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  1. Scot

    Most teams will have 2 main attacking phases they work on in training, then an “off the cuff” style. Admittedly the off the cuff is usually the better teams with technically gifted players. But we had one, at a push. We were mainly “blind pressure” and looked clueless going forward, on the rare occasions we kept the ball and moved into the oppositions half. At least with Heath, you knew what you were getting, and he built a team to play that way. Fullarton promised fast attacking football. Was that really going to happen with 2 CB in CM and odelusi?
  2. Scot

    It made report writing very easy
  3. Available managers

    Absolutely. That was a side comment, and I would like to think it is a question asked in interview
  4. Available managers

    His people skills are fantastic, and having been head of academy at 2 different clubs, as well as various other roles, i think his man management would be fine. My concern (and this would be for any incoming manager) would be does he know which positions we need to recruit for now, and does he have a good solid list of targets that we could sign over the next 2/3 weeks
  5. Available managers

    His technical detail and knowledge is fantastic. As I say, really wouldn’t complain at him given the job
  6. Available managers

      interesting tactical insight from Kevin Nicholson

    He was just a bit of an odd bloke
  8. Who would want to take over our club?

    Be intrigued to know from the older fans, what was the relationship like before they moved to the shay? If one existed at all
  9. Available managers

    What I just can’t get my head around is why did he say everything is built for success, then walk away. Surely if he felt that way, he’d want to be the one achieving that success?

    Yes it is
  11. There’s a reason he only scores in the “honeymoon period”. Not a long term option
  12. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I completely agree, and wouldn’t be against Clarke as manager. I just think we need to consider all angles, and not just the ideal one 
  13. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I agree with you. Regards the move to management (on the basis he “retires” from playing), I read an interesting article about Gareth Southgate at Middlesbrough. One day he was their team mate, the next he was the manager. Both him and the players struggled to adapt to him being the manager and everyone involved found it an awkward situation. This led to disruption, and also Southgate struggling to get them to actually do what he wants them to, as they didn’t appreciate taking his instructions as they would another manager. Im not for one second suggesting our players would react like this (we all know the egos involved at prem clubs), but it’s another side to the debate
  14. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    The pictures uploaded today show him in a playertek vest, so I would presume he is taking part in the fitness 
  15. Available managers

    Not enough likes, completely agree