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  1. World Cup Predictions 11/07/2018

    Croatia 1-2 England (Sterling Kane)
  2. World Cup Predictions 07/07/2018

    Sweden 1-2 England ( Kane, Vardy) Russia 2-1 Croatia
  3. World Cup Predictions 06/07/2018

    Uruguay 1-1 France Belgium 1-1 Brazil
  4. England v Sweden

    What worries me is we haven't scored many goals from open play. Corners, penalties, lucky deflection and the odd beauty. Hope tomorrow's different. I'm still not convinced with Young and I would play Rose who at least gets down the bye line. Deli Ali also needs to step up a couple of gears.  Full credit to the penalty shoot out win though, when youngsters like Rashford and Trippier stepped forward under extreme pressure.  As a result they'll probably come home heroes even if we get turned over tomorrow.
  5. Alan Jones

    Eddie Thought Freddy was a midfielder. ( like the poetry)
  6. World Cup Predictions 03/07/2018

    Sweden 1-0 Switzerland England 3-2 Columbia. ( Maguire, Alli, Kane)
  7. Alan Jones

    Great player was Jones. Wasn't he Dave Chadwicks replacement ? 
  8. World Cup Predictions 28/06/2018

    Japan 1-2 Poland Senegal 0 New Scores including Senegals amended today. Apologies TNV
  9. World Cup Predictions 30/06/2018

    France 2-1 Argentina Uruquay 2-1 Portugal
  10. World Cup Predictions 01/07/2018

    Spain 2-1 Russia Croatia 1-0 Denmark
  11. Good Luck England

    Changes for me v Pananma. Out Young (No left foot playing right back, and slows play down), Ali ( good but looks injured to me) Linguard (there's better) and Sterling ( has had too many chances) In ....Rose (if he's fit) Loftus cheek (Strong sod) Rashford (Hurts defences) and of course Jamie ( because he's a SHAYMAN)
  12. Dayle Southwell

    Impressed me in that drab 1-1 draw at their place in artic conditions.  
  13. Scott Garner

    Southwell has now signed for us
  14. World Cup Predictions 28/06/2018

    Japan 2-1 Poland Senegal 2-2Columbia England 2-2 Belgium (Rashford, Lingard) Panama 1-3 Tunisia
  15. World Cup Predictions 27/06/2018

    Mexico 1-0 Sweeden South Korea 0-2 Germany Serbia 0-1 Brazil Switzerland 2-1 Costa Rica