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  1. Did anyone spot this earlier?

    Highlight of the day! It went on for ages! 
  2. Away kit 2019-2020

  3. Famous last words

    There you go! Should have kept my big gob shut! 
  4. Famous last words

    I’m more excited about this match than any other so far this season! After witnessing the new lineups success last Saturday followed up by another convincing win on Tuesday I think confidence will be skyhigh and we could see a big scoreline  in our favor today! 
  5. Barnet

    Who was the pratt who said it would be 3-0 
  6. Barnet

    Ha ha! Love it! Our new hero Dave! Get the shirts printed! 
  7. Barnet

    After Saturday’s positive performance and result, town will start positively and brightly quickly going into a 3-0 lead (within first 30mins) which will be the score both at halftime and full time..  just saying! (Dreaming!) 
  8. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Well I really enjoyed that 2nd half! Town completely ran game 2nd half! Could’ve easily won by more. New guys big strong and held up ball well. Absolutely buzzing! 
  9. Maidstone highlights

    I know it’s just edited highlights but was that such a bad performance? Im sure I’ve watched town play for a whole seasons and seen them create less chances! Thought there were some half decent passages of play.. 
  10. He’s Gone!

    So desperate to write it and see it written I had to make it up! Please forgive me! Poor humour! Please feel free to take it off... 
  11. He’s Gone!

    Absolutely dreadful song by Grateful dead! Anyone heard it? Terrible! 
  12. Over used football phrases

    Which way are we playing? (Think that might just be me!) 
  13. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    Isn’t that an early version of Simon  Denton (of shaymen down south fame) directly under the number 7? 
  14. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    Hamish (God rest his soul) and Maxwell Lawson taking center stage against blue wall I believe! 
  15. Clarke equaliser

    Good to see our goalies response! Looked like that goal actually meant something!