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  1. Denmark v Peru

    This is my problem! Can you imagine Ronnie Radfords goal for Hereford being disputed? The fans on the pitch etc.... these are the orgasmic moments that make footy what it is... 
  2. AFC Halifax new kit

    Ive ordered one and need to pay now I’m back from my holidays and can’t remember who I was or how was speaking to to get bank information. please could you message me details so I can sort please  ta 
  3. England's World Cup run 2018

    Always had respect for southgate and loved the way his borough team played... but he seemed to lose confidence at some point!?? Good luck to him! I really like what he’s trying with England and so glad the old stalwarts have all gone! What’s a stalwart? 

    I’ve got a photo of the same goal taken from the skircoat shed!! Not taken on a phone! had to be taken to a photographers and developed! Ha! Those were the days! 
  5. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    88 sorry! It does say!! 
  6. A little bit of heartache for your bank holiday

    What year was this please? 
  7. AFC Halifax new kit

    Can I purchase one of these?
  8. Franny Firth

    RIP FF one of my favourite town players and had a great moustache! Only 61 that’s far too young! Anyone know what got him? Sad news indeed... 
  9. World Cup.

    England to win the World Cup at a canter! Will breeze through winning most games by 3 or 4 goals with lightiningly quick counter attacking football. May get a few goals against due to gunho approach but will surprise and dominate the completion from start to finish which makes me so happy and proud I think i’ll have a beer to celebrate!  COME ON!!  If you don’t have a dream how you gonna make a dream come true!? 
  10. Announcement

    The new kit! Sooo bland and boring! I’m guessing a 30 second off the shelf choice! We need Vivienne  Westward on the job! Get some tangerine bobbles and chrome buckles on a floral background! 
  11. Poodles

    I was there! Coming from Hove Edge our road seemed to have more than it’s fare share of Huddersfield and Leeds supporters! Just Max, Hamish (God bless him) Nick and myself being shaymen fans.. We walked very tall that week! Fantastic atmosphere and result! 
  12. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

    Where else can you co ordinate your soft furnishings at such reasonable prices and have a reasonably priced coffee and panini! I rest my case! 
  13. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

  14. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

    Ahhh! What a thread! I’m in heaven! I was shell shocked when we went to blue and white after my formative years as a town fan! My world was tangerine and blue I loved the wool scarf and the silky early 70’s scarves! I say make it our home colours as for me they always have been tangerine and blue! Do you have the stores called ‘The Range’ up in the north? I tolerate spending too much of my life trailing around after my missus purely because the staff wear a cracking tangerine and blue uniforms! That’s not even the slightest bit weird is it??? 
  15. Tranmere thread

    Kind of understandable if a little bit disappointing!