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  1. Halifax edges out Huddersfield
  2. Budgets, misery and silence?

    Why can't we ever have a positive interview with Mr Bossomworth in the Courier - or elsewhere, without the (glass half full) Chairman putting us on the back foot. . . jovial soul that he is being rash for once may help us all. The latest Courier interview shows we're yet again trying to reach to the moon on a platform of rubber bands and cardboard. Investment is required and a communicative board is good for a start, but from 16th, where next?    
  3. £20k bonus

    Is DB, Norm in disguise?
  4. Excuses started already

    Wish that I could work four hours a day in my forties like JF.
  5. Music at The Shay

    'The Disappointed' - XTC 'Heven Knows (We're) Miserable Now', (2018-19 version). The Smiths, re-mix back by popular demand. 'Hurt'- Jonny Cash 'Mouth Almighty' - Elvis Costello 'Day Dream Believer' - Monkees 'My Pyramid of Emotions' - JF and the U21 Academy, (yet to be released) Sorry for the negativity, just hope we have some entertainment to cheer throughout the season, not the dour show we had from Sept-Feb! Oh I forget . . . 'Welcome Home', by Peters and Lee, for all who post, but never attend! On a positive note . . . I do like the Dream Academy's, 'Life In A Northern Town', but it is played infrequently. Up the Shaymen!
  6. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    i) Wider and taller goals on wheels, to swop over at half time for us to attack against and score more! ii) No more JF claptrap. iii) The best of emerging talent on loan from Sheffield Utd for the season.
  7. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Stuttering Eddie then!
  8. Today’s game Hartlepool

    He would have baffled them with his bizzare science on how to 'play' football, they would have then switched off thereafter, like most fans have since the August Bank Holiday when the JF decline started. He needs to pull out all the stops for next season early on and continue throughout the full season as if not he will be sacked, he can't be a steady Eddy forever.
  9. Bromley match thread

    With nearly a full season under his belt (and sleeveless jacket(s)), JF has hopefully learnt lessons for the future, (fingers crossed!) Next season - we live in hope - and clear expectation of entertaining football at the Shay, as JF promised. The Club is evolving and developing we are regularly informed, this season we have witnessed JFs embryonic first season in football management, which in all honesty has not been good to watch as a spectator the majority of the time. Thin rather than thick comes to mind for most games. I do hope that we score more goals next season though. With the defence being our backbone we can build on that, it's going forward, we need to score on a regular basis next season, if we do it . . . it will open up an array of new JF cliques for us to encounter by scoring freely . . .  I am looking forward to August already for the JF quotes . . . I can hear them now . . . . "where did I put that barometer and the pyramid thingy, I had it last season? Bingo, I know where I left them, they're my bureaux of draws?" Up the Shaymen!
  10. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    A poll would be a good indicator, plus I think a good number of ST holders do visit the site. 
  11. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    Please can the tech wizards on here produce a poll so we can vote on who is willing to purchase a ST for next season. This will give the one man Board (DB) an idea on how to cut his cloth for the next drab 12 months. Football League, he's having a large, long and jovial laugh at our expense with paying £20 for Joyless Fullerton droops.
  12. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    Is our dear Scot in shock after yesterday drab, drab affair? Never known the Calodonian of Cheer being so quiet on here, has he finally run out of hope after attending one match too many at the theatre of clean sheets? If he's given up engaging with us, the poor JF souls what hope is there for us all?
  13. South Stand yesterday

    The Disappointed by XTC.  
  14. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    I would.
  15. Maidenhead today

    The Krankies, I believe.