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  1. Bolton match thread

    It's a shame we are not 66/1 this season. I only got half those odds :-(
  2. Bolton match thread

    Judging by the English performance some had already been on the piss. Defensively we were poor, midfield lacked strength and depth in the first half (did improve slightly in second half) and why does Southgate persist with Sterling? Thankfully he was subed early but in all honestly he shouldn't of started. I got the feeling that most of them were already thinking they were on the way home. Saying that, yet again the Belgians were superior in all departments and fully deserved there win.
  3. 14th July 2012 - Matt Glennon

    Top class keeper for us until his last season with us when it was probably one too many. There was never any competition for him as our other keeper was only there to cover injuries and the WRC.
  4. Absolutely Choked

    Neither did Belgium for that matter. I honestly don't think we would of done any better against France than Belgium did in the semis. Be interesting to see what happens Saturday when both countries but out their best teams rather than the dead game in the group stages.
  5. Absolutely Choked

    I thought first half we created a lot of opportunities, yes they were not executed but on another day one of them would be then we go in at half time with a two goal cushion. I think it is harsh to say our players aren't good enough, this side will get better with time. In Southgate we have manager who recognizes talent that exists outside the top five clubs and isn't afraid to use that talent. We have a nucleus for a squad that is capable of matching or bettering this position in future competitions.
  6. Stockport Match Thread

    It was meant tongue in cheek but I cannot do emojis on mobile 
  7. Stockport Match Thread

    My god I would rather we resign Denton than him. At least Denton is proven at this level.
  8. England v Sweden

    Having watched today's match, the match against Columbia and the Tunisian game Sterling is a player that makes runs from deep with the ball to the edge of the area, hassles and harries defenders but apart from that very little else. His final ball is wasteful more often than not or he gets greedy and tries to beat one man too many. I agree that he draws defenders to him and that leaves spaces for Kane and Ali as well as anyone else who has ventured forward but unless the ball is released to them it is all for nothing. After the second goal we could have replaced him with Rashford and exploited the spaces that were appearing whilst carrying more of a goal threat. I just hope that this persistence with Stirling isn't going to cost us the chance to get to the final or lift the trophy.
  9. England v Sweden

    Slow game but maybe it is best conserving energy for when Sweden come at us second half and the gaps appear.
  10. England v Sweden

    Southgates golden boy. Couldn't find the net if you put the ball on the goal line and gave him a free shot.
  11. England v Sweden

    Me too. 
  12. England v Sweden

    There will be holding them now. Best start a new thread for tomorrows match.
  13. England v Sweden

    Yet again another thread descends into a religious slanging match. 
  14. Moussa Diarra

    A signing?
  15. Martin Riley

    They are good I can vouch for that