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  1. Goal machine

    Thought it was Mosley away when we lost 3-1 early season. I thought Adams scored first then we capitulated badly . Only time I have walked out of a match early.  
  2. Dover match thread

    Keep this up and we will match NFU's plight last season. Down with a whimper.
  3. Dover match thread

    Every side we play is a good side, or at least we make them look that way.
  4. Dover match thread

  5. Dover match thread

    I live in Plymouth. If I am lucky I will get to see two matches this season and one of those will be Torquay away. 
  6. Dover match thread

    Another £20 profit. Forth match in a row now makes about £70 on goalless first halves this season.
  7. Dover match thread

    Stats says we are being totally dominated. Only one shot off target and we are the home side? 
  8. Dover match thread

    If Denton is in for his defensive display then have him replace one of our defenders and put a striker up front who will be in attack or half way line when we are defending so as when we break away we have an outlet.
  9. Coach not turned up..

    It was May 2008 I believe and no I don't think it was Twin Valley back then.
  10. Coach not turned up..

    I remember the coach that took us to Wales (Ryll I think) for John Shaw's England non league debut. It seemed to take nearly an hour to get up Calder way for the M62. Was worried that it would pack up and roll back down the hill it was that bad.
  11. Promotion watch.

    That will only happen if our opponents forfeit those games.
  12. Come on Town

    So is the "everything in the garden is wonderful, we just need time to gel" train of thought. Three games no goals , very few chances for one. 
  13. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Because we have been set up too defensively and there is too much ground to make up for the direct ball game.
  14. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Heath couldn't get one in although plenty of other clubs managed to get them in.
  15. Chester FC - our next opponents

    It took Heath over half a season to see and act on the obvious last season . Hopefully for our future in this league it happens sooner this time round.