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  1. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Thanks Hoddie.
  2. Town v Dover 17/11/2018

    Town 5-1 Dover Edwards, King, Kosylo, Preston, Southwell. 1449
  3. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Anybody got a link to actually buy this ticket offer. The link above seems to just advertise the offer.. Never bought a ticket to the shay on line before.
  4. Morecambe vs Town 10/11/2018

    Morecambe 2-1 Town Clarke 1449
  5. Interview

    His buzz words at the minute are "Blind Pressure".  Can any qualified coach pls explain this football terminology.
  6. Havant And Waterlooville 03/11/18

    Havant 2-3 Town kosylo Southwell Edwards 1109
  7. Manager not speaking to the press

    FULLARTON gone the extra mile after the Solihull game whereby he gives two interviews to SHAYMAN PLAYER. MOM Sam Johnson comes out in sympathy with his boss.... Appearing on camera but not saying a word while he does so. Ps Get summat for that cough Kelly.
  8. Solihull v Town 30.10.18

    Solihull 2-1 Town southwell 781
  9. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    No interview.......The tactics are so bad, the players have locked the manager in the changing room
  10. Town vs Eastleigh 27/10/2018

    Town 1-1 Eastleigh Preston 1449
  11. Mekhi Mcleod

    Ideal opportunity to drag Kozzy off who was  getting ever increasingly frustrated and replace him with Mekhi, especially when the game was won at 2-0
  12. Town vs Warrington 23/10/2018

    Town 3-2 Warrington Preston Edwards Kosylo 1109
  13. Warrington on Saturday

    Please tell me it's not 20 sovs to watch the replay with an alleged midfield consisting of Lord Lucan, John Stonehouse and Robinson Crusoe
  14. Warrington v Town 20/10/18

    Warrington 1-1 Town kosylo 781
  15. Town vs Chesterfield 13/10/2018

    Town 1-2 Chesterfield kosylo 1449