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  1. Promotion

    With Calderdale Council having tweeted congratulations to Huddersfield Town, well done to them, like commented previously on this post, the urban world is getting much smaller due to Westminster economics, many services are now being merged into one consortium ie: the adoption services now cover the five areas of WYs, with other services to follow. Sadly one day there l could be a Yorkshire Pud FC for us to follow in Mega League Land, from Northallerton to Goole, but as long as we all try too keep our independence by sticking to our roots, teams like Town need to survive for the grassrooters!
  2. SSL Funding & Donations

    Hope they're no sparks with the plug!
  3. Investment.

    Should be used to grinding out results.
  4. Investment.

    Merry England?
  5. Curzon (H)

    Why the heck is Peniket playing? Hope to be proved wrong at 4.50. Another sinterlating game in prospect . . ?
  6. Who says Heath doesn't listen to the fans?

    A striker needs to . . . strike,  like a farmer farms, miners mine etc? 
  7. Who says Heath doesn't listen to the fans?

    Agree. Why does BH have to involve Denton in every game?
  8. Who says Heath doesn't listen to the fans?

    Denton appeared yet again! Why? Morgan would have romped home on that pitch.
  9. Today's match flyead

    Denton is simply not the answer.
  10. FAO - Paul Marsden - AKA "Worlds most inept referee"

    Hope you take up your own personal time and becone an official.
  11. Gainsborough Trinity (H)

    Two observations from this evening: There was a bald man in charge flapping his arms about who didn't have a clue, this evening that award goes to the referee.  Where did the 'Boys Brigade' come from at the front of the South Stand? The average age was about 12 years, they threw a bottle onto the pitch close to the players aimed at the goalie, Morgan wasn't happy and rightly so. They should have all been turfed out of the ground - all of them - for being guilty by association, woolly knitted hats and all.
  12. Dire.perhformances

    I agree MScanlon, BH stating one of those days is unacceptable, maybe if we had been unbeaten for the previous 15 matches yes, but not when he's clutching at straws following another poor display. He may have been good in the past, but now he's a has been and at our club,  killing it month by month. Attendances are dropping due to his style of 'play'.
  13. 9 games left

    If he stays  . . . Will it be the same unattractuve dross every match? Free neck braces with every season ticket ordered would be a good promotional offer and we could ditch Freddie for the Honey Monster outfit so TD can multi task.
  14. BMW

    Billy Means What? B: Boring football. (Bald Man Wailing). M: Men played out of position, or dropped and loaned out for nothing better in return. W: Watching public slowly dwindling and voting with their feet, resulting in a loss of revenue and additionally young supporters being bored witress. If I had bought a product and it was not what I expected, I would either ask for my money back, surely the powers that be know we're lurching backwards? This weekend last year  we qualified for Wembley.  . . . it'a a long way from the Shay to there now. A few terrible decisions recently by the board and tight lipped as usual, shocking.  
  15. Heath in

    Who's fault is it that the manager shouts out instructions at corners,  throw-ins and free-kicks? Does he attend training during the week? His players should know what to do, if they don't he's signed some duds and proves his own and his players limitations . . . don't you think?