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  1. Nuneaton (H) Saturday 13th April

    Available, no food
  2. Poodles in for £10

    Don't have a problem with it. Loads of lower league clubs do this during international breaks. It gets money into the coffers which we wouldn't normally receive. 
  3. Top of the league

    Talented without question, but how often does he actually have a positive impact on games? On his day he's unplayable, but unfortunately those days are very few and far between.  He doesn't score enough goals and doesn't create many big chances over the course of a season.  Even on one of those days where he looks exciting and he's beating players with his undoubted ability, the end product is rarely there. Combine that with the poor games he has, and his shocking discipline, then I genuinely don't think he'll be as big a miss as some people think if he does go in the summer.  Having said that, if he goes to another team with a different attacking philosophy then he might improve his consistency as the quality is clearly there. And if he ever played against us in future he's guaranteed to have one of those games where he's at his best! 
  4. New loanee - Ryan Gondoh.

    23 year old winger from Colchester. 
  5. The pitch

    They couldn't pay me to go. 
  6. The pitch

    Perhaps you can use the Thrum Hall money to invest in the pitch? 
  7. New Home Kit 19/20

    Loved this season's green kit and the great kits continue next season. Both home and away kits next season are top class. 
  8. Now Is The Time To Go

  9. Now Is The Time To Go

      Hoddie,  Can you take the same advice you gave me a few years ago and take your spat onto PMs please!
  10. Now Is The Time To Go

    Wouldn't be surprising after that performance.  I was of the opinion that if he got us into a position where we never looked quite like getting relegated then he would keep his job and get the summer.  I thought after the Harrogate and Salford games perhaps we might just have enough to keep our heads above water. I'm not one for knee jerk reactions when it comes to players or managers.  However the last two results and more worryingly performances, combined with the lack of goals throughout the season suggest one thing...we're regressing as a team at the worst possible time and heading one way only. No fight, no dynamic, no ideas and in his star signing Quigley one of the worst players I've ever seen.  Would not be surprised if the board acted to stop the decline before we slipped into the relegation spaces.
  11. Now Is The Time To Go

    Think it's a joke about how quickly he left the ground? 

    Absolute flecking clap trap.
  13. Ask Away................

    When he was moderator, Hoddie once gave me a warning for having an ongoing spat with TNV which after a while he PM'd us both saying: "Your personal spat became very boring a long time ago. Take it to personal messages and stop baiting each other on the main forum. I don't want to ban anyone from the forum but it'll happen if this carries on."  Perhaps he should take his own advice. Nobody likes a hypocrite. Not that I really have anything against Hoddie or JGN1. It's just indicative of how this forum is these days. There's far less debate and more stubborn berating of other opinions and ultimately descent into personal insults. That used to occur between a few users on occasion, but these days it is the over-riding theme.  As for JF, I'm surprised at the number of people making fun of the use of technology. It is a positive step and absolutely essential for any progressive club in the modern age. That's not to say good old man management doesn't have its place; it would be ridiculous to say otherwise. But as an added string to the bow its a step in the right direction.  Our first season of full time football has not been great, but I'd be surprised if any realists thought it would be.  The football has been uninspiring, but the foundation of a good team starts with its defence and JF has that. We're not getting battered, we're not conceding loads of goals. We're just not scoring them either. It's something to work on, but a base is definitely there. Whether JF is the right man to build on it will become apparent at the start of next season, as providing we steer clear of relegation this season then I'll believe he'll get the summer to recruit and strengthen.  But whatever happens, be realistic. Without significant investment in the playing budget and club infrastructure, we are firmly at our level. 
  14. Oops Mr Fullarton

    Over the course of a season there is a huge gulf in quality between top end National and top end North. 100%.   However there perhaps isn't a huge gulf between bottom third National and top third North. 
  15. Salford at home today

    Facts are that despite all the vitriol towards JF, we have the base of a solid team. We have one of the best defences in the league and we're drawing games rather than getting beat. The problem is simply that we don't score enough goals, but goal scorers are the hardest players to find. We were never going to hit the ground running this season in our first season of full time football and of course the football has been poor at times, but not quite sure what some people's expectations were. JF has made errors along the way but I maintain that as long as we keep our heads above water this season then he will have, and should have, the summer to try to build on the team and improve it for next season. Rome was not built in a day. There's nothing wrong with a bit of stability and I suspect its been a learning curve for JF too.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't enjoyed large parts of this season but **** me I'm a Halifax Town fan, not a Man City fan. It's par for the course.