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    So, do you get a concession on your car, the fuel, road tax, servicing and maintenance...?? Do you get a pensioners discount on your cruise, or on the drinks and food you buy on holiday or when you go shopping in he UK.. ?? Do you get a discount in the pub or in restaurants..?? In most cases probably not, even though some of those businesses are large multi million or even multi billion pound corporations, many of which you will have been a customer of for many years. And yet you expect the people who work very hard for little or no money to provide a football club for a minority of people in Calderdale to support to provide you with a discount...hmmm. I suppose if we all bought iPads and watched our team from a distance at no cost then in a fairly short space of time it would cease to exist and we’d all probably miss it. And who would be the loser then..?? But as they say you pay your money.....