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  1. Hartlepool team

    Turning up for work?
  2. Hartlepool team

    All of the above...........
  3. Hartlepool team

    We are saved! Danny Clarke is on!
  4. Heath Must Go

    We`re 17th out of 24 clubs. Even the most ardent Heath supporter can`t claim we are nearer to the top than the bottom. The number of points doesn`t matter, only our position. We could end the season still 7 points off the play-offs but 21st in the table, which would be trap-door time
  5. Heath Must Go

    Interesting comment on the BBC website about Pulis. Some obvious parallels with another certain manager:- "The Welshman is a victim of his own football philosophy. He is a results man. The pretty stuff is not his style; Pulis does functional. Supporters don't find it easy on the eye and even his players tire of it. It means when results go wrong, there is no bank of goodwill to buy him time".    
  6. Heath Must Go

    Lots of `what ifs`. If the two Sutton attempts before we had scored that  hit the woodwork with Johnson beaten had gone in we could have been looking at a rout.
  7. Sutton v Town game thread

    When the publicly declared ethos of the team is "to get in their  (opposition) faces, intimidate them" (as per the interview given by David Lynch, if memory serves), then basically the game plan is pretty crude and once stuff like that is made public is it any wonder players go down like they are shot and 50/50 challenges are given against us? It`s not like we have a Plan B, we don`t even have a Plan A.
  8. Sutton v Town game thread

    4 points from the last 24 available, an abysmal disciplinary record and a Savile Park standard of football (well, nearly that good) and people still defend Heath. Absolutely amazing! Thats without mentioning his inept recruitment, and removal of the backroom and scouting staff which served so well before Billy Big Bollocks arrived.  
  9. Sutton v Town game thread

    "Danny Clarke who shapes to volley it but makes contact with the right back instead" Heath and his team selection in one sentence.............
  10. Sutton v Town game thread

    Just need to replace Denton with Moyo now and go 5-5-0 and hold on for a narrow 1-0 defeat.
  11. Sutton v Town game thread

    Going for the win then
  12. Sutton v Town game thread

    You mean if we aren`t already dead and buried he can come on and make sure we are?
  13. Team vs Sutton

    You`re having a giraffe, mate. Billy Smart would rather start with 10 men than give Hibbs a chance.
  14. New Signing

    Headless, or head up your (or Billys) arse. Which is preferable. Discuss.
  15. Interesting comments from heath

    Actually, it was one of three he kept in a cupboard. Like many, I thought the `stick` was merely a myth, until I obviously crossed a line..... the punishment administered in front of the upper-sixth mid geography lesson whilst I was a third-former. And as for Hibbsy, dare Heath start him for a league game? The potential to look a fool suggests not.