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  1. Tranmere today

    Worked it out from the photos on updates! Just as well as no one else seems to want to divulge this crusial information! 
  2. Tranmere today

    Playing towards north stand 2nd half I think? Not perfect! But we can do it! Time for Morgan to step up to the mark and rattle 3 in 2nd half...
  3. Embarrassing England

    Definitely no better than the match yesterday! 
  4. Boreham Wood Thread

    2nd week in a row I get to see the SHAYMEN which is pretty unheard of for me these days unless it’s a playoff final scenario..  Going for my home shirt tomorrow and currently deciding on pants and sock combinations probably make final selection tomorrow morning before making the momentumtus 20 min drive from Hertford.. 3rd match I’ve managed to get to this season lost 1st 2 so far! :-( 3rd time lucky I’m hoping! 
  5. On this day 5th October

    Yes I was there! Didn’t Derby buy him a week later?!?? Also when the whistle went for full time that skinny lad we had up front who’s name escapes me was celebrating our win on away goals and had to be told another 30 mins had to be played!! Great night great football and fantastic atmosphere that’s been rarely bettered in my experience of watching town. 
  6. On this day 5th October

    A vintage year! (I would have to say!) 
  7. Wrexham game thread

  8. Wrexham game thread

    Are we playing towards south stand this half??? 
  9. Wrexham game thread

    Just home from work! Come on town! We playing towards south stand? 
  10. Fleet thread

    On reflection it seems like it’s very much all about thin lines this football lark! Did the players travel down by coach same day (not ideal) or stay overnight in a strange bed (not ideal). Could we the supporters have made more effort / noise? Nothing lifts an athlete / footballer like the support of a crowd behind them. I think maybe having travelled so far we the supporters think we are maybe owed a performance by the team for just turning up (and I only travelled an hour!) not having a go at all at anyone but there are reasons why the home team are generally favourites in football matches and it’s not just the grass patch they play on is all I’m saying. But obviously I got my sock and pants colour combination completely wrong which was the main reason we struggled!   
  11. Fleet thread

    I don't see Town play often enough to know too much about strengths and weaknesses of some of the players and substitutes etc but although I'm hurting as we all are, we competed very well worked hard and tried our best kosslo's effort goes in first half and they have to come and attack us more leaving more opportunities for us to break and who knows at 2 up they saw the game out well.  Not too distressed.  We had a go but just fell short and as many have mentioned probably just a couple of 'better' players short at the moment for a championship winning side but still think playoffs are up for grabs 
  12. Fleet thread

    Bollovks 2-0 down 
  13. Fleet thread

    Pressing a bit more now...come on!
  14. Fleet thread

    All gone a bit flat from town now
  15. Fleet thread

    Come on town we can still get something out of this game!