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  1. Clarke equaliser

    Good to see our goalies response! Looked like that goal actually meant something! 
  2. Realistic Expectations.

    I agree! I’m actually very proud of the performance and the effort the players put in today... 
  3. Today's Game

    Great half! Hopefully south stand can suck a couple in 2nd half... can’t believe we’re losing but as has been said we’ve got to start taking our chances... get Geoff on! 
  4. Ebbsfleet

    Perfect result! Wimbledon represetives there in their numbers today and gone home thinking it’s going to be a push over! Master stroke from all involved! Well done! 
  5. Ebbsfleet

    Yup! After all the positive reports of a very mini rival (1st half Tuesday) I shall be making my way around the M25 to support the boys in the hope of further signs of improvement and hopefully 3 points! COME ON SHAYMEN!!!!
  6. You'll Never Walk Alone

    He could! But inevitably it would never go in!! Always seemed to smack woodwork! Probably only happened twice but seems to have stuck in my brain! 
  7. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Thanks Nick! You’ve just transported me back to 1973 under a leaking skircoat shed roof with trees growing in the gutters! Magical. Barry Homes has just hit the post from 30yrds out! 
  8. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Ah yes! I vaguely remember singing that one! But can anyone remember the words?!?  Seem to remember something about kicking Rochdale fans! Or was that another tune!
  9. Live on TV....

    Good point well made! Just a hell of a good stand for tv viewing then! 
  10. Live on TV....

    From a practical point of view for the tv crews that set everything up and the technical staff and of course the commentators etc. Can’t be many better grounds in the lower decisions to have to work in? 
  11. Live on TV....

    Steady on! Your beginning to sound like that idiot away with the fairy’s chap...... me! :-) 
  12. Tonight’s draw

    Haven’t they just sacked their manager 23rd in league 1? 
  13. Tonight’s draw

  14. Tonight’s draw

    What number are we???
  15. Tonight’s draw

    Sunderland at the Shay for a nice televised giant killing! Then Manchester City at the Shay for another! That would certainly perk our season up a tad!