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  1. Dominic Marie.....

    Sorry I haven't listened to Bobby Ham's pre-season commentary.
  2. Dominic Marie.....

    If he is only "an average conference north player" why was he given a three year deal? Either the club didn't expect to get out of the Conference North for three years or we were royally shafted by his agent and Mr B paid over the odds for him in terms of wages. I suppose the other option is that his form is regressing under the clubs training schedule and our managers refusal to play him.
  3. Dominic Marie.....

    It is doubtful that any club will come in for Hibbs because of the lucrative contract the club put him on 18 months ago. Unless he takes a pay cut or the club pays him off he will be here for the next 18 months. At the moment Heath too will be here next season so nothing will be resolved.  If you want my honest opinion Heath has a better chance of finding a new club than Hibbs.  
  4. Tranmere today

    We will have to see what happens in the summer when all the part time players are out of contract.
  5. Tranmere today

    Stats say we were totally outplayed. True? We need Kosylo back to have a chance of beating Torquay
  6. Official club website

    All working now thanks to Kelly
  7. Official club website

    Hadn't noticed anything but then i only visit a couple or three times a week.
  8. Official club website

    Is it my computer or has the official club website frozen. I still have Tom Dentons thoughts on the upcoming match against Bromley showing as 7 hours old. The wall on the right hand side shows the updates from Saturdays match but without scrolling through all the posts I don't know if there has been an explanation about this.
  9. Embarrassing England

    It seems that playing for England is like managing England, it is a poison chalice. It doesn't matter how good you are you are playing with outdated systems and ideas from the top FA numpties down to the lack of squad time together before internationals.  The manager and coaching staff are all "yes men" devoid of using their own ideas and skills for fear of losing their jobs should things go more wrong than usual. Then you have "fan expectations" that after a 4-0 win against the likes of Luxembourg suddenly believe England are "world beaters" only to come crashing down to earth when they perform dismally against a half descent nation and then get abused and hung out to dry by our beloved media. Who would want to go through all that?
  10. Boreham Wood Thread

    Without being totally biased was Dentons red card/second yellow justified or was it just the officials incompetance? I wasn't at the game today nor have I seen any footage of the incident so I was just wondering.
  11. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    We are the second highest ranked team in the Northern section behind Macclesfield.
  12. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    Blimey that's a long trek for Mark Ellis.
  13. Gary Mills

    That is complete and utter b*ll*cks. Harvey failed to keep us up by one point, a point that any one of the three managers that season could and should of got. Yes Neil recruited badly in the summer but we didn't cover ourselves in glory in the January transfer window or in the loan market after our main goalscorer left us high and dry.That wasn't down to Neil.
  14. Billy Heath

    or we can't afford new suits if we qualify for the play off finals at Wembely
  15. Another Full Time

    won't be us though as we will be full time in League Two