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  1. Fans

    I completely agree. But that doesn’t change that it costs £20 quid at barnet, but £2 less up the road to see one of the best teams in England 
  2. Fans

    £18 at Watford vs Spurs, then same again vs Man City!
  3. 12 Months On

    2 problems with the “distance” comment. 1. The team travelled early Friday and trained Friday afternoon somewhere down south. 2. The reason we’ve now gone full time is to eradicate distance as a problem. Now we are full time, this shouldn’t come into the equation.  The reason for the defeat at Maidenhead was Fullarton got his tactics and team selection massively wrong. And I’m reliably informed, not for the first time this season
  4. Maidstone

    Our website has him there because Fullarton has decided to try make him a MF despite not having the qualities.  A good friend of mine is a woking fan and says he played CB all season
  5. 12 Months On

    Everyone said Maidenhead would be an easier game, yet it was our most comprehensive loss and outplayed all over the pitch
  6. Maidstone

    No he didn’t, he played CB
  7. Relegation form

    But to fans, that is “information”. i agree, if that was the case, but you’ve missed my point completely. If I’m told something confidential, the person telling me is trusting me to keep it private. That doesn’t mean I CANT post it, I just SHOULDNT if I want to be respected. As you know RE your last paragraph, you’ve rephrased what I put. It SHOULD be kept in the changing room I agree. But as I said, it’s another argument in itself if someone wishes to divulge that information. But at the end of the day, it’s them “juicy titbits” that fans like to know. So at risk of repeating myself, it is the originator that is the issue, not the “messenger”. If someone wants to break that dressing room confidentiality, they know in this day and age it will get around quickly. 
  8. Relegation form

    That’s what fans forums are for is it not? Every conversation risks being put on the internet. Wether that makes it right or not is a whole different argument
  9. Reality Check

    Jonathan Hedge James Dean (if counting as a trialist)
  10. Maidenhead

    I’ve been told by more than a few it was par for the course so far this season
  11. Maidenhead

    Mixture of the 2
  12. Maidenhead

    Maybe had the chance 
  13. Maidenhead

    Personally, I think that’s what it was ...
  14. Maidenhead

    If only we’d looked like a mid table side today
  15. Maidenhead

    Good article on the Maidenhead site from one of our own;