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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Might be the old head we need up front. Do a Collins but in the forward department. Watch the pennies though, and hopefully not another Bishop.
  2. Playoffs

    ........Rooney remarkable recovery for Wembley
  3. AFC Fylde vs Town 27/04/2019

    Fylde 1-3 Town Rodney Duku kosylo 1515
  4. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    Surprised at Jigsaw getting 6 this season. He normally goes to pieces in the box
  5. Town vs Wrexham 22/04/2019

    Town 1-1 Wrexham Rodney 1959
  6. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepool 1-2 Town Rodney Duku 3126
  7. Town vs Bromley 13/04/2019

    Town 2-0 Bromley Duku, Rodney 1245
  8. Leyton Orient vs Town 06/04/2019

    Orient 3-1 Town Rodney 5545
  9. Season Tickets

    Gone down as saying in over 55 years of supporting the club, this season is one least entertaining I’ve ever witnessed. Having said that if over (52 weeks of the year) you can’t can’t find just over 4 quid a week to support your club you can’t really call yourself a supporter.
  10. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    Town 2-0 Maidenhead kosylo Quigley  1245
  11. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Lammies right as above. But Kosylos petulance at the final whistle didn’t help matters. Is he an only child? Cos he don’t arf sulk if he ain’t getting his way. Lack of variety on show tonight. Every set piece to the back stick where Browny and Clarky got little reward. Man of the match.....Ozzie and his ground staff.
  12. Town vs Ebbsfleet United 26/03/2019

    Town 1-1 Ebbsfleet Duku 1245
  13. town v solihull

    Town 2-3 Solihull Rodney Quigley 1345
  14. Dover game

    Barrett and Maher together.   .. a bit like Lampard and Gerrard dosent work for me