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  1. Season Tickets

    Sorry Erik, my post wasn't directed to yourself. I apologise if you thought it did.
  2. Season Tickets

    So basically what you're saying is that if you don't get a season ticket then you're not a Shaymen. I live in Plymouth and these days I don't get to matches unless we play a club to the south and west of Brum. I don't have the disposable income to get to the Shay let alone afford £200 for something I wouldn't use.  Does that mean I am not a Shaymen fan, a club I have supported and followed since 1971?  Should Lanzo or any of our supporters abroad buy a season ticket so they can call themselves Shaymen fans?  Not all of us have bottomless pockets.
  3. 14th April 1979 Halifax vs Huddersfield

    Looking at that table there are only eight teams that are south of Brum unlike the predominantly Southern based league we play in at this level. 
  4. Having a party!

    Not harsh enough. Should be made to sit through the highlights of every poor match this season. Although there is probably a law against that sort of thing.
  5. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Chris Tate - double agent.
  6. Well Done To The Lads

    Well someone did say we play better against the bigger teams 
  7. Leyton Orient match.

    That's honesty. I agree with you that as he appears to be down the pecking order at Salford there is a good chance he will be available in the summer and hopefully the club will try and pull out all the stops to secure his services.
  8. Leyton Orient match.

    If you took out all the posts that involved personal insults and such from this thread you will not find one negative post about Saturdays match even allowing for the fact we let a two goal lead slip. That sums up the positivity that has been generated by the BOD with the season ticket prices for next season coupled with the fact the club are safe from relegation and JF fielding a team that played with pride, passion and commitment from the off. There is a very good feel good factor around at the moment and long may it continue.
  9. Well Done To The Lads

    Thankfully he didn't decide to add on any more because they may even have gone on and scored again.
  10. Leyton Orient match.

    Is your perception of Rodney being so good partly based upon our strikers being so poor?
  11. Having a party!

    Apparently no-one. Sacked by Bury October 2017.
  12. Leyton Orient match.

    I am one of those people that wanted JF gone and I am still far from convinced he is the man to take this club forward but I gave him praise when it is deserved. In my opening post I asked for a positive performance with a midfield containing Kossy and King to link defence to attack. JF delivered today and both he and the players deserve all the praise going for todays performance and result. A few others who have been vocal against JF have also posted positive today for the same reasons so why ruin a positive thread?
  13. Leyton Orient match.

    Every post on this thread today was positive. No one was in meltdown about JF, the result, the performance the ref or anything until your post asking where the merchants of doom were. To me that post was meant to be antagonistic, a deliberate attempt to rile certain posters. Why you felt you needed to I have no idea but straight away it turns this feel good thread into another slanging match. I can only think that you don't like it when everyone is happy so feel the need to spoil it,
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    All on here have applauded today's result and performance so why do we need these negative posts?
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    And some thought BH would take Alfreton up this season. Losing Denton didn't help.