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  1. Today game aldershot

    Did we actually play well today? Was the ball played on the deck? Have a we got a platform to now improve on week on week Will we stay up Will DB give us 'Arthur Daley' sound bites - on a  ten year warranty with his ownship, where will we end up with this despot Penny Pinching? 
  2. Today game aldershot

    Flash in the pan?
  3. Breaking news

    Ready made Player Manager?
  4. Longest winless run?

    One for 'Royals' to get his thinking cap on for. . . Which manager at the Shay and as a comparison . . . at other clubs - has had the longest stay of execution before being sacked? Any info from the post-war years onwards would be interesting to view on here, as I'm sure our Board of 'One' are becoming trailblazers of the job for life syndrome. I'm sure t wouldn't apply if you weren't shifting Mini's and BMWs, dayou to day would it! Funny how performance is measure by Mr B ways of managemenr? Thought we were a business too, bit of a paradox Mr B don-there you think? We're under performing, sort it or fall on your sword Bussy. Mr B hopefully will pick the updates from this post from his bunker under the North Yorkshire Moors ando will consider.  . . Or dither!  
  5. Has he been sacked yet?

    My next match will be Chester at home in the league, the third team in a row we've faced at home who are below us in the table. Currently 1 pt from 6 from fellow relegation dodgers, how many points - if any - will we get against Chester? Hopefully Heath will be LONG gone by then and Mr B, will stride on the pitch at 2.50 pm against Chester, giving us all a root and branch discussion of him(His) board projection for the following year, dressed as Scrooge, having seen the fugalness of his sorry, sorry, ways and having seen the Ghost of Conference North brush past him in the tunnel, filling him with dred of a cold windy nights in to come, he finally loses his ultra cautious approach. Happy days, 
  6. His last game in charge

    The team yesterday featured all but two players not signed by Billy 'Humber' Heath, Hibbs and Brown. Get the twit out of town ASAP! Total tosh!!! Board (or silent Joe's) . . . Please organise a takeover - or a vote of no confidence please . . . Bobby and Stu. Get shut of Heathand whilst your at it Kim Jong Buzzworthy.
  7. David Bosomworth.

    Don't you think Mr Bosomworth is appearing more like Mr Barraclough from the sitcom Porridge? He is in a position of authority and power, but not able to make the right decision, dodging and dithering too long while the people of Halifax see their club in terminal decline. Additionally the sponsoring of matches seem non existent recently, why? We'll get thumped at Aldershot with the current trud on show, so 800+ will madly attend the Trophy match the following week, shame! But on a positive note 'our' club, will have no suits to order, or hotels  to book, so no meererly mouthed moaning, think of the savings Mr B. oh joy!
  8. His last game in charge

    Offer the job to Carroll, that way we'll split the partnership up and prevent any futher crimes against football!!!
  9. Heath In

    Exceptional football? For one minute of the game! The rest of the time it was in the air. Eastleigh actually ran with the ball in our area, we didn't do likewise. We lost 300 fans today. DB will eventually realise Heath's limitations, we may be down to 900 then though.
  10. Heath In

    Heath hasn't a clue. A rabble of a team.
  11. Eastleigh thread

    Rubbish Heath.
  12. The Board Undisclosed

    Why has every transfer the new club has undertaken been recorded as undisclosed?  Are we a long term aim, (along with being long ball team), or someone's hobby and past time? There is no real identiny - playing 90 mins a fortnight in Calderdale, with the only promise of locating nearer for training in this area if Jamie Vardy moves clubs, as no other monies are said to be available it seems from our investors. Does anyone think that the board has now run it course with it's ultra cautious approach? Add to that the high prices charge for the current poor quality of football and their luck having seemed to have finally run out after 10 years, having had the bounce of the green early on with a good appointment in Aspin and being a big fish in the lowers leagues and at a time of little competition, (Lancaster) are still in the same division and they were top dogs at the time, a host of bug hitters have since now appeared. Plus we have had some excellent sell on's, (undisclosed though), for whose benefit? Was Aspin sacked too soon, compared to the current circumstances, I think so? Why the ultra caution now? Why don't the Board spend/receive cash openly, just be open and honest with the fans for a change. Whilst Heath is struggling and at his limit it now appears, how much better are his cautious superiors have they plateaued too? Please don't say be careful what you wish for . . .10 years . . . of a good run at times for the Board and the fans, up through the divisions, but we've been lucky too along the way. The fans are constantly been kept at a barge pole distance by the Board, making some think it'should donkeys led by a donkey and a Geuraff, (not TD's) fault though, shocking tatics. Why not the Board out as well as Heath out? Are we now a yo-your club, running on a trickle of investment? Where will we be in 10 years?  
  13. Is Billy Heath the right Manager for Halifax Town

    We could get Harveys to do a 'Billy's Sack' just in time for Christmas! To put all our bad memories in of this season. 
  14. Hartlepool team

    Can't even be bothered to read Bossomworth's rambling notes in Saturday's programme, will keep the £3 in my pocket, may even keep my slippers on if BH is still there!
  15. Hartlepool team

    Unbelievable Jeff! Clueless and winless, another hour to go too!