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  1. Wrexham (H) Saturday 7th April 2018 cancelled

  2. Guiseley (A) Saturday 17th March 2018

  3. Blackpool (A) Friday 30th March

  4. Adam Morgan

    I did find it interesting on the Class of 92 when Neville (Gareth), said they'd missed out on a few players to us over last couple of seasons. Wage wise think they've pushed the limit again and now paying unsustainable amounts
  5. Bury B (H) Saturday 3rd March 2018

    Available and food please
  6. Wrexham (A) Saturday 10th February 2018

  7. Leighton Orient (H) 20th January 2018

  8. Hull City (A) Saturday 13th January 2018

  9. Chester (H) Saturday 23rd December 2017

  10. Injuries: Bad luck or bad preparation

    Injuries are a bigger problem in a small squad like ours as we have limited replacements. And for much of the season, our replacements are more suited to Conf North and so performances suffer or we have to play people out of position.
  11. Selby

    Applied themselves well and it was nice to see them trying to play from the back (especially at a young age). However, this resulted in numerous goal scoring chances. There is a reason footballers with limited ability don't try and play too much football out from the back.
  12. Barnsley (H) 2nd December 2017

    Available and food (if I'm needed)
  13. Arsenal (Manchester) H 18th November 2017

    Available but no food
  14. Wrexham (H) Saturday 25th November 2017

  15. Hull City (H) Saturday 11th November 2017

    Available and food please