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  1. Tangerine and Blue for me please!

    How many of you would like to see Tangerine and Blue as our alternative kit next season? I'm sure it would be a best seller amongst the old fogiees, plus a striking shirt and unique for the younger fans too.  
  2. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Wasn't switched on today was he? His head was all over the place, he was wanting to get a foul back than do anything productive, clearly the wrong player to take the penalty with his scatty play and attitude. Flash in the pan type of player to me.
  3. Woking Thread

    Amazing win today, well done Shaymen. .one and all. In Alfalfa we trust. Check out the similarities  JF and Alf.
  4. Woking Thread

    Oh crumbs!
  5. Woking Thread

    Has Flea stopped attending matches, or is he still in exile/or an aisle somewhere? Miss his good feedback, if he's given up, he's gone down faster than the Titanic! Good win today, every little helps towards our survival.
  6. Board

    Glue leagues for us then, with Mr B going full circle! He got lucky once with Aspin and a cheap purse, we're going backwards under his stewardship I'm afraid.
  7. Board

    More than he is currently prepared to.
  8. Board

    Bossomworth has taken his Club as far as he can with his Arkwright ways. Spend some . . . or offer it to others who may.
  9. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    We'll get whoever we get, pointless plucking wish or reject lists from thin air!
  10. Heath’s gone!!!

    Fresh start, don't need Helliwell back. He has enthusiasm but so do the fans.
  11. Heath’s gone!!!

    What next Tom and Jerry? Whatever I hope it does the trick and we get the points to stay up. Good Luck Shaymen.
  12. Leyton Orient (H)

    Stop up! No way with Mr B to tight to pull through the trigger. The clown will be still in charge for the end of season kids party, two for the price of one! Commercial and business sense from Mr B showing through.
  13. Leyton Orient (H)

    It will be interesting to see what 'King Canute' Bossomworth does now that he has the relegation waters lapping at his feet at an alarming rate, his dilemma is if he sacks Heath and Carroll, there are the other three members of the back room staff on the books too, will money rule his head on that decision? How can Bossomworth talk about wanting to be in the Football League, his five management appointments have produced four flops, we are going backwards under him. They'll be no rallying cry from him to encourage us to believe his vision, he'll retreat to his bunker over the summer months, with the suporters kept at arms length yet again. It is interesting that the match day commercial activity this season has been very sparse, there hssn't been too many match or ball sponsorships, which is a measure of the poor quality on the pitch. Penny pinching business plans or splashing the cash . . . what's the difference, we're still no better off. Roll on Saturday!
  14. Bromley

    We're all imploding as fans for the club we love, we've seen grim and grimmer this season, and at the moment it is tough with Billy Smart in charge. The Board will be OK though, they'll dust themselves down whatever occurs, and polish the pennies. Fans will be there good or bad, but the gates will soon drop. Billy Heath is very much an acquired taste, and I won't be paying £3 to here tosh from him the puppet or his master's three pages of ramble on a match day on Tuesday evening.
  15. Bromley

    Jim Brown any better? We were higher with him Chuck.