley!) against a team from elsewhere. As a teenager in the early 70s I often went to Leeds Road and stood in the cowshed with the Huddersfield fans when the Shaymen were away.  Now I live in the East Riding I’ve been known to go to Bootham Crescent, where I’d support York, although it’s a few years since I’ve done it.