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  1. Town vs Macclesfield 16/12/17

    Town 1-2 Macc Denton 1004
  2. Aldershot v Town

    ALDERSHOT 3-0 Town.   2004
  3. His last game in charge

    You can always tell a desperate failing manager by his bullshit after match interview. I should know after 50 plus years listening to it.  Watch the Shaymen TV one if you can. There was the usual " The players gave everything" reply.  " Tomlinson and Clarke should never have started" so why did they ? Morgan and Middleton in that case should have started. . "The youngsters aren't good enough for this level" How do you know you never play them, and if your crying about luck with injuries then surely they deserve a chance. Heath then has the audacity to attempt to embarrass the young interviewer questioning politely about the chance falling to Waring. Cut out the bully tactics.   Same old shite on the field..... same old bullshit off it.
  4. Town vs Barrow 02/12/2017

    Town 1-1 Barrow Morgan 1636
  5. Town v Eastleigh 25/11/2017

    Town 2-2 Eastleigh   Morgan 2 1515
  6. Hartlepool team

    Hope I'm wrong but can't see him going before Eastleigh and Barrow.
  7. Hartlepool v Town

    Hartlepool 2-0 Town 3585
  8. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 3-1 Town Denton 2165  
  9. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    Town 1-2 Woking  Denton 1617
  10. Tranmere game thread

    Morgan best of a bad bunch on Tuesday, dropped to the bench. Back chat to Billy at your peril.
  11. Tranmere vs Town 28/10/2017

    Tranmere 3-3 Town Denton, Morgan, Batty. 4234
  12. Maidstone Thread

    Oliver would make a damn good signing ......... for Brighouse Ladies. He wasn't on his own. Players Second to every ball, and often out muscled. some players are simply not good enough.  Billy goes on about great effort but without the basic skill your flogging a dead horse.  Board not willing, and manager no contacts to change this sinking ship.
  13. Town v Maidstone 24/10/2017

    Town 2-1 Maidstone Waring Kosylo 1449
  14. Town v Torquay Utd

    Town 2-0 Torquay Morgan 2 1515
  15. Town vs Tranmere 14/10/2017

    Town 0-0 TRANMERE  2463