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  1. I'm bored are you ? .

    Think you're being a tad harsh there on the players, Icke. I saw a graphic the other day of the England U20 team who came bottom of a group with Iran and Chile a few years ago and 5/6 of them are now playing consistently in the Premier League and the rest aren't that low down. Few of the lads have been quite low down anyway or played on loan, and watching them there was obvious quality there. Quite a few are at Everton and Koeman has played them through the season. Another just signed for Liverpool. Think we have a talent crop on our hands, just a matter of them getting development now. 
  2. Pre Season Friendlies

    Gainsborough away, 11th July. 
  3. Pre Season Friendlies

    Think that tends to be the sort of schedule most sides do go for. Benefits all around. 
  4. 17/18 Squad

    Moyo offered new deal. Bid come in for King but not an acceptable figure. 
  5. Pre Season Friendlies

    Brighouse Town all but nailed down for 8th July. 
  6. Signings for next season

    Suspect so. Some bizarre "banter" tweets off the club's account today too. 
  7. Signings for next season

    Charlie Jones as in the one who works in the club's media team?
  8. Jordan Sinnot

    He was just as good for us as Scott Barrow and Andy Halls. 
  9. Jordan Sinnot

    Are the club buying the pitch?
  10. Rumour mill

    Halifax Gala or Conference AGM? Havent the FGR and Alty chairman previously been on the Conference board too? Take it they won't be any longer. 
  11. Signings for next season

    Last season was his best at that level. Vital part of a promoted team.  Clown. 
  12. Lois Maynard signs...

    Not Forest Green, Fylde.  When have FGR had 3 other grounds though? Vince only stepped in in 2011 
  13. Lois Maynard signs...

    Not sure I can agree with that. With Fylde's new ground they could be self sustainable with the money man, vacuously him still pumping money in helps, but when the ground has another terrace behind the goal it would be in a position where nothing needs doing unless the club were to reach the championship. They also still have their old ground open which they use as a training base, and money was put into that too, while then moving to a different and more practical location.  I don't like the idea of them having a huge money man, but he has done it the right way. 
  14. Hibbs and King.

    Hibbs did clear though. 
  15. Signings for next season

    Darren Stephenson would be an ideal replacement for Peniket.