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  1. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    Town 2-2 Havant kosylo, Quigley 1345
  2. Lack of challenging media

    You can’t blame the young uns of the media team. They are probably under orders not to ask anything contentious. In today’s snowflake society it happens all over the spectrum and if Fullarton and co were questioned in probing Andrew Marr like  fashion, he’d soon waffle on, and hit us with more spin.
  3. Maidstone v Town 19/2/19

    Maidstone 2-0 Town 1376
  4. Town v Aldershot 16/2/19

    Town 1-2 Aldershot  kosylo 1515
  5. Eric Harrison

    Not quite old enough to have seen his contribution down at the shay, but hey...married in the morning then playing for the shaymen in the afternoon...says it all about his commitment RIP Eric.
  6. Mick Kennedy

    RIP Mick. Really talented youngster who played above his tender years. A Grafter who was a joy to watch.
  7. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Manager and a good percentage of the players are woefully short of the standard. The statistics/results don’t lie. But what will happen . He will scratch his right ear in interview and talk more talk, and then back to his theory based managership
  8. Chesterfield v Town

    Chesterfield 3-1 Town Southwell 4120
  9. Oops Mr Fullarton

    Watching Ireland v England yesteday, I heard one of the commentators refer to “blind pressure” from Ireland.
  10. Big Interview With The Management

    Too much of a theory boss for me. Footballs simple, you have to score more goals than the opposition to win games, we aren’t scoring at all at the minute.
  11. Where are they now.

    Bill Atkins is a regular customer at Aldi at Keighley
  12. Salford at home today

    Hats off to Town today. Into Salford’s faces right from the off. King, Barrett, Kozzy and Scartz the stand outs for me, but they all gave their best. Agree with others, slightly lost the momentum with the subs, but the lads must have been knackered.
  13. 25th January 1969 Stoke City 1-1 Halifax Town

    Best ever away game in my opinion. Fingers burnt in the replay, but Massies goal under the great Gordon Banks will live on forever 
  14. Town vs Salford City 26/01/2019

    Town 1-4 Salford Kosylo 1929
  15. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Bradford city scorer looked like Bruce Bannister to me