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  1. Town v Torquay Utd

    3-0 Morgan Kosylo Brown 1704  
  2. gone full time

    Fylde pay 44 weeks as a full time team. Essentially from the first training session rather than first actual game like ourselves. 
  3. gone full time

    Confirmed by Danny Lowe’s tweet about being a part time player in a full time team. 
  4. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    And as good as he had been in his first two seasons I think he was partly responsibly for the bad start that season. His kicking was beyond bad, had a tendency to spill shots and was more often than not glued to the line and hesistant. Very good servant for two and a bit years but wasn’t up to scratch and must have been horrible for the defence knowing they had a liability behind them. 
  5. Dominic Marie.....

    Or the third option that they spotted that there was a player in there and didn’t want a Pearson/Roberts scenario where he left on a free. As it happens the managers briefing was to get promotion into the National League, not to develop one player and whatever cost to league position. 
  6. Dominic Marie.....

    Looked an okay player in a very poor team when we went down. Couldn’t get in over Wroe for much of it, and had he same issue at BPA last year. Hardly a great call for his inclusion. Got to accept the manager isn’t playing him. 
  7. Tranmere today

    Measure effort for me. 
  8. Tranmere today

    The amount isn’t the point here. It’s an admission fee to watch a football match, whether you think they put adequate effort in or not is up to you. You chose to pay the price and you watch the game regardless. Very little in life more embarrassing than people asking for money back because their team didn’t win. 
  9. Tranmere today

    Attitude of the players reflected in the crowd and some on here. Not bothered by the result. We lose and you’ve paid your money to get in, same as a win. See you didn’t tell me if you’d pay more for a good result. 
  10. Tranmere today

    What a terrible post. If we won comfortably would you pay twice the admission? You don’t only pay when we’re going to win, you pay to watch a match. 
  11. Boreham Wood Thread

    Just because it worked for one player it won’t work for many more. If out and out strikers aren’t getting many at this level then defenders won’t grt any more. Let them stick to what they’re good at. 
  12. Tranmere today

    First round that we’ve competed in has always been a poor crowd regardless of opposition. The general public just aren’t interested and would rather save their £18 for a league game, and season ticket holders feel they’ve contributed enough already. 
  13. Tranmere today

    I’m not sure if you’re trolling. But Morgan has 4 goals, and 3 of those have been tap ins too, but you’ll tell me that’s all about good positioning and getting in the right areas.  Denton contributes more in play, that’s a fact. He also gives us an outlet that’s a fact. And helps us defend set pieces. Another fact.  We are also a team set up to play to a big man, shock horror that when we play to the big man it doesn’t work. There were plenty of crosses into the box today that the two upfront did not win, had that been Dents who knows, certainly a better chance.
  14. Town vs Tranmere 14/10/2017

    2-2 Tomlinson McManus 2231  
  15. The Shay Betting Thread

    Ashton Athletic, South Shields and A.F.C. Liverpool all been on. Think they’re avoiding doing the same team twice as SS would have had 3 cracking TV games in the last 3 rounds.