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  1. Port Vale thread

    Yeah, we also had that young whippet Brain Kilcline who made up for his lack of experience with his pace. Not. He may have moved with the rapidity of a glacier, but his brain was 20 yards in front of the strikers he was playing against. No contest. 
  2. Bolton match thread

    Well if the bookies have us finishing in 19th then it`s all cut and dried. No point in us turning up. Actually no point in playing at all really. Saturdays crowd must have been swollen by the number of bookmakers representatives passing through the turnstiles, they must have a lot of employees to send someone from every bookmakers to every match in the country. On the other hand, they could just be guessing like every other Joe in the country. 66-1 seems like decent odds. Seem to remember some obscure club from the Midlands winning the Premiership a short while back at 2000-1. The bookies must have thrown a sickie at the pre-season friendlies for that to happen.
  3. Absolutely Choked

    Thought we`d get over-run in midfield and so it proved. No-one to put their foot on the ball, look up and pick a pass. Can`t knock anyone for lack of effort, but Lingard isn`t international class, neither is Henderson, and if you`re going to play Kane as a No.10 you may as well have Vardy instead of Sterling as he`s as quick but has a vague idea of where the net is. It was probably the only game that Vardy could have justified a shirt in, as our build up in other games was so slow he was a waste of time.  The basis of a better than average side is there, but without someone to pull the strings in midfield better sides will suss us out as Croatia did.
  4. England v Croatia

    Lots of promise, the team got much further than many (me included) expected, but at the end of the day you don`t win many matches with one shot in two hours.
  5. Jacob Hanson

    Don`t actually know the guy, but Duckworth comes across as just a mercenary who only came in the first place as he couldn`t get a deal anywhere else. If he`s touting himself around based on half a season when he wasn`t on the treatment table then he should be given a contract based upon `sign it or feck off``. If he thinks he`s too good for us then why hasn`t he been snapped up? 
  6. England v Belgium

    Why the hell is Alexander-Arnold taking set pieces?? His delivery isn`t even Sunday league standard.  Poor this evening, I`m afraid, fortunately a defeat isn`t a problem, but it has shown we may have a decent team, but I`d consider it a weak squad.
  7. Josh MacDonald

    Yes, he`s a quick lad, he could be assigned the job of following the customers around that dare to enter the premises wearing a t-shirt and jeans. (you are treated as though you are going to nick the coffee machine - wear a shirt and tie and you are fawned upon)
  8. FA Trophy dates.

    Since when did non-league count for anything in the scheme of things? 
  9. Jake Hibbs

    I`ll reserve judgement on whether Hibbs departure is a good or bad move when the season has started and we see who has the shirt.
  10. Sanmi Odelusi

    Wot? This Jacob Blyth? :-
  11. Peniket Alfreton

    Well Alfreton are certainly throwing everything behind Heath, just wonder if the players he`s signed from here have taken a huge cut in wages or if the club is taking a big gamble that may bankrupt them? It was no secret that the ex. Ferriby lads were on decent money when they came here, can Alfreton afford them on average crowds of 577?  They`ve always seemed a decent club in the past, but they will be in amongst some big spenders next year and it would be a shame if they have bought into a dream that could backfire on them. A bit like Town, really.
  12. Peniket Alfreton

    Heath has re-signed players who got us promoted by the skin of their teeth two seasons ago now, and who proved they were  not up to the job of keeping us up.  Are any of them better two years later, or just two years older? I can`t understand why everyone is so incredulous at them following Heath, they know the guy and how he plays, and if his style of non-football fits their skill-set they would be daft go somewhere their lack of skill or technique would be exposed and leave them sat in the stands. What we had last year wasn`t up to the task. Macca was going come-what-may (and the very best of luck to him), Wilde doesn`t want full-time (but would have been useful as a back-up), and Garner was being roundly criticised on here for not being up to the mark, yet because he has apparently moved on it is being seen as some sort of failure by the club!
  13. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    Hopefully, if the question is asked again in 10 years time we may be able to say the one that begins now......
  14. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    Remember driving back home after the game, came over Blackshaw Head and couldn`t see a thing as the fog was so thick. Pubs had shut by the time I got back so no chance to neck a few to numb the pain.
  15. Denton

    Wonder if BH will try to sign Ross Hannah on a stupid deal like he tried just before he got the bullet here?