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  1. Fullarton Out ????

      To be honest there were signs last season when he failed to rotate the players when we had four games in eight days accumulating in a lackluster display against Torquay. We chose to overlook this as we were safe from relegation by that match.
  2. David Bossomworth Open to Question

    Only the 2nd League of the National
  3. Where was Brown?

    Is he signing for us or our next manager?
  4. Fullarton Out ????

    The reason we don't have a decent striker or someone that can play a decent final ball is because JF signed sub standard players. Whether that is down to poor judgement on JFs behalf, the lack of available players or lack of budget I cannot say but ultimately it's one of the above.
  5. Lol ( no likes left)
  6. Just make sure it isn't in a yellow area.
  7. Warrington on Saturday

    As long as they do their homework and put two on Kossy or wind him up sufficiently into getting him sent off then they are half way there. Based on recent performances I would gladly accept a replay right now and that in itself says how bad we are this season.
  8. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    When is he going to start " with the continue to play in a way to hopefully excite the fans" because I only saw brief glimpses of that last night.
  9. Yes he had at least a yard start and was comprehensively beaten to the ball by the touch line. Thankfully nothing became of their possession  
  10. Chesterfield at Home

    I agree with what you say but on what I saw yesterday coupled with all that has been written on these boards I just can't see how JF is going to turn it around. One dimensional game plan, no midfield to talk of and playing players out of position are rolled out week after week. People will talk of players injured and yes we have had more than our fair share this season but are they all down to genuine injuries or does fitness and rehabilitation play a large part in the length of time they are out or a factor in why they got the injury in the first place?
  11. Chesterfield at Home

    Whilst it is very commendable running a tight ship financially and securing the long term future of the club there appears to be very little ambition to help us push on to the next level. With the exception of the season we lost out to Cambridge in the play offs we have never had the squad or manager to build a successful team capable to challenge again. Neil Aspin built that squad with players that came up with us from the North and one or two from lower than that. The cost of assembling that squad was not excessive judging by the reluctance of Mr B to over spend. At this level nowadays it will cost a lot more to build a good squad capable of achieving a similar promotion push and Mr B won't commit the funds for that and snapping up players from lower leagues are considered too much of a risk for fear of failure. I am not advocating bankrupting the club by throwing vast sums of money at promotion but IMO the board are in their comfort zone at this level, or the league below, and baring a season like Macclesfield had last season we are where we are for the foreseeable future.
  12. Fullarton Out ????

    If we hadn't sacked the manager last season we would now be in the North.
  13. Denton

    Trouble is Rooney is a cut above this level and playing for a club that pays stupid money to buy their way out of this league whereas this is Denton's level at best and let's face it although they may have parachute payments Chesterfield are hardly a mega rich club.
  14. Denton

    Wow that's some serious dosh for this level.
  15. Get Morgan Back

    One of JF's golden boys. Undropable.