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  1. Gateshead prices

    With the money you save on admission, you can put a deposit on a decent pair of binoculars.
  2. Collins

    Who would simply stroll into our midfield......
  3. Fans

    Don`t think so for a moment. Instead, we`ll just stagnate as we can`t afford to compete with ambitious clubs either.  We have no assets to speak of, crowds which aren`t big enough to generate money to acquire any assets, and all the money coming into the club goes straight out in wages and rent. I merely pointed out what would make sense for the club. It won`t happen, and short of a miracle or a money-man coming in (and I think that would be a potential disaster) we are stuck with an expensive mill-stone around the neck of a club struggling to stay in the National League.
  4. Fans

    We don`t need (and can`t afford) something the size of the Shay. A little ground like the Hednesford one where we can earn some match day revenue would make more sense. A flash (for this level) stadium which we will never fill, generate revenue from or atmosphere in is purely for vanity. Great for entertaining pre-match guests, but ultimately a mill-stone for a non-league club, which we are likely to remain for the forseeable future.
  5. Collins

    Funny, was just thinking about posting the same, but you beat me to it.
  6. Hartlepool

    If JF brings more players in, will they be worse that we already have and will he bench the better players? Seems to be his M.O. Not at the game today as was travelling, so will attend on Tuesday with hope in my heart, but expecting a bit of a drubbing. Could be a long old season, i`m afraid.
  7. HRLFC

    Precisely the amount of money the rugby club brought to the Shay.
  8. Stephen Darby

    Poor lad. How you can cope mentally with what you know is going to come is beyond me. Can really only hope the progression is as slow and slight as at all possible.
  9. Relegation form

    A week is a long time in politics. It`s about 45 minutes in JGN1` s world
  10. Relegation form

    More empty promises? see you in 10 minutes 
  11. Relegation form

    You might as well have Salah, Kane and Vardy on the bench, but if they don`t get a kick they may as well be in the bar.  Even TNV can see that JF has ballsed-up his substitutions (or more importantly, lack of them), and whilst he will get some lee-way as he is young and still (supposedly) learning his trade, this benevolence  won`t last for ever. JF has signed some sub-standard players, and it may well be that he can develop and improve players, but leaving better ones on the bench or in the stands smacks of trying to prove a point to the detriment of the team as a whole.  Talking the talk is fine, but I haven`t seen anything yet to suggest we are anything other than an average one-dimensional side. Money may tight, but why sign two inept midfielders (As if I need to name names...) when we would get better value spending the wages on one decent one?  
  12. Music

    Think the `dirge` is `Requiem for a Tower` (London Philharmonic?). `Sirius` by The Alan Parsons Project` for me, but would settle for ELO.
  13. HRLFC

    I am positive! I`m positive this board would be better without people like you. And don`t build up peoples hopes only to dash them.
  14. HRLFC

    3 hours!!!!! That`s not a goodbye. Not even an au revoir, barely a ta-ta, and certainly not a `see thee`. Don`t raise all our hopes that you are going to disappear into the ether with your drivel just to let us down. It`s not fair and it`s spoilt my weekend. 
  15. Tom Denton

    Funniest comment seen this decade, courtesy of the Chesterfield FC Forum, attributed to Martin Allen on Tom Denton:- "Said he scored 12 before a new manager moved in and changed the teams style from a passing style to big boot "