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  1. Retained list for next season

    Unless you are Cambridge and can feign injuries and get a keeper from Leicester fro the play-offs!
  2. Town vs Bromley 13/04/2019

    Town 1-1 Bromley Kosylo 1232
  3. Leyton Orient match.

    Orient 2-1 down to Eastleigh, but apparently we were the one who fooked it up!?
  4. Leyton Orient match.

  5. Retained list for next season

    James Bolton, Matty Pearson, Sam Johnson to name but a few
  6. Leyton Orient match.

    A very good performance today. Sam was busy first half but bodies on the line from the defence second half. Probably a fair result all things considered but we had a game plan and stuck to it. Very frustrating for them to get another late equaliser against us. 
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    Will be down to the 2:45 - 5:15 black out that it can’t be shown in the UK. Seen the two Old Firm clubs doing something very similar in the past. 
  8. Leyton Orient vs Town 06/04/2019

    Orient 3-0 Town 6101
  9. Another Announcement?

    You’re welcome folks 
  10. Another Announcement?

    Competition to win a season ticket perhaps?
  11. Season 19/20 players

    Maybe a few are contracted for next year and we haven’t announced it yet?
  12. £199

    Fantastic offer by the club! Hope a lot take it up or we may have a very low budget next season. 
  13. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    2-0 Rodney King 1221
  14. Town vs Ebbsfleet United 26/03/2019

    Town 2-1 Ebbsfleet Kosylo Clarke 1274
  15. Solihull Thread

    Believe it or not Lenighan was signed on a permanent deal (well 3 months but was ours rather than loaned). Not sure if he has found another club as of yet.  Noticed earlier Raheem Hanley has signed for Connah’s Quay and even managed to get capped by St Kitts and Nevis since being on trial with us.