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  1. Port Vale thread

    Trialist striker, scored two at Brighouse
  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    I know AC Milan have failed FFP and been banned from Europe for a season, but my favourite is Bournemouth who failed. So what was the punishment, a £4.75 Million fine. Backslapping all around. 
  3. Salford splashing the cash again

    Haythornthwaite spent millions on Mill Farm, really impressive facility where there was absolutely nothing previously.  Surely there will come a point where Financial Fair Play comes into force, it is crippling football at this level. Salford having Redshaw, Lloyd, Rooney, Gaffney and Rodney on those wages is truly insane. Gone for the Forest Green approach of spunk a load of money on strikers and hope it pays off. I’d love to see the same result but can only see them winning the league at a canter, seem to have gone about it in the right way with signings in the right areas and the new management team.  Class of 92 spent a year longer than they would have liked in the Conference North, won’t want to make the same mistake again.  Personqlly am very interested in how Johnson & Morley get on at Chester on much smaller resources.  
  4. Bolton match thread

    P.S It was 4-2 against Brighouse last year. 
  5. Bolton match thread

    Slight issue would seem to be that we are trying to shoehorn players into the holding midfield role rather than bring in a specialist. 
  6. Tonight’s big game

    May have been mentioned, but where was Matty Brown tonight? And the last two games there has been a black trialist warming up with the team but not playing, who is he?
  7. New Signings

    Don’t know if it is something we will be doing but a lot of clubs have a shared flat where x amount comes out of the players wages each month for the accommodation
  8. Squad 2018/19

    Johnson Hanson Brown Staunton Sellers Maher Odelusi King Preston Kosylo Southwell Subs: Rowley, McLeod, Tomlinson   The makings of a squad are starting to show at long last!
  9. Josh Staunton

    Seems a really good signing does this on paper. Obviously relegated with Woking but as with James Bolton we know there can be very good players in relegated sides.
  10. Mekhi McLeod

    And Ryan Sellers joins too, left back from Wealdstone
  11. New Signings

    How many of the kids we’ve had in our youth team in the last 10 years have made a career in Conference North football or above? 
  12. 3,000 season tickets

    Very unlikely to be overpaid. If nobody wanted them then they’ll take whatever they can get. 
  13. JJRyan3377

    For the record I was never stating that JJRyan was Martin, but Jamie Ryan the man who took responsibility for the kit at the end of the season
  14. Mike fondom talom

    Certainly got all the right attributes to succeed. Really liked him in his time here, first time we’ve had a player connect with the fans properly for a long while too
  15. JJRyan3377

    Maybe Mr Ryan could do with some Fresh Jobs?