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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Yes it was. Sorry my mistake.
  2. The club tweets about lack of signings

    If you don't have a scouting network it will severely affect your ability to scout and sign the quality of players you want/need. Hopefully JF will of identified his targets by the end of last season and these players become available otherwise he has s mountain to climb.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    Why then did we announce Edwards signing on June 3d last year?
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    Skybet still have us priced at 40/1 for the title the joint highest price in the division. I have backed us each way every week since the odds were released. I am now waiting for the other markets to be released, top 7 finish, top half of the table etc.
  5. 19/20 player rumours

    And sign sh#t. Whilst I agree the financially bigger clubs will get the cream of the crop we need to be trying for the players of the next level not waiting until the chaff become desperate and will sign for next to nothing. We don't want a team of Lennigans and Ouwuski (whatever he was called). Policies like this will hardly encourage good results and performances on the pitch thus affecting future season ticket sales assuming we can stay in this division
  6. 75 Years on

    There have been a lot of moving accounts by survivors and families of those who gave their lives for our freedom. Poems and songs to remind us of their heroics. Radio 2 have devoted a lot of airtime to commemorate this anniversary ( it is the only static free  radio station I can get in my hire van). I feel very angry at what is happening to this country today by the few who are trying to impress on us their views over the views of the many. I did like the way Teresa May, yesterday,  read the letter from a Captain who died on the beaches to his wife and daughters. It was read with a lot of compassion.
  7. Shaun Tuton

    Just goes to show how much agents are only interested in themselves. Tuton should of stayed and finished the season with us probably finishing the season as top club scorer and showing other clubs his worth instead of being hyped up by his agent who then lined his pockets by perusing a move for his client that would be too big a step. Sure Tuton got paid a damn sight more at Barnsley than with us but was it worth it as now his stock and confidence is at an all time low which is why he cannot keep his form at all the clubs he has had since us and he now feels he needs to move abroad where his reputation won't be known.
  8. Champions league big call

    Missed the first half so didn't see the penalty incident but what is irking me lately is the positioning of the ball for corners. In my day ( that makes me officially an oldie) the ball had to be in the corner arc, nowadays the ball can be placed outside the arc as long as a millimeter of it appears to touch the markings. A Liverpool player moaned like hell when the lino made him move the ball slightly. Also the quality of corners in the second half was garbage for primo donnas at that level.  Rant over.
  9. Jake Taylor

    They have to start somewhere. If we let them go elsewhere and they are any good then they either forge a career and possibly make another club a transfer windfall or we would have to buy him back if we ever had the option. I don't understand why we cannot name a youth player on the bench and maybe blood him if the game is well won or well lost. It would give them a taste of first team football and you never know we might unearth a real gem that could help us on the pitch and make us money when he leaves us.
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    Because like most rumors that are unfounded (rumours in general, not insinuating your mates is) the club cannot comment on things they do not know anything about.
  11. European Cup Final

    As long as there is over 2.5 goals in 90 minutes I don't really care who wins.
  12. 19/20 player rumours

    Should of released him on the 4th June.
  13. Squad 2019/20

    We're in June now and still no signings. Resign JF 
  14. The Two Bradfords

    They can arrange lucrative friendlies like this because their fans are good as gold whereas ours are the Millwall of the North and as a result will be banned from playing any local team bar Brighouse in a friendly. The WYPC are obviously scared of our trouble makers.
  15. Random image of the day

    Thank you.