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  1. Buzz Effect

    It is not Mr B that is not pushing the club forward. It is the supporters (or lack of them). We know that the club is living off its reserves (aka the Vardy cash) and spending more than its income. Realistically we don’t want the board putting more in, whether it is Mr B or a new investor. If they did, they would almost certainly do it as a loan, which in turn will need repaying at some future date. That is when it all goes pop again. We have all seen other clubs in this position. For recent examples, think Gateshead, Ebbsfleet, or even Bolton or Bury, As for TJs comments, he would like us to be pushing for the next level. Would he be happy for us to sit in League 2, or would he then be looking to spend to push on again? When would he be happy? Championship? Premier League? Champions League? Or would we need to win that too? And then what? Of course, win it every year ad infinitum!! Get real. We are a small town club in a small town league. If we could get 5000 through the gate for every game then we might have a chance, but until then, be grateful you have a club. Hopefully we will get lucky and get to the playoffs and maybe win promotion. Remember we did get to the playoffs not that long ago. Who was in charge then? Oh yes, Mr Bosomworth - but we’ll never go up under him! Live the dream, don’t be so darned negative. You’ll never succeed in pulling us down to your depressive state. Next season could be the one!
  2. James Hardy

    I don’t know why people have this fixation about contracts running until 30 June. Our players contracts end at the end of the season. When we got to the Trophy final the contracts had to be extended by 3 weeks to cover it. Some of our released players have already signed elsewhere and we have announced it. Lots of players have been announced for other clubs. I don’t believe that 30 June has any relevance for most players at our level.
  3. AGM Cup

    Gateshead have actually been partially reprieved, because the original decision was to suspend them from the National League system altogether, meaning that they would be down to at least the NPL. They have been let back in but relegated 1 level to NLN, presumably in response to the new owners, to give them a chance.
  4. Tomlinson

    They offered one to Duckworth!
  5. York City

    The club don’t own it. It is council owned I believe.
  6. Bolton

    Good crowds don’t mean that a club is well run. York City have much bigger crowds than us, but are losing money like a running tap
  7. Clarke

    They won’t sign others until they have established exactly who is staying and who is going. There still appear to be question marks over a few of the existing squad. 2 good signings though, in Johnson and Clarke.
  8. Lee Gregory

    I don’t know how you can put Danny Lowe in the same category as Lee Gregory. They are and always were leagues apart in standard, even if they were in the same team.
  9. 19/20 player rumours

    I’d wondered about him too, but apart from that statistic, I know little about him.
  10. Town Vs Wrexham

    It didn’t sound as if they were on the commentary
  11. Town Vs Wrexham

    What is our formation? No right back? 3 at the back? Hard to work out from the team list
  12. Town Vs Wrexham

    Quigley off injured. Duku on
  13. Bromley match thread

    Sounds like an entertaining game though
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    5 bookings, but not one for Kosylo!
  15. Maidenhead today

    6-0. Duku and Dave to score hat tricks!!