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  1. Where has Flea gone?

    It’s all very unnerving! It’s like waking up and the cars gone from the drive! Where are you Flea? 
  2. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Well done suckers!
  3. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Updates say we’ve been playing some good flowing footy! 
  4. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Ah well! Sounds like we’re playing some good footy and southstand should suck a couple in 2nd half! Onwards and upwards! 
  5. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Updates state northstand! 
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Which way we playing first half towards north or south stand please? 
  7. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Let’s hope a few more like you decide to venture to the shay tonight to give the new manager and players a rousing reception. I have to be honest I have not gone to matches I could have recently (played in the south) because it’s not been any fun at all (on the couple of occasions I did!) . Having now got the new man in charge i made the trip to Woking and for the first time in a long time I’m really excited about my football team again! Famous last words but I think we might win by a few tonight! 
  8. Woking Thread

    It was a great win today and so glad I made the trip! What I’m most excited about is the potential in this side. At times we looked a little disjointed but I think we will improve. When Koz went to midfield 2nd half with the little black player (apologies can’t remenber name) they looked like they could really distroy the opposition!! Quick feet. brilliant performance! 
  9. Woking Thread

    Fairly solid first half and blatant penalty taken well. Woking pass it sideways a lot and we’ve got to be careful with bookings again.. get an early goal 2nd half I hope!  Here we go!!
  10. Appointment urgently needed

    Any statements from anyone at the club regarding when the new man is going to be named?(forgive me if I’ve missed something!)  I guess nothing will happen today (Sunday) so I’m guessing by lunchtime Monday? 
  11. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    It’s nearly three! I had my lunch hours ago! 
  12. New manager...What if...

    It is but he doesn’t live in the north! 
  13. New manager...What if...

    Matthew Upson? That sort of character! Talks sense, has a brain international experience? Would we approve? Big risk or not? 
  14. New manager...What if...

    Wasn’t thinking of him! 
  15. New manager...What if...

    We got a new youngish manager with premier and international ‘playing experience’  (high profile tv pundit type) who’s just done his coaching badges and is wanting to get on the management ladder.. but is based in the south... could it work?! 2 or three day a week coming north with 2nd in command based in north... just got an inkling!