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  1. Cameron King

    Haven`t been there in a long time, and can`t see us back there TBH
  2. Michael Collins situation

    He’d be better than Lenighan if he had a peg leg, eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder 
  3. Kossy

    I`m sure Bosomworth is aware we need to strengthen, but how? Do you use the money to get shut of JF (my vote), allow JF to spunk the money on more duds and a couple of central defenders, or put the money on Euromillions? You`d stand a better chance of success with the latter option than giving Fullarton the cheque book.  
  4. Shut Down This Site

    The obvious answer is to start your own site, then you won`t have a problem.   bye, bye.
  5. Kossy

    We can spend the money on getting a couple of centre backs
  6. Today's Game

    Hey, I know he worships the ground that JF walks on, but that`s pushing the boundaries a bit?
  7. Solihull v Blackpool

    Well done to the Moors, at least they gave it a good go.
  8. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

    You`ll spot JGN1. He`ll be the one with the semi.
  9. Weather

    Pitch covered so won`t be a problem.
  10. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Don`t  think he has the brass, he would have to offload us first, and BCFC would be expecting some investment to keep them up. So i can`t see it happening. Much rather he put his hand in his pocket here and gets shut of the Shakespeare Scotsman.
  11. Difficult Conundrum

    Sadly, I don`t think that if (or when if JF isn`t given the boot) we will become a `yo-yo` club. Once down I can see us have the same distant aspirations of promotions we have at present, surrounded by clubs with bigger budgets, smaller stadia and stable coaching and training facilities. This is a BIG season for the club, the implications of going down won`t just last a year or two.
  12. 25 years ago today - West Brom at home

    Ah, the good old days! WHEN WE PLAYED WITH MIDFIELDERS!!!!  
  13. Tonight’s draw

    Lowest rated remaining club at home.
  14. Jamie Fullarton’s future

      What does a broken record and JF have in common? Both are useless and should be put out with the trash.
  15. Interview

    I fully expect him to also blame the coach driver, kit man, weather forecaster, Trump, Farage, Stephen Hawking and anyone else he can think of as he won`t under any circumstances accept any blame. Sadly, this is what you get if you employ a clueless, spineless narcissist. Even a tool has some uses.