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  1. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Stuttering Eddie then!
  2. Today’s game Hartlepool

    He would have baffled them with his bizzare science on how to 'play' football, they would have then switched off thereafter, like most fans have since the August Bank Holiday when the JF decline started. He needs to pull out all the stops for next season early on and continue throughout the full season as if not he will be sacked, he can't be a steady Eddy forever.
  3. Bromley match thread

    With nearly a full season under his belt (and sleeveless jacket(s)), JF has hopefully learnt lessons for the future, (fingers crossed!) Next season - we live in hope - and clear expectation of entertaining football at the Shay, as JF promised. The Club is evolving and developing we are regularly informed, this season we have witnessed JFs embryonic first season in football management, which in all honesty has not been good to watch as a spectator the majority of the time. Thin rather than thick comes to mind for most games. I do hope that we score more goals next season though. With the defence being our backbone we can build on that, it's going forward, we need to score on a regular basis next season, if we do it . . . it will open up an array of new JF cliques for us to encounter by scoring freely . . .  I am looking forward to August already for the JF quotes . . . I can hear them now . . . . "where did I put that barometer and the pyramid thingy, I had it last season? Bingo, I know where I left them, they're my bureaux of draws?" Up the Shaymen!
  4. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    Please can the tech wizards on here produce a poll so we can vote on who is willing to purchase a ST for next season. This will give the one man Board (DB) an idea on how to cut his cloth for the next drab 12 months. Football League, he's having a large, long and jovial laugh at our expense with paying £20 for Joyless Fullerton droops.
  5. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    A poll would be a good indicator, plus I think a good number of ST holders do visit the site. 
  6. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    Is our dear Scot in shock after yesterday drab, drab affair? Never known the Calodonian of Cheer being so quiet on here, has he finally run out of hope after attending one match too many at the theatre of clean sheets? If he's given up engaging with us, the poor JF souls what hope is there for us all?
  7. South Stand yesterday

    The Disappointed by XTC.  
  8. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    I would.
  9. Maidenhead today

    The Krankies, I believe.
  10. Maidenhead today

    Halifax Today intro. Town boss Jamie Fullarton felt his side’s 1-0 defeat at home to Maidenhead was one game too far for his side this week. Aww, Bless him! If he can't organise a team over a working week, he shows his inacquites as a 'manager'. Why didn't he get DB to reduce the admission, if he knew we'd be below par? Sack the draw boring clown, ASAP. Pyramids of boredom.  
  11. 18 Clean Sheets

    Don't you mean barometer or pyramid, or whatever glibness he come up with next.
  12. 18 Clean Sheets

    Sadly the reason for 18 clean sheets, with very little else to crow about is due to the manager being frightened at the prospect of losing his job, so thereby setting up not to lose and players sat too far back to go to win a game. He stated on his appointment that this was his last chance, having been sacked from Notts County. So he goes about his business bynot losing, with very little else. Which is rubbish to pay for and watch.
  13. Maidenhead today

    I believe the time has now come for the Board to seek investors, as we are not going to achieve a top three place without substantial investment, plus the £1000's we will be short of at the start of the new season due fans not purchasing season tickets due to the dire and dull football the manger insists on 'entertaining' us with. Being realistic though Bossomworth wouldn't be able to stomach giving up his Kingdom, so we're stuck with the Dangerous Brothers Dave and Jamie.
  14. Maidenhead today

    At least Scot witnessed at first hand how poor we actually are. Today was like 80% of the season so far, it's funny when we play so badly - one scuffed shot and no corners - JF remains on the touchline until the bitter end as a show of arrogance. His tactics today were terrible. 
  15. Barometer of multi colours

    We are led to believe JF doesn't look at league tables, but wait a mo . . . he has his own barometer - good lad, he's always a step ahead! JF has quoted red and green on his 'barometer' in the Courier, no room for 'pyramids' this week for the beautiful people. JF must have put his 'barometer' in the side draw between (Oct-Jan), when the colour brown would have been where the needle was stuck! My fault, I am sorry I read his interview, when I said I wouldn't, but the improvement made me dither! I don't think though, with this late purple patch that I will purchase a Season Ticket, I will still turn up, but twenty times bitten . . . and the false dawn this season, I'll be more cautious in my approach, it must be rubbing off! Up the Shaymen, and Jamie and his many colours . . .
  16. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Old Peter Kay that one!
  17. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Berrett free kicks were terrible this evening! Staunton though is pretty good when lifting the ball into the box. Shame JF doesn't prefer ball playing midfielders. Hopefully he will have a road to Damastos during the summer and next season will be 100% Mr Entertainment.
  18. new coaching technics at HTFC

    What did JF say? I've embargoed myself from reading the waffle and science. Good win yesterday though. I hope we can sign some strikers for next season or retain the loanees. JF did miss hit during the summer with his strikers, if it is money, DB needs to have a panic attack and spend some cash during the summer. Moan now! We may have scored sooner if JF left a man up when defending corners, he still has his siege mentality at times. Jim Harvey had three on the halfway line, which spooked the opposition. Onwards and upwards, been unable to say that since September. In JF we . . . 
  19. Barnet

    More of that positive style of play please JF from now on! 1,085 witnessed it tonight, hopefully more will do so on Saturday. Crowds have as expected dropped, (DB Panic Attack!), now the ball is in the manager's court to take heed and continue with tonights attacking performance, (well done JF and the team), especially on a poor pitch, we may loose a few games now and then, but rattling the opposition is what it's about from an attacking agenda, and sending fans home happy! Great performance . . . let's not now give up our new found attacking formation up for Lent and beyond! Otherwise it'll be a long 40 days and nights!
  20. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Coincidence? I have read JFs post match interview - which I said I wouldn't do, due to the clap trap... but it would appear he has altered his approach too. Courier comments: Peoples’ view from the outside when we get a result against a team fourth in the league and who’ve won six of their last seven is ‘wow’ - but not mine, I’m more balanced on that. So JF does look at the table. Thank goodness! Can't have him going into matches unaware.
  21. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    Hope he doesn't leave the Shay crossed.
  22. Boycott

    Now that we haven't scored for five league games, possibly six on Tuesday with Fluffer Fullerton in charge. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile in waiting outside the Shay until the (possible sixth minute) next Saturday, if the businessman in charge of our club continues to show a dereliction of duty in not discharging JF of his duties? We're paying and DB is taking money for old rope. It'll be no score on Tuesday, if Joker Jamie is in charge. On Saturday I will come in later or may not attend at all, my ST is worthless on the performances this season. Can't even give my dissolution son's away. Up the Shaymen. Clear off Fullerton. DB have you actually run your course with us? You got lucky once. Flash in the pan maybe?
  23. Finnaces

    Why has there been no online public and robust support on the website for the manager from his employers? I'm not going to pay £3 each game for the Dave's spin on his rosy tinted views and utopian dreams of leading us into the Promise Land, I used to though. Due to not purchasing a ST next season, on the games I choose to go to, I may feel guilty and obliged to buy one. Dave and the other two are usually mute at the best of times, but (DB, RH, SP) have not broken cover during our dire spell, they are sat in the stand watching the home support decreasing, yet there is no white flag, no plan B, and no guidance, they appear to be like King Canut. All we get is dour matches to endure week in and week out, drib and drab. Remember, the last time we actually scored one goal at home, it was two months ago and for a home brace it was six months. Shocking and sub standard and not to mention inferior to what football should be. The dithering Directors lead us to believe that they actually have aspirations of achieving the Football League! 10 years on, are we heading in the right direction? I've heard it all before about off field structures etc, but a decent manager wins games at a better rate than 3 in 25! Whatever training tops and mops they may have to purchase to look the part. I would rather have a Bash Street or Crazy Gang doing the business and the periphery can follow suit. Up the Shaymen- let us have some entertainment for once!      
  24. Poor crowd, poor manager

    Say's it all really.  
  25. Poor crowd, poor manager

    500 down today on our average attenance DB, H&W brought a good number too, to bump it up to 1,100. Look below at pity poor Solihull, must be luck, or well managed, both on and off the pitch. 1. Wrexham 5,1922. Leyton Orient 5,1863. Chesterfield 4,5264. Hartlepool United 3,0575. Salford City 2,5166. Maidstone United 2,2527. Sutton United 1,8638. Aldershot Town 1,7799. Eastleigh 1,74310: Harrogate Town 1,72811. AFC Fylde 1,72212. FC Halifax Town 1,59713. Ebbsfleet United 1,47914. Dagenham & R 1,44115. Maidenhead United 1,35516. Bromley 1,34517. Havant & Waterlooville 1,30018. Barrow 1,28619. Barnet 1,28420. Solihull Moors 1,15421. Dover Athletic 1,13722. Gateshead 83523. Boreham Wood 76924. Braintree Town 732