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  1. Wrexham Match Thread

    Fantastic effort! Very proud of our team..
  2. Boreham Wood match thread

    Not a pretty game to watch horrible atmosphere (non!) draw would perhaps have been a fair result altough I thought having gone 1-0 we would have gone on to get more. We offered very little in terms of quality and were outmuscled on numerous occasions by some of their extremely beefy defenders.  Not too much damage done league wise but we’ve got to improve on that performance. Think everyone put in a good shift effort wise it was just poor team play in my option. Hats off to the 100 town fans after the long trip down and having to dwell on such a poor showing on thier journey home. Hope the beer tastes good on their return to West Yorkshire.. only 20 min journey home for me so I can move on! At least try! 
  3. Happy days

    Yup! Great start and looking forward to watching my 2nd win of the season at Boring Wood next Saturday and then Sutton I think pretty soon after. Are football fans really ever happy? I can remember being pretty stressed in our promotion season when we were 13 points clear at the top! I’m a bit pissed off now because we’re not top! But just a bit! Every fan of every club I guess is the same top to the bottom things can always be a little better! But feels like we’ve got a club on the up. Full time a working progress team that’s allready winning and a season to look forward to and get excited about! 
  4. Maidstone thread

    First time it’s not made it on a Sunday in Hertfordshire told will have to wait until Monday! Not really much of a miss by the sounds of it! But I do like to dwell on league tables where town are on top in as many mediums as possible! 
  5. Huddersfield pitch

    Bit poor for the premiership? 
  6. Maidstone thread

    Ha! I knew it didn’t look right! It’s the red wine kicking in! 
  7. Maidstone thread

    It’s funny that you’ve made this observation as I was saying to someone the other day that I thought JF was made from the same mould as the Darren Southgate. Maticulous, intelligent, smart, in good physical condition and! Wears incredibly pencil tight suit pants! I’d even go as far as to say that he beats Southgate in this department! 
  8. Vardy signs

    It doesn’t help does it! 
  9. Vardy signs

    Gawd! He’s having a quiet game tonight! 
  10. Beautiful pictures

    Do top 3 go up automatically this year??
  11. Barrow Thread

    Sounds just like Saturdays game! Well done boys! 
  12. Barrow Thread

    Get in!
  13. Barrow Thread

    Good luck tonight town! 4-0 win me thinks.. think the win on Saturday must have been a huge boost to the players confidence after all the tinkering of preseason and the indifferent results. Let’s hope for 3 points however we do it! Wish I could be there tonight..
  14. Braintree Thread

    Is the white strip available???
  15. Braintree Thread

    Also!! Thought the all white away strip looked really great! Might have to have one of those!