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  1. Adam Morgan

    He was our get out of jail card today though!

    We have Fondant Fancy, so don’t really need another striker

    Denton and Tuton are on the bench. To whom are you referring?
  4. Neil young

    Do we actually know that he’s left? He’s only there in a temporary advisory capacity. The article doesn’t say so. Perhaps he could still be scouting for us as well. Could be a double agent!
  5. Woking Thread

    Shiraz Khan?
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Only 18points off the playoffs!! Let’s just stay up first.  Six points from the next two games is attainable which would put us on 48 with 8 games left. I would then feel that we were as good as safe. Let’s hope they deliver.
  7. New players in

    According to the interviews on the website, they’ve both trained with us this week
  8. Niall Maher

    Or it could be due to the club office being closed!
  9. Eastleigh match thread

    ONLY 2 bookings today. That’s an improvement!
  10. Eastleigh match thread

    Good job Riley is back, because Garner is suspended for 2 games after his booking today.
  11. Eastleigh match thread

    No Moyo. Is he injured?
  12. Eastleigh Away

    Too ambitious TJ for an away game. Both Hibbs and Hotte but leave out Fondue set. Tomlinson up front with Toots. Use him as a sub later.
  13. Full time

    Got it now!
  14. Full time

    Can’t see that on Twitter
  15. New Signing

    Perhaps the new manager knew he’d been appointed and he signed him!