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  1. Video panel

    I can understand it being useful in making this sort of decision but when the ball hits the back of the net the decision has to be immidiate otherwise the joy of a goal celebrations will be gone! 
  2. Video panel

    Ah yes! :-/
  3. Video panel

    But it's just going to make the officials NOT make a decision on the spot.... which will mean goals won't be celebrated anymore! Because we will have to wait for a decision... can you imagine getting rid of Ronnie Radcliffe's FA cup goal celebration as he wheels away arms stretched to the sky fans spewing on to the pitch.. replace it with standing in the center circle waiting for the video panel... nah! It's all wrong.. I need to know within a second if the goal stands or not so I can celebrate or swear at the officials. It's wrong 
  4. Video panel

    Just watching Portugal v Mexico and I really don't like this video panel idea. I'd rather live with mistakes I think! But would I? Maradona hand ball? England goal 3 ft over the line (Chelsea player name completely gone! It's the heat! Lampard?)  its a difficult one! 
  5. Replica shirts

  6. Replica shirts

    Anyone know when these are going to be in stock? friends getting me the away strip shirt for my birthday which is in August but was hoping to have it for the whole summer... anyone got theirs yet? I'm sure someone would have posted if they had? 
  7. I'm bored are you ? .

    I agree! That's the frustrating thing, feels like we have the talent but lack the belief? Seem to play with the weight of the world on their shoulders and in a way I guess they have. The 'too scared to make a mistake' mentality results in bland Football.. still in a better place than for many years just think they need to couple of strong lagers before they take to the pitch!
  8. I'm bored are you ? .

    France played with some va va voom! England played with a stutter and a heavy tired bored heart.... bloody awful but it's as though the're confused and without direction. Got to start with a settled 11 and hope they begin to gel! Seems to be enough talent individualy but need a couple of real leaders on the pitch who are not afraid to kick arse! Poor 
  9. 20 years ago....

    It was very hot! but town won with ease that day! Seems only like yesterday! Geoff and big Dave the scorers I think.. but there was change in the air and you could argue the beginning of the end started there and then.. spirit seemed to drain from the club when sir George moved.....sideways?
  10. 20 years ago....

    20 years ago absolutely no one expected us to get promoted!!!! we had just won our last match of the season and by the skin of our teeth we stayed up, who knows what Mr Heath can achieve, for me his greatest attribute is building a side that have great spirit believe in him and that go the extra mile for the team, as we have just witnessed it's this spirit that wins you things! We could be on a roll! We can worry about style of play when we are 10 points clear at the top of premiership with 3 games to go! Obviously we've got to go for promotion but equally if at the end of the season we end up mid table I wont be too sad... nah! Bollocks to that! Promotion is vital! Young fans need success! Let's give it them!  
  11. 20 years ago....

    Just need a Kieran a Jamie and a Geoff? 
  12. 20 years ago....

    Let's hope we can replicate what happened then! the ground certainly has improved but will the team match up to that one!?
  13. Fixtures Published

    Hope so! Thanks
  14. Fixtures Published

    Is that a calculated guess or a fact? It's my 60th on the 3rd and was planning a week doing the rounds seeing friends at various places around the country nice to finish the week with a visit to the shay!!
  15. Groundbloggers promoton video

    I was thinking exactly the same after 90mins! We looked absolutely dead on our feet whilst the opposition seemed to be looking fresher! Nick however assured me at the time that town were looking the more 'relaxed' side!!!! Cant argue with Nick.... he was absolutely convinced town would play the final at home and win it  weeks and weeks earlier! Never wayvoured once! I never stopped!