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  1. New striker needed urgently!

    Yeah that sounds familiar. 
  2. New striker needed urgently!

    Hi Shaytrev. http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town/fc-halifax-town-the-devil-is-in-the-detail-for-shaymen-s-chief-scout-1-8415788 “On the signing of Adam Morgan, Fogarty said: “I became aware of Adam Morgan about three weeks before the FA Cup game against Wimbledon. We were looking for a forward who could offer something a bit different. We wanted a finisher as well. I went to watch him twice on my own and said to Billy he had to come and watch him because of his movement and his technique. We watched him against Worcester and we were convinced we wanted to sign him, then he goes and scores a hat-trick in the cup and we thought our chance had gone.” I’ve even done the reading for you. 
  3. New striker needed urgently!

    He was the bloke who signed Morgan so
  4. Harry Middleton

    Is this an adult version of “I know you are you said you are? Sad!!
  5. so

    When has anyone ever said that?
  6. Woking

    Dale Jennings. 
  7. Woking

    Worst supported league club all through the 80s. But we should be able to do what everyone else can’t because of ambition. It’s a load of nonsense. 100 years talk and no actual solutions. 
  8. Woking

    Same people offering the same boring opinions. If you want fast and instant success then this isn’t the right team for you. 
  9. Woking

    Of course the aim is promotion. But you can’t just go out and get it. It isn’t realistic. Your fantasy world is a fantastic place, maybe you’d be better off living in it. 
  10. On this day 12th November

    Looks to me like the Shayman Player highlights (believe that is Matty Shaw on Comms), that have been sent to Hyde and they’ve done their own cut. 
  11. 2 minutes silence

    Can people only sing when there’s something worth singing about? FC United have always been very loud no matter how poor they’ve been.  Sometimes you have to lift the players, sometimes they lift the fans. 
  12. Woking

    It’s like there is no plan for achieving anything, just demanding instant success. We are not going to get someone to drop down the pyramid, or if they do it’s because they’ve been a failure. So then you’re looking at managers who have done well below us and Heath has an incredible record down there, or take a punt on someone untried and untested.  Numbskulls like Trog never have the answers. Just the demands. 
  13. Bottom Line

    Macca has been a shadow of his former self. But as I keep saying, this year is all about staying up and then we can get rid of some of the dead wood and bring in better. We couldn’t just get rid of people by releasing them or afford to just keep signing a huge squad. 
  14. Woking

    ??? We are allowed 12 short term loans and 6 long term.  Middleton is a very good player, you don’t get 60 games in League 1 and 2 as a youngster without having something about you. Like the look of Batty too and Clackstone on the face of it was very solid, without offering too much going forward.  None of these players could join a league club on loan until January either so unless another national league side was to take them then nothing to worry about. 
  15. Woking

    Dead frustrating and we were the better team for most of it, and looked solid throughout. Never looked like conceding, but never really looked like scoring. Did get the feeling we were playing a side who were happy to come just for that result mind.   Like all the new lads, Middleton looks very much in a Sinnott type mould and can definitely play and will mix well with Batty and form a good partnership while Hotte gives us the energy. But one thing that was frustrating was the lack of support for the wingers. Clackstone and Wilde never gave the overlap for MacDonald and McManus and they were often isolated 2-to-1 with no options but to try and cross and invariably lost it against two men. Frustrating but something to learn, we’re slowly getting there.  Had to have 3 in the middle to stop us being overrun, but that means you lose the one up top or two wingers. Something has to give because we can’t play with two in the middle at the moment. Everyone comes to the Shay at plays some form of 4-3-3 and gets a result against us because it overraws us. 
  16. Liam King

    When we had a bench of Clarke, Hibbs, Lynch and King something had to give. Four players fighting for the same position, and then Batty came in. Don’t forget Dixon too, he was here at one point.  Why would you ever want all of them? Wasting a wage and wasting a space which could give us far more options.  Try to remove head from orafaces sometimes Teddy Bear. 
  17. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    3-1 to the Cards Denton 1473
  18. Liam King

    So we have 4 central midfielders on the bench or in the stand stealing a wage do we? Do you buy lots of Ketchup when you already have a cupboard full?
  19. Liam King

    But promotion is the goal!! Can’t achieve that with players who aren’t good enough. No point having multiple midfielders sat in the stand is there el thicko
  20. Liam King

    Ah yes. Shaytrudge who wants promotion with players who aren’t up to the squad in the job. 
  21. Lynch to Southport

    Courier article says we have an option to extend it
  22. New Signing

    Expect it was 2 years ago we had him on trail. Your facts are as #fakenews as it gets, now back under your bridge  
  23. Briggus v Trafford

    Didn’t impress on trial all those years ago at Mossley
  24. Ossett on saturday

    Yorkshire Amateurs now for Ashley Flynn, and a number of ex Brighouse players.