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  1. One of the favourites to go down

    At this stage, I think it just random odds to tempt a few punters to have a dabble when they normally wouldn`t. Keeps the cashflow going as whatever the result, they can sit on (and invest) the monies for the best part of a year.
  2. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    Yorkshire Air Ambulance have offices at: Cayley House South Lane  Elland HX5 0HQ
  3. Kosy

    Duckworth touts himself around every year, so wouldn`t be surprised if he is on his way. The club seems to look after injured players pretty well - and we`ve had a few over the years - so if Duckworth leaves it will create a space for Hanson, and one on the treatment table
  4. James Hardy

    Also Tommy `ten man` Baker. Dave Longhurst wasn`t exactly a Peter Crouch clone either.
  5. 40 to1

    Not many broke bookies about
  6. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Aye, used to have the butchers up there.
  7. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Phil Whitehead, Dean Martin, Steve Thornber, Paul Fleming & his brother whos first name escapes me, Barry Holmes,Wayne Allison.
  8. Thinking Back

    Agree with much of the OP`s list. Would have to add Dave Shawcross, Barry Gallacher and the brilliant Freddie Hill, who still had a Division One brain (and went back there with Man City if memory serves).
  9. See it can be done.

    Judging on some of this seasons recruits they are more likely to be girl guides.
  10. Excuses started already

    He could have opted to keep his mouth shut. As some on here keep saying ad infinitum (and I paraphrase)  "If you can`t say anything positive, don`t say anything"
  11. Excuses started already

    I thought we trained three times a week? Is he not aware on the other two days there is no-one else around? "with the four hours that I spend daily preparing the team and working with them on the grass being spent in the other areas"  
  12. Excuses started already

    Which is exactly what all of these clubs will be thinking as well. So if we all nett 100K we aren`t any better off.
  13. Shay Hotel?

    Never mind a hotel, is there room to build a pyramid?  
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    Indeed it does, a reasonable man driven to abuse by the persistent trolling of a retard, a horrible term and one not used lightly.
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    Oh, give a fecking rest you boring twot