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  1. Eastleigh thread

    Good luck Town! Let’s get the promotion push started. We did it last year let’s do it again... 
  2. Hartlepool team

    Yeees!! It’s over! It’s all over... thank Gawd! 
  3. Hartlepool team

    Really Utd losing? Wife’s stolen tv channels!! :-( bloody jungle! 
  4. Hartlepool team

    This is it now! We’ve got them fooled! Ha ha!  They think they’ve got us beat!! Well you just watch! It’s all been a massive scam! COME ON SHAYMEN!!
  5. Hartlepool team

    You keep yer hands off!! It’s expensive down here!!!! 
  6. Hartlepool team

    It’s all part of the plan you watch! We will pull 1 back before halftime and storm 2nd half! 
  7. Hartlepool team

    I think we may struggle to win this one! COME ON!!!!! 
  8. Tranmere game thread

    Thank you for your kind post and good luck for the rest of the season...  we will regroup, new players will bed in and we will come again...  fingers crossed anyway! 
  9. Maidstone Thread

    HEATH OOOOughto get is out of this mess as he’s the man for us! Come on! 3 quick goals!! 
  10. Maidstone Thread

    Billocx my natural ability to block out bad news kicks in...  thanks...... in a way... what’s happening to us! 
  11. Maidstone Thread

    But where is goal description!? What happened?? Isn’t this the point of updates to report what’s happening? Sorry am I being old fashioned? 
  12. Maidstone Thread

    Well as there’s no mention of any goals on the updates thread and at one point we were 1-0 up I’m going with 3-0 to town and playing brilliantly as nothing makes any sense anymore! Brilliant town let’s have 5 
  13. Maidstone Thread

    Why no mention of the goal in updates??
  14. Maidstone Thread

    Updates says 1-0 to town?
  15. Class Ground

    There should have been a health warning with this post..