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  1. Now Is The Time To Go

    Except if it happens to be an antibiotic resistant strain
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Darn these plastic pitch injuries. This is what happens when you aren`t used to them. It`s a pity we couln`t have had one to train on. Oh, hang on....
  3. Unbelievable Jeff

    He would probably kill plastic plants.............
  4. Unanimous

    Just a thought......... If we can`t get shut of the idiot, why not just put him on gardening leave and let Brown/Clarke pick the team and decide the tactics? We need points, and we ain`t going to get any with Coco the Clown in charge.
  5. Unanimous

    If we need to borrow money to pay of the fecking incompetent idiot, then so be it. If this means going back on our `full-time model` in the short term than it would be worth it. I would rather be kicking about mid to lower mid-table for a season or two with a smaller part-time squad than letting feckless Fullarton take us down to a level where we will in all probability stay for several years. DB has a decision to make. It`s blindingly obvious to virtually everyone on the planet that Fullarton would make a balls-up of picking his nose, let alone a football team, but DB (who doesn`t want us to be seen as a `sacking club`) really needs to see that damage that this chump has done probably won`t be rectified in the space of one season.
  6. The best Team for Maidstone

    The best team will be any team not picked by and playing to the `tactics` dictated by Coco the Clown.
  7. BT Sport mention Town last night

    Would be quite a pairing - Romark and no-mark.
  8. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Apparently we set up to win today, according to Hughes (Worrier website) . There are no adjectives to describe how fecking clueless this pair are.
  9. Boycott

    Been advocating this for weeks. Turn up in your hordes, wait in the car park, then feck off to the Three Pigs (other hostelries are available) at kick off and spend your 20 quid on something which will give you some pleasure. As a supporter, with this lot you only have a voice if the turnstiles ain`t clicking. This charlatan would have been out weeks ago if people weren`t turning up and paying their hard-earned.
  10. Mike Fondop-Talom

    Nah! Can`t happen if we don`t look at the table.................
  11. Well Done Eggers On The Result

    And thats without punishing them by making them watch what takes place on the pitch. You`d have social service around in no time.
  12. Three wise monkeys

    I wasn`t against him, in fact I hoped he would be a massive success. It`s about time a young, articulate, modern thinking English (I know, I`ll extend it to British in this case) made a name for himself and put theory into practice. Just as the club took a punt on Gregory, Vardy and others who were either unproven or discarded too soon but came good, the potential for a young manager to do the same can`t be ignored. Fullarton had all the credentials - played at a high level, lots of contacts (), done all the coaching badges, etc. Sadly, rather than being a Gregory or a Vardy, he has turned out to  be a Rainford or Stott. The experiment has failed. I`ve run out of adjectives to describe how clueless and inept the guy is, but even he must know he is stealing a wage packet.
  13. Banks of England

    Remember seeing the great man down t`Shay in the FA cup for Stoke. We were stood just yards from him as they opened up part of the speedway track to stand on, so we were right next to the goals. World cup final at Wembley to the Shay. Things just got better and better for him.
  14. Match offer for Aldershot

    The football club should do the same sort of thing. Anything to detract from the boring garbage on the field. It must work for the squatters.................unless some people actually go to watch the men hugging
  15. Well Done Eggers On The Result

    If they have it will destroy our free-flowing, pacy attacking football on Saturday