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  1. Rochdale Pitch

    Time for an artificial pitch at T`Shay? At least it will be still in decent nick ater The Shay Sumos have finished wrestling on it, and lets be honest, we ain`t going anywhere we need a natural pitch anytime soon. We could even train on it.  Another positive point is that apparently artificial surfaces don`t suit Dentons `style`.........
  2. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    All this `playing for the badge` is mostly bo!!ocks. The players are here for a wage. If the club went bust tomorrow, they`d just find somewhere else.
  3. Appointment urgently needed

    You think getting someone in quickly is more important that getting the right man? Really?
  4. Appointment urgently needed

    Depends on whether the chosen one is currently employed or not! If he is there will be a compensation package to be negotiated, if the current employers play hard-ball there may be a delay before they get who they want.
  5. Rugby

    Shouldn`t that be "because rugby were sharing the pitch"?
  6. Rugby

    But then isn`t there less for the directors to pocket, errr, i mean securely transport to the bank? 
  7. Rugby

    That has to be for a season ticket, surely? Or is it £8 to get in and £14 to get out?
  8. Today's Game

    Lost from boredom, more likely.
  9. Ian Helliwell

    Well, in my case it was about 6 games into his tenure here, so I hadn`t formed any opinion about the guy, (TBH, I`d never even heard his name before he came here) and was having a swift one in the bar along with some sponsors after a game. Sorry if that spoils your somewhat childish and baseless theory, I take people as I find them, and I found him just disappointing and arrogant. I was unaware at the time that he was also tactically inept and somewhat deluded as to what was actually happening on the pitch (1500 spectators and four officials can`t all be wrong, surely?) but that came later. You can continue your love-in with him, all that matter really is that he has gone, will never return, and for that everyone who appreciates football can be thankful.
  10. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    I really don`t think the board care how many people attend games. The club is run (rightly or wrongly) as a business, so the revenue being generated is more important than the numbers generating it. The club doesn`t get anything from the bars and burger stalls, bigger crowds means more security costs (and possibly police costs), so there is absolutely no logic in cutting prices to get more people in if there is no financial benefit. Not saying it is right, that I agree with it, or that it is a sensible long-term strategy, but as a short-term business model it makes sense. You`ll never progress with it, but should stay afloat.  
  11. Ian Helliwell

    I did get the chance to speak to Mr Heath last season and found him to be a pig ignorant twot. That wouldn`t really have mattered if what was produced on the pitch was acceptable, but shiite football, followed by shiite results don`t get you much credit if you`re an obnoxious b`stard into the bargain. Good riddance, he`ll pop up again somewhere, but as long as it`s not here I really couldn`t give a toss either way.
  12. We`re more likely to get Arthur Askey
  13. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    The club don`t get anything from the burger vans, bars etc so that kills that dead. Printing hundreds/thousands more programmes that may not be sold would cost hundreds/thousands. I don`t think even at a tenner you would get a gate of 2700, except maybe for the last game if it is a win-or-drop scenario, which if it is people will turn out for anyway.
  14. Heath’s gone!!!

    Not a lot. We now have a reputation as a dirty bunch of cloggers, reinforced by the previous managers publicly expressed (by one of his players) to `get in their faces and intimidate` the opposition. Any club facing us would be fools not to take advantage of this, and I`m sure officials would think there is no smoke without fire looking at our record of pretty coloured cards and probably reach for a card where a word may have otherwise sufficed. We will continue to reap what the idiot has sown, for a time at least.
  15. Heath’s gone!!!

    No misprint, I`m afraid:-