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  1. Rochdale

    Dead right. But then our technical player needs the bottle to carry on playing, and thats something JM needs to add to his game, and quickly.
  2. Alfreton

    Doesn`t need to be any good as long as he`s big. 
  3. Ben Tomlinson

    Unless the plan is to get him so p!ssed off he asks for his contract to be cancelled. I sincerely hope not as that would be disgraceful conduct, but something isn`t quite right and the silence is deafening.
  4. Callum Hassan

    Skill? Intelligence? Work ethic? Bravery? Team spirit?
  5. relegation team v promotion team

    If only we had the Viking Index last year! We would then have the definitive answer to the original question!
  6. Rumour mill

    The oranges at half time?
  7. League AGM

    A bit like finishing 5th and getting promoted when the 2nd place club doesn`t. Don`t agree with the play-off system as it makes a mockery of the previous 46 games (even though it has benefitted us a few times). If they carry on like this the game will become a laughing stock like rugby league has. The game has totally sold its soul to chase a few more quid. The end of season wasn`t any less exciting before the play-offs, it was just shorter, and the best and most consistent teams over the 42/46 games got their just reward. What next? FA cup final played on a `best-of-three` basis just to bring some more cash in?
  8. Dan Gardner

    Billy Heaths sides have a work/team ethic. So that discounts fancy Dan totally 
  9. Heath In or Out, Jan 2017

    Heath deserves congratulations for achieving promotion, did what he was brought in to do, and has earned the right to be given a shot in the Conference Premiership. I have to agree that entertainment value in games this season has by and large been between grim and non-existent. I don`t have any confidence that the manager has the desire or technical nous to play anything other than this dismal stuff endured this season, but he has to be given the budget and time to prove me and other doubters wrong. Unfortunately, it isn`t - and never has been - easy to attract new support to the Shay even when decent football has been played, and if the same stuff is served up next time and we are scratting around the lower reaches of the league the BOD could find themselves relying on visiting support to keep the numbers up.  Still don`t think Heath is the man to take the club forward, and I don`t think he understands or appreciates the way the game can be played (see the stuff the U-19s played earlier in the year, really think any of them would fit into a Heath squad?- If not, just what is the point?), but he`ll get his chance. Recruitment will be key, as although I have confidence in the defence - if Johnson is between the sticks - they can`t defend for 90 minutes non-stop each week and currently the ball comes back too easily and too quick and it will be harder still in the Prem.
  10. Who are ya?

    The biggest dirge is "Shaymen of Halifax". Forget the sentiment, it is bloody awful to have it assailing your ears, and should be played non-stop in youth offending centres to teach the little b`stards a lesson.
  11. Denton

    Don`t worry Tom, er Meatball, I`m sure a Conf North side will come in for you.
  12. Playoff Final 2017 thread v Chorley

    And equip them with tasers,
  13. Playoff Final 2017 thread v Chorley

    A question of priorities, mate, and you`ve got yours correct.  Hope she makes a full and rapid recovery.
  14. I emailed Look north

    Well Done! Unfortunately I think you`re p!ssing into the wind on this one as they are more likely to plug the South Mexborough U-8`s left-handed marbles qualifiers or the dock pudding day knurr-and-spell championship.
  15. Salford 2nd leg

    So our goal came from " Poole was harshly penalised for what looked the slightest of challenges on Kosylo" despite it being right under the referees nose, and was obviously late? And " Two minutes later Salford’s skipper went into the book after Kosylo advanced on the right before cutting inside and running into him." right in front of the linesman, and would in all probability been through had he not chosen to run into the defender? Also highly amusing how " Seven minutes before the interval Phenix got almost to the line on the left, having first overcome Garner’s shirt-tugging"  (naughty Scott!), yet there is not one mention of the pushes (clear push on Denton for a penalty in the first minute that a competent referee would have given -  had it been against us I wouldn`t have grounds for complaint), the shirt tugging, leading with the arm etc? We are no angels, but Salford displayed the unpleasant side of "professionalism" that has been made possible by weak officials and is so easily glossed over by partisan reporting. A player diving in the box is pillioried for being a "cheat", but can push, elbow, feign injury, shirt-pull, body-check and the rest, and as long as that is accepted or not commented on adversely it is inviting more cheating which will only serve to spoil the game. I see Town players do it and think `bloody idiot` even when they get away with it, so when I see the opposition do it I comment likewise. If Kosylo had made contact with the defender  in his spat on the touchline in the first half he should have walked. I thought he was going to - but as no action was taken did the defender feign contact (which would have been a booking for ungentlemanly contact)? I could go on, but my glass is empty. Disagree all you like, it`s probably that I`m from a different era. Thankfully.