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  1. Piece Hall

    Or pay 20 quid and not have to watch England?
  2. Financial Crisis

    Information from within the club confirmed Madeley and Rourke both wanted the site - as would any developer with deep pockets and a desire to `fulfil the clubs potential`. Benefactors all. Not.
  3. Well the rumours START

    Vardy has years of running left in him, he built his leg muscles up wearing those fancy ankle bracelets 
  4. Financial Crisis

    Madeley definitely tried to get the Shay estate
  5. Financial Crisis

    No, we felt "needed", not necessarily wanted. The likes of Madeley and Rourke could have settled the clubs debts with their loose change but instead were in it to acquire the Shay estate. Remember Rourke stripping the fittings (including light fittings!) out of The Weavers when he quit? Plausible charlatans.
  6. Financial Crisis

    Yeah, the good old days! Come on guys, lets spend a sh!tload of money we haven`t got (as would be very popular with some on here) then we can bring back the happy times when we all felt "in it together". 
  7. Question for the BOD

    We don’t own any stands to name.
  8. Barrow

    Telling it as it is. Do they have the equivalent of North Bridge in Barrow for their supporters who can`t accept the financial realities of life?
  9. Jim McCalliog

    Anyone wanting to know what the two-faced arse-wipe is doing nowadays, watch `Four In a Bed` on Channel 4. Once a twot, always a twot.
  10. Ambition at last!

    The alternative is reduce prices to level that people want to pay, then they can watch us compete with Mossley, Ossett, Prescot Cables, Witton Albion et al. Everyone would be happy then, wouldn`t they?
  11. Ambition at last!

    Lots of numbers, but no indication of what most of them refer to! I take it we were the ninth most expensive for season tickets, which is scandalous when we should be finishing top with the cheapest tickets
  12. Poor Chesterfield

    Arrogant wankers may be deeper in the sh!t than previously thought:- With a little luck and a points deduction they might just drop straight through.
  13. Poodles

    Serious answer:- Lots of clubs spending big/bigger in the Championship trying to get promoted. Getting up is the problem. When you are up you are still subject to the richer clubs having an advantage, if the pot is split evenly then those with the bigger crowds and commercial bases should rise to the fore.  
  14. Poodles

    Really don’t understand the Poodles hatred. It’s not as if they are rivals or even have been for the last few decades- or will be for the next few either .  I’d rather give them credit for getting to the premiership and keeping up against the financial odds, similarly well done to Burnley for their achievements this season. And before anyone has a go about the Poodles parking the bus and playing for a point- did you go anywhere near The Shay whilst half-wit Heath was in charge? Pots and kettles spring to mind.
  15. Retained List

    Headless chickens at least run around. Unlike Denton who couldn’t even break into a brisk stroll at full pace.