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  1. Leyton Orient match.

    Indeed it does, a reasonable man driven to abuse by the persistent trolling of a retard, a horrible term and one not used lightly.
  2. Leyton Orient match.

    Oh, give a fecking rest you boring twot
  3. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    The manager has done his best to get us to the next level. Unfortunately for him, a couple of decent results means we can no longer attain `the next level` as there are four clubs that can`t match our points total. Sadly, I have every confidence that he will try again next season, and may well succeed as funds in all probability will be more limited by the numbers who have simply given up putting their hands in their pockets to pay good money to watch utter, clueless garbage which is devoid of any entertainment value. To be honest, I wouldn`t go to the next home game if they opened the gates and let everyone in for free. Us "old `un`s" have endured some serious crap over the decades, but this is on a different level. People get out of a habit, and many just won`t return.
  4. Maidenhead today

    The deluded ones interview with the Worrier is now online:- "It wasn`t a case of we were  beaten today, we lost" . What the holy feck is this imbecile going on about????? Sorry, but the `unable to change things around` line doesn`t wash, as both Maher and Duckworth would have started if they were fit, so there would have been more `tired` bodies than were on the pitch today. Three away games in a week when we were part-time was understandable, three home games for full-time players is, I`m afraid, just bo!!ocks.
  5. Josh Macdonald

    Kosylo can also hit a decent free kick, and scores goals.  Any comparison isn`t fair on either player.
  6. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Is that a road to Domestos?
  7. Denton

    Don`t think Denton ever pretended or claimed to be a world beater. Not my type of player, but scored goals for us, set up goals for his strike partners (when he had any), covered a fair distance coming back for every set piece we defended (where he did really well), and at no point chucked his toys out despite a fair amount of abuse. Bottom line is, he did everything that was asked of him to the best of his ability. Certainly not the quickest, nor the most skillful, but he gets a lot of unjustified stick on here as he was an easy target.
  8. Emley

    Can`t see our BOD wanting to change our name back, they don`t seem to want any association with the `old` club, and keeping the new name means that everyone will know it is still their personal playpen and not where any pleb can play.
  9. Shay Pitch

    If the swamp donkeys had been kept off it it wouldn`t have been damaged at all on Sunday.
  10. The pitch

    Lesson to be learned?
  11. The pitch

    Their conduct over the last 21 years might be why?
  12. The pitch

    Not entirely true!.  Football is played partly on the floor, the swamp donkeys ‘game’ is based on keeping the ‘ball’ - a misshapen object- off the floor except in two little strips behind the posts. Consequently they can happily play on grass, mud, a ploughed field or whatever. Whether or not their wrestling today destroys the pitch for the rest of football season is of little consequence to them.  
  13. Injury Update

    Sick of playing for JF.
  14. Mark Bower

    Cheap option, but wouldn`t stand a prayer. Needs an old head with thick skin for that job.
  15. Unanimous

    Wide Fairhurst would be a better option than All-but-useless though. We have progressed so far........