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  1. Chesterfield at Home

    Think every team knows we like to play towards our own fans second half. Whenever teams win the toss the always turn us round. 
  2. Town vs Chesterfield 13/10/2018

    1-1 Clarke 1894
  3. West Riding Cup

    Ousman Cham not allowed to play for Brighouse in this, likely to be one of many youth team players getting a run out when we enter county cup action 
  4. Poor from top to bottom

    Yes. We were in them not long ago and falling further back with every game that passes by. Completely unacceptable. 
  5. Poor from top to bottom

    Amazing how there are any people on here who can seriously believe that being 6 points off the play-offs is a good thing. 6 games ago we in the top 3.  Absolutely zero positives to take out of the last month, if anything, results getting worse and sliding down the table. All the warning signs are there for a repeat of last season, even got the silly red cards to go with it.  Happy clappers with head firmly lodged up their own backsides. The only difference between this side and last year is that a part time team were doing better, with a “pub manager”. Maybe now we have the cleaner?
  6. 6th October 2015 - the one Kelly won

    Great assist from Steve Drench too, maybe worth signing him and giving him a go?
  7. Aldershot vs Town 06/10/2018

    Aldershot 0-4 Town Southwell Wootton Clarke Preston 1599
  8. David Brooks

    Legzdins (albeit not really playing)
  9. Jake Hibbs

    Playing at right back, just as he did for BPA. 
  10. Top Flight

    Played Wycombe a few years back in the FA Cup and were beaten comprehensively. Fleetwood and the new Wimbledon?
  11. Bromley - match thread

    Regardless of current position you must be even slightly disappointed to have not won a single game in September? Especially following the really good start we had to the season. Clearly capable of performing but haven’t done in while. No way we should be feeling pleased to get a draw with a Bromley side with plenty of players missing, including a last minute keeper change. Must be a big shock and upset for yourself as well as you were so confident that we would win today. 
  12. Michael Collins

    As much as we would like it, they ain’t going to come out and confirm or deny rumours. 
  13. Bromley - match thread

    Not seen every team so can’t comment on that, but completely agree there is nothing linking midfield and attack. Only look like creating after a long ball or an error from the opposition. It’s a fine plan to have and at this level it will give you chances, but there’s no quality that we can depends upon at all. Starting to remind me of the back end of 15/16 under Aspin and the October-January run last year.  No way at this level that we can afford to not be carrying someone who can link defence to attack, and seems the manager is playing his way or no way. 
  14. Bromley - match thread

  15. Relegation form

    When you’re struggling for goals you need from the be strikers you need a midfielder who can pass it about and chip in with a few. Cameron King is surely that man.