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  1. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Amazing to think we made the play-offs and we only won 2 away games from August to the start of March. 
  2. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    The referees are mostly the same in the North as they are in the Prem. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how many games have you been to this season?
  3. A League of their Own

    Correct. We’ve got to find these gems at clubs who aren’t on our level financially, otherwise it’s essentially a sideways step 
  4. Breaking news

    Because it’s conpletely unheard of for a manager to bring in staff and players who he is comfortable working with?  Since the initial signing of players from Ferriby there has been one player come from there, Connor Oliver, who had never played under Heath anyway. King and Hone have since left the club too. Those that are still here have all done a good job in their time at the Shay. 
  5. Today game aldershot

    Aww Snowflake. Biggest keyboard warrior known to man is having a melt down. #Pray4Ted
  6. Today game aldershot

    I thought he only had 2 games, five games ago? Whats the matter snowflake, you’ve  suddenly turned into playing the victim card
  7. Breaking news

    Humberside Signings: Denton Wilde King Nicholson Hotte Hone Clarke Oliver Batty Clackstone   Non-Humberside signings Sinnott Kosylo Drench Johnson Simmons Charles O’Brien Middleton Tomlinson Morgan Lynch Riley Duckworth Garner Collins Dixon Moyo
  8. Today game aldershot

    Don’t live in the past. It’s one win in one. 
  9. Today game aldershot

    Yep, like saying people shouldn’t waste their money on travelling to Aldershot etc etc
  10. Today game aldershot

    Never been a Heath lover, just see it with a bit of balance.  Might stop some people from being negative at every opportunity. 
  11. Today game aldershot

    Why you so mad, snowflake?
  12. Breaking news

    Love the idea that he only signs players from Ferriby. What did he do when he was at Ferriby, sign them from there as well?
  13. Today game aldershot

    Keep predicting things, you’ve got a habit of getting them wrong. 
  14. And we won and Torquay lost. Try 11 points 
  15. Today game aldershot

    Greggs, Ashtons, Shaytrev your boys took one hell of a beating!!