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  1. Hartlepool

    Definitely a straight red for Brown according to Fullerton in Courier article. Sounds like we will appeal.
  2. Injury news
  3. Hartlepool

    You think that and he thinks his facts prove the opposite. Can’t you just leave it and agree to disagree for the sake of others sanity
  4. Hartlepool

    I know that an intelligent person would stop spouting the same comments over and over again in response to another person doing the same. I’ll happily go away. I’m bored!
  5. Hartlepool

    JGN1 and Guido you are getting very boring. If you want a personal argument, please do it somewhere else. Neither of you has the intelligence to let go and ignore the other. Go away please
  6. Hartlepool

    That’s not what the updates on the OS or the BBC site said
  7. Hartlepool

    If that’s what he did and it was intentional, surely that would be a straight red, not a second yellow
  8. Reality Check

    Isn’t that what Kosylo is supposed to be?
  9. Qualifying for Europe

    Welsh as well, I think.
  10. Qualifying for Europe

    I don’t know that they ‘agreed’ to play. It was the top 2 teams in the National League that didn’t get promoted who were entered into this cup. Not sure they had a choice.
  11. Tom Denton

    He wouldn’t stay alongside a pacy striker for long! Lol!
  12. Wrexham Match Thread

    Kevin Roberts not in Wrexham squad
  13. Gateshead Game

    Trouble is we may (see what I did there!) not have a credible government, but we have an even less credible opposition. The whole lot are rubbish. Anybody who speaks out gets sacked or resigns. At least in the days of Thatcher and Foot, we knew what each stood for. Neither gave in to outside pressures.
  14. sutton and borehamwood

    Incidentally, the Scots don’t seem too keen on trips down south either
  15. sutton and borehamwood

    It’s only the Scottish Premiership teams that play their youth teams. The others are all first teams. There are 2 each from National League, Northern Ireland and Welsh Premier Leagues, plus all Scottish Championship, Leagues 1 and 2 and a number from the Highland and Lowland Leagues.