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  1. David Bossomworth Open to Question

    Thursday, February 29th, 2024. Grab your seat before the price increase! Leap forward, or fall back?
  2. Get Morgan Back

    We do seem pretty dire up front lately, when we did scored frequently in the sunshine . . . earlier in the season, it wasn't our 'strikers' scoring, but JF was crowing about his expansive team game with 'everyone' contributing and foolishly putting his all his eggs into one basket by relying on one player's useful set pieces until his unfortunate injury. The former manager of the month . . . six weeks without a win now . . . and counting . . . should open up his options by bringing Southwell into the game more and utilising King, but then again what do I know? Football is a art and science according to JF, but his glib waffle pre-and-post match and the spin is becoming a tad boring for me, it just seemed to me to be pure chatter. Some on here are stating we have some 'easy games' ahead in the league, but JF needs to be tactically noused at Warrington on Saturday, as we don't"t want what happened previously in that part of the world . . . another Marine! Hopefully JF can get us into gear soon, but up front this season we're as flat as a pancake with our scoring potential, none of his players are looking likely to score anytime soon.
  3. Fullarton Out ????

    I think his signing of Edwards is definitely a dud.
  4. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Does James Dean now play for them?
  5. Town v Chesterfield - Dumb and Dumber?

    Both sides have not won a game for over a month . . . so do we expect a dour and drab team performance on TV from our manager this Saturday or a free flowing festival of football? If we win, is it papering over the cracks already identified by JF? If we lose or draw, is it an exercise in getting ready to paper over the said cracks? If we continue to struggle during October, what happens next? Southwell deployed as a poacher as a last resort? Give him a chance JF as you seemed too set in your ways, throw some caution to the wind for once? Currently in my own humble opinion we are lightweight from our midfield to the forward line. JF  please show some variety and inventivness get stuck in!! Up the Shaymem. 
  6. One word......

  7. Aldershot

    To be honest I now don't read or listen to his hockty mockty babble anymore, he can definitely talk the talk, but actions speak far louder than words. I had genuine high hopes with what he did last season when he galvanized the team from February, but we are currently poor up front, defence is currently tricky and midfield is stationary, Big Sam feeds the opposition with his wayward kicks. Oh dear. Up the Shaymen.
  8. Poor from top to bottom

    Look at the minnows Accrington, can our Board, (aka Dave), learn something and more importantly implement it, to actually have ambition to succeed.
  9. Poor from top to bottom

    Firstly how much are they? Secondly when will it arrive?
  10. Due to the amount of traffic on here recently since JF received the curse of Manager of the Month, and with it coinciding with our dip in form, would it be productive and helpful if JF broke cover and attended a Supporters Club meeting - the sooner the better - where he could explain (as much as he wishes to divulge), why we're not playing the entertaining football he promised on his appointment? Our Board could also attend and give an update and overview of the season ahead? I recall in the days of Adie Hall etc, when the Board engaged with the fans by having meetings - one at the Victoria Theatre I seemed to remember - where the Board actively sort ways to engage more with the businesses of Calderdale and showed a true community spirit to get as much support and revenue from business and fans to help the club going forward and showed we were all one together team and they were approachable and honestly open. Hopefully we'll get back on track, but I'm just disappointed with the current football on offer. JF promised attractive football and that is why I renewed my season ticket, I wasn't expecting the away team to play tippy-tappy for the first half-an-hour, with the Town players and home fans watching on, whilst Sam Johnston is leaping around like a salmon and all iur hopes of scoring come from aerial launches of throws and hoofs over the following sixty minutes. At least we're currently in a better state than Chesterfield, York and Stockport, but have we reached our own glass ceiling?
  11. Fylde Tuesday

    Entertaining 0-0, but are our chances of scoring going to be corners and long throws all season? Heathesque! Big Sam earrned his pay today and when beaten thankfully they fluffed it.
  12. Hartlepool

  13. Hartlepool

    'Scot' is quiet? Trossocks maybe?
  14. Hartlepool

    Preston was Man of the Match this afternoon. Sadly though some players aren't top half of the table players and the first 30 mins today all we did was chase the ball. Fullerton needs to roll his sleeves up, the honeymoon is over.
  15. Music

    GET HAPPY! Elvis Costello. Or just all get happy!