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  1. D B

    W123. The games are terrible. If we had some flare, (score some, leak some), all well and good. But we play so terribly. We were promised entertainment, but all we are getting is a tragic football no joy.
  2. Hanson

    The Courier interview really sums up the clown that Fullerton really is, he states that Duck egg has been 'outstanding of late'? He was atrocious on Saturday, it was like he was playing in slippers. Get rid of Fullerton Bussy as soon as you can afford to. Also it appears JF is economical with the truth, as it appears odd with Hanson not playing and no where near the bench? To give JF a quote ready for Saturday: In the chocolate box of life the top layer's already gone. And someone's pinched the orange creme from the bottom. Bob Ferris c1970 Just goes to prove JF is comic gold with the claptrap he spouts.
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Wonder if all of the squad tonight will get a BMW from Mr B, we know have frivolous he can be. 
  4. The game tonight: Maidstone

    If he goes, Mr B can be assured of a good number of season tickets sold ready for next season, if he remains, heaven help us all. Can't watch that dross for another year and I for one won't pay up front for the privilege.
  5. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Civic reception tomorrow night?
  6. The game tonight: Maidstone

    A bit like re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic Scot. He still needs to go!
  7. The game tonight: Maidstone

    All fans should use the East stand, not the South stand on Saturday, so we're close to the BOD in the posh seats and above Fullerton.
  8. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Should be zero tolerance shown to Fullerton. We can't score and 0-0s are no good. He can't be allowed to be here next season whatever division we're in. Banners at the ready for Saturday?
  9. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Will this be the joke of a manager, last 45 minutes?
  10. Unbelievable Jeff

    I hope for the sake of those who travel down they get something to cheer , hats off to them it takes hardcore football fans to a new level , me I will be sat in a warm house with a nice cool beer watching Walking Dead (no pun intended) and following the updates. I'll be watching Michael Collins, (Liam Neilson).
  11. Boycott

    Now that we haven't scored for five league games, possibly six on Tuesday with Fluffer Fullerton in charge. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile in waiting outside the Shay until the (possible sixth minute) next Saturday, if the businessman in charge of our club continues to show a dereliction of duty in not discharging JF of his duties? We're paying and DB is taking money for old rope. It'll be no score on Tuesday, if Joker Jamie is in charge. On Saturday I will come in later or may not attend at all, my ST is worthless on the performances this season. Can't even give my dissolution son's away. Up the Shaymen. Clear off Fullerton. DB have you actually run your course with us? You got lucky once. Flash in the pan maybe?
  12. Unanimous

    The North Yorkshire Board have left us in a worse position from when they first darkened the door of the Shay. Then we were above the drop zone ten years ago, until we had the 10 point deduction, restarted from scratch to climb back, only to now end up heading into the North. People bleet on about 'be careful what you wish for?' Why? There are plenty of potential backers, maybe with less money to put in, but that's no difference to the terrible trio who money madness has stifled us and won no warmth from the fans.
  13. Boycott

    No comment, not even a vote of confidence from our esteemed owner on the worst manager we have ever known. Why don't Captain Peacock or Bacon Joint ever say anything? No point being on the pot if you're not going to do anything. Gutless and you have again shown your true colours by taking the money to prop up your hobby.
  14. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    Come on Scot, where has it gone wrong? Is it the Club, chairman, the fans, the pitvh, ell us we were wrong Scotty? You probably mate 
  15. BT Sport mention Town last night

    Fullerton could do Romark's role easily when he is sacked from the Shay, as he has already mastered putting fans to sleep with having no tactics along with his dour press conferences.
  16. Competition/announcement on Social media at 7:30

    Competition to pick Tuesday's night team.
  17. Boycott

    24 hours and no announcement yet! National South Eastbourne Borough sacked their manager following a six game winless run yesterday and are six points above the drop zone. They must have a Board that have foresight and respect for the club, players and fans to get matters back on track as quickly as possible.
  18. Unanimous

    Less if the trains aren',t running Erik. Still buses though?
  19. Now Is The Time To Go

     Jim Harvey was let go, due to apparently not making any signings? Our current man does, with the majority of them either being duffers, or not seeing the light of day too often. I would have Harvey back now like a shot, he got the best out of everyone, players and fans, I also loved the three Town men on the half way line when we were defending a corner under Harvey, none of the tripe we have had on show are allowed to do that due to the Gormeless one.
  20. Sack the idiot.

    Jamie Fullarton's short, sharp lesson in managerial stress at Notts County By Richard Wilson BBC Scotland   From the sectionFootball Sharethis page Jamie Fullarton was Notts County manager for 70 days Jamie Fullarton spent 11 years working towards becoming a manager, but the preparation could never have been extensive enough. Within two weeks of taking charge of Notts County in January, the Scot felt swamped by the demands on his time and the invasive nature of the pressures and stresses of the job. He lasted 70 days at Meadow Lane, a 12-game spell that delivered three victories and a stark introduction into the realities of management. There were off-field issues to contend with since the owner and chairman who appointed him, Ray Trew, had stood down as he tried to sell the club and the chief executive also left his position. Turmoil was commonplace, not least in Fullarton's mind, as he tried to grasp an opportunity to succeed as a manager at a time in the game when short-term thinking is rife. "It's exciting, you look forward to it - then reality hits," Fullarton says of management. "When you're on the training field, that's your solace. Why? No phone. No-one asking you questions, no-one making demands of you. Jamie Fullarton (right) played in England's top flight with Crystal Palace "Everybody wants five minutes of your time. It's all the baggage that comes with being a manager that is something you need a coping strategy to deal with. "I found it impossible to switch off. Maybe that's personality. You're a bit OCD and what happens when things are going well, it absorbs you. That's a choice, because things are going well and you want to be there, you spend more time. "When things aren't going well, it consumes your life, you're affected in terms of your thought processing. As a manager, you're paid to make decisions and they become clouded under that pressure. "We've done our badges, but at no point do they talk about coping strategies, about dealing with theses stresses and pressures. Wellbeing is a key factor, how you look after yourself." Fullarton played in the top-flight in Scotland for St Mirren and Dundee United, in France with Bastia, in England's top-flight for three seasons with Crystal Palace and for a number of lower league sides. At 41, he had been coaching at various youth levels for many years, as well as earning his coaching qualifications. He was an impressive interviewee, with Trew selecting him ahead of a field of candidates that he described at the time as a "high standard". Fullarton had wanted Steve Coppell on his backroom staff at Notts County A hard-edged, combative midfielder, Fullarton was assertive and articulate and felt ready for the role. Notts County were 21st in League Two at the time, with his predecessor, Ricardo Moniz, only having been in the job for eight months and, reflecting back now, Fullarton concedes he made mistakes. He wanted to bring in his former Crystal Palace manager, Steve Coppell, as an experienced figure in the backroom staff. He also wanted to assess the coaches already in place before making changes so left himself without an assistant he knew and felt comfortable enough to trust explicitly. Ultimately, though, it was the pressures of the job, of coping with all the responsibilities that come with the position. "It went from me planning to have the five days, with the two days off to spend with the family, which is the normal routine, to becoming the six days, then seven days," he says. "It went from getting on average seven to eight hours sleep, to four, from three meals a day to two to one, to living off caffeine and sugar. And turning up on a Saturday physically and, more importantly, mentally tired, fatigued. Ultimately, you are paid to make decisions on a Saturday that can influence or help players. "I found over a short period of time that it consumed me, I wasn't controlling it. The pressure of it. It's a lonely job, whether it's 5,000 people in the stadium, you feel very alone on the touchline." Jamie Fullarton began his playing career with St Mirren Fullarton, now 42 and running a coaching school in Spain, believes that the coaching qualifications should provide more help in how to deal with the stress of the role, although he acknowledges the work that the League Managers Association and the Professional Footballers' Association in England are doing with masterclasses now being made available. "The sobering point for me was on the Sunday morning [after he was sacked], five in the morning, my little daughter, Gabriella, and son, Joseph, came in and they were saying, 'what's happening today'? "And I said, 'daddy's got a bit of time off now'. They said, 'what do you mean'? "I said, 'I've lost my job'. And they said, 'what, you've been sacked'? They were jumping on the bed, cheering. "I said, 'why are you happy guys'? And they said, 'we're going to see more of you'. That burst a bubble for me and made me realise where I'd been for the past few months and that it had consumed me. "You feel a stigma, where you shouldn't have to reach out for support, and we need to break that down so that managers feel comfortable to reach out.
  21. Sack the idiot.

    We all have, of watching that rubbish since September.
  22. Where did it all go wrong?

    Appointing a manager who actually stated that this was his last chance having been a flop at Notts County, who then proceeded in damage limitation with us, to scared to lose, but no guts to be cavalier to take an 'entertainment' chance as promised. Glib replies from an empty vessle.
  23. Sack the idiot.

    At half-time today I nipped to the loo, it was a chorus of disbelief from the fans queing that this car crash at Our Club of the Boards own making is allowed to carry on for so long. I am so surprised that it hasn't be more vocal on the terraces.
  24. Now Is The Time To Go

    I'd have NA back for Tuesday in a flash. He'd get us organised and scoring again. Plus he would recruit up and coming hungry players, not journey men picking up easy money. Welcome back into the light JGN1. 
  25. Now Is The Time To Go

    Are you DB! At last you've blown your cover? Can't call you on the ball can we JGN1, if you think thst dross is so acceptable for so long? Just need the other half of the Krankies to post and follow suit. Amazing though!