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  1. Gainsborough Chairman

    Salford after Rowe, surely?
  2. Goal machine

    Think we were discussing it at Barrow? Warrington away if my memory is correct
  3. Dover match thread

    Get a grip. You hated Aspin and he got us promoted, hated Heath and he got us promoted. Liked Harvey and he, well, you know. Starting to think you're a born loser, come across like one. 
  4. Scott Hogan

    James Bolton kept Roberts out the side for long periods in their two years together at the club. One position we were blessed in. 
  5. Dover notes

    Think Kossy may be available tonight based off Twitter. 
  6. Town vs Dover 15/08/2017

    Town 1-2 Dover Tomlinson 1432
  7. Chester FC - our next opponents

    What was the issue last season and what did he do to rectify it?
  8. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Not sure how a little wager is enough to stop you. 
  9. Chester FC - our next opponents

    And I know who you are. 
  10. Come on Town

    Not sure I did. Just pointed out the 'dud' has more goals than Morgan. And I know you like your facts. 
  11. Come on Town

    I'd love Morgan to score goals. I'd love Denton to score goals. I'd love FCHT to score a goal. But slagging off of players is sad. 
  12. Come on Town

    Irony lost. 
  13. Come on Town

    Scored more than your boy wonder. 
  14. Come on Town

    Dud brother xx
  15. Come on Town

    So did Peniket, and he scored.  Total for the season, Peniket 1-0 Morgan.