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  1. Jonathan Franks

    “A result”
  2. Jonathan Franks

    A draw is a result now is it? Where’s your ambition?
  3. Jonathan Franks

    2 games
  4. Board or Billy?

    So what you’re saying is Billy knows best?
  5. Board or Billy?

    Good football? They had Matt Rhead up front!
  6. On the basis of one out one in....

    I have it on good authority that we were set to bring somebody in for a rather hefty transfer fee, but because the Ashdim’s said we wouldn’t make the play-offs this season they haven’t bothered and are going to wait until the player is out of contract in summer.  Would you like an autograph?
  7. Adam Morgan

    Yup! Almost as good as someone on here last week asking why we hadn’t brought anyone in on loan - all the while the people were complaining about loan signings in January. It’s almost like there’s an agenda.  But for the record yes we do need at least 2 players in. 
  8. Adam Morgan

    They played together against Tranmere. What a fab result that was. 
  9. Adam Morgan

    The same Tomlinson you prophesied would work wonders with Morgan in denton’s absense?
  10. Adam Morgan

    No escaping that. But still not good enough. 
  11. Adam Morgan

    Only join the Irish League due to lack of interest from anyone over here. Joins the list of duds we’ve had. 
  12. Adam Morgan

    And all the football league clubs queues up to sign him?
  13. Maidenhead Match Thread

    There’s plenty of people in the Acca with Grass and White Lines who look dreary too. 
  14. Maidenhead Match Thread

    The Acca is disgusting these days!! £5 entry to a club that has no ambition, no drive and constantly lets its best DJ’s and bar staff leave without any replacements. That place is going backwards and the management team are just allowing it to happen. Do they not have any contacts to be able to bring in better part time DJs from across the North of the country? I’m seriously thinking of boycotting despite being a long term fan. 
  15. Maidenhead Match Thread

    This - Irony. It’s fab
  16. On the basis of one out one in....

    Worked well for people like Paul Ince and Gianfranco Zola didn’t it. 
  17. On the basis of one out one in....

    Aaron Williams?
  18. On the basis of one out one in....

    So much so he didn’t score in either game. Must be good. 
  19. On the basis of one out one in....

    So how are going to compete with them on that front?
  20. On the basis of one out one in....

    A guy who has scored 4 goals all season 
  21. Town vs Macclesfield 09/01/2018

    1-3 Moyo 547
  22. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Better than the majority of our recent Boxing Day aways, and that was with hideous traffic en route. 
  23. Maccelsfield Part 3

    450 for our first trophy game under Jim Harvey. 
  24. Town v Macclesfield 1.1.18

    1-1 Hibbs 1943
  25. Dover Vs Town 30/12/2017

    3-1 Dover Morgan 1153