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  1. Michael Duckworth

    Wash your mouth out, boy. Heath would rather start with 10 men.
  2. Vardys v9 documentary

    Quite. Time to move on. Vardy has worked hard to make the most of the opportunities presented to him and now has riches beyond what he could ever have imagined. Who knows, if Town hadn`t taken what was a very expensive (for a player at Stocksbridge PS level, with a criminal history and missing parts of games as he had to get home to satisfy his curfew and his pretty ankle bracelet) gamble, he might have still been playing on a ploughed field being watched by three men in a flat cap, one whippet and one pidgeon. Or at Stockport, God forbid. Whinging about him not giving Town any credit for his progression from a no-mark dickhead to an international footballer isn`t going to change anything. As has been said on many,many occasions (and is proved on pretty much a daily basis by our footballing "role-models") money can`t buy class, the fact that we were one of his stepping stones doesn`t make him any different.
  3. The Good Samaritan

    A bit of news for those so ready to slag off Wayne Rooney - as you probably know he was stopped for drink driving at 4.00am this morning. Before you criticise him you should be aware that he was only doing a good deed. It turns out that following a 10 hour day/night binge he helpfully took it upon himself to drive a 29 year old brunette to her home in her car as she was so out of it she wasn`t capable of driving. He knew his pregnant wife Coleen was on holiday so not at home worrying about him. What a gentleman!
  4. Today's game guisley

    JM has speed and skill, bulking up would probably slow him down and his ability to twist and turn. Unfortunately one hard or late tackle and he is finished for the rest of the game. I know it and so do the full backs he plays against. You can`t teach bottle and you can`t buy it, and thats why he is still a bit-part player and won`t be anything but. Vardy and Gregory weren`t big or bulky, but had guts. As a side we set out to "intimidate" the opposition, you have to expect some of the same back and if you can`t deal with it tiddlywinks might be a better option.
  5. Today's game guisley

    Don`t think it was Brand, wasn`t he called Pervert, or something like that?
  6. Supporters club

    Good idea!  You could make a covenant on the land preventing its use for anything but a specific sport.           and then build an Asda on it.
  7. Chester coach

    The contract was with Twin Valley. The fact that they chose to sub-contract the work to another company is utterly irrelevant, Twin Valley failed to fulfill their part of the deal. Surely you have heard of the phrase "better to keep your mouth shut and appear ignorant than speak and remove any doubt"?  I think it was written especially for you.
  8. 50 Years ago

    Yep, was there, and a good side we had as well. Remember Les Massie made all the headlines, but Dave Shawcross was real class.
  9. Business Plan Year 9

    Got it in one.  Thing is, where does the brass come from to "go for it"? And when? Bearing in mind that only two clubs go up, and there are already more than that currently full-time and with much deeper pockets, and that spending a stupid amount of money guarantees diddly-squat (how many years and tens of millions for FGR to get promoted?). If living within ones means results in us playing Conference National football for the foreseeable, then that is what it is (but it would be nice to see a little football occasionally, Mr Heath - I know thats less likely than promotion, but it`s on the wish list along with winning Euromillons). It may not have the excitement or camaraderie that bucket collections and crisis meetings to raise enough money to play the game on Saturday used to have, but hey-ho, I like a quieter life nowadays. 
  10. Business Plan Year 9

    And me...........
  11. Dover match thread

    And he shows his true colours!
  12. Dover match thread

    Yes, it is, so come on, for the thick ones amongst us. Spell it out (spellcheck can be your buddy). "Engaging the fans" isn`t an answer. It may be a partial solution, but how are you going to it? Has it been costed? What is the cost benefit? Does it require initial investment, and if so, how much, where from, payback time?  99% of the populace in the area don`t look at this forum, there is bugger all circulation of the local rag, local radio isn`t interested and hitting the schools won`t target your missing 6,600.So, how, where and at what cost/benefit? Bearing in mind your `engaging the fans` may add a couple to the attendance (but is only theoretical) where is your magnificent plan for the rest? I`m sure Mr B and his cohorts are waiting for your response, who knows he might even use the methodology to become a success at selling BMWs   Oh, hang on....   
  13. Dover match thread

    The `missing 6,600` aren`t `fans` or they would be there all the time. So, how would you `engage` them? (Now getting a bit like Newsnight where the politician answers everything but the question). Never contradicted myself on recruitment either, as it has been crap and I have less than no confidence in Heath - no tactics, no contacts, no clue. The board aren`t daft despite what many on here think. They aren`t going to put all their eggs into BH`s basket as the new incumbant will need some resources. 
  14. Dover match thread

    2 hours to think up some insults, you disappoint me. You still haven`t said how you are going to `entice` back the missing 6,600. Why? Because you spout crap but can`t back it up with facts or tangible solutions. The board will come up with finance to sign players when the time is right, which it isn`t with this clown in charge (for now). I could respond with insults, but I really wouldn`t want to share the gutter with you. I`ll just ask again, how are you going to engage the "missing 6,600"? You brought the subject up, but can only respond with insults.   I`ll let you continue to make yourself look stupid, you don`t need any help from me.
  15. Dover match thread

    Recruitment appears to have been left to the manager, it`s what he`s paid for. Not the BOD`s job. Now thats out of the way, how would you entice the missing 6,600? Answers on the back of a pinhead, I presume? The magic formula for enticing back 6,600 people (the vast majority who have probably never been the Shay before) without spending money we haven`t got (which would defeat the object) is????????????????