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  1. Bolton match thread

    Gateshead - the owner has sold up and they have gone back part time. Main signings so far have been a couple of young lads from the local big clubs and Thomson. Eastleigh - again, the owner has sold up and I don’t think they are running with as much money to throw at it. Dagenham - will be an interesting one to watch as they have had to let all their best players go due to running without a budget last season. They could struggle. At the other end you have Barnet and Chesterfield, 2 clubs with managers who know this level inside out. Then you’ve got Fylde, Ebbsfleet and Salford who will throw money at players.  All in all, I think we will finish somewhere near where we finished last season. Could be a bumpy ride!
  2. Bolton match thread

    That’s your choice, but it has come from people that know this level better than JF
  3. Bolton match thread

    Heard from a couple of people that Sellars (in their opinion) isn’t up to the standard of this level and is only average at the level below. Time will tell
  4. 9 August - deadline for windfall?

    Watched him live a couple of times last year and I’m not sure Leicester fans see that side of him anymore either
  5. Tonight’s big game

    Don’t know for definite, but looks similar to Ousmane Cham. Someone also mentioned previously JF was a fan of him
  6. Stockport Match Thread

    And that says a lot about the standard of football on show
  7. Harry Middleton

    Think his last game he went off injured vs Hartlepool? 
  8. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Let’s wait and see if he backs up what he was saying. He talks a good game, but let’s see it come to fruition
  9. Daz’s Kelly

    Loosely linked admittedly, but that is the general gist of it
  10. Daz’s Kelly

    Funnily enough, I was talking to a family member who supports Oldham on Saturday (the day before this article was printed) and he told me Kelly had received death threats. Most were from the Oldham “firm” due to his links with the IRA rather than his actual lack of managerial ability
  11. Club To Revert Back To Historic Name And Badge

    George is the same on the Mic pre match 
  12. Help required

    One for @Shaymus
  13. Signings so far?.

    Maidenhead have recruited well so far, with another couple of good additions looking likely. My tip for the play offs
  14. Signings so far?.

    Because other teams are thinking the same thing about their new signings too
  15. Dayle Southwell

    Aspin also tried signing Southwell when he was at Boston, but his wage demands were too high